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The Confessions & Life of an Immortal Hybrid

By: Nicole Eshbaugh

Status: In Progress


Long ago, a great evil once stalked the earth. He, his kind, and his sons wreaked havoc on man’s world, killing whomever they chose. These monsters look like that of men with the looks of angels but with the intention of demons. Few could protect themselves, and  fewer more stood with mankind. The wolfmen. At this time, there were three tribes. Some were similar some were not. Their kind was started by three brothers. The oldest, Lucian, started the lycanthropy, who still walked and had the chest of man, yet with head and limbs of the wolves. The Lycanthropy or Lycan, could only change during the full moon. The children of second brother, Olric, founded the werewolves, who change into full wolves, with a height of twelve feet. They as well had to change when the moon is full, but at its highest. Mysteriously the werewolves were the only ones could talk in full change, neither Lycan nor Wulfs could do this.  Finally there is the youngest brother, Fenrir, who began the the wulfs, who fully changed, are the size of a battle horse, but he unlike his brothers and their children could change whenever they chose.


Their children fought against the monsters, who later begot the name of Vampir. The Wolfmen soon proved to the best ally that man could have. Their bite could kill the vampirs and that bite could change the sons of monsters’ and men into the loup-garou. The loup-garou, who looks more like the children of Lucian, talked like the sons and daughters of Olric, and could change at will like those begotten to Fenrir.  


It wasn’t long till the vampirs began to kidnapping of wolfman. Through trial and error, the vampir broke the wolfman to their will. Now, with their new weapon of broken wolfs and loup-garou, the vampir used them to fight against their enemies. This would later become known as the First War. By the war’s end, all the Lycans, half of the wolves were gone, and a third of the wulfs were no more. The wolves would not survive the second war. Leaving behind the Wulfs and what remained of loup-garous.  


But the wolfmen and the humans were not the only ones who were opposed to the vampir. There were of course the Fay. Now the Fay are cunning creatures. Their king at the time, made a deal with the Vampir King, a child of both bloods, a child to keep the peace, a child to sever the supreme power, as personal bodyguard and so it was agreed. The Fay King gave his half human daughter to the Vampir King, with a promised that his daughter would be returned so the Fay could train the child to be the perfect soldier. But what nobody expected was that child would be a girl.


After the agreed upon time had come to pass, the Fay gave back the girl they had transformed into a unthinking, killing hybrid. She killed whomever she was told, the girl was emotionless thing. Completely inhuman in every way, a monster by all rights, and you know what? That girl, is me.


So, I guess you’re wonder what’s with the backstory. Simple, so you get a better picture of the world I was born into. You think vampirs are amazing, sweet and misunderstood. That’s the front they put up so they can rip your throat out. Some are more tactful than others, yes, but in the end they get what they want. I’d be one to know. Then there are the vampirs that have their children do their dirty work. I was born to the king, and the king didn’t get his hands dirty. My brothers and I killed whomever, whenever we were told, the only difference was they were older and free, and I spent my entire service to my sire in a black haze.


Well, until my brothers started to second guess their loyalties. Kael the oldest, started to prod me with question about if I really wanted to be the way I was, but only when the two of us were alone. Which seemed to all the time, but in reality, those were the only times I was not the perfect soldier and at my sire’s side, but seemingly more in my right mind. Being as human as one could get being only 43.9% human. Anyway, after while he started to get pass the charms and spell wall in my mind. More and more, I was aware of what I was doing, the more I hated myself. By the time all the charms broke, I had lost all feeling, shutting it all off so just I could go to sleep without seeing the faces of the people I have killed.


One day, one where I was actually allowed to sleep, I snapped. The year was 1016 BC, mid harvest. It was also a day when none of my brothers were at the castle, which proved to my advantage. I stole my brother, Surtur's sword from his collection, and returned to my sire’s side. When his guard was down I turned on him. After a struggle, I took off his head. Leaving my brother’s sword with the body, I took off.


Unfortunately, the my brother sword did not throw off those I'd hoped most to avoid. My mother’s people were close on my heels, by the time they caught me I was far from the place where I caused so much terror, in a place where I nor my sire had been heard of. A place you now call Ireland, and what I knew as Lyeman. They used their spells to overpower me, and took me to their hidden realm. Where they tortured me, day and night, so all I knew was pain. When they decided I had learned my lesson, they locked me up in a cell where no one would find me. The Fay spread stories about me, the evil that would hunt you down and kill you. For years my name scared little children into obedience.


But, now? Now I will be at last free. Now their spells and charms are weak, and I shall once again walk among the realm of men. I do not exist to them anymore, my title and story are all but forgotten. For the sons of vampirs and Fenrir think my brother killed our sire.  

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