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Wish Making For Idiots

By: David Goff

Status: In Progress


Have you ever been in one of those situations where you just KNOW your wish is stupid? Have you ever had a genie stare at you as your indecision catches you? Have you ever looked back and said, "Man, I'm an idiot?" Well fear not, mortal, for the excellent guidebook Wishmaking for Idiots is here to lead you to your non destruction. Happy Wishing!

Created: September 13, 2014 | Updated: January 31, 2017

Genre : Comedy

Language : English

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      Hi! This was very entertaining. I think the concept is great and there are many possibilities to expand on it. There are so many kinds of wish making in different cultures (i.e. Far East),  you can always find new material to add.  In terms of chapters, the genie and cause and effect were my least favorite, while I found  the ones about the other entities and history part very interesting and entertaining.   I particularly liked the explanation about the stars. The humor is quite good, although perhaps sometimes it feels like you're  trying too much. A bit more of subtle, dark humor could work better. The book has a nice potential. Good luck!  

      August 6, 2015 | Nina Black

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      Thank you for your input! In the most recent two chapters I tried some more subtle humor, although I retained some style of in-your-face jokes. I'd love to know if what you read is more along the lines of what you were talking about. 

      January 31, 2017 | David Goff

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      This was a really fun story, and even inspired me to write my own humorous guide-based story. By the way, it`s called 'A Changeling`s Guide to Witch Management.' However, it`s a short story based on my own characters in another book I wrote. I also like how you mentioned Changelings in the book. Overall, it was a very funny and entertaining story, even if all of its informational content is entirely fictional. There also doesn`t seem to be any technical errors that I noticed. Keep up the good work.

      August 6, 2015 | Alexandria Francetic

    • Chapter: 2 Reply

      I just read the first two chapters, and was basically laughing so hard I cried. Seriously, one of the funniest things I've read in a while. The delivery of your jokes come out written so professionally, as if I'm actually reading a "How To" guide book, and are stated so matter-of-fact that it just adds to the humour. 

      Your writing is amazing, I haven't seen any grammatical errors during my read through. The chapters weren't too long and got to the point. 

      I think the title of the second chapter itself made me laugh. Did you plan it, or was the "Lesson 2 (Not Found"- along side the number of words just an insanely amazing coincidence? Either way- it was genious. 

      As for the content itself, it's actually pretty interesting! Should I ever find a magic lamp I'll definitely be referring to this for help. Three wishes- it may seem like you can get a lot from it, but you never know. 

      Here's a question: For the  "five dead give-a-ways" you mentioned in the afore chapter, when it comes to being "sassily sadistic", how would you be able to tell the difference between that being the genies ruse, or just his/her actual personality? Or are they one in the same?

      Great work! This is definitely a new favourite of mine. 

      August 5, 2015 | Emi V.

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      Thank you! Aye, they are one in the same. Although sarcasm as a personality type is possible in a genie, it's unlikely. They are raised in a culture that thrives on the literal. This is why metaphors & idiomatic expressions go over their heads. Now, if they DO use it, it will most likely be the cause of, aye, some sort of ruse. Good question!

      August 5, 2015 | David Goff