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Summer Not Forgotten by Kalley Beth Completed
Four Children, One Farm house and a horrific summer night.

Updated: December 15, 2013 | Published: December 15, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Patients Unbound by Eve Phantom In Progress
River Walker, a six-foot tall man with the disposition of an over-curious kitten, takes over the Walker Asylum when his father passes away. There are seven patients, all between the ages of 15 and 18. All with horrifying backstories, all with different conditions. But there's something else going on in the Walker Asylum, and it has to do with the elusive doctor and the secret room where patients are taken for punishment. And River knows that he is the only who can bring a stop to whatever it is. All credit for the uneven chapters goes to Malec18

Updated: December 5, 2013 | Published: December 5, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Room by Harriet Jones Completed
When a young girl is locked in an empty room, she turns to the only form escapism she's got. Her own mind.

Updated: November 30, 2013 | Published: November 26, 2013 | Reviews: 0

CRAPLET: The Abbreviated Tales of S.R. Tooms by S.R. Tooms In Progress
It is surely by fate with which the dark spirits of this world have brought you here to the threshold of CRAPLET... a book of short, entirely spooky and at times gutbustingly humorous stories. Each entry ranges in length from a single paragraph up to several pages of nonstop thrilling entertainment. S.R. Tooms himself has assured each tale is certain to titillate, shock, or disgust. A masterful collection of flash fiction running the gamut of human emotion, where but one thing is guaranteed: You will be unable to put this book down once the cover has been lifted... and you'll never forget the narratives within once it closes. To say nothing of the nightmares that will undoubtedly befall you! ---------------------------------------- Now FREE on amazon for a limited time! Head on over and take a peek!

Updated: November 29, 2013 | Published: November 29, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Better Off Dead by Garrett Roesler In Progress
My best friend died a few weeks ago. now he is buried. but I receive a enigmatic message telling me to go meet him. this is that story

Updated: November 21, 2013 | Published: November 21, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Dark Hunger by Dw Cyrus In Progress
Theifs, Money, Revenge, Justice. Did you see the difference? The world is filled with them your neighbour your school teacher even your own parents. A good person is rare if not extinct. Those who hurt the good will be found and when they do they'll wish they were dead....

Updated: November 21, 2013 | Published: November 19, 2013 | Reviews: 0

A Never Ending Cycle by Elizabeth Roberts Completed
You fought a battle of light and lost. Slinking back to the pit, licking your scorched wounds, you leant towards me, sneered, and whispered in my ear, "I'll be back!" About a demon, an angel and the soul of a young human girl.

Updated: November 17, 2013 | Published: November 17, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Clown by Lauren Rose Completed
The imagination is a powerful thing.

Updated: November 16, 2013 | Published: November 16, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Torture Chamber by Talena Mae In Progress
The lives of men hang in the balance when a group of girls get their hands on them. *Artwork by: Shuzzy*

Updated: November 14, 2013 | Published: November 14, 2013 | Reviews: 0

A War With Insanity by Sam Younon Completed
A story about a man who looses his sanity and goes on a killing spree..

Updated: November 14, 2013 | Published: November 14, 2013 | Reviews: 0

United Kombat by Colin Ryan In Progress
United Kombat is a small Zombie Apocalypse novel I started writing a few years ago now and never really got round to working on it again...this is the first 4 chapters I got finished, I might consider updating this at some point. Story revolves around a student waking up in a zombie apocalypse and cannot remember why he is there to begin with all he can do is survive...

Updated: October 26, 2013 | Published: October 26, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Mondays and Thursdays by Eleanor Sutherland Completed

It's been almost a year since the virus escaped, and about a month since the cure was found. Funny how it seems like so much longer, but I guess a lot happened between then and now.

Ella is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. This is her story.

Updated: October 12, 2013 | Published: August 10, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Scythe by Stephen Evans In Progress
"A man...a monstrous man came towards me." Scythe, a human version of the devil, is out to destroy the world. One superhero remains. Can Scythe be stopped?

Updated: October 8, 2013 | Published: October 6, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Before the Dawn by Samuel Ihle In Progress
They say that the darkest hour of the night is just before the dawn... Can Dr. Maxentius Brandon, with the help of his assistant Alicia, his godson Josephus, his goddaughter Roxanne, and Josephus's girlfriend Jordyn, usher in that sweet dawn? Can they stamp out the cruel and evil Nosferatu?

Updated: September 25, 2013 | Published: September 24, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Green by Jash Kol-Ze Completed
Matthias wakes up not knowing who he is and has to survive in a world that is quickly heading towards the apocalypse.

Updated: September 9, 2013 | Published: August 28, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Something Maddening by Bandit Rander Completed
A kid. Alone. In the dark.

Updated: September 9, 2013 | Published: September 8, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Insanity's Diary by Caroline Escochea In Progress
Who cares anymore? They do. They don't. I'm dead, but I'm not.

Updated: September 6, 2013 | Published: August 29, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Farm by Jonnah Z. Kennedy In Progress

Jay is a Slaughterer. He has never known any other life than this, and the last time he saw his mother...well he can't really say. One day, after slaughtering a sick piglet and after he and his friend decide to keep it secret and throw it away, it begins to haunt him and Jay begins to question the morality of what he does. And this sets off a chain of terrible events.

Updated: September 3, 2013 | Published: August 24, 2013 | Reviews: 1

Is This The End? by Morgan Seager In Progress

"What is the point of it all?" The thoughts out a young teen girl named Rasine before her life takes a huge turn. With the aid of her friends Darcy and Gracie and three complete strangers to them, Slate, Todd and Riven, this strange group is forced to face the world against an apocalyptic outbreak. Will they survive or will their ignorance get the best of them?

Updated: September 3, 2013 | Published: August 26, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The List by Xia Chan In Progress

Jeanne Chapman unwary over a suspicious string of murders investigates the murders are closer to home than she has ever expected. Especially when the victims are fellow students who have abused and damned her. As she gains closer coverage to the insanity, a man she looked up to, a man she worshiped has lied all along.

Updated: September 3, 2013 | Published: August 23, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Tall Man by Becky Kirk Completed

Primrose is the next victim for the Tall Man.

Updated: September 3, 2013 | Published: August 14, 2013 | Reviews: 2

Seven Days by andy holberry Completed

Seven days...

One small week...

Long enough to survive? Too short to live?

You decide.

Is it best to go out swinging and cursing with your last breath, or begging for your life on your knees?

Updated: September 3, 2013 | Published: August 23, 2013 | Reviews: 1

Brutal Instinct: A Wolf and Humanity by Ronnie Wakeman Completed

Companionship is all that one may seek in a world gone mad. Loneliness haunts a troubled soul on an empty road. Sometimes, insanity gets the better of the people who live by themselves, only having memories to keep them company.

Deep within the trees, a lyncanthrope creature, once a human, is the underdog. There are others exactly like him, but they are the alpha and the omega. The only difference between him and the other wolves is one thing: he has managed to keep his human emotions, thoughts, and dignity intact. He is a very apethetic, emotional creature, trying to find his way in this dark world he is trapped within.

He has starved himself for days, hiding in his dark cave as to keep himself from being wounded or killed by the others. Upon finding a group of teenage boys, the wolf believes that he may have found himself a complete feast. But an attack from the others ensues, and he finds himself saving the remaining surviver.

Stuck between the choice of keeping his human diginity and the bloody urges he can never control, the werewolf must find a way to help the boy escape before it is too late for him. And the howling is getting closer...

Updated: September 3, 2013 | Published: August 25, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Rush Hour by The Dragonlord Completed
If you've ever travelled an underground railway system, this one is for you......especially if you commute on the Underground in London.......

Updated: September 2, 2013 | Published: September 2, 2013 | Reviews: 1

Ira; Searching for Profundity by Baxter Huston Completed


A geeky physics professor, an eccentric artist and a feminist cultural-anthropologist find the source of ancient legends from many cultures.  Some legends should remain ancient.

Updated: September 2, 2013 | Published: August 17, 2013 | Reviews: 0