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A Daughter's Revenge by Jada Wilson In Progress
Brianna Lynn Roberts was an ordinary teen girl, if you count having a father who abuses her mother ordinary. Until she finds her mother dead in her house. Now, she must find her father and confront him. With the help of her friends, she must get her revenge.

Updated: March 22, 2014 | Published: March 22, 2014 | Reviews: 0

The Man Who Came from the Desert by Trudi-Rose Edwards In Progress
The regulars at the Battered Bass flock religiously to hear it's owner Yohann's passionate talks of freeing his people from their 500 year occupation. Of course, nobody really believes him - not even Yohann himself - that is until, a man arrives from the desert...

Updated: March 12, 2014 | Published: March 12, 2014 | Reviews: 0

An Heir's Lament by Mitchell Douglas Completed
A young man copes with the death of his father. his depression and curiosity eventually help him to discover the ugly truth behind his father's death and the future of the family business. A short story that is loosely based on Hamlet. Originally assigned as a school project.

Updated: February 23, 2014 | Published: February 23, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Alone in a Crowd by McKenzie May In Progress
This is my defense. I didn't want to be like him anymore. I thought I was done and that I could be with her but he took it too far. He just took it to far.

Updated: February 23, 2014 | Published: February 23, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Outside Your Life by Devin Henderson In Progress
What do you do when you wake up every single morning with the realization that someone else is living your life? You aren't dead... but sometimes you'd rather be. You aren't invisible... but often times you feel you are. You just know, in your heart of hearts, that something is not right.

Updated: February 21, 2014 | Published: February 21, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Worse Case Scenario by Tori Smith Completed
It was the one thing Vivian wanted to avoid, but like most things in life addressing her best friend's sexuality to her parents was unavoidable. She wants to go to San Francisco to support him while he speaks out at the Gay Pride event there, but when Nathan's confession puts Vivian on the outs with her dad and to add to her problems she breaks her leg… Just weeks before the trip.

Updated: February 10, 2014 | Published: January 17, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Dialogue: Tales of Lies and Unsaid Words by Cam H. In Progress
'Dialogue: Tales of Lies and Unsaid Words' is a series of very short stories, mostly about the times in love when you lie, leaving unsaid words to run through your mind over and over again.

Updated: January 25, 2014 | Published: January 3, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Cody's Home by Tori Smith Completed
Twenty-five-year-old Jennifer Anderson's life is turned upside down when she takes in a disabled, homeless young man. The young man, Cody, is more than what he appears and turns out he has as much to offer Jennifer as she does him.

Updated: January 22, 2014 | Published: November 19, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Hollywood Hill by Nicholas McGrath In Progress
In an alternate reality where the National Society's Association vows to allow their citizens to fight for their future, two young men begin to learn that deviation, unlike what the society has taught them, is not a criminal thing.

Updated: January 21, 2014 | Published: January 21, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Life's Uncertain Road by Tori Smith Completed
Summer 2014-Following Nathan's grad school graduation he and his best friend Vivian Peters decide to take a road trip cross-country. Nathan has always wanted to see the world and enjoys traveling and definitely deserves some time off. While on this trip they come to terms with Vivian's unresolved feelings

Updated: January 20, 2014 | Published: December 31, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Scarred by Darian Mx In Progress
Aya Wilson is a 17 year-old rich girl with anxiety issues. After having her biggest panic attack five years before, her parents decided to keep her inside most of the time and protected whenever she went outside, which was rare. As fate would have it, she is kidnapped the night she finally convinces her parents she can go for a walk on her own.

Updated: January 16, 2014 | Published: January 16, 2014 | Reviews: 1

Labeled Unsecure by Camilla Christoffersen In Progress
It only took a moment for everything to be gone. It only took a moment, to realize, that she wasn't normal. It only took a moment to be in constant danger. But...It took quite a long time to find him. Now what?

Updated: January 16, 2014 | Published: January 16, 2014 | Reviews: 0

White Tapestry by Yidenia Jang In Progress
One day while minding her textile shope, Ouralan Ri witnesses a vendor striking a starving child for attempting to steal from him. While she is trying to help the orphan in between her own busy schedule and tight income, Ouralan meets a young nobleman named Aoti Long, who takes an interest in her. However, his past is murky and his motives are unclear, and Ouralan does not want to fall prey to a lecher. Unfortunately, as her attempts to help others create problems for herself, eventually she becomes a victim in a horrible crime that leaves her blind and disfigured. The only way for her to recover is to let herself depend on Aoti Long, but why would a wealthy nobleman care for a common, ruined girl?

Updated: January 13, 2014 | Published: January 3, 2014 | Reviews: 0

What I once knew. by Miheal Larson 3rd Completed
I have had my heart broken so close to home.

Updated: January 12, 2014 | Published: January 12, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Home. by Sarah Quinto In Progress
After eighteen years, Sophia had enough with Helena, Montana. Finding her new home in California. Her new life consumed her, leaving her old life and family back in Montana with few calls over seven years. But her ailing mother forces her back to the one place she'd never sought to return.

Updated: January 3, 2014 | Published: December 17, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Pleasurable Prison of A Paper World by Jessica Hayes In Progress
This ended up being sort of a parody of romance, but it is real, gritty, humorous, and heartfelt. This is a story of what happens when you create for the sole reason of escaping. Thematic, heart-thumping elements included. A fantasy world of epic proportions.

Updated: January 2, 2014 | Published: January 2, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Twice by Alexander Verbeek In Progress
Faber had always hated drinking, even when he went up and down to the pub to get drunk again, hopelessly attempting to forget. And he's painfully oblivious to what's happening to his children too...

Updated: December 28, 2013 | Published: December 28, 2013 | Reviews: 0

You Are Not Alone by Noelle Santos In Progress
A man rescues a stranger from the street.

Updated: December 26, 2013 | Published: December 21, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Old and Renewed. by Miheal Larson 3rd Completed
A short poem my little brother wrote, shall we call him.... Richard? Yes, that will do. It's a poem about what love is like, after a tough spot.

Updated: December 24, 2013 | Published: December 24, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Battle for Lillywood by Samantha Ross In Progress

Updated: December 16, 2013 | Published: December 16, 2013 | Reviews: 0

The Little Girl With The Green Eyes by Car Brett In Progress
This story is about a little girl who has lived without her father her whole life when suddenly, he arrives at her doorstep.

Updated: December 15, 2013 | Published: December 15, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Phases by Nicolette Babb Completed
Worrying will get you no where when the other person does not care. And as you're talking with them, you will notice the lies that flow like a fountains. They don't want you to worry. Because, everything is fine. It always is. But you know the truth behind all of the fake smiles and lies. When you love someone, there is not one part of you that can watch them suffer.

Updated: December 3, 2013 | Published: December 3, 2013 | Reviews: 1

Goodbye by Luna's Child Completed
It's hard to say goodbye; especially when you're still in love with the person. Don't be afraid though; be strong, and hold your head up high. Time will heal your broken heart. YouTube narration is up: /8H2TejD J o

Updated: November 27, 2013 | Published: November 27, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Dust in the Wind by Luna's Child Completed
A short composition of a young woman attempting to get over a broken heart. But things are easier said than done. How will she cope with the loss and pain? YouTube narration is up: /watch?v Vgjcz7Hp-0A

Updated: November 27, 2013 | Published: November 27, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Do I Know You? by Luna's Child Completed
Just a poem expressing intense disappointment with numerous relationships. Hard to trust people these days; it's like they're strangers. YouTube narration is up: /JKUDm4lvtqk

Updated: November 27, 2013 | Published: November 27, 2013 | Reviews: 0