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Travix Man: Rise of Dark Trevo (Saga One)

By: Travis Mayfield

Status: In Progress


This is the beginning saga of the Travix Man series. Dark Trevo, the sinister leader of the alien army, the Dark Shadows, attempts to take over a land called Xtruvenia, the land of truth. However, a young hero named Travix Man leads a resistance team of teenagers, the Freedom and Independex Supporters, through a battle over their homeland. Now that Dark Trevo has gained two bounty hunters who are assisted with their own machines, the Freedom and Independex Supporters will face new threats, but also gain new allies. Join Travix Man and his friends as they face off against the Dark Shadows and regain their homeland.

Created: January 2, 2014 | Updated: December 26, 2015

Genre : Adventure

Language : English

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