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March of the Dead

By: John Smith

Status: In Progress


I've always said that homework and bullies would be the death of me. Never thought it would be zombies.

Sean Campbell was just an ordinary teen in small Texan town. He dealt with your normal teenager stuff - popularity, bullies, work and friends. But all that changed one night before spring break.

The undead have risen. They came back with a hunger for the flesh of the living. And Sean and his friends are caught right in the middle of it.

Teaming up with an odd batch of rivals and friends, nerds and jocks, Sean has to find a way to keep his ragtag group from joining the ranks of the dead. But with so much that can go wrong, not all of them can survive...

Created: August 14, 2013 | Updated: August 30, 2013

Genre : Horror

Language : English

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