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The Final Patch by MissKatrina Lynne In Progress
The Final Patch is a Choose Your Own Adventure styled Literary RPG! You are an adventurer who has woken up in the middle of the forest with no memory except for your name. You are approached by a passing merchant who gives you directions out of the woods. Which path will you choose? Choose wisely - the outcomes you choose from here will determine your fate in this world you've woken up in! Will you solve the mysteries and regain your memory, or wind up dead before you can even leave the forest? Chapters added on Tumblr only where you can easily select the chapters you wish to view! Updates will be provided here - make sure to bookmark where you left off so you can return when new content is added! You can find the first chapter here:

Updated: October 24, 2017 | Published: October 24, 2017 | Reviews: 0

The Mother's Heart by Tori Smith Completed
A fairy tale I wrote of sorts, based on a dream I had a few years ago.

Updated: October 24, 2017 | Published: October 24, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Beast and the Warrior by Enphenatee Laiz In Progress
Here on Wisp Breath, you'll see two things: The strong-willed, hardy Zankutsu tribe and their rivals, the incredibly resilient beasts, which come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing these two groups could agree on is how this war should end: By wiping the other out completely. But there are few who think otherwise; that beasts can be befriended, just like in the old days. What will it take for everyone else to believe such a thing was once again possible?

Updated: October 23, 2017 | Published: December 8, 2015 | Reviews: 0

Calliope by MissKatrina Lynne In Progress

Updated: October 21, 2017 | Published: January 1, 2015 | Reviews: 0

The Nine by Yin Harmony In Progress
Screams erupted everywhere in the city. Alleyways, apartments, condos, buildings, nowhere was safe from them. They owned the city, no the world, and they knew it.

Updated: September 30, 2017 | Published: December 8, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Spirit of the Forest by Millicent Dagworth Completed
Romelia was abandoned as a baby and left for dead. But a near by deer soon changed her fate. She was raised by the deer in a forest untouched by humans and time. Cyri's parents never cared form him. They wanted a girl, but his twin died in a freak accident. Haunted by her memory, they shunned him until he left to join one of the lands feared gangs. When Romelia finds Cyri unconscious and gravely injured, her small forest paradise is soon expanded into a whole world as he tells her of the world and his travels. But Cyri's old gang is still looking for him, and a freak fire alerts the world that Romelia's paradise is not as abandoned as it seems. With Romelia sick, Cyri is the only one who can stop the danger that is coming from all sides. And more importantly, stop Dominique from kidnapping Romelia. But there are still secrets to be revealed. One more important than any other one. (Update: The book is currently on it's way of being published! If anyone wants any more information, just message me!)

Updated: September 24, 2017 | Published: May 22, 2015 | Reviews: 1

Unbreakable Premonition by Kris Essler In Progress
(Fantasy/Romance/Drama/Action) A world where social class and the ability to use magic defines your future. A magical mishap bonds the two most unlikely people together. These two have to learn to deal with the contempt from each other and their peers. As well as dealing with the emotional, mental, and social issues they both bring to this unfortunate relationship. Watch as this bond changes the views of themselves as well as the views of others, forever changing the rules of society. Just a fair warning this story has a bit of cussing in it. This is the first story I have ever written. I know there are probably lots of errors that can be fixed. I am hoping you all will give this story a chance and tell me what you think. I only posted a bit of it at the moment to see what people think of it. If it does well and people want to read more I will post the rest. I worked hard on this story so again please give it a chance.

Updated: September 21, 2017 | Published: September 21, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Knights vs Dragons: Legends Awakening by Robin Ward In Progress
"When the time comes that snow and thunder collide, a miscommunication shall mark a time of serenity and a change of leadership." Amnesiac Dracoknight Marco travels with Sokara and the legendary Delyran Shepherds to re-route the cause of a great threat that is controlled by the opposite territory of Akardos.

Updated: September 3, 2017 | Published: October 31, 2016 | Reviews: 0

The Hunter Chronicles: Nathan Hunt by David Crook In Progress

Updated: September 2, 2017 | Published: September 2, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Playground by Tama Al-Beiti In Progress
Taylor has no memory of the first 10 years of her life. Could the mysterious recurring dream hold the key to uncovering her past?

Updated: August 22, 2017 | Published: December 30, 2014 | Reviews: 1

Fate Or Fiction by Mister Mayhem Completed
It's all just another regular day in this wretched city. Savage murderers on the rampage, sinister experiments on the occult and all other manner of crimes flooding the streets. These events pale in comparison to those five years from now, but that's not to say they're pleasant ones. People will die, others lost, and some will suffer far worse, but then again, it's just another regular day in this wretched city.

Updated: August 8, 2017 | Published: January 8, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Phantom - Reyonis Arc by Ylmaz Yuriz In Progress
The Great Seal that imprisoned the great demon Yumil has been broken, thus reversing the effect of the seal. The Council of Sorcery and Magic Arts commanded one of its council member, Reyonis to find the keys to restore peace in the world of Avalon. However in order to restore the seal, a tragedy from 500 years ago must be repeated to be able to imprison Yumil again.

Updated: August 7, 2017 | Published: May 17, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Collection of Short Horror Stories by Blackheart Ravensoul In Progress
A Collection of my short horror stories

Updated: August 6, 2017 | Published: January 19, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Knights vs Dragons: Legends Awakening (Blaze) by Robin Ward Completed
Months (and years) after Garuga's defeat, the Shepherds along with exalt Sokara and dracoknight Marco are finally able to live in peace. Until a new foreign land led by a vile Queen submerges it's deeds to revive the fallen Titan Hydra back to life, only one Thief can save the outcomes to the unwritten destiny on Akardos. Spin-off for the KvD LA series!

Updated: July 18, 2017 | Published: December 27, 2016 | Reviews: 0

The Human and Angle by Millicent Dagworth Completed
Humans has always fallen for angels, but an angel has never fallen for a human.

Updated: July 16, 2017 | Published: July 14, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Beyond the Serpent Hills: Legends of the Lost Tribes 2 by Kitty Lewis Completed
The old priests have fallen, the Demons are no more, but Kandrina has yet to find out what really killed her brother. Her need for revenge takes her and her former teacher on a perilous journey into uncharted territory. They must travel north, into the lands of the fearsome lizard men known as the Li Buqu. Meanwhile, the tribal lands are under attack from predators, not to mention the internal conflicts between the Vice-Chiefs which threaten to disrupt the People's way of life. Sample of the first chapter, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome

Updated: July 11, 2017 | Published: March 3, 2015 | Reviews: 0

Ishitar and the Wrath of Rowtag by Sarah Relja In Progress
An ordinary girl and her friends find themselves pulled into the magical world of Ishitar where they face many dangers. Ancient prophecies and old Gods that threaten to destroy not only Ishitar but their world as well. Can they find the courage to stop them, and what will they do when they realize they are now a part of this world and there is no going back? If you want to comment, but you want to do so anonymously you can on Fiction Press the story is the same title, but my user name is LunaArcadia.

Updated: July 11, 2017 | Published: April 17, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Chaotic Nights: Awakening by Lady Silvertastic In Progress
When trying to seek independence, a young dragon's world becomes a whirlwind of disarray. Dealing with a surprise pregnancy, crazy demons and heartless fathers, she merely tries to survive. Through it all she must make difficult choices and discovers the dark secrets of her true purpose.

Updated: July 10, 2017 | Published: September 14, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Grey Wolves by Ann Darkwater In Progress
The city of Atereat is beautiful but dangerous and troubled capital of the strongest country in Albeastria- Caureus. Whithin the walls the organisation known as 'Grey Wolves' made its home in the city's slums, The Gallows. In time they grew in power and with time they became the ones who run the country from shadows. But their fame came from one member, a man calling himself 'Lone Wolf'. No one has ever seen the man but the trail of bodies he leaves behind sends clear message- ' No one is beyond my and Grey Wolves' reach.' And when the assassin returns to the capital he finds headquaters destroyed and The Gallows in disarray. All the evidence points to King Aran III wishing to regain his rule and independence by sending Royal Battle-Mages to do the dirty job. But things are never that simple and soon the infamous assassin will find out that his past never died and may catch up with him sooner than expected. To add to his problems he will have to travel with an insufferable young noble-woman who, in his opinion, is too compassionate for her own good. As the darkness engulfs the continent and the sins of the ancestors of humans slowly surface the small bad that joins Lone Wolf in his travels may be the only one who can delay the threat that looms over the continent.

Updated: July 3, 2017 | Published: May 14, 2017 | Reviews: 0

The ̝̘̘̲̭̘͈̮͙̹̱͈̯̝̳R̷̥̙̰̤̲̪̭͖̺̣̙͈̲̀ͅise of Insanity by Bad Dragon Completed
On one of my mind trips, I create a pocket dimension that is Equestria. I proceed to conquer it, for it is my right as its creator. *Yes; this is exactly what it sounds like. The prompt was: ‘your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do?

Updated: July 1, 2017 | Published: July 1, 2017 | Reviews: 0

LORD SHADOW by Keikoku Mars In Progress
A new world appears after the Dusk of Destruction. After the Fall of Humanity, Gods are born.

Updated: July 1, 2017 | Published: June 25, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Light Magic by Carmen Dominguez Completed
The Grand Council’s greatest seer has prophesized the rise of a dark force and the fall of the kingdom. To save the kingdom the impossible must be achieved; they must find a wielder of light magic—a magic that is only spoken of in children’s fairy tales. Avila has never known what it means to stay in one place. Together with her mother, they travel the Eastern Province as healers. Avila knows the Eastern Province like the back of her hand. She has been to every town, to every city, except the beautiful capital—Meridian. That is until a mysterious voice lures her deep into the heart of the capital. She quickly realizes that her destiny involves much more than she ever imagined. She must embark on a journey filled with danger, mystery, friendship, and love. COMPLETED BOOK:

Updated: June 25, 2017 | Published: June 25, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Ultima Fantasia Part 1: How Legends Begin by Zach Wood In Progress
It has been 10 long years since that fateful night. 10 long years since she had almost died. 10 years since Destiny began. Rouge 'Red Riding Hood' Fleys has always had nightmares about that night, about how her grandmother was killed in cold blood by Oryx; a monstrous and legendary werewolf that had been terrorizing the world for thousands of years. If not for the timely arrival of Jason and Heracles of the Argonauts, she'd be dead too. For 10 years, she lived among the crew of the Argo, but now, on her 13th birthday, things have changed on her 13th birthday, after hearing about Oryx for the first time in years. Rouge's thirst for revenge, coupled with her crippling fear of the werewolf, has led her to Conte de Fées, the largest and most prestigious academy in the world. Founded by Oscar Diggs, the former Wizard of Oz, along with Glinda and Fenris the Snow Queen, Conte de Fées was created to serve as a place where people of all nationalities, class, and races could come together and learn in peace. After a very intense trial by fire, Rouge is accepted into the academy. She thought she was the only one with a mission. She thought wrong. There are others like her, each seeking resolution to demons from their past, seeking peace from their troubled times, and trying to keep their sense of selves, such as Cinderella 'Cin' Algart, a girl who had barely escaped from her abusive stepmother with her sanity intact. Snow White Winter Grimmold, a scarred woman with many dark secrets to her past. Meghan Comarden, Princess to the Merfolk with plenty of crippling fears. And Peter Tronovsky, a former Shepard with a bone to pick with Oryx as well. They are just a few of the people Rouge will meet and a few of those who have their own trials to overcome. They need as much help as her, and she will need their help as much as they need hers. For sinister rumblings are circulating in the dark recesses of the world. Change is coming to the world, none of it for the better, and it is coming fast and with deadly force.

Updated: June 13, 2017 | Published: July 13, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Nora by Danny Power In Progress
As a little girl, Sunshine-meets-Mountaintop would look at the stars, and the patterns that only she could see. Little did she know that those patterns would point her towards an adventure she would one day grow to understand. Unfortunately, there are others who are searching for the same meaning behind the stars, and not with the best of intentions...

Updated: June 11, 2017 | Published: January 12, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Brunswick by Marlett Pines In Progress
Katelyn Price figured she was in for a boring couple of weeks when her parents announced they would be going to Hawaii to investigate native species of algae. And, for the most part, she's right. But then she takes a tumble into a hidden cave and discovers something ... ethereal. Kate just wants to forget and mourn her favorite camera in peace, but the secrets follow her all the way back to sleepy little Brunswick Maine. It all starts with a fire.

Updated: June 10, 2017 | Published: June 10, 2017 | Reviews: 0