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Endless Wonder

By: Serina Harcourt

Status: In Progress


*On Indefinite Hiatus* 'What would you do if you had the power to open doors to brand new worlds? If you could reveal the gateways to mysterious places; some wondrous and strange and others oddly familiar, what would you do? Would you pass through the doors and explore the amazing worlds beyond, or would you seal the gateways in fear of what you could find and never open them again? I know what I would do. I know because I can open those doors. I can see the tears in the fabric of space and time. I can force myself through them and into spaces you can't even imagine... but I'm not the only one. There are others... others who would use those who share this power to create unimaginable evil. I won't be used. I asked you what you would do if you had this power. I told you that I knew what I would do. I'm going to do the only thing I can do. I'm going to save us all.

Created: April 3, 2014 | Updated: April 8, 2015

Genre : Science Fiction

Language : English

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      • Chapter: 1 Reply

        Hello! ^_^

        I finally found time enough to get some reading in, so I thought I'd start with Endless Wonder.

        I got a chuckle out of Belle's comparison to being a character in a story being led to follow a predetermined narrative. It was a very nice touch. ;)

        This is well written, concise and to the point, and has made me very, very curious about both her origins, and where that vortex led to.

        I look forward to reading more. :)



        November 19, 2014 | Shannon Rohrer

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment! I haven't worked on this in ages, actually. It was a side project that got pushed aside by other things unfortunately. It was also an experiment to see if I could improve my ability to write in first person, which I've never thought was one of my strong points :P It also let me indulge in a bad habit I have in which I talk directly to the audience in the narration xD It's not good at all. With this, I did it intentionally just to see what would happen. It was kind of fun actually.

        That bit about Belle comparing herself to a character in a story was almost cut. I knew I was going to break the fourth wall with this story, but that was almost too much. I liked it though so it stayed, and since Belle is already talking directly to the reader anyway... Anyway, I'm glad it captured your interest :) Thanks for reading!  

        November 19, 2014 | Serina Harcourt