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Beloved of a King

By: April Gonzales

Status: In Progress


Kingdom of Gaerdin, 16th century. When Mistress Hélène Feuillets won the intimacy of the king, Henry III, she thought she could finally be happy. It was common knowledge the king must have a son, an heir to the throne, and he needed to have him soon. Hélène went to break conventions and looked out for the most sought after prize: her son on the throne of Gaerdin. And although the way looked grim and bloody, she continued to tread on the path towards glory. "He likes to believe this will be a son. He's not getting any younger, and so is the queen. I will bet my life that he is really considering putting Beatrice aside and invest on me, someone still young and fertile." she explained, "He's been playing this game just as you would do it grandfather. Tempus fugit, so he'll strike the iron while it's hot." Incest, adultery, and power struggle—can Hélène, a commoner by birth, dethrone the current queen, a princess of the enemy kingdom? Or will she fail, never to be heard of again? This was the story of Hélène, who learned that people can only be good or bad. There was no middle ground. The choice was only to go to Heaven, or to Hell.

Created: December 14, 2013 | Updated: December 14, 2013

Genre : Historical

Language : English

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