sp00 01, Prologue




Time passes by,
it has been living alone
without meeting
any of its kind.

Notwithstanding of interacting
to other being
their prey, predator, rival, and associate.

It's struggling solely for its survival
and only to discover something to protect,
the own existence.

Accommodating to other species
is the sole choice of instinct
since consciousness about knowledge
is out of vocabulary.

Despite of their cultures and differences,
and between their appearances,
they accept its whole to their colony.

And many years have passed,
where wisdom has widened,
it begins to fear dying

witnessing others
born, grow, and pass away.

Farewell to the colony
after it has ventured to other places.

Settling to anywhere if it receives an acceptance.

Throughout the long years of staying,
it will wander again.

But years have passed
as clouds have wandered all over the sky,

million times,

as botany springs, multiplies, and dries;

it has seen the calamities
that hurt everything
that hurt itself.

It has seen the helpless
that it has grown to treasure.

It has seen as itself has begged by the many,
the majority,
all of the colonies.

Even without word, voice, sound, indication;
its cognizance can understand them.

its realization hinders
as itself discovers,




2: sp00 02, Glimpse to Prelude
sp00 02, Glimpse to Prelude


Glimpse to Prelude


We've wondered where?

Has everything came from the light or dark?

Or otherwise, from the void.

But ticking of time has been going on, as inanimate had begun to exist, until life started to assimilate, either vice versa.

Theories have been expecting many possibilities.

Some worlds are full of lives; however, cruel.

As knowledge will fuse to any feelings and might care to anything; it can be safe, either more dangerous or just passive.

All had started from a single dot— this what someone has been believe in —and continuously branching to different kind of species acquiring: strength will stand at the top, knowledge can trick everything, senses will prompt for an action, instinct always values existence, body the material they've embodied, and abilities make them special.


He’s been a bit jealous yet thoughtful for at least he can satisfy anything he has. But urge can be more greedy, either just evil or good.


As he roams into another place where ease, cowering about the pain that he wants to forget; he unexpectedly stumbles on an event that he is needed.


His motto: If my zjjan stays still, I’m invincible!


What will happen to his life...


3: sp01 00, Chapter One
sp01 00, Chapter One



To have yet incapable,

afraid yet will sacrifice;

all are just dust.

The Savior


4: sp01 01 Jaino
sp01 01 Jaino




All has started within this wonderful yet dangerous Deep Forest.

Deep Forest, The second well-known huge Jungle in Dandia, and it's located around the southeast part of the wide island. Its neighboring areas are; the nearby southwestward is Aklaba Village, across the wide plain to the northeastward is Jelfyr Kingdom, and to the northwestward is a huge mountain, Mount Ma eling. Although beauty is allover this place, it is also inhabited by different kinds of dangerous creatures. It's also the best place for criminals, exiles, and etc. And this Deep Forest is the best yet dangerous shortcut between Aklaba Village and Jelfyr Kingdom.

Dandia, is the known flat world by its inhabitants. It has a wide island and few isles, surrounded by the sea.

An adventuresome fish is traveling fast against the streaming river; occasionally, it splashes twice in whether a foot distance.

Joyous twitters from the ludic birds— around the branches, on the sky, and in nearby the river —are loudly announcing the reawakening sun; seconded by, the croaking by some frogs as beats and the creaking by some insects as rhythm.

Those sounds are slightly echoing onto this cool environment, a satisfaction for these newly awakened ears.

His lids lift slowly yet his eyes are fragile against that shimmering rays.

Gentle fresh air, he inhales, makes the branches of his vein more alive.

Heavy flapping of wings as the giant bird's shadow passes through his upper body, while he's still lying down on the bark whereas his wrists behind his head as pillow.

His eyes have finally adopted the light of the morning sunrise and now he’s so focused at that eagle whilst other birds are soaring on the sky.

He breathes in... so refreshing... then, he exhales; he thinks, What a beautiful sleep, ahmn... I'm relieved.

His mouth is shut still; but, he smiles. He feels this delightful morning.

He gazes at that violet mountain, purple as he's seen from afar as he sits.

Lacking of spirit, he then stretches his arms and body to awaken fully as his junior does proudly.

His eyesight's vision moves down, now he's fascinated by the pellucid river; however, its transparency reminds him as a Norim. This, destructing the mode and making him disappoint, his name is Jaino Diarke.


After a moment; now, his stomach growls; by this, he caresses his belly. He reaches the bag and he wears his jacket. He jumps down from the tall tree as he grasps down to each branch.

He thinks, Norim my ass.

Norim, is term refers for a normal human or a norim without any ability. They can have one or multiple abilities depending from their inherited races.

As he lands over the ground, he ducks as he observes and listens to the surroundings to avoid predators.

He raises and he begins to move while maintaining his awareness; and now, it kindles the candles of the hopeless hunters.


A world where freedom exists.

Smiles are entombing our fail.

Life, it depends to our will.



5: sp01 02, Jesifer
sp01 02, Jesifer




Whooshing of waters from above as it continuously falls down...

Massive numbers of driblets are springing and splashing...

While emitting those thin clouds are in spreading out...

Whereas some parts of the emissive glowing bow of seven different colors are unsteady fading or reappearing.

The butterflies, humming birds, and other insects are hovering everywhere…

Plus the pool dwells by different kind of colorful and dull small fishes, now this whole place becomes a treasure for her eyes.


She's standing nearby the indentation of water and land…

She smiles while she intently stares at the falling waters beyond...

Overcoming the sensation of refreshing cold air as it’s knocking into her body...


Discontented, this young maiden puts down the giant blade— covered by the soft cotton bandages —and subsequently, she undresses her dress, her soft long pants, and all everything.

She soaks and she dives herself onto the water. She emerges, submerges again; swimming and enjoying.




The cold-and-clear water on this morning is so invigorating and a stress reliever.

Her flapping feet and stroking arms are pushing and pulling her body until she reaches into the rocks. She sits and delightedly her hair she soaks and caresses onto the water.

She's Jesifer Rosarok, a Norim in anyone's perspective but secretly she's a Swint.

Swint, is a norim with one or more souls.


Nature's wonder, we've forgotten.

In her, we run, easing problems.

In tales shall paint, preserve the past.



6: sp01 03, Help
sp01 03, Help




Consecutively, birds are flying away from the trees while the cry asking for help has emitted and is now echoing— came from children, running as terrified —scaring any animals nearby.

Furthermore and again, those cries are successively yelled by a boy and a girl— whose bodies are shaken; eyes are gushing tears; hearts are beating fast —while sniffling and sometimes coughing.

He won’t loosen his grip on her hand; although she is exhausted, they keep on running— gasping —exceeding their limit. They've crossed any favorable nearby open path.

Don’t mind the rashes on their skin. Her head is thoroughly nodding along while running. Her face and body are showing tiredness. She tries to peek behind, to only tremble more. She shutters her eyes. Her body is shivering. Her chest feels heavily cold. She wants to laugh insanely, very weary.

Unlike his sister; again, he cries for help loudly. Nevertheless hoping as he keeps believing that somebody might hear their screams and save them from the terror tailing behind.


Crawling while its horrifying blood-like body, molded by wetly flesh, is deforming as it's creeping with the same speed...



Meanwhile, somewhere to the other part of the woods…

From afar, help thinly echoes; Jaino wonders, No way, I must be imagining. I shan't think about it. I'm just imagining.

Slowly creaking from a branch until it's completely broken; now, those echoing cries he clearly hears. This isn’t true. There’s no way children could wander here.

His head, he has shaken as the nearing cries, he hears, become louder. Shit, this isn't my problem anymore. Ignore it, Ignore it. I would not risk my life for it.



Unfortunately, her knees numb and lose their strength; she falls in the ground. Considering her face horrid by fear, she complains, "It hurts much. I, I can't run anymore."

"Bu, but- we have to run. Jena, please, stand, it’s nearing."

"Brother, don't leave me. I’m scared."

"I would never leave you! Here, make it fast, climb in my back.”

"No! Brother! Behind us!"


Its shadow covers those siblings as it's preparing to swallow.

His eyes are much open as it could; his soul is strickenly terrified; whereas his sister has forced to scream loud and shut her eyes.


Thou shan't careless behind the mask

for true law will favor no one,

for unity if involve safety.


7: sp01 04, I'm in Hell
sp01 04, I'm in Hell


I'm in Hell


A heavy slam from a hand wakes him from shock.

"Hey! Wake up! Wake up! If you’re alive! We have to leave! Come on!" has yelled by Jaino. Furiously-.and-heavily of each thrust with the stick he does against the creature's body. I can’t believe it! I've jumped in, sh*t!

The monster is cringing as its body is wavering from the impact, each time the stick digs deeply to its meaty skin— and its blood splashes, nasty and sticky —however, its injuries are recovering fast.

Surprise as he sees somebody, who fights back against that monster; he picks up a stone. “This is for my parents! Go die already!"

Jaino, who hears and sympathizes, spanks the boy's head. "You! moron! If you’re ready to go! Come! Follow me! And let’s start running! This monster never dies!" The boy has stunned, confused. He's staring at Jaino, who picks and carries his unconscious sister. “Hurry and let’s escape!”

He obeys. Crying much as hope lights on his heart, he apologizes, "Big bro, sorry, thank you, thank you.”

"Forget it! That monster won’t catch up, for the meantime though! But! we need to eradicate your existent to its senses completely!"

“Huh?" Sniffling, his chest is still shaken.

“It doesn’t have any eyes nor ear! I don’t know! but! maybe it's its vibe to its prey!"

“Bro, I don't understand anything. (sniffling, sniff) I guess, you’re just awesome..."

“Then, do this if I say now, huh? Let’s wind to the slope! until reaching that lake! and jump in! heard it!"

“Wha, what? Bu, but, isn't it safe?”


At the thick fog surrounding the lake, the boy gazes; his head recoils as a long tongue elastically strikes— a blast! —staggeringly shaking a tree nearby. Hopefully, he sees the man. He heeds his advice. He joins him as they run— faster while rushing —while they wind and wind.

A deafening blast and screaking from a falling tree engender trembled to a body. Each strike, having a monstrous force, slightly digs and shakes the ground momentarily.

Focusing only beyond of the path until they've reached into the slope near the water. And they jump in without hesitate. And they swim rushing heading into the other side.


Revenge echoes from heart's hatred.

Yes, bring down to grave, those involves.

This evil desire must perish.


8: sp01 05, Failed Advice
sp01 05, Failed Advice


Failed Advice


Jaino thinks, Ooh man, I don't have any spare dress. I left my bag. I can’t come back. "Hiss..."

Gasping and tiredly sitting while tears on his eyes are refraining from pouring. He inhales, exhales as he breathes…

...he stares at the lake. "Are we really safe here?”

"Yes, we’re safe. Don’t mind it. It's stuck there forever facing one direction; so, don’t be afraid, and keep calm. You can assure your safety.

"Oh, and what about both of you? I were you, leave this place in an instant; there's no room for children here."

"I wish it! but, we couldn’t do that! This place is so deep! We can't remember where we came— in..."

"Ridiculous.” And Jaino thinks—. “So, I don't have any choice, huh? Let’s rest and wait until your sister awake. I’ll find food."



She gains consciousness, someone caresses her hair. Gradually, she opens her eyes and lifts her head, to only find her brother caring her. She hugs him and whines, "Brother- thank you. I, I can't thank you enough. We’re saved. I'm scared." She continues sniffling.

"It’s alright. It’s alright my dear. Rest, but, you tell it to him—" smiling as he waves his hand to Jaino. "It’s him you should be thanking, not me."

She has glimpsed yet trembled, and her eyes are now staring at the disgusted face of someone, who bare-handedly skins the strong horny skin of the fruit. She hesitates and clings to her brother more tightly; scared at that person. She stares in the silent, unable to disturb him.



By the time Jaino has finally finished— after he has rubbed the sweat on his forehead by the back of his wrist, he stares at the sky. His lips smile.

She grabs his t-shirt, picking his attention; even if, her body is shaking. "Sir, thank you!"

Jaino has been staring at her face. Afterwards, he wipes the tears between her cheek and eye with his finger. "You and your brother survived until I came. This experience has made both of you become mature enough to face this world. So, stop crying anymore; be strong. With the event that has happened in your life; treasure your life and stay alive; until then, you’re invincible." His words approve by his smile.

Astounded, she interjects, "Huh?” She scratches her hair.

"Such meaning I find hard to understand. But, bro! Seriously, how awesome!" He gawks. And Jaino is slightly nodding his head. "But bro, why are you here inside this forest anyway?"

"That's a secret."

"Huh!" has reacted by those siblings.

Becoming more annoyed, Jaino replies, "Anyway, I’ve no intention to know your circumstances either; so, let’s dig in."

"Aw…" the boy has reacted. Yet, his little sister cries.

Jaino lashes his finger into her forehead, restraining her from crying; awkwardness is embodying herself.

“Hey! why did you that to my sister!"

"Here, take this. It’s good for your health," as he hands those big seeds to the siblings, each.

Feeling disgusted, Jena complains, "Yuck! This! a seed! But! it’s slimy and big!"

"Just try sucking its juice. It’ll give your strength back and some more. But, you cannot eat more than that in a day. Those slimy things will fill your belly a little; so, I recommend eating it."


Although, it’s a seed and taste isn't bad; hesitantly, Jena has a bitter face in eating its slimy wooly outer skin. Her brother ignores everything as he completely trusts this stranger and eats without complain.

For the meantime, Jaino eats barely while staring at the sky; securing the surrounding by just listening while reminiscing his past; a village was attacked and burning that not many people could visually see the assailants.

He thinks, Father, thanks for saving me. I can assured you, I’ll live by your anticipation and ambition…

As Jaino receives their village name after they've finished their meals; they now prepare themselves. Although their drying wet dresses feel weird on their bodies; he decides to accompany the siblings to Aklaba village to return them home.

Aklaba Village, is located to the southeastern part of the wide island and to the southwestward from the Deep Forest. People living this place prioritize their culture. Their festivals they celebrate on the month of harvesting grains, crops, fruits and other cultivated plants and trees that bear foods. People living here wear traditional dress made only in the said village.


Attitudes always inherit

Surroundings shapes attitudes

Attitudes expose everything



9: sp01 06, Coward
sp01 06, Coward




While walking, the boy asks suddenly to Jaino, "Bro, what will happen if that creature went outside the forest?

"Why did you ask?"

"I just want to return home, the remains of my parents. I want to give proper burial and give thanks to them, and—”

"Brother!" begging at him, she's worried on his gloomy face.

Twiddling his knuckle above the head of the child, Jaino is amused. "You’re nuts kid. Don't grow with recklessness, cherish your life." He punches the boy's head.

"Ouch! what was that for!"

"Pay attention to your surroundings and balance what can you do or don't—” he presses his finger to his nose hole as he closes his eyes. Pervertedly, “A lot of gals are still waiting there if y'know?" And he laughs as he walks.

"Hey! my brother is not that kind of person!" She realizes, her brother having starry eyes, big smile, and blazing aura. She grasps his shoulders and repeatedly shaking him. "Hey! Wake up! wake up! This can't be right!"

"Sis, Jen, it's fine." His hand, he has weightlessly overlaid on her shoulder and the other in fist, giving her a bit relieve. "I think, he's super awesome!"

"Eh!" Frozen and cracked—

Whereas her brother runs to Jaino and begins a conversation

—she kneels, and her mind cries, No! She stands up as she closes her eyes as she takes a breath. She exhales. She follows those newly pals instead. "Hey! wait for me!”


For someone's smile; yet, afraid

But be content, let them accept

Possible, takes time to happen


10: sp01 07, Who is She
sp01 07, Who is She

Ice Prison — Each target is frozen by ice.

Ashes — It burns and incinerates the target(s) in a brief moment.


Who is she?


While carrying the giant blade with ease, Jesifer has continued to walk. The giant-blade's hilt has a big protector shapely curving connected to the base of its cutting edge. The rest of the blade has fully wrapped by a cotton bandage.

In a sudden…

...the filthy odor alerts herself to be prepare. And...

...the rushing sounds of clinching and breaking of dried bushes, leaves, roots, and branches along by the sound from the movements of an incoming confuse her detection.


…from the left side; the horrifying creature from before jumps at her. She has startled and out of will she points her palm against that monster; she smiles and mumbles, "Finally, after so many days."



Days before she went inside this forest after parting towards her brother; she tried to put it on her mind, memorizing by repeating these many times, Its body is made of flesh. It doesn’t have a face, limbs, or tail. It’s like blood, or liquid, or same as a slime; but can suck its prey to its body mysteriously. It attacks by jumping like a net, hmm… again…

An additional info she fetched; it had been many years or millennia or more already that people were disappearing without remains inside that forest silently until the current time.

Few tribes had been restricting any people from venturing inside until the current time. Only those who fear nothing are exceptional. However, only few managed to survive to come back though; bringing no evidence against that man-eating forest devouring many Norim.

Years had been rolling; appeared a survivor, reporting the current situation about the man-eating creature. Many tribes had raided the said monster. Its unexplainable regeneration speed and the cost of lives that they'd spent too much terrified themselves.

It was unbearable, forcing those tribes to plant a caution signpost in front to each entrance.

Thankfully yet mysteriously, the creature must rest at night and it's afraid of the daylight, so it had been lurking deep inside.

But, recklessness had been the cause of death to travelers or other people venturing in.

Though, some people still would go in. Even exiles, criminals, bandits, and other kinds of norims are inhabited peacefully until the current time.

However, she had dared and entered in this forest, having a concealed intent. Does she challenging all legends rumored in every parts of their world?

All of her good and hidden deeds, she had accomplished in secret. She managed to unfold many legends most of it were false creation, to only fear children or scare away explorer. She had sentenced criminals where no one ever could witness.



The creature is emitting smokes...

...and it burns suddenly to ashes...

...and it freezes constantly...

"Oh my— that is not funny at all. I've been expecting too much. (sigh) I have to go back to that falls. —bored once again."


Personality for moral is hidden

Dignity, never words, yet hidden

In hidden, free to everything 

11: sp02 00, Chapter Two
sp02 00, Chapter Two





Searching, whoever, thou shalt belong

Aided by brilliant wings to fly

Nature 'til nature, it's thy life

Escape from the Debt Collector


12: sp02 01, His Entities
sp02 01, His Entities


His Entities


The bright sun is glowing and the huge leaves they have are covers against the heat. Those siblings are sharing one leaf.

Beyond around the corner of the path, Jaino notices a person, wearing a cloak while sitting on a stone. His eyes scan at any part of that person's body; yet, only from the nose until the neck he can manage to peek. However, based on his pervert mind, full of delusion, that person is a female.

Those siblings sympathize, they’re thinking if she may be an exiled. They go near to ask her name.

What Jena and her brother have done, communicating with friendly conversation to that lady while they try to befriend her is annoying to the viewpoint of Jaino of course.

But then, the cloaked female disappears as she drags Jaino who's off guard to someone. Her dagger is also lying on his neck. “What a nice day to see you here Jaino?” she has greeted. She smiles while her face she exposes to him. “Nicely dropped into my trap again?”

He's really stuck. His shoulders are immobilized by the hands of a big man behind him. He’s even seeing those siblings who are confused and scared. He smiles at them. Another woman, of course Jaino recognizes, is handing food to those siblings. The brother is worried so he stares at Jaino, who's corneas move down. The boy has found thumbs-up and those siblings accept the foods.

“Well...” Jaino jests, “as fine as you Kilie. I wish, I would totally forget you.”


Kilie Lightning, the second daughter of the person whose Jaino is indebted. She’s a Fange.

Fange, is a norim with eyes, having a clear adoptable and high-ranged eyesight, with easily controlled adjustment of visual range.

The big man, Kilie's bodyguard, his name is Dhumbou Dougoung. He’s an Igsyn.

Igysn, is a giant norim, having an inborn one eye. Most of them are playful and gifted with some abilities. And they instinctively assist and protect their dearest norim(s).

The woman, around the siblings, is Miera Lucksoon, Kilie’s assistance and teacher. She’s a Sorse.

Sorse, is a norim born having the special blood that can deny to anything if possible.

Irritated, Kilie yells, “That smile of yours! Scum! I’m going to kill you!”

Grinning and eyebrows up, Jaino replies, “Eeeh? Your dagger is reversed?”

She gets startled and her eyes gaze down to her dagger that she's gripping incorrectly. Embarrassed, facing down, angry, she reverses it, still lying on his neck.

“Who are they sir?” has asked by Jena to Jaino.

Recalling something, Jaino's eyes scan at, from his suppressor's lips down to her chest. “Well…”

“After—” Getting annoyed by his gaze; yet, her heart is racing fast. “—those eyes, what are you staring at, pervert!”

Amused, Jaino announces, “Allow me to introduce you, she’s my girlfriend.” He's grinning.

Those siblings react, “Huh?”

As then Kilie gives a quick punch to his face. The big man is a bit worried, whereas Miera is just smiling. Suddenly blushing, Kilie shouts, “Thick faced!”

Her words dig to his heart and her fist leaves a scratch and pain to his cheek. Jaino mumbles, “Ouch, it can’t be help,” hopeless to evade. “Then; actually, she's my wife!” —with his ambitious face, his words bash everyone by surprise, briefly. Silent. After the wind blowing has passed, Kilie holds his waists and she hits his— “Oooouch!” —with her knee, full force.

The big man frees Jaino, who kneels on the ground and struggling in the pain. The big man and Jena’s brother even guard their own while suddenly they're sympathizing the pain.

Standing near beside the siblings, amused, Miera comments, “Ooh, that must be hurt too much.”

“Spouting too much nonsense! geez! you can’t really keep your mouth shut!” Kilie has yelled to Jaino.

“Then, what can you call two people doing it in the first place?” has asked by Jaino, still struggling.

“People doing it?” has mumbled by Jena as her curiosity is all over her head. Her brother shuts her ears. “Hey! Stop that! I can still hear them!”

Worried, smiling, afraid, her brother replies, “Pretend, you don’t.”

Teasing her student, Miera asks— “Doing it? What’s that? I’m being curious? Tee, heh, heh.”

Kilie is agitated and flushed. “No! no! no! None really! There was nothing happened between us! I’m completely pure!”

“Pure!” has responded by everyone around, except Jaino, and Dhumbou.

In curiosity— “Eh hee, she means not pure? She lied?” has asked by Miera to Jaino.

In starry eyes and his index finger he points at Miera as he recovers, Jaino replies, “You hit the mark young lady.”

“Of course, I could! I’m a veteran after all. But to be called as a young lady is,” blushingly, she has said. Those siblings shiver, gross out.

The embarrassment that Kilie has felt, loosens her arrogant posture. She sighs. She pushes Jaino down and starts stomping his face while she cries, “You! you! just go die! You! foul mouthed pervert! You don’t deserve to live!” Tears plunge from her eyes—

Laughingly depending himself, Jaino complains, “Hey! hey! stop making me, you, your, your doormat. It, it won’t change anything!”

—something comes in her mind. “This pervert raped me that time!”

Ooh!— as the wind blowing goes —They're sure bold! has thought by everyone, excluding Kilie, Jaino, and Jena.

Wanting a clarification, Jena asks, “So, he’s a criminal after all. So you’re going to arrest him? You know... he is our savior…”

“No— no, no, no, no. It, it’s not like that honey. He’s a good man though. He never did committed crimes. And why we’re chasing him, is a different matter,” Kilie has apologized.

“That what clarifies everything!” Miera points her finger, settling everyone’s attention to Kilie. “She’s sure bold!” —has supported by the siblings' gaze, making Kilie feels ashamed.

She analyzes and realizes that she has messed up; she feels more embarrassed. “Okay fine, FINE! I admit it! I tried comforting this idiot that time but he stepped over the line!” —she has admitted, her face in red.

“Ooh— how bold,” has responded by everyone, except Jaino, Jena, and Dhumbou.

“I don’t care anymore!” Her tears plunge from her eyes.

Jaino compliments, “Well, it can’t be help. You’re so cute and beautiful that time… Even more now...”

Dismay, she gazes away. “Please stop it. You can’t bribe me.”

“I mean it.”

She knocks her fist to his chest. “Geez, you can’t just spill everything, y'know?”

But the good part is disrupted as Kilie and Jaino are startled. The big man raises his thumbs-up. Meira is in tears. Admiring the scene, Jena blushes as her hands are united. And her brother is admiring Jaino while he thinks, …bro, seriously, you’re awesome!


Two birds' infrangible red tie

in storm suctions, severs the cord.

Destiny is e'er unwitting.



13: sp02 02, Sky's Rejection
sp02 02, Sky's Rejection


Sky's Rejection


Peeking back into the memories of his past; Jaino was still a child around that time, unfortunately involved to an incident that costed plenty of people to die.



Houses are burning. The rough dark thick emitting smokes are revolving—likely a steady standing hurricane while going curvingly ascending while gathering into the clouds.


People are running, screaming, and terrified. And some of them stand to defend their village. They're vigilant however powerless for the series of people slaughtered in front; unable to foresee the assailants for they are unseeable.


Around at the path, while people are passing through; he's sitting. His hands are behind grounded as propped to his body, along by his knees, shivering. It's a terror for him. Useless and nothing, he can’t do anything.


Even when he sees those omnipotent Norims, who have defended their villages, fall down; in the view of his eye, he really can do nothing. Only to tremble more, he can't even stand. He's overwhelmed.


He has able to escape the village alongside his mother by the costed of his father's life.


Fastened by the sticky and huge cobweb after they've escaped and went into the forest. Such misfortune stumbles to his life. His mother suffers the casualty in saving him.


He's crying out loud while carrying her who's suffering in toxin. He can go losing himself for he can't do anything.


Needing to move while crying as loud as he could, he walks. He's struggled too much. His mind can't bare it anymore. His vision begins to blur and rotating. Despite of, he continues in crying. Slowly he falls, fainted.



He regains consciousness, surprise; it's not his room.


He hears murmur, a girl on the balcony is sitting on the table. She's muttering. She hates to watch the patient. She’s around at his age.


He rises to sit. “Hey! Who are you?”


“Oh, you’ve awake boy pass out.” Such arrogant offends him. “Anyway, I’m…” She runs into the door and she yells, “Father! He awakes!” Her voice resounds across the hallway.


He doesn’t know why. Too confuse, he’s just scratching his hair.


The girl is confused too. She is flustered and don’t know what to do. She grabs the water jug and she pours water into a glass. “Here, take it.”


And Jaino, who receives the glass, drinks. “Well, thanks.”


She pours water in the glass again.


A bearded man witnesses the scene as he enters the room. His nonindulgent face frightens the boy. The next who enters is Miera; she smiles at the patient. The bearded man leans in the wall in front of the boy as Miera sits near the other side of the bed opposite to the girl is.


“You seem did sleep well. Sounds good getting along towards my daughter?” has asked by the bearded man. The boy gulps.


“I still not accept this boy pass out yet! Look! He’s weak!” the girl has yelled, heavy to the boy's shoulders. His chest is tightened by the freezing pain.


“Silence! Insolence!” has scolded by the bearded man; shutting her mouth. “If you’re wondering who am I, Zahamara Lightning is my full name.” He’s a Fange, currently formidable one. “I think you know her already.”


“I asked her; she didn’t tell me.”


“Tch! Kilie is my name! But don’t say it! Not until you’ve proven your worthy!”


“And I’m Miera.” She’s smiling at him while checking his wounds.


“Just try getting along with her, you’ll adapt it later,” has advised by Zahamara. “Miera, is he fine to hear a thing?”


“He’ll confuse sir, I’m afraid. He needs to improve his mental state yet.”


“If you say so… Come, let the three of us head outside.”


“Hey, where are you going? What about me?”


Zahamara glances at him. “Someone will speak it, instead of us. I hope, you’ll decide quickly.”


Wondering who might be. He’s thinking another person that he doesn’t know; a renowned maybe or a doctor. Then it comes to his mind a relative.


He remembers suddenly what was actually happened. Everything comes flooding to his mind. Hearing the cries from those of who had been slaughtered. Feeling the scorching sea of fire while seeing the parents of him who had died.


Noticing someone hugs him. He gains consciousness. Crying; humming; a woman? He recognizes her. His eyes shred as he speaks, “I’m glad. Tell me; is all everything a lie? I’m afraid. I’m scared. Please don’t leave me anymore. I don’t know what to do. I’m losing myself...”


“It’s fine. I’m here for I can't leave you anymore.” Then she caresses his hair and kisses his cheek. “But someday you will.”


“No— I can't do that.”


“Yes, you will. You were brave right there. You didn’t leave me no matter what I say. I guess you‘re just like your father.”


“Tell me, am I just hallucinating?”


“Of course you’re not.”


“Then why we’re still here? I know that forest well. No Norim like me could survive there alive.”


“It’s kind of funny.” She then smiles. “I witnessed everything... I couldn’t even rest well. Those predators, they didn’t attack. They just watched us.”


“Hah, hah, hah.” He sniffles. “Impossible…”


“You won’t live as a child forever, y'know. So, accept it.” She leans her lips to his forehead. “You brought us here; we will live new. You’ll study here and grow. And eventually you will live or leave here.”


“Why are you telling me this?”


“Someday you will grow as a man. And remember; no matter what you are; don’t deprive hope. As long as you’re alive; you’re invincible…”


“What about father?”


“He’ll rest now.” She hugs him tightly as the boy cries much.



They've struggled for our happiness

demand no return nor favor,

for us, a fruit of this life's line



14: sp02 03, His Background
sp02 03, His Background


His Background


After then, Jaino devoted on his study alongside Kilie under the teachings of Miera. Many years later, Zahamara taught him everything about lots of raiding tactics, war tactics, escape tactics, last resorts, and cost basis since most members of the Lightning clan are in military. Kilie also got along with him although she was still envious and her arrogant attitude didn’t disappear.


Then, one day, he and Kilie were called by the mistress of Zahamara, mother of Kilie; a person he, Jaino, wasn’t meet before.


Gorgeous as still young in appearance, only her body covered by a wide thick silky cloth. Actually, she didn't ware any dress.



Awhile gazing as he tries to peek— Ouch! —Kilie twists his skin, clipped by her nails. He wonders, why this lady afraid to her own mother. He stares at the woman’s eyes. Those are dead cold eyes.


“Nice meeting you, Jaino. So, how’s life after death?”


“What are you talking?”


“Just kidding. I’m terrible about jokes. I apologize. You know who am I right?”




“You know me well. Hmm…”


“It’s my first time meeting you though.”


“It’s your second time. You were passed out that’s why that lady there called you Mr. Pass-out.” —diverting Jaino's attention to Kilie; yet Kilie didn’t laugh. Jaino realizes something with the woman she’s afraid off— “You could even peek on me at the bath if you want.”


“You know? I couldn't do that!”


“(Smiling) So, obvious. You’re doing it right now.”


His curiosity is so focus on her eyes. “How far could you see?”


“Oh, I've forgotten. There's not much scholars around so I tell you. I’m not a Fange. I’m a Saiyk. And you’re quite bright; my eyes can’t see. And you’re wondering already? I’ll judge it. My psychic is thrice of the full grown topnotch Saiyk.”


Fange, is a norim with eyes, having a clear adoptable and high-ranged eyesight, with easily controlled adjustment of visual range.


Saiyk, is a norim with tremendous psychic ability.


“You’re kidding me.”


“Do I?”


“You’re telling me you can visualize in your mind? That’s so ridiculous!”


“Now, now, now, unlike my daughters who are Fange; at the horizon, I can see anything up to the area twice the kingdom of Jelfyr. And want me to prove that?”


Kilie butts in, "She happened to see some smokes from afar when we'd ventured Mount Ma eling. She was curious. She even dragged me along. She met you in the forest not by coincidence. She saved your life. She was even the mastermind of calling you boy passed out—”


“Ma’am,” as he bows earnestly. “Thank you! I, I can’t say anymore than that.”


“Come on. Don’t call me ma’am. Call me mom.” And she smiles suspiciously. Sweats are coming out from Jaino’s forehead; his knee trembles as he realizes the purpose of the meeting. “Well, you can’t have Kilie as your wife easily if y'know?”


“So, you've found out, already?” His mouth is paling.


“Right. Last night, until the ending,” she has replied; smiling.


“Please, forgive me. I won’t do it again. She’s just beauti—” Argh! —Kilie twists his skin.


“You’re funny!” Aminette laughs loudly. Kilie and Jaino wonder. “But it can’t be help. If you're down, she’ll comfort you and both of you did it; yet, she’s still felt you as a brother. Not right, isn’t it?”


Dumbfoundedly trying to think, his eyes are scanning to anything. Settling his gaze to Kilie— “What do you really felt on me?”


Her tears flow, she then wipes it. “Forgive me. My mom was right. You know why? She’s also a Dralk. That will explain why her psychic are impregnable. I inherited it. That’s why I must be frank. I can only feel you as a brother, an opponent to beat. No matter what, it can’t be change. So, don’t think much and force yourself. We’re educated.”


Dralk, is a norim gifted with abilities and strength, but they have few desires that they so fixate and/or obsess.


His chest feels cold, squeezing, heavy. His mouth wants to laugh but somehow it’s being restrained. Shocked, his fist he shuts tightly. He wants to evaporate.


“Also, my husband is against to a man below lieutenant colonel as pair for my daughter. So, I were you? —go back on your commanding general's duties.”


“Sorry… forgive me again." He exhales and inhales. “I don’t want people dying especially with my own hands! That’s why I’m sulking! I feel the pain! That is why I’m going to retire.” He stands up. The atmosphere changes.


“Hey, what’s with you?” Kilie has asked.


“In my intuition he's going to leave.”


“I’ll stop you!”


“Your mother permits me too.”


She sees her mother who smiles back. “Bastard! You won’t escape on me! We still have lots of score to settle! Come back to your work! Also pay those sixteen k debt you’d barrow from my office!” She attempts to jump to grab him yet she can’t move. “Shit! Why are you aiding him?”


“Only this time, honey.” Her smile is so fishy. She stands and hugs Jaino from behind. He blushes as he feels the heat and soft cuddling on his back. “Geez, you could treat me as your mom, not a b*tch…”


“Well then, I’ll be going. Tell mother I’ll be fine.”


“What about me?”


“All I could say, is; thank you very much. I’m too grateful.”


“She wants you as her brother; y'know?”


He turns his attention to Kilie. “Forgive me. It won’t happen. I like you more than me as your brother. Maybe if you can drag me back; I’ll satisfy your urge. Well then, see you…”


Kilie mumbles, “Geez, you just do whatever you want, coward…”


“Darling, you could start tomorrow.”


“Why isn’t now?”


“He’s just a Norim.”


“Tee hee hee… Tch!”


Her mother thinks, It won’t be easy, he’s good on tricking.



Time to time, allow thyself breath

Greater pain takes long time to heal

Be ease, life is cruel and fun



15: sp02 04, Bye Kilie
sp02 04, Bye Kilie


Bye Kilie


Back to where they are.

A cry from an animal draws their attention, followed by another cry as this continues.

Jena hides behind her brother as she is cringing in fear.

Crawling out from the trees; their scaly face is angry a warning for their prey for a great chase. Their teeth are sharps as their mouths are showing hungry. Long tongues are saying yummy. Their eyes see their prey as warmth, making their stomachs hungrier badly. They have small upper arms and big giant legs. But their tails are a bit huge, hard and heavy.

“They’re huge,” has said by Miera, stretching her dress, making it comfortable to her body.

Those reptiles surround them.


“Kilie, do you hear me?” has asked by Jaino, verifying.

“Of course.”

“Have the children and bring them home to Aklaba!”

“Do you think I'm idiot?” —Jaino sneakingly moves backward, making his distance away from her group— Kilie, who actually notices, appears to his back. “You won’t escape this time!”

One of the reptiles stomps trembling the ground as Kilie outbalances, when she has stood near to Jaino, giving Jaino a chance to escape since the others are busy in different matter.


The big man focuses on protecting those siblings from the agitated creatures.

Their cries are fierce, frightening; making Jena covers her ears and she's shaken. She wants to think this event just a dream. Her brother is confused about a thing to do. Even though he's trembling, bravery is keeping his eyes open.

Meira couldn’t help but wonders why those creatures ignore her. She's even more helpless because she does precious her skin.


Jaino reaches the woods and he continues inside passing across a man, cloaked by a worn white cloth and he has only a bolo knife sheathed on his waistline. The man is leaning on a tree. “Your help is in time! Accompany those children home!” has yelled by Jaino, without having an eye contact as he runs.


You’re idiot wounded by a childish matter, has though by the cloaked man. His corneas are similar to those reptiles. His name is Amono Hestia Galossom, a Crewl, a member of military under Jaino’s force before.

Crewl, they are norims being rise by their parents on their infant days along with a new born animal except the Norim. They can even control or order those kind of animals; and even gain those animals' abilities if possible.

When Jaino retired after ending their first assignment; Amono Hestia then retired. They’d been bodies since training until Jaino had rank up; he then applied to Jaino as subordinated. Until now their friendship never wear off.


Kilie appears in front of Amono Hestia. She grabs his collar and she shoves him into the tree. “As I thought. I was dumbfounded. How many of you willing to push him away from me!”

Amono Hestia remains calm. “What the— I’m just a passerby.”

“Don’t act dumb!”

Upon making an eye contact; noticing something on her cornea are compressing into the middle. “You got me. It’s true. I’m just a passerby. I’m his friend. You can still chase him, and I take over the children and bring them home.”

Kilie then disappears.


Amono Hestia goes to the group and settles those rampaging reptiles. He apologies to Miera and Dhumbou. Although, Jena is still passed out and her brother is furiously angry at him; still, the man, cloaked by a worn white cloth, asks the boy for forgiveness. He begs at him, including his sister, to come along.




She reaches him at the indentation near the falling waters of the falls...



The warmth and fast wind blowing is so refreshing...



Onto the horizon...



...the mountains, the plains, giant creatures, the birds, the lake, the rivers and everything that comes into view are magnificent.



“Come back to me. This place is dangerous, you won’t survive here,” Kilie has begged.

“It’s better than me being sulking. I can face reality being on this place. I want to live with my on desire fair to everyone.” He breathes while he enjoys the heavy air calming his mind.

She hugs Jaino from behind while she lays her chin to his shoulder. “You still have me, an alternative right?”

“Stop being unfair…” Then he turns around as he leans his palm above her breast as he keeps his distance from her yet his feet are nearing the edge. “What if you'd find a man you like? What about me? Unfair right? exceeding my agony.” She really wants to argue, yet she can’t find any satisfying reason she could response. Jaino fells himself suddenly while yelling, “Keep chasing whenever you want! Let’s play with that urge of yours!”

She's unable to grab his hand. Stunned, blushing, she feels his words. At him, she keeps on staring, she thinks, What have I done?


Problems always have solution

either to pursue or to quit

Heart's and mind's desire must follow



16: sp02 05, Abrupt yet Severed Start
sp02 05, Abrupt yet Severed Start


Abrupt yet Severed Start


Shit! I’m going to die! has thought by Jaino, expecting for Kilie to save him.




Enjoying the cold water, feeling at home, Jesifer is still bathing while her body is lying, floating onto the water surface in nudity.

Rays of the sun are passing through the tall trees and making her body rest well.



Something fells...




...exploding the water; massively splashing; and waves head to the ground.



Mysteriously, the middle of the pool dries yet the other parts stay still as walls.



Astonished, he feels something soft. He props his arms, and under him, he finds a naked lady; she smiles back. Jaino’s face flushes and averts. Amazing, too beautiful. He stares back.— his nose bleeds.

She's so placid. Her face is so calm. She points her finger to his face. “Please go away,” has tasked by Jesifer.

“No! I’m digging in!” He means it. Fortunately he can’t move. Something is restraining his body.

“Now, would you help me rise; please?” And she smiles mischievously. He helps her stand, and then they climb at the rocks.

As they've reached above —while the water troubles until it settles normally— she says, “Sit.” And Jaino sits. “Look behind.” And he turns around. Forgetting something because afraid, he feels unpleasant. Someone is staring at him from far above...

After she has finished dressing her dress; she says, “You’re free to look.”

His brain conceives delusional. As he really does, a giant blade swings at him —blasting the rock; uprooting the trees; splashing the waters; and creating waves moving outwards. A sweat slides down from his forehead, since the lady intentionally didn’t reach him with her blade. He feels devastated.

“You swing that blade— ...without actually— ...carrying it— ...in physical strength; right?” he has blurted randomly. He couldn’t think of anything to speak. His body and mind are overwhelmed by guilty cold.

Surprise, Jesifer stabs her blade to the ground and she leans on it, thinking—. “Okay, you've passed.” Jaino is confused. “I allow you to live here. But, take care for yourself. Lots of terrifying creatures are still lurking here.” Those words disturb his pride but he can’t argue.

He just gazes at her pervertedly. He watches Jesifer walking heading to a tree.

Having a frightening smile and aura, Kilie appears suddenly to his side. “What about me?” has asked by Kilie, smiling. “Please, measure my strength. I’ll gladly hear it.”

“What are you—” has asked by Jaino, confused of the sudden change of her temper.

As Jesifer notices Jaino and a lady talking, the young woman with blade watches as she leans onto the tree.

“Don’t worry because you will now know...” As she touches his Adam’s apple with her index finger and while she slides it into his chin. “My unique and disinherited race from my parents is a Medou.” She pushes Jaino as she sends him flying rapidly crossing to many trees.

Medou, is a norim with a relationship to the dimension of time or/and space. Ghost, refers also to Medou. It refers also to a phenomenon when object passes through another object’s body when it supposed to be collide.


“Wow, is he a ghost?” the woman with blade has asked.

Irritated, Kilie replies, “I don’t know!”

“Huh? Are you jealous?”

“Fine! Take care of him! I’m going home!” And she disappears.

“What’s with her?

"Oh huh; she’s a bit familiar; hmn…

"Geez, I’m going home.”


Blazing in anger, she appears back above the indentation near the falling water of the falls where Dhumbou and Miera are waiting.

Miera asks, “What happen? Where is he?”

“Forget about him, we're heading home!”

“Hey! Are you going to surrender? You’ve been chasing him many times, cherishing him, and admiring him; looking only to him. You’d even touch. Isn’t that, love?”

“Even I get hurt, but it’s wrong… all I feel is actually pity.”

“Oh my, his hopeless… Well, I don’t have any; so, I wonder how it felt. Anyway, explain to us your obsession.”

“Hmmp! Dreaming about brother, who is well-known… and, who will care to everyone around. Most of all, I've wanted to challenge him, in the same leagues he's good of; in front of many spectators! Forgive me; even I; confused.”


“For you. But for me, it’s what I pursue.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“Going home… making plans… I’ll muster ways for him to attract only to me. I’ll going to beat that queen.”

“You've met the queen?” She wonders.

“She’s down there.”

“Jealous?” And a fist is lying to her face, giving her a warning.

“SHE REALLY IS JEALOUS—” And he receives a kick to his ***. “—OUCH! UNFAIR!” As the birds fly away.

Very angry, stamping, Kilie yells, “Let’s go and don’t say anything!”

“Kilie isn’t honest? I wonder why?”

Dhumbou is just silent…


Agitation have been normal

Rest before soon; calm and believe

Fresh air, well-being, for relief



17: sp03 00, Chapter Three
sp03 00, Chapter Three





Mystery, hidden by the past,

seems trivial to someone's concern

yet graves to those real involves

The Wrath of the Queen


18: sp03 01, He meets her very weird
sp03 01, He meets her very weird


He Meets Her Very Weird


Landed somewhere, Jaino suffers a motion sickness. His stomach recoils and his cervix he feels weird. His mouth is resisting. He vomits those… “Seriously, I thought I got her, however—“ And he vomits again those... “Ugh… ahh… what’s happening to me and where am I?” He palms to his forehead; and yet, again, he vomits those… and his body shivers.

Walking woozily and he rushes to a tree. As he continues walking, he keeps rushing to a tree. Cracking and minimize noises of uprooting roots are ringing to his attention.

He stands and he stretches himself. He shakes his head. He warms up his shoulders until he comes back to his senses. Just he notices, it's already dark. “How comes it’s already dark?” And every single tree he sees is leafless.

Arising and uprooting, their roots become feet. Their body can bent. And their branches are arms and fingers. He looks and they’re bunch behind, making his eyes much wide open, weird... “Oh sh*t… Run!” Running onward; every tree, he has passed, becomes alive after him.

A giant turtle— has a face like lizard and has a long tail —is drinking the water by the river. Noticing Jaino is heading near, it's startled and going to escape—it slips into the river.

“Hey! wait for me! You dear leaving me behind! I’m going to roast you alive!”

Ignoring… as it swims slowly and peacefully… away from that sloped filed of rocks… gladly...

Boosting his speed as he could— I’ll really roast you. I’ll roast you after this. —he jumps...

...his shadow is crawling fast as the giant turtle has startled. Its long neck twists, and its eyes see what’s behind. It’s agitated. It draws its body to bite the young man...

...the turtle misses as Jaino manages to cling to its neck.—They’ve rolled, springing, hovering into the air… They are unstoppably rolling and springing again onto the water surface... 'til they've reached outside, the other side of the river. He's uncontrollably rolling, until he bumps into the slope ground. “Ouch!”

Angry but afraid, the turtle howls at him. Concurrently Jaino has stricken; and with his hands and heels, himself he pushes away from the creature until he bumps to a tree. The turtle howls and howls as it draws back... And it swims into the river.

He exhales, inhales. He feels relief… “Well, thanks anyway.”

Realizing that the darkness disappeared, he stands up slowly while he's gazing at the other side of the river… No trees he has seen without leaves. Dumbfounded. “I must be hallucinating.”

Putting away the feeling of suspicion, he continues to walk.

Across at the path until he reaches outside the trees, he’s now standing in front of an abandon mansion and a well in front of him. However, what amazes him is the wide grassy plain—he's feeling ignorant.

Inhaling the waves of fresh air, his arms he stretches up high…

He goes to an abandon mansion. Silent is deafening... And only the tweets of birds and the screakings of insects are intensifying the surroundings.

As he opens the door; without any doubt, he enters without hesitate. The door shuts! suddenly. Quickly he evades as a plate of blade with handle boomerangs and sticks in the door. The floor becomes wetly flesh and even the wall. What the— blood? sticky and nasty, he tries to remove it from his hand, gross…

“To be able to reach me here, you’re quite an impressive Norim. And to miss my favorite long throw, I've failed as a Hammer Blade Master.” She's smiling. On the second floor, she’s standing, leaning her elbows onto the railings.

Hammer Blade Master, A warrior lady/ies who wield/s axe like, scythe a like and etc., as long as it can rotate it to their hand. They’re good on epic dancing that their body figures and outstanding steps can astound the viewers. But they’re dangerous assassins. They’d trained merciless by the old ancient times; but, thousands of years had buried their history into forgottenness.

She is glowing pale, has black long hairs, has beautiful black eyes however always merciful, and she has a good face. She’s wearing a fancy dress; yet, her seductive belly is showy.


He stands while the lady appears in front. She shows her hand asking for a hand shake. He’s curious. It’s not like this when facing to a girl before.

“I’m Criselia Sone.”

He shows his hand covered by filthy and sticky things; however, he's very skeptical. She grabs it without hesitate.

He feels her hand cold, weird, made him shiver and afraid. “I’m Jaino, Diarke…” His lips feel cold. He tries to remove her hand however he can’t touch it; only she can grab him. “What’s with you?”

Happily, she looses her hand as she distances herself. Wide arms open as she walks in a circling motion, she swirls and swirls. And she stops. —her attention towards at the amazed Jaino. “Well, well, I’ll straight into the point. Grant me your help and satisfy my urge, and I’ll grant you one wish and free you alive, how is it?”

He thinks, She is Dralk. “Explain yourself?”

“It’s a private matter, so… how about I tell you, hmn… I’ve been stuck like this from long many years ago, and I can’t go away far from my body to ask help.”

“A witch? An old hag?”

“…you’re rude! Rude! rude! rude! Is my beauty really not enough to attract a man?”

“Rather than attract, it’s unpleasant. Moreover, for you living this kind of place, it’s creepy. You even made me shiver and fright.”

“Ah? Can’t be helped… allow me to show my body...”

Expecting her to undress, he sees a hole opens onto the fleshly floor. A bed elevates and settles. And the hole disappears.

His eyes are much wide open. And after he has vomited again, he shuts his eyes. Kneeling and shaken, his arms are shivering trying to crawl away from that lady. His chest feels the pain. He’s horrified.

The woman appears as she hunkers into his front. The walls disappear and everything becomes dark except to where they are. Considering the cold is heavy to his shoulders and mind. “Where do you try to go?”

She’s horrible! She brutally murdered her twin. He vomits... yet nothing has went out. “Grant me first and I’ll grant yours.” His head is heavy and dizzy. His view revolves, stops and restores—in repetition. His head is aching. He closes his eyes. He's shaking his head. His throat is sour. He doesn’t have any choice.

“Speak loud.”

“Protect me and be my support.”

“Oh, huh? That’s twice, but sure.” She appreciates gladly as she stands with arms wide open, evoking a job well done. Her hands she unites behind her waists. Happily yet mysteriously, she swirls and swirls. She faces Jaino. “I’m being generous here; you could wish to use my strength to conquer this world, y'know?”

“What do you mean?”

The fog appears surrounding the water, the isles, and the islands. She says, “Look, I'll show you this once. This is what our world is like, plain isn’t it? Well, that’s what we believe in. I can destroy it if you want.” Then the images disappear.

“You’re insane.”

“But your wish is too small, like this.” As she shows her fingers gap around half an inch near his weary eyes. She covers her palm to his vision. “Now sleep well. I’ll use your blood and resurrect myself…”


Each person has the unique fear(s)

It is not always in the dark

Beware, it's stalking everywhere



19: sp03 02, Altrass and Lladamak
sp03 02, Altrass and Lladamak


Altrass and Lladamak


In another place; groups of norims, an army, camping, are planning for breaking in, to seize the kingdom of Jelfyr. Different races are among on their forces.

Barring on the huge plain, breached by two famous huge forests, is the kingdom of Jelfyr, octagonally surrounded by walls. And inside this kingdom is mixed with buildings and houses. And standing in its center is a huge sharp tall tower, having a base surrounded by lake and has four bridges as entryways. Above that tower is where the throne of the queen.


A man on the hill, gazing at the walled kingdom, is thinking, undisturbed by the crowd noises. His blacked beard below the nose, his thick eyebrows, his aging face, and his gaze with a deep perspective are evidences for being a leader. His name is Altrass Mechanodil a fange.

To his side is a person aged. He has a red rounded nose, long beard, and long hair tie neatly. He's not much tall maybe around four feet and six inches. He’s named Lladamak Hammel, a sorse.

“Can you really do this task?” has asked by Altrass.

Lladamak smiles. “As long as those treals will not failed to duplicate my blood, the prince will be troubled that his barrier have a hole.”

Treal, is a norim gifted of materialization, but usually cost side effect(s) into their body.

“Now, go and march. I lend you half of my men.” His gaze continues at above those walls with few army. After Lladamak left, Altrass gathers the rest of his army. “My men! After Lladamak successfully break in into the front! we’ll then attack from behind! We'll going to reach the top of that tower! and break the barrier that hindering us from venturing the sea! Afterwards! we're going to liberate ourselves on this confinement since from our ancestors! We’re going to explore the vast sea! We'll find the truth behind this imprisonment! and after all! we’ll stand on top of the world! and become the Master of Dandia!”

The people cry in similar desires and willingness of him. They start marching heading far behind the kingdom of Jelfyr.


Worried about the huge number of platoons heading near, the soldiers, guarding above the walls, send a messenger to their prince. The platoon heading near is Lladamak's army. He divides it to more groups. His other divisions are still on the woods; they’re expert on artillery. Lladamak’s groups stop very far in distance away from the walls.


Also, Zahamara receives the report and immediately rushes to above the wall behind the kingdom. He knows that nobody can device this plan; none other than his fellow colleague. They stare each other with that ridiculous distance.


Soldiers deployed above the walls are artillery experts, while soldiers deployed behind each door of the walls are melee combatants; and soldiers behind those melees are expert archers. Moreover, some of the soldiers are evacuating the citizens into the safe places.


Be vigilant in time to time

Quickness and flexibility

prepare them. There's no prophecy



20: sp03 03, Raume and Sai Mea
sp03 03, Raume and Sai Mea


Raume and Sai Mea


On an office; a young prince, named Ruame Rosarok, is working hard— to the extent of his ability —ruling the kingdom while his sister is away. He’s a Treal. The young lady in the window— gazing at the outside —is his secretary named Sai Mea Amahaon a Dralk.


Screeching of the chair being swept backward as Raume stands up. He walks to the nearby unaware lady. He twists her skin— “Ouch! How could you do that to a lady!” Her eyes are in tears.

“Do you know what’s happening outside?—”

While staring at the mountain of papers Sai Mea shakes up her head.

“—Then go ahead and work in my behalf. I’ll head outside.”

She clings on his arm. “I won’t allow it. You’re digging your grave!”

“Sai Mea, how old do you thing am I? It’s my obligation right?” Creaking sharply from the door being open, stealing their attention, on the outside a man bows, and subsequently after having an eye contact at the prince, the man shakes up his head, affirming. “Now, Mea, let it go.”

“No!” has denied stubbornly by Sai Mea, avoiding having an eye contact at him. The prince rustles. She’s rubbing her lower lip to her teeth and she purposely lowers her shoulder in exposed while secretly trying to peek on his face. She catches his eyes staring on it. “Okay fine. Don’t exaggerate yourself. Take care…”

“Sure… of course.” He smiles. He's troubled. His hand unsettles after he has managed to glimpse at her face and neck.

While the door is creaking, she yells, “Wait!”


Unable to spit, averting to face, she replies, “Nothing…” Door shuts, leaving her alone.

She runs to the prince table and she sits at the chair. She picks up a pen and reads the content of a paper. Then she signs.—she feels something. Pillowing her head to her arms, she lies in the table. She feels this something while she's dreaming.

Wearing dark cloths, a woman appears nearby without this Sai Mea noticing. “Ooh, perverted delusional long nosed master of mine.” Making Sai Mea flushes and her head is now emitting smoke. “How’s the warmth of the chair!” Teasing her. She’s Maritis Lightning, leader of Jelfyr Shadow Army. She’s a Medou.

Jelfyr Shadow Army(JSA), a secret military organization founded by the first queen of Jelfyr. They, members of the organization, have worked top secret operations and they’re unbound by the laws. Only they abide order to a person assigned by the queen as their bearer.

JSA's Bearer, has full control of JSA.

JSA's Leader, will lead JSA units and comply the JSA's Bearer's order.

She leans onto the backrest. “At least knock on the door once!”

"Useless, my ability is beyond help."

Thinking while scratching her hair, she says, "Okay… I guess… How is she?"

“She’s fine. My loyal servant said; wearing the royal dress she wants to retire.”

She’s not fine at all! “You’re kidding right?”

“Of course not… I’m joking.”

I can’t really understand her… “Hiss... we’re useless, huh?”


Try to listen and understand

Don't waste them, those who care for you

Time comes, you'll need and seek for them



21: sp03 04, His Might
sp03 04, His Might


His Might


After a while…


...wind is passing heavily throughout his body...


...he’s gazing at the platoon located far away from the outside front wall. He’s standing at the place they've called overview, basically the rooftop of the tower.


He lifts his head, now he's gazing at the blue sky...


...afterwards, he closes his eyes and he keeps calm...


...a little hesitate, he thinks, yet he's afraid.


His knees kneel as he grounds his hand. Blood is flowing out from his lips. Does it actually hurt? Horrifyingly hurt! He vomits, even more blood he vomits. The prince is in pain.

His assistant always rebukes him for being stubborn, but words of concern has never been a fence of his decision.

He stands up and decides to continue watching this event, even if he's shaken while he resists to pass out.


Outside the walls of their kingdom, silent… as the war hasn’t yet breakout. A commander, of the front line in the front walls, notices that something is rising at faraway. “Soldiers!”

All soldiers reply, “Sir! Yes sir!”

“The barrier has been lift! But, be on guard, prevail your strength for they have waited for this!”

“Yes sir!”


The ring of luminous crystal surrounding the kingdom is rising spherically. Lladamak carrying a red flag and along with the group of treals, he assembles, head near the barrier. “On your position!” he has cried. The group is lining arching near the spherical crystal.

He lays the hunting knife to his palm. He inhales as he closes his eyes. He clears his mind. He's hesitating but of course afraid. Very deep and in deep breathe, he exhales as he slides the knife. The driblets of blood fall while he's swinging his palm splashing the thick quantity of it against the barrier.

“Now!” he has yelled. All the treals unite their hand, leaning on their forehead while they think in extremely deep concentration. Those bloods are multiplying forming to a giant tidal and continuously moving until it reaches the barrier. Surprise! The soldiers, above the front wall, mutter.


The prince puzzles. “Such lives have wasted. Good grief, they could have live more peacefully.” His eyes are grown weary.

The blood burns as it evaporates quickly, leaving a wide hole on the arch surface, causing that spherical barrier begins to vanish. It has then that people who perform the materialization have fallen down. Several of them lose their lives while the others fall in a severed internal injuries.

“Soldiers, be on guard!” has yelled by the commander.

“Sir, yes sir!” has cried loudly by the soldiers as they become more vigilant.



behind the kingdom, above the walls, Zahamara wonders about why the barrier disappeared.

On the other hand, far outside the walls, in the frontmost of his army, Altrass is in fist about the first plan succeeded, however, he’s still waiting for the break-in result.


Lladamak is swinging the red flag as the platoons, that he divides, prepare themselves.


Those platoons, hiding on the woods, crawl, nearing to where their artillery attacks can reach their target.


The flag, Lladamak sticks it to the ground, then the platoons begin marching. Walking normally… walking fast… and Lladamak joins in. “Let’s break in!” he has yelled. War cry! as they run heading to Jelfyr front wall.


“Soldiers, prepare for attack!” has yelled by their commander. Raising their bows and spears, the soldiers waiting on command feel the heavy of responsibility on this first release. “And now!” he has shouted. Raising the tension of the soldiers, who has fully bent their bows and ready to thrown spears; still estimating the right time… “Cease! Cease! Cease!” he has ordered, aborting as he swings his both hands confusing everyone to wonder. A sudden mutters of the soldiers criticize the now-slightly flushed commander. “Silent! Silent!” the commander has yelled, minimizing the noises.

One of the soldier smirks and asks yet he's still angry, “Seriously, what’s happening on you sir! Look! our opponents are heading near!”

“Won’t you let me speak?”

“Don’t ask, speak already!”

“Hey! I think the commander is right!” has said by a soldier near the edge. His corneas prove, he’s a Fange. “Look, look, our queen is in there, standing ahead of our engaging enemy!” All the soldiers who heard him are surprised. They’ve raised the gate open, but anyone, who has able to see, has witnessed a so terrifying.


Maintain good for parallel sides

One person can't own the whole world

Everything is for everyone



22: sp03 05, Introduction of the Story
sp03 05, Introduction of the Story


Introduction of the Story


Continuing scream of war cry from the platoons heading without break, with the current intention is to pass throughout the great wall of Jelfyr.

Lladamak and some of his platoons notice a female standing solely. Wearing the torn white royal dress, her face is disgusted and angry. They’ve laughed except for Lladamak who recognizes her. He becomes like a ghost as he stops, while other norims pass through him—he’s dreaded.

A sudden gust bursts and draws those many people into the air, those who are unable to escape; however, Lladamak manages to disappear. He feels the guilt.

The gust becomes ice, freezing those many people it has taken in the air, and it proceeds, pursuing those who manage to escape despite of their resistance yet horrified. The queen is merciless, that’s what overwhelmed the soldiers around and nearby the front walls.

Meanwhile, a weird man— having a sharp face, long tongue, messy hairs, and long fingernails as described —endures the attack and he sets foot on Jesifer’s back, aiming on her heart with his hand dowse by a purple sticky substance. The queen manages to evade it… The man fills with more amazement.

Upon that time, artilleries from the woods fire their arrows, spears, and other projectiles targeting Jesifer. Those projectiles just disappear into the thin air— infecting those artilleries even more overwhelmed —worked by Jelfyr Shadow Army.

The weird man, in berserk, continues his attack. He's grinning, lusting something, with his insane pleasure of excitement. Mysteriously Jesifer is unable to fight back. By the help of the wind, clothing around her body, she can manage to evade him instead.

“Hey! What’s wrong? Fight back! I have been waiting for this! Don’t disappoint me!” has yelled by the weird man, a little bit dismay.

In modestly— “Cut this out. It won’t bring us anywhere.”

“Ha, ha, ha, if I landed a hit, I win right?”

Amused— “Unfair for me if I allow it. Not in a century.”

He stops, as Jesifer has stopped. Cool wind blow goes on, as the soldiers are yelling her royal title along with praise and song. “You’re quite popular, are you young queen of Jelfyr?”

“Who are you?”

“I came from above the clouds.”

Enlightened to her mind— “Dandia’s ruler, huh?”

He’s grinning maliciously. “Those were bold lies in order to manipulate your unexposed mind about the truth! He killed a group of norims every year. Those people, who failed his expectation, were slaughtered!” He laughs loudly. “That was why, I killed him. He the person you called ruler.”

“What are you plotting?”

“Wow, such a calm perspective, notice? People inside those ices disappear?”

“Release them at once! It’s just a temporal punishment of mine!” —as her palm she points to his face, whereas the lights are emitting around her body while her hair dances in the wind.

Filled by more amusement, the man laughs loudly. “You’re quite a sadist, young queen. Don’t use the swint ultimate or you will lose everything instead.” These words drag her to be curious about his knowledge.

She obeys as she remains calm until her soldiers reaches them. Those soldiers are keeping silent, respecting the conversation.

The weird man jumps and lands above the ice as Maritis appears to Jesifer side. “Forgive me, he has a high prediction,” she whispered to her highness.

“What will you do with them?” has asked by Jesifer to that stranger.

“Hostage, obvious.” And silence embodies around. “As the one entrusted warding this current numbers of your kind, I challenge you to bring me a norim who is ten times much stronger than me, and defeat me to a one on one battle! Throughout then, you’ll gain the passage exited to this safe zone and know the truth lurking onto the outside world! I give you a half Month!”

“What if we lose?”

“I’ll sink this island to hell.”

“And if I failed this deadline?”

“A blood will rain from above from one of the held hostage!” Loudly, he has threatened, implying for a rush, and he laughs insanely and disappears living them silent.

Maritis didn’t jest for her highness is in deep thoughts.

The queen walks— as her soldiers give way —heading to the woods.

The commander, who commanded the troops, goes near to Maritis and he asks. She gives him a fine and acceptable reply that their majesty is okay.

The clouds start to gather and thunders crawl above the sky. The boomings become violent until the clouds turn darkish gray—eventually pour rain, easing Jesifer's mind, however, her feelings sting in pain.

Manipulated by the rulers, huh. Such words are echoing to her mind however tarnished the righteousness that she has been believed, since they've been deceived. Moreover, she remembers how her mother offered herself to create a barrier restraining any norim on venturing near the massive contaminated fog…


Be calm, listen, and analyze

consider and reconsider

brainstorming for the good outcome



23: sp03 06, Invitation
sp03 06, Invitation




Altrass is still calm and patient. Added by the rain, he can no longer take risk.

Zahamara receives the report about the outcome of previous engagement. But, limiting the casualties on both sides are in his highest priority. He’s willing to wait until the next movements of his enemies. Only then, he’ll going to counter every possible attack that their opponents will perform.


“Sir, we have been bathing on the rain too much and our scouts aren’t comeback yet, what we’re going to do?” has asked by Dakul Boyin, one of Altrass fine man.

“(Hiss…) The Shadow Army gets involve huh? I never thought that the kingdom has a new bearer for those heartless…” Altrass has replied; however, only his persuasion.

He yells to his platoon, “We’re being cornered! We can’t afford to draw back into the woods! Stay still! Don’t let the rain beat our will! If Lladamak has failed and our scouts never accomplish their mission! The prince will send a message, asking us to surrender! But, we'll charge into the woods! We can’t let those blinds get the better of us! Remember! Deceiving is our specialty!”

“For justice, for the truth!” has yelled by someone, and the army continues yelling their impulse.

Lladamak walks in a path ambient of dull sounds… Only the pouring rain, the rustling of branches, and the croaking of frogs are racketing in the surroundings and weighting on his shoulders. Feeling the guilt after leaving his platoons has made him wanting to cry. He stares at the sky. Wanting to ease this frustration, he's cold.


A young man appears into that path kneeling in pain. He’s filled of blood around his thorax. “Young prince of Jelfry, what are you doing here?” Lladamak has asked.

“I’m the one (cough, cough), should asking you. Why are you helping those people against the throne? You even let them died.”

“Shut up, blind ruler! Have you thought sitting inside your office will make a difference? How many people on each year died without knowing the cause or the criminals who slaughtered them? Hiding those documents won’t solve this matter, right? Did I hit the mark? We’re in the same boat!”

He has felt Lladamak's words, heavy inside his chest and shoulders. “Sh*t, at least don’t (cough, cough), don’t add some unnecessary conflicts on this preceding problem. My sister is trying to do anything. Is our ruling not enough?”

A swift blow of wind rustles throughout the leaves, targeting the unaware prince.

“Argh!” has cried by Lladamak, who's caught the arrow onto his shoulder as it's pushing him to fall and bump to the prince.

“You... save me (cough, cough).”

“Don’t mi, misunderstand. My, my mission isn’t to de, dethroned you. Bu, but to release the barrier that, that your mother created.”

Stealing their attention, leaves are rustling as the assailants are exposing their identities. One is squatting on a branch, whereas the others are standing beside the trees, and all of them are Lladamak artilleries that have been assigned on the woods.

One of the assailants, a male goes near. “Sire, why did you save him? His sister killed much of our platoon. We have to kill him for vengeance!”

“Really?” has asked by Jesifer from behind him. She continues walking, alerting those other members of the platoon, preparing their weapon yet their body is shaken.

Everyone around is disturbed and shivering by her presence, and even more trembling as the person in front of her falls to the ground. He groans out loud from suffering on a great pain on his dislocated knees.

“Sis, stop,” Raume has begged.

Other members of the platoon respond on revenge. One holds Ruame as hostage. The others aim at Jesifer in pointblank.

Her sad smile, her beauty, her attired torn royal dress and her posture are different to how she treats her enemy. Her brother is powerless for he’s even terrified, as well as Lladamak who is no longer had the will to escape.

The person behind Ruame suffers his dislocated arms and knees. So the others are lying on the ground being tormented.

She walks heading to his brother; yet, Lladamak can’t glimpse at her nearing. “Forgive me... please, spare the life of these people in exchange of mine,” Lladamak has begged. His body is in fever.

“Please take care of them,” Jesifer has tasked.


“If a government goes wrong who will stand?” Her eyes and smile are painting her sadness. “I’m just doing my duty to minimize the casualties. I’m doing my duties to protect my kinds behind the eyes. Of course, I’ll take responsibility for what I’ve done.

“I can be a sadist sometimes but if people do something to gain their rights, then they should ask. Don’t cause trouble. Don’t fear my power, for I care my people, my kinds. Go and heed my command.”

Silent — and Lladamak cries. He begins to stand, and cries much as he pulls the arrow on his shoulder. “My men! just wait for me!” He then disappears.


“I have a task for you.” Another silent as Ruame prepares to listen. “First—” This word makes his Adam’s apple shook. “—marry Sai Mea.”

“Ha! What? (cough, cough, cough) Bu, but it’s my personal affairs.” And subsequently, he vomits blood.

“Don’t get excited or I'll kill you!” —scaring Ruame.


“Invite their leader in…”


Successive events lead unrest

Self-control is for survival

in the game of this world of lies



24: sp03 07, Prelude to a Fight
sp03 07, Prelude to a Fight


Prelude to a Fight


Soldiers are standing still while the rain is rhythmically pouring. Bathing on the bad weather, the people in the army feel their skin becoming soft; but, it won’t wrinkle easily since their body is built up and-or-either already adoptable, so they can against any situation if possible, for survival, or etc.

Staring beyond, this old man —no! he’s Altrass; undergoes a premonition. It visualizes to his eyes. Two long thin and floating swords are clashing inside the round ring and on the outside is surrounded by identical sculptures—figures of faceless humans, facing inside.

Each time one of the swords successfully thrusts forward and goes through the opposing one, behind the other sword, a sculpture suffers the separation of any part of its body. As the clashing goes on, some of the sculptures burn to ashes.

His consciousness recovers as a paled young man appears and outbalances at the front. This alerts those nearby soldiers of Altrass. Maritis appears also. She supports and keeps this exhausted man (in pain) to stand. Above the walls, Zahamara is confused, worried, and angry about what he's seen in front of his enemy.

“I didn’t expect that you’ll come here by yourself young prince.” And Altrass grins. “You’re a fool believing too much in your credibility. Are you aware of how heavy the responsibility concerning your presence here?” Altrass laughs, and then he announces to his army, “This shows he isn’t caring for his people! Either way it isn’t in my concern!”

Ruame’s eyes pour tears. His chest is shaken. And his teeth gnash. Maritis’ lips just smile and her eyes are sad staring at the face of Ruame. He yells, “I don’t care anymore! I must do what I must as my dedication and obligation for my people!”

“Huh? Then release the barrier at once, so this war will be over.”

“That I can’t take into account— (cough, cough).”

“Stubborn as ever, my men! Suggest any kind of treatment for him to recognize our desire!”

“Hostage! Torture!” has yelled by someone, and it continually yells by Altrass army. They've asked it for an immediate action, too intimidating, hindering the prince to speak.

Am I such a failure? has thought by Raume. He hears a woman’s voice whispers near his ear,

"I have allowed to obey your command. Just say your words, my prince," has assured by Maritis.

While Altrass observes Raume, the young prince cries something and then vomits blood. Altrass raises his hand— gaining the attention of anyone —and he swings down, making the loud of the crowd minimizes until they silence. "Did you say something, prince?"

"At least, hear me out…”

"You seem like going to die." He's grinning. "Come on! Spit out your nonsense!"

His eyes are really weary and still pouring tears. Not sure if he's cold or hot; considering the rain is pressuring his body. And his body is trembling along by the pain inside his chest. He points his finger at the opposing person. "Your leader is invited by my sister to come at the throne. Any of my side that will confront our orders or commit harm against your side will be executed immediately if it weren’t for self-defense. To assure his safety…” He loses conscious. Maritis disappears while she carries him as they appear above the walls behind of Jelfyr.

Zahamara yells and commands some of his troops to bring the prince to a medic or physician—he doesn’t care anymore. He and Maritis talk afterwards.


“Sire, they've escaped!” Dakul has stated.

“I allow them to.” Closing his eyes, settling and equilibrizing each event that comes to his mind. “Ramon!”

Kneeling in one knee, wearing a cloak, and only the eyes are could be seen, a person appears beside Altrass. “Forgive me sire, but my investigation prevails her disappearance. She isn’t even at the kingdom neither in the fringe,” Ramon has reasoned.

Altrass sighs, and he gazes at the walled kingdom. “Raise the blue flag!” has yelled by Altrass making his soldiers to obey and mutter. The soldiers above the walls reply by swinging a flag in similar color—the war is halted!

Afterwards Altrass' attention is on his platoon. He lets them marching heading into the woods for temporary settlement despite of their dispute, leaving him alongside of the selected five people heading into the open gate of the walled kingdom. He's thrilled by the premonition he saw.


Premonition or prophecy

Senses sometimes trigger these words

Speaking of the devil—look



25: sp03 08, Altrass Brief Identity
sp03 08, Altrass Brief Identity


Altrass Brief Identity


Soldiers are lining giving a path leading to a tower, located in the middle of the kingdom; whereas, mourn-like silent is waiting to welcome their enemies. Zahamara is standing leaning on the giant column of the wide gate; his palm is to his head, and his hand is supporting his elbow.

Altrass together with his selected accompanies reach the gate. “We meet at last stubborn fellow,” Zahamara has stated.

“What a mean words to speak,” Altrass has exclaimed. “I've never thought you could utilize this situation well, without harassing your opponent first. Are the higher ups, become that sucks?”

“Nah, I have no reason to raise my rank, unlike someone who is dwelling at the righteousness that he believes.” —worried. “Well, I can’t blame you for tormenting the prince, however, the knowledgeable knows you’ve triggered the awakening of the storm beyond, and you’ll suffer this eventually.”

Altrass laughs. “Those waves are still going to knock me, not know.” He’s grinning as his companions laugh.

“Well, the path is open. Go now, I’ll prepare your graves.”

“Thanks for worrying, my old friend,” Altrass has exclaimed.


Leaving Zahamara alone, Altrass ignores the heavy gaze of the soldiers in anger. They've reached the tower and a noble woman approaches and leads them to a guest room. They've received good treatment; having their wet attires change yet their minds conceive about the foods, intoxicated by poison.

Door creaking as a person enters the room. “Oh, previous Marshal Altrass Mechanodil; what a bad weather to see you here?” has exclaimed by a groomed old man, fair in perfection and wearing a full white attire.

Marshal, is the highest rank of Jelfyr Kingdom's army and a right hand of the king. The official is not granted control on the Exceptional Generals and the Shadow Army.

Taunted by the insult, lying on his neck is a shinning edge of a sword wielded by one of the companions of Altrass. Hands up, as sweats come down on his forehead. “Easy, easy, I've bring no harm to this fellow. He's under the protection of our queen, my friend.”

Altrass laughs. “I never get tired by your insults Marshal Dogel Hanoon. So, what’s brought you here?” His hand has raised indicating his companion to be placid.

“A visit —no. A messenger of death maybe.” They both laugh. “The queen is a real deal.”

“Forget about it, have a seat.”

“Huh? — feels like your own home?” Dogel laughs.

“Well, it’s a habit of mine.” Their conversation goes on, and laughing, enjoying this few moments before confronting the queen.


Foe or friend we are all humans

United or opposed for roles

either for peace or for the pride



26: sp03 09, Princess Vilyarin
sp03 09, Princess Vilyarin


Princess Vilyarin


Grayish white fogs are hovering on the surrounding, though it in shadows beyond Raume's vision. His words echo to his head slowly.

Did I die? I’m a failure after all. I wish I was born as a villager not a majestic.

Something flows from his eyes but unlike the tears these are much slower, and they are rough when they dry after they have tracked on his cheeks.

I'd thrown away everything I have; my dreams, my happiness, my romance, and even my whole life, just to serve my people, the kingdom left by my father and mother. But, how cruel it is, when they to whom my pledge, loyalty and service given, will against me, my sister, the tower, the throne. What have I lack? Is it the knowledge not knowing what behinds the unknown?

He walks not cognizing the surroundings and his head bumps— “Ouch! Ooh, ooh, sh*t…” —to a wall.

“Who’s there?” has yelled by a female.

He’s flustered. His body is shaken. And he somehow recognizes that voice.

Hurriedly flapping his hand anywhere onto the wall while he’s hearing the clashing and splashing of water and the footsteps from someone who begins walking. Hasten, seeking something that his instinct is telling him to locate. As he feels the footsteps, approaching; he leans at the walls while he's staring at the shadow of a woman.

“Sis, it’s me.” —shivering.

The shadow swings its hand from its left to right, ordering the fogs to moves, giving them a sight to each other. He covers his eyes, about-face, and he leans his palm to the wall.

“I've never thought you’ve try peeking on me,” Jesifer has said. She smiles, while she's walking heading near, making her brother trembles more. She hugs him from behind. Her chin lying to his shoulder as her cheek leaning to his cheek, making this young prince nosebleeds and his nose root numbs heavy. “Come. Let’s bath together, just like we used to, when we were still young… when they were still alive.”

Those words are digging and open the wound on his chest. Unexpectedly he feels something flowing as it has tracked on her cheek, the same as what flows from his eyes.

“Sis, stop!” He removes her arms from clinging and he establishes a distance from her. He moves to the side to take a glimpse at her eyes. —So dark, deeply pure black. And bloods are flowing from the corners of her eyes. “What's happening?”

The queen shrinks suddenly a little and her face is deforming to a bit identical. Her hair turns curl however still black. Her voice becomes different as she speaks. And her facial becomes stricter. She smiles at the idled Ruame. She pushes his shoulder as she presses him at the wall. Her hand goes inside his chest.

The prince is powerless to resist rather than he is helplessly watching every event rendering to his eyes.

She draws out her hand and shows him something above her palm—it’s still beating. She speaks near his ear, “Anyone one that stomp or damage the will of this. I’ll hunt them until to the bottom of the hell after I'll awaken, and they all perish, slowly, being tormented.”


Is dream actually real, or not?

Is our life is just a whole dream?

Or dreams are merrily scapegoats.



27: sp03 10, Yaume Mea
sp03 10, Yaume Mea


Yaume Mea


Raume awakens and he palms to his eyes. What a weird dream?

Realizing that the blanket is a bit girlish, concludes, it isn't his room. Inhaling an aroma due to someone's newly bath, he likes it though. No! He's attracted. He feels the pain on his chest as he raises to sit. His thorax is covered by bandages.

His eyes swing as he sees some bottles of snake skin soak in the water, along with special maggots around above the table. Among of them are medicines, herbs, and for-operating tools.

He just notices; someone is sobbing and sniffling. He examines to where it is, a lady in front of the opened cabinet is shaken, and sobbing while she's dressing. Wearing half of her attire while she continues to select some upper dress.

A blood flows from his nose hole, and his finger is wiping it though. “Sai Mea?”

Bell rung to her attention she picks a soft sleeveless and she wears it. She turns around, and her cheeks are full of tears yet she smiles at him. She walks heading to her majesty. “What's happened?” She hugs him tightly.

Ouch! he has yelled inside his mind, but he has a pride and dignity.

“My sister, my little sister, my poor sister has traumatized.” She continues humming while she cleans her nose hole with a handkerchief.

“What— how is it possible? But, what's the cause?” The lady sits at the bed. Shaking her head, she hums. “Tell me! She was just fine the other day!” Sai Mea shakes her head. Raume draws her near and he hugs her. His hand runs down through her hair and he caresses her head. She bursts on crying whereas Ruame becomes more worried. However, friction kindles the warmth that both sides have felt. Hearts are racing fast. “If you won’t say any, I'll investigate it myself. My sister is quite fun of that child you know?”

“That I’m afraid of! If, if I tell you; you, you won’t hate me right?” She hugs him more tightly.

“How could I hate someone, who is always by my side?” He kisses her hair, made her face flushes.

“No, you’re just taking advantage on me.” Her lips are protruding.

“I’ll do a mean thing, if you won’t open to me.”

She smirks. “Go ahead, and take responsibility, I’m fine if it’s you anyway.”

Troubling to his pride, hiss from his nose, he palms to his eye, he can’t find anything to pursue her to admit. “Come on Sai Mea, I won’t hate you, never…”

“Nah, that won’t satisfy me.” She hides her both lips.

“Come, please, I’ll protect you. I’ll assure you. Even my deepest heart has desired to help you. You’re the only friend that I have; so, please…”

“Really?” —makes him scratches his hair.

“Yeah, sure, of course...”

She settles herself at the chair, near the table. She wipes her tears using a handkerchief. She speaks, “It's your sister…”

“What—” Sting of cold embodies his chest. Lying inside his thought every event that had happened about his yesterday, until he passed out. And he can’t unfold any reason that can accuse his sister as the cause. “Explain everything.”

“You won’t be angry right?”

“I know her well.” He smiles at her. “As I've said, you have me.”

“Let me stir some coffee first.”


In the world that everyone thinks

they are right and know what is right

Please, let's learn to communicate



28: sp03 11, At the Throne
sp03 11, At the Throne


At the Throne


It was after Jesifer dressed up new attire and went out her chamber that Sai Mea accompanied her heading to the throne. Silent as both of them were walking.


A woman in black appears, of course she is Maritis. After having a glimpse at her face, the queen remembers something. They consecutively stop. “Do you have a daughter?” Jesifer has asked to Maritis.

The woman in black appears to Jesifer's back as the knife she lies to Jesifer's neck. Also Sai Mea begs Maritis to stop. “Who are you?” Maritis has asked. “You’re not my queen.” Her words confuse to Sai Mea.

“I met someone sometime ago. And no matter where I look, you’re a bit identical. Forgive me for being rude.”

Maritis hides her knife. Grasping her hair near her forehead while wiping the corner of her eye by a finger, she sobs, humming, confusing this Sai Mea more. “My highness, if I remember correctly, I’m single.”

“What!” Sai Mea has reacted.

"I apologize,” has begged by Jesifer, shaking her head. “But you should find a man. Our people are in brief of extinction, so it’s best if you have.”

“Don’t forget that I’m a dralk.”

The queen is silent. Leaving Sai Mea and Maritis, she continues to walk.

“Oh no, seriously, our majesty is easily affected,” Sai Mea has commented.

“She is single and yet not a Dralk.” —refraining from acting.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh this pervert, I thought you get it.” She follows her highness. “Delusional long nosed master of mine, we’re leaving you behind.”

“Jeez, always making fun of me.”


They’ve reached the throne and Jesifer orders some of her subordinates to pass a message to all of the higher-ups in needing their presence as witness concerning this appointed meeting of her and her guests.

As she sits at the throne, below the stair, outside of the wide path, Sai Mea and Maritis have stood, alongside by the soldiers lining in uniform distance.

Some of the nobles' servants are welcoming their masters and mistresses. As the gathering starts to crowd; minimize noises of chit chat, ruckus, and greetings have never been missed in any occasion. Their queen requests one servant to fetch her guests and also some materials that they’ve needed to use for conversation.

All the audiences are standing outside the wide path whereas the door opposite from the throne opens. Altrass and his companions walk in and they continue despite of the heavy gaze of the crowd. One soldier, his hand he ups and he swings down persuaded the guests to stop a little distance from the middle.

The queen stands as she claps her hand thrice, noises disappear respecting for this incoming conversation. She walks down the stair and she receives two sheathed blades from a messenger who has obeyed the errand. Then she proceeds walking, having her undiverted attention.

A girl, a child alongside by her mother, is gesturing her face to her majesty while both of her hands are united. The hand of her parent is clinging on her neck restraining her for distracting this current event.

Tension all over the air, as Jesifer is approaching nearby center of the path. And she throws one blade to her opponent, she then stops.

“I didn’t expect that you’d withdraw your loyalty from my mother,” Jesifer has stated. “You even lead this revolution.”

Altrass who manages to catch the sword, smiles, grinning with sharp-eyed, nodding his head as he hovers his view to each of his companions who nod back. “Loyalty...” Altrass laughs and some of the crowd gulps, “revolution…” He laughs loudly. And afterwards he points his finger at Jesifer; he glares. “Your mother deceived me! All of you! Are you satisfy that each of our village will burn to ashes! That some tribes are wasted! You do know that our kind is slowly diminished! How many of our people survive! You’re heartless to not feel this tragic!” He points his finger at her— again and again —while he speaks these words, “You all know you are just afraid of this puppet! Her brother doesn’t even know about it! Are you still going to follow this b*llsh*t!”

The murmur of controversy, from the skeptic and confused, and from the opposing followers embody around, excluding some few. Maritis shakes her head, but Sai Mea has left the place after she has received a message in needed of an immediate action. Some of Altrass colleagues are leaning onto the walls, and just listening on their conversation.

The queen raises her hand as the other leans the tip of the sheathed sword to the carpet, this gains the attention of who glimpses at her. Throughout then the silent travels to each person.

Exhale... and she says, “Unsheathe your blade. Each time a person point a death blow can ask and receive an answer once every match, and up to thrice. If you lie, your companion shall suffer the consequences. After a person point the fourth killing blow our conversation shall end and the loser shall obey the winner.”

A ridiculous approach for the perspective of the wise, a horrible idea for the others, but a bias for someone’s thought, however a nice bargain for the rest of the audiences who are excited.

Altrass laughs. “What about you?”

“I’ll break one of my arms. Your choice.” —this makes someone, worried.



Ride at provocation? It's bad

Don't let your heart drinks the anger

It will destroy yourself, your whole



29: sp03 12, The Severed Duel
sp03 12, The Severed Duel


The Severed Duel



Again, Altrass laughs. Afterwards, he exclaims, “Look at her! She has fallen so low! Is power entirely you have to win and obtain our bow! Do you really call yourself a queen?”

“I won’t fight you as a three degree Emode this time. I’ll fight as a norim as myself. For you to know, I’m not good on wielding any arms so you’re quite an advantage.”

Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.

Altrass laughs loudly, gaining the attention of everyone. “Where going nowhere my queen, the many know, teachers and students, before and after, that history preserves this kind of duel to dethrone a higher up, under your command. Are you trying to degrade the sacred of this culture? You can’t pursue me to unsheathe my blade.” He points his finger at her. “Release the barrier at once and we can end this conflict! I’ll unfold everything to our people, and announce them the reality of our current situation!”

Nodding her head, she perceives, “So, you want a handicap?” Afterwards she's eying to each soldier lining on the path.

“What are you blabbing about?”

One of the soldiers gulps. His highness eyes are nearing to attract him, until it passes. But those eyes have able to see him at the view as those eyes begin to swing back.

"Stop what you are thinking, this won't bring us anywhere!"

That soldier again gulps as sweats are baring on his forehead, and some are sliding down. He’s trembling. Eyes close.

"You," Jesifer has called. And that soldier knees are shivering. "Come near."

“Ye, yes, my, my majesty—"

"Hey! Sh*t! at least listen to me!" Altrass has yelled.

“Hand me your stiletto,” Jesifer has ordered— politely —that makes everyone around curious, as well as Altrass. The soldier obeys as above on his palms is a sheathed dagger when he kneels one knee and his head bows down. “Unsheathe it for me.” He gulps as he closes his eyes as he exhales; whereas, people around, eyes attention so fixate at them.

“Here it is, my majesty.” In exchange of that dagger, he stands holding her blade.

The eyes are following at that dagger as it has thrown up until it lands on her other hand—












...some of the audience are covering their mouth and some on their eyes. However, others are brave and they continue watching the scene. It's horrible, an act that so foolish for all witnesses.

Argh… a continuing cry in her thought, she is moaning so low, her eyes are reacting.

Bloods are dropping into the pathway carpet, a cause to someone tears flowing, as that someone is being hurt in the inside; but, mouth is shuttered by an adult female’s hand. The queen’s lower arm is bleeding whereas the dagger is sticking in. Altrass' gaze won’t blink for he is silently observing any possible hint of why she’s so desperate.

Her eyes are wanting to shut and her lips are bitterly in state. She gazes at the opposing person. “The handicap has granted, now unsheathe your blade,” Jesifer has requested.

“B*llsh*t—! this is not a childish matter—! Are you making me an idiot!” Altrass is so angry, igniting the low murmurs of the crowd.

Enduring the pain, Jesifer is slowly pulling that dagger; but, others avert their eyes and someone is sobbing, humming, can’t take it anymore, seeing her majesty being hurt.

“So, you want another handicap?”

A girl, from the right corner of the path, runs, clinging at her arm, restraining her for committing another foolish act. She is crying, begging her majesty to stop. Upon that time Altrass cries an order, making his companions act whereas the crowds are panicking.

However the parent of that girl, wanting to reach her child, has petrified, witnessing this event slowly.



Martyrdom is a whole self sin

Don't forget, you're educated

Use the learn wisdom and learn more



30: sp03 13, Twisted Outcome
sp03 13, Twisted Outcome


Twisted Outcome



In this moment, Jesifer’s eyes are staring strictly at the child. One of Altrass’ companions is orienting his hand to their queen. The parent of the child, her face is sad. Her tears are slowly gathering to turn into drop to pour. In spooked face, the child is staring at her majesty. She sees those particles of fire start to gather beyond her view.

“No—!” has yelled by the woman.

As then Ramon appears in front of the child, he then grabs her.

Altrass’ companion— whose hand is still stretching —falls down into the floor, his cheeks are river of bloods from his eyes.

The fire that bursts in front of Jesifer engenders sorrow, dismay, and anger to all witnesses. The people around are silent as the glowing fire emits a sound can result to vengeance.

The woman, the parent of the child, runs heading to Jesifer while she cries loudly, yelling the queen’s name with foul words. However, she is restrained by the soldiers.

Altrass stares at their highness who’s still gazing at the fire. His blood bursts in anger and agony.

Stealing anyone attentions, Dogel’s steps are could be heard. He whispers near at the woman's ear, “Worry not, my lady. She’s fine.”

As then, Ramon appears nearby. Uncovering the child by his body, he then lays his whole upon the floor. He is suffering. He’s bearing the burn on his body from overheated. Some soldiers are aiding him.

“Sire… is the child… fine…” has moaned by Altrass’ companion who’s lying nearby.

Altrass squats and his hand he covers to his companion’s eyes. “You need not to worry. She is safe.”

The woman notices her child who's dumbfounded, sitting, still gazing beyond. She runs and she hugs her child tightly. Still crying, she speaks, “I’m glad you’re fine… Mother is here, don’t— don’t make me worry anymore…”

Hearing those words, Jesifer gazes to where they are. Her skin is now paled as her blood has dried on her arms, yet the pain aches inside. Added by the cold and-or-either hot is a guilt on her feelings.

People around are silent. Their body is overwhelmed by the current event. However, their sympathy is enveloping the throne.

Later that this woman notices her child is traumatized, her maximum utterance echoes inside the throne and is heavy to the shoulders of the crowd. She glares at her queen, shaken while crying and taking breath — her cheeks in red. Her eyes narrows and pours much of tears. She lays her child slowly. She runs into her queen.

The soldiers can’t move somehow neither until the woman approaches their queen. She grabs Jesifer’s shoulders. “Why… How could you do this to my daughter? She’s been adore you a lot… Tell me… Tell me!” A slap—bangs! with the impact fills of anger, has felt by anyone.

The soldiers regain their mobility and have her taking away while she’s yelling, stunning everyone, “You’re so exaggerating! Is that how important the throne for you! Is that the way you’re following your mother!” She continues in shouting until she and the soldiers disappear.

Other soldiers carry the child and the other victims to be care by the physicians.

And then Dogel announces that no one will leave the throne, not until this conversation ended.



Anger, hatred are natural

someone's love for certain someone

someone's love for all, everyone



31: sp03 14, Jesifer's Proposal
sp03 14, Jesifer's Proposal


Jesifer's Proposal



Diluvial silent is beckoning onto the crowd, realizing the outcome of being disobedience about the statement of warnings. However, clinging on their hearts— as the others have their hand in fist —are the cold that the queen is to be blame.

Somebody think, what a quite embarrassment, yet others analyze, maybe her patience exceeded. It’s unexpected considering that a child has involved.

The most abominable realization is the queen and the child have a sibling-like relationship. Few knows about it.

One step, unsheathing his blade as Altrass continues to walk while he speaks, “As I expected, no matter what consequences as long as your principles gain our favor you’ll do everything.” He stops and lays the tip of the blade below Jesifer's chin. “Is that how important our loyalty for you? We know how stronger you are, you can perish everything with one gaze, and we know how your commitments are transpiring your pledge to help everyone.” He takes breath, and he exhales. “However, using these people around me as hostage is making our situation even more worsen.” His words panic the crowds. “So, we have an agreement. Tell me, and I’ll bow my all for you if your words can meet our voices. You’re just a leader, you never own our lives. What’s driven you for not releasing the barrier?”

Jesifer finally smiles. She feels ease. She grabs the blade, and lowers it. “Because… I respect you above all... So, we have an agreement.” Her words confuse the crowds.

Irritated— “You hadn’t satisfy my question yet!” And the murmurs from the audiences follow.


Dogel walks near and bows. “What can I do for you, my highness?”

“B*llsh*t, answer me!” Altrass has cried.

“I’m not that strong as you’ve been believed. Someone has nullified my strength, and we’re going to face him in few days. It we can’t win, our kind falls down to extinction. My armies are full of norims, yet those people who have ability still continue in living with their own lives. I don’t have time to pursue them or disturb their peacefulness. That is why I’ll be going to lead your expedition.”

The silent is reigning once again whereas Altrass is still gazing at her face, as well as the others are surmising this topic.

A sudden laugh of Altrass bursts that puts conceived to the many that he seems grew insane.

“Dogel, prepare me a wide arena, anywhere in the fringes. And for you, previous Marshal, journey and bring me each representative on each tribe. They should be the most omnipotent on their race.”

Altrass gazes at her as she walks passed heading to the throne entrance. He poses his grip nearby his ear, and he thrusts his blade to Jesifer. His companions can’t move to help; however,

Maritis appears on his front, hindering his hand by her grip and she has stopped him by just her hand leaning on his muscular chest. “Oh, teacher, it’s nice to see you again, I can help you about your task,” Maritis has offered. Altrass spits to her face, then Maritis kicks him. “Yuck… look what have you done to me! Gross…” Some people of the crowd chuckle, others laugh, whereas some thinks he’s no delicacy.

“Tch!” Altrass has replied. “I’m going on. This becomes boring. I’ll need to mourn my men and respect their death that is now wasted. Sh*t, if only I could predict everything.”

Maritis eyes at him until he exits. Dogel gives freedom to the people around the throne; afterwards, he speaks to Maritis.




Back at the balcony, outside the room, staring at the garden, Raume gazes at the face of Sai Mea. He holds her hand, whereas this lady just glances to his eyes. “Marry me...” he has asked.

“What!” —flustered.

He draws her near and he hugs her; she becomes speechless… Embracing the heat of her body, he proposes again, “Stay for me forever. I promise, my sister will do everything to correct her errors and find ways for your sister to regain consciousness. Just believe me.”


“… If you say so…”


The words that we've spoken become

a concrete life's obligation

that's why failed promises can hurt



32: sp04 00, Chapter Four
sp04 00, Chapter Four





The purpose before you journey

The reasons of why you commit

Are the roles that everybody plays

The Strange Prisoner




33: sp04 01 01, A New Day
sp04 01 01, A New Day


A New Day


Jaino awakens as the sun blinds his eye. Inhaling this new day, he hears a woman's chuckle as he notices a shadow from someone. And to only realized the warmth of someone’s legs, currently he's pillowed. He recognizes her. “Morning, I’d cut off your Junior,” Criselia has stated.

Gradually regaining strength, he locates his Johnson. Feeling relieve, he tumbles away from that woman. Criselia is laughing.—Holding her stomach while smirking, she tries to tell yet in three seconds cut, “Hey, hey, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, don’t, don’t—“ She continues to laugh.

A sudden wave of cold runs through his skin whereas his skin's hairs have stood; added by his feeling, dismay. “You’re terrible for a gorgeous lady.”

“Come on! Don’t sweat it!” She settles herself. “Come back and lie here again. You still need to rest. You've lost much a quarter of your blood.”

Too much wondering— “What did you do to me?” Followed by his stomach's growling, he faces down, flushed. This is the first time that Jaino feels helpless about embarrassment.

Criselia continues to laugh. “Sigh, I took some of your blood; so, you could fulfill your assistance for me.” She raises as Jaino does. Her gaze waves to the wide grassland. And now, she’s enjoying the beautiful view at the shimmering water in the middle on that far lake.

“So, I suggest that you rest, we still have a long way to go for my urge.”

“Hey, listen.” Yet he feels heavy on his head. “I’ve know nothing of what you did to me neither I accepted about that; and, alongside some agreement. So... Just knock off, I’m going alone!” He walks heading away from that woman.

“Could you try to hear me out?”

Jaino stops and gazes only to amaze at her. The way she walks— while she turns around as she examines the skies, the trees, the birds flying, while her every step follows by the wave of her gorgeous skirt —is stunning, like her pathway becomes a catwalk. Her body moves innocent, whereas her breasts are picking Jaino’s eyes, while her tummy is now jealous and tempting the man’s vision.

As she approaches nearby, she clings on his arm and she leans her cheek on his teres muscle. “Say any, don’t you have a pride?”

A sudden numb of cold is refraining his mouth for speaking. He's staring at her eyes, having unique way of gesture.

Her eyes wave slowly to his neck, now she has caressing by her thumb.

Even thought he likes it, Jaino feels weird.

He settles himself in front of that lady, and he lays his hands to her shoulders; they face to face.

“Although, you’re a bit young in appearance... (exhale) and you captivate my heart with your seductive nature... (exhale) I’m telling you, I’m not onto old ladies.” —has stunned Criselia.

She just stares at him, who is now gazing at the sun and checking his shadow. She’s feeling the cold of pain squeezing tightly inside her chest. She seems enjoying it.

Jaino has identified the temperature, and now he's heading eastwards of what he believes.

The eyes of the lady follow at him. Oh, Jaino, Jaino, this pain is how beautiful. I think I’m going to like you more and more. I’ll submit your whole to me... hmm... you just wait.


Pain is actually ecstasy

Be strong to face the storm beyond

We're not alone who's struggled



34: sp04 01 02, To His Faith
sp04 01 02, To His Faith


To His Faith


Jaino again wanders, and now he's walking in a dark path, shadowed by tall trees. Few crickets are playing their chirps. His hand on his temple while he's still feeling the cold revolving on his skull. His thought won’t proceed and his stomach is growling. Allowing his body to do what words can’t literalize on his mind. He’s trying to regain balance as he continues walking, while gazing at anywhere as only dark beyond the far sights across those trees.

The ground is now slope-like. He closes his eyes. He actually feels the circulation of his blood running fast from above his nape to all over his skull; feeling like, he's going to fall down.

As he swings his foot onwards, it has bumped onto an arching thick root. More than ninety degree angle before his face has prone at the slope ground. His body tumbles without control. He's helpless as his whole body slides down and rolls. It's too vague until his whole front claps heavily at the ground. Pain all over his body, he can’t utilize to rise. He’s just lying facing above while noticing lots of creatures are creeping down the trees. He shuts his vision. And with a farewell like smile, he's satisfied that no one could witness his assumed death.

He’s lying on that wide hollow ground, whereas creatures— each with long hairs, four long arms, four hands, having a human head, with big circular butt, and with hairy body —are creeping down slowly. By the help of his pain, hunger, and tiredness, he passes out.

One creature leaps near and snorts at Jaino’s body, as the rest of the herd surround the edge of the hollow ground. The creature near to Jaino swings and nods its head to a creature with brown hair. That brown creature has stood and it grumbles its fist to its muscular thorax while deeply howl— howl, howl, howl —whereas the rest have stood; they wiggle their butt while swinging their hands up-high.

The creature near Jaino is circulating its butt, swinging its hands up-high, and it’s revolving around at Jaino. Shaking its butt near to his face, then it howls. And, Criselia who appears in front at that creature laughs. The creature near Criselia has startled, recoiled, and now it snorts at the lady while observing, whereas the rest of the herd are settling themselves to equable.

The lady is waving her finger at the creature while loudly speaking the words incomprehensible, whereas her pitches vary indifferent ways and her rhyme is condensing alternation. Considering her lungs are pumping all the efforts.

Silent, as the creatures are astounded.

Her hands she clings to her shoulders. She moves her thorax to the left. Then her face gazes at the right. She begins to sway her body like a snake, slowly and slowly. As she swings her right arm stretches to the right, and while she swings her fingers, representation of infinity. Her other hand now does the same.

She bends her body, as her stomach moves forward, while her knee onto the ground, whereas her other limb she stretches behind. Her one arm ups arching behind. She’s forming like a crescent moon. Her hair and the long twin-tails of the ribbon behind her gorgeous blouse are dancing in the air.

Scribbles of illuminated like burning fire are revolving around her as the lucent light shines until outside the hollow ground.

The brown creature starts grumbling his fist to its thorax again, whereas the others follow its rhyme— howl, howl, and howl. Some of the herd jump inside, and they dance. Criselia has stood and she follows their pace; circulating their butt, swinging their hands up-high, revolving around at Jaino, and shaking their butt on his face.

Criselia… she’s laughing, although she does the same...


A prank is not a good practice

Whatever reasons we all have

We will never knew the outcome


35: sp04 01 03, Pursuant
sp04 01 03, Pursuant




He groans; as, he regains consciousness. Hearing the rumblings of dried branches, he thinks, those are eaten by fire.

A sweet voice attracts his attention from a lullaby sung by a lady.

How wonderful it is to feel like a child; but cold of numbness on his head causes mental block. He himself realizes the laziness of his body, considering his eyes are hard to lift.

The vocal volume is raising slowly as he can feel that someone sits near his waistline.

Acknowledging that a wide leaf is what he has laying at. The songstress chuckles. "I know you're awake. Just stay still, I'm gathering the roasted-meat's juice. Perhaps after you regain strength, you'll aid me at my urge." Yes, he knows that lady is Criselia, but he's tired to quetch. His lips are dried, sticking together. He maneuvers his hands to locate this lady. "Hey, stop that. I'm not pregnant."

His hand jerks back. Blistering of embarrassment— "Sh-shut up. Don’t, don’t stop singing.”

“Oh, I’m not your mother.” Criselia laughs. “But I can be one someday.”

“I’m not interested at your aspiration. Live well in your desire, nobody own the world. Just let me hear your song, it's easing me… Come on, wannabe…”

“Do you like my voice?” Silent. She feels tiny depressed. She just starts the intro. —Jaino moans as he crawls. He lays his head to her legs.— The lady has paused and smiles. “Geez, you’re such a child.”

“Please continue.” —And Criselia heeds Jaino’s request gladly. — How beautiful… like my mother…

Her voice is resonating a little, but her soft accent is winning the atmosphere, whereas the environment seems like uncanny. The fire is roasting the nearby sirloin stuck on a bamboo; where, that bamboo’s cut edge is propped above the perpendicular bamboos, and its other end is propped on the ground.

The sweats are dropping from that sirloin and caught by a bowl-size hard fruit shell.

Moderate warm air from not far scorching is helping the song for him to rest well.

The tasty smell is easing his hunger, and the warm of Criselia’s legs are making him comfortable.

After an hour, as he regains his strength, Criselia allows him to eat. The roasted-meat's juice gives tears to his eyes whereas the lady is enjoying the scene. They've chatted and their topic reaches to Criselia urge.

”I want to know if you’re now willing to fulfill our agreement,” Criselia has asked.


“Why? Is there anything you need? Or are you afraid of something?”

“I only wish to be alone and wander to a new place where I could live in peace. I already witness too much cruelty in this life, and my job does the same. So, well, thanks for your effort; however, you can’t pursue me to assist about your problems. So, forgive me if I’m being selfish here.” Jaino raises and warms up. “So, it’s now parting time, see you, I hope, we could meet sometime again.”

Silent as Criselia gazes mischievously.

As he has begun to walk; the place becomes the sky, surrounded by the clouds. Fright is all over himself as he feels gravitated, but he seems not falling. Even the wind is heavy to his body. He sees that lady narrowed her eyes, gazing down at the wide island. “Prepare yourself. I’ll give you a new life,” Criselia has said.


Denial has with a reason(s)

Observant sees those potential

Agreements are must be comply



36: sp04 01 04, First Taste
sp04 01 04, First Taste


First Taste


“Is this real?” Jaino has asked. Eyes won’t blink, his mouth chillingly numbs. “If you have something in mine that involve death; please, go ahead. Just don’t make it painful.”

Criselia laughs. She walks archly at Jaino. “It seems I’m interested on your ways in living; however, I’m so focus on fulfilling what my urge is needed, and I can’t tolerate you for not attaining your role. My actions are bound with my promise and agreement since I have a pride. So choose one among the two: either fulfill what my urge is needed, or live with me; however, we are the only existence left on this world.”

“What are you plotting?” He's so curious— but the lady is silent. She has just begun swirling. —“What if, I'll choose the second?”

Criselia stops. “Here is the demonstration.”



Birds and sparrows are flying peacefully.

Altrass, standing on the Overview, gazes down in the wide plains, as he's deeply thinking.

Near the market, above on the stage of the wide circle and along by listeners, Ruame announces their search for an Emode that can thaw the huge ice, located outside the front gate.

On a forest, sitting in the branch with her disguise, Jesifer is filled of her agony.

With the soldiers and workers, Dogel is on the meeting, in the camp of the fringe.

Work and work, on an office, Kilie is busy filing bunches of paper. And Miera, who’s receiving each signed paper, does the folding. Whereas, on the outside, leaning on the wall near the door, Dhumbou is guarding.

Zahamara gives his army a drill.

In a forest, Maritis along by her group are tracking some bandits.

Jaino’s mother is happily doing her laundry in the backyards.

Meditating, Aminette is on the shrine in Mt. Ma Eling,



Criselia has swung her hand to an isle.


Under the sea, a sloped ground has started to separate, and some places grumble while the tremor is occurring. On that isle, birds are flying away frighten and other animals are panicking since they are gravitated, while the isle is submerging.

Sea wave has gradually increasing its towering height, as it's moving outwards.

The people are confused, since this is their first time that they experience the heavy vibration of the ground.

Jaino is clearly witnessing the wave approaching to the northwest part of the wide island.

On board in a boat, in the calm sea, a fisherman has stood, amazed by the giant tidal wave, nearing, rushing, whereas its beauty won’t escape his eyes, neither until he's buried alive by the blue salty water.

The villages on the bay just gaze at the approaching wondrous beauty, but their ignorance can’t exert fright. The wave is eating everything from the shores, crossing to many hills, and its persistence dies at the foot of the huge mountain.

Nearly one-fifth of that wide island has ravaged.

Jaino is somehow speechless. He's feeling the guilt.

“Now, choose well, I’m not kidding in every words that I spouted, if my urge where involve. I can guarantee, you’ll enjoy the first option.” Her smile is so cunning yet frightening for the man’s vision.


Don't underestimate choices

The outcomes are always ahead

Right or wrong or the other way



37: sp04 01 05, She Offers
sp04 01 05, She Offers


She Offers


I have been living in my whole life, suffering on this trauma that I’d discovered incurable; only to stumble at someone who cares nothing on her surroundings at all. It’s pained me that I’m not aware, and now I am the caused. I’m so powerless, born as useless, impairment.

Jaino, his feelings he has emoted silently, that such words won’t materialize to his mind, but he seems this is what he currently feels. “What’s our agreement again?” he has asked; whereas Criselia is still swirling, —swirl and swirl archly— until she leans her back on behind him.

She holds both of her upper arms and her eyes are sadly gazing down at the wide island. “Jaino, you're still a child. Averting to face reality isn’t an escape to this life. I've been witness too much cruelty more than a thousand times; but cowardice can’t kill realism yet can elapsed time. Don’t think being powerless is the cause of your handicap. You still have your mind. You know your enemies. Envy that others have what you don’t, doesn’t mean achieving your objective is impossible. And now, you have me, and I’ll support you. I’m your protector. But, I’ll seriously doom everything if you won’t comply at your role.”

“Wow, such wondrous words from someone who has harvested the lives of the innocent.” He gulps, his chest is heavy by frigid grievous feelings.

“It won’t be me, if I’ll just warn you using words.” She distances herself while she expresses in front to Jaino, all of this words, “So be with yourself. If you still don’t have ambition, then why not accomplish my impulse. We'll venture to anywhere, gather the strong one, and commence the ritual that hindering us from fulfilling my urge. After resolving, you are then free, with a new life, freshly that can’t be knocked down by storm. Of course, I’ll train you so you’re comfortable with my spirits. Some of them are quite difficult to handle. I won’t aid you physically but, I’ll orient you on handling some of my spirits that I could lean for you. You will learn the uniquity on each norim that I have discovered, and how to deal on such strength so overwhelming. You’ll explore many things, uncover many mysteries that I’m not interested; since, pain made you carefully think and be matured in thoughts. Many benefits you could abuse. I have talent for profits; yet, such materials I've never needed; however, maybe, for future deficien—”

“Don’t underestimate me!” His blood is persistently circulating, anger for such pride of him he has felt ill-treated.

“I’m not treating you as a slave; but since, we agree that I’ll become your support, I’m eager to help you stand to what you are afraid of. Become a good example to those powerless.”

“You could say such a thing, when you have just terminated the lives of the innocent? How absurd…”

“In my view as an assassin, I won’t say any, so I couldn’t against at your idealism. Choose well, among at the possible two options, there won’t be any, even if you think relentlessly.”

He tries to settle himself —breathe in and exhale— as finally he becomes tranquil. “At least, let me here your story.”

The lady finally smiles, pleasingly, wide arms open, she feels the heavy air hissing while passing through her body. “I wonder where should I start…”


Commons in the same level share

feelings, experience, and mutual

reaction, and observation



38: sp04 02 01, Her Past's Length
sp04 02 01, Her Past's Length


Her Past's Length


She closes her eyes as she inhales the air. She becomes more tranquil. She concentrates, recollecting while the wind caresses her hair, dancing behind.—Attracting the eyes of Jaino who's amazed on how the heavy wind serves this lady's beauty; that must be portrait by the ink of painter, based on his suggestion. However, dealing with the dominating attitude of this lady, he finds quite difficult to handle. She exhales. His anxiousness is all over himself but his speculation crumbles when Criselia winks her eyes at him. She walks nearing at Jaino and strokes her fingers on his chest. “My history is more than hundred years for me to end in telling.” Her words overwhelm Jaino with the chill —his skin's hair are cold, has stood— “So, how about, let’s proceed in teaching you in controlling your protection.”

Holding his elbow while he can’t think of any, he gazes away from the nearby face of Criselia. Dumbfoundedly observing the clouds— “You can’t gain my trust.”

“Oh… too defensive.” She chuckles. She swirls away, and with one feet that helps her leap and land, still in the air; she does the same. And she swirls while she revolves at Jaino. Happily, it seems she can soar into the sky. "Interesting… Interesting, interesting…” She starts dancing slowly seductively. Then every step with a rotation of her whole body; it won’t escape from Jaino's eyes. She hugs Jaino and kisses his lips. —Too awkward he has felt after the surprise, but the taste is tempting and now he is confused.— The lady has broken the kiss. She smiles. “I can feel it. You really are…”


“Please… You’re creepy…”


“Rude…" She frees the hug and distances herself. She stares at the space that attracts the young man’s eyes. “Don’t worry… I’m not wreaking havoc if you agree.”


“It’s wrong to assume that! At least, give me a hint! Your ways are unfair! It’s selfish!”


Her eyes narrow. Her smile she has shown to Jaino. “Jaino, your worries aren’t a matter to the likes of me.”


“What the—"


"You've mention for a hint. I have you hear some pieces of my past, I guess.”


Analyzing for a reply, Jaino gasps. “Then, speak.”


Beauty can be much frightening

They allure their victims to feed

Have awareness to surroundings




39: sp04 02 02, Rescue Operation
sp04 02 02, Rescue Operation


Rescue Operation


Trees are bent down, some are buried, others are wrecked, and some are uprooted— whereas the land has suffered a marsh-like transformation.

Buzzing from the flies as some of those insects land and creep to someone's lower arm; the pests fly when someone's hands grab that arm—revealing the main part, still buried under the moister dirt. And now those insects are zooming, annoying those people in the duty.

Soldiers are gathering the dead in the now ruined village, nearby the sea. Vultures are soaring into the skies, and some already flown away. Rustling sea waves— as the curves of salty water cuddle upon the shore —are sizzing when cease and backtrack normally.

“This is terrible,” has said by a high-ranking attired soldier, standing above the cliff while gazing at the ravage plane. “How comes, a sea wave becomes so ravaging. Is nature have anger on us?”

Away behind him, from the trees, a soldier holding a scroll is approaching. That soldier has stopped nearby behind and he places his hand to his left chest; he then bows. He stands straight; the scroll, he has, rolls down. “Lieutenant General Sir Den!

"People at Falhand Village are totally annihilated! We've failed to ferret any survivors!”

“This is beyond that I can imagine,” has mumbled by the lieutenant. “What about boss General Auden, any trace of whereabouts?”

“My condolence—


“The rest of the soldiers acted, without your accordance for the memorial. So... please, for—”

“No need to apologize, it’s our characteristic on this division.”

“Thanks, sir!”

“Polite as always…

“hmm, any reports about the damaged far beyond the village?”

“Aye, sir! Below at Falhand, Senear village also suffered the wrath! Around thirty are confirm survivors, excluding critical wounded! General Buog’s division is still parsing the damages!

“Behind us, in Crewtner Village, several people are went missing, and some we've found dead, and our search parties assigned, are still in the chase searching for survivors! Few farms are wasted! We are still counting the casualties!

“Onto the Northern Region, Benton village has critical status in similar to Falhand! The good thing is, we've recovered three survivors!

"The only have minimum casualties here is Norshed, the village above the cliff near the seashore! Four fishermen are confirmed went missing!

“And sir!

This scroll has the list of people, inhabitant by these particular villages; missing, dead, and survivors, excluding visitors that aren’t listed!”

“This is quite a task,” has commented by the lieutenant as he has walked passed. “Come, we're still need to inform the kingdom about this.”

“Aye sir!”


Somewhere around the eastern region of the wide island; Altrass is walking alone near the seaside. While the sea breeze is calming himself, this old man picks up a small hard shell. Inhaling the fresh air, he hurls the stone. A series of instant consecutive blast sends massive waters to the air, as it continues faraway. Out of nowhere, an exhausted man appears startled this old man. “Something wrong, Ramon?

“Don’t push yourself, your wound hasn’t recovered yet. Take it to heart.”

“Bu, but, (pant, pant)

"Sire, Terrible thing has happened in the Northwestern region! The place has desolated…”


"The place has ruined! Villages are obliterated, and some has suffered the damage! Too many lives are exterminated! I don’t know if the possibility is true, but some witnesses uttered that a catastrophic massive wave from the sea rushed over the place!

“It's so quick and… That is what happened! The military divisions, station on the places, are currently on investigation!”

“Does someone inform this to our highness?”

“That... I don’t know…”

“This isn’t a particular for us to ally on her.

“That virgin wench, hugging all anxiety to her own self. Does her mother failed to teach her to stand firm? Or she does have a tiny brain?”


Help who needs, this is unity

Learn to coexist to exist

But never be an idiot



40: sp04 02 03, A Piece of Her Past I
sp04 02 03, A Piece of Her Past I


A Piece of Her Past I


Jaino and Criselia have appeared back inside the forest, where they had camped before. "Where are you going?" Jaino has asked.

"Jeez, just follow me." She smiles back. "I haven't bathe from many years ago. I'm afraid, you love women who are stink?" Seeing Jaino—who's eyes circle and mouth open yet can't pronounce, wow? astonished— she receives his answer. "Rude! Worst person ever! Gentle dog!" She continues to walk.

Tackled by the insult— "… as if I could notice!"

"Of course you can't! Smell yourself."

As he does, he's flustered from embarrassment, thinking, Damn f*ck, what's with this woman. And here I've thought, she would tell her past. Not that he cares; however, without thinking, he's following Criselia. He's glancing to everywhere, yet his body has suppressed by her presence, it seems it isn't the time to escape.

"Do you have any opinions about a good place to visit?" Criselia has asked.

"For what kind of interest?"

"Money, clothes, materials, and informant."

"Jelfyr Kingdom is the sole choice then."

"Hmmp... Wow..." a reaction of Criselia that has startled Jaino as finally, they are standing outside the exit of the forest.

And what Jaino believes is they're heading northwards from where they'd camped.


The rustling grassland...


the breeze of fresh air...


and the glistering scenery from the lake is tempting them

to bathe.


They head near, and Criselia examines gazing at the lake. "The water is safe, and good for the skin." To only find Jaino, who's stretching his arms and body.

"I wonder who'll go first," Jaino has stated.

"Of course we should rest before we bathe. It won't do good for the blood circulation.

“Come, sit above this rock."

His eyes circle. "No, it's hot."

The lady is amused. "Fine, sit on the grass, then concentrate in thinking nothing."

"For what purpose?" — curious.

"I'm sharing you three spirits."

The worried person gazes at Criselia's smile while he slowly settles to sit. The lady places her palm to his head, and her eyes' gaze affixes at that hand of her.

The man feels the cold flowing down to his head, and his skin hairs are chilling. Along with worries, he can't do anything rather than staring at the lady's lips, neck, breasts, and down to her belly;

Finally, she removes her hand. The satisfied smile of her attracts Jaino for wanting another kiss. "I thought, you won't stop forever," Jaino has stated.

"Stay still, don't talk if possible. The souls' particles are slowly merging to your soul."

"Hey, is this safe?"

The lady smiles mischievously. "Don't panic if I say, not." Shocking Jaino, the woman bursts on laughing. "Ha, ha, ha, I'm just kidding. You're easy to tease." She continues to laugh, whereas Jaino is flustered with his mind exaggeratedly cursing Criselia. A little bit pity lightens her mind after she has glanced at the helpless person. She minimizes laughing until she gets serious on recollecting something. She smiles. "I can't remember exactly the date, maybe around three thousand four hundred years, the legend of my race disappeared. My clan, my home, the town had banished without a trace. I thought, I had gained my freedom."

Understanding that this is a piece of her past, Jaino thinks, Freedom? She told me she's an assassin. It means, someone can apprehended her?

The lady gasps. She lays at the grass. "Can I pillow near your groin?"

"Shut up! Stop teasing me already and start telling your story."

The lady chuckles. "Tch, this person is shy in returning a favor." Seeing Jaino, who's face is very mad; she laughs. "Fine, I'll continue.

“When I came back after the assassination of the Frezar King—"

"Wait. What is Frezar King?"

"They're just some giant creatures, having skin covered by big scales like rock. They've stood like human and talk using mind wave. Anyway their brain is huge.

"The purpose of the assassination was to restrain them from ravaging many nation. However, this backlashed in the later four hundred years after that Frezar King's death.

“After half year of rampaging, those creatures had silenced once against.

“Who knows, maybe they'd become bored."

"You were a kind that time, huh?"

The lady sits. Twiddling her finger to a grass' leaf, she asks, "Am I not that kind right now?"

Jaino's face reacts opposingly. You're just a murderer.

"But, as I came back, I couldn't find my hometown rather than a huge hollowed hole. And tears started to flow out from my eyes. I was crying, I didn't realize."

He feels sorry for her. "My condolence..."

"You didn't need to." While staring at the clouds, her face shows thanking for a received blessing. "Because, I finally received my freedom that time."

I take back my words. I guess, I will just listen.

"I swirled and swirled with arms wide opened, as I could feel the freedom that I'm not someone's pawn. But, a crow landed at my arm, with a rolled paper tied near its talon. I felt mad, and my momentary peace... disappear...

"The message I'd received was, that the dimensional transportation casting the city back to my world has successful."

"So you mean? There's another world out there?"

"Who knows... I'm born to this world, not in this place, but, you will learn it later.

“As I said, my history isn't easy to shorten by words.

"I didn't care about those anyway. What made me angry, was, I received the final task, and if I can fulfilled it, I can do everything freely whatever I want."

"You can just abandon it right?"

"Jaino, as I told you before, my action is bind with promise and agreement since I value my pride." — silent — "Anyway, I headed into a kingdom, I've forgotten the name. I was welcomed, and invited to dine. And I'd realized, I'd become a pawn in my new owner with task to eliminate the opposition on their political dynasty and reigning. I proposed to only kill the leader, but one time, due to another refilling of new opposition leader, I murdered a whole family."

"You're ... Heartless."

"It can't be help ... But at least I've proven my loyalty within my works, and words, and my pride.

“Anyway, the souls' particles have merged on your souls. You can move now."

"Criselia..." As he raises. "Can I trust you that you will only support me?"

She ogles at Jaino very near, and whispers face to face, "Jaino, I already have my freedom, but our agreement is my priority." She smiles, that makes the man's heart in awkward. She raises. "Come let's bath together."


She grabs his hand and draws him, whereas Jaino resists. "Don't be shy, let's bathe together!"

"I'm not onto ancient ladies!"

"Why are you always so rude! My body had stopped aging when I reached my seventeen! Let's bathe!"

"As if I could believe you!"


The past becomes some memories

Nostalgic from where we recall

Places, diaries, and bondings



41: sp04 02 04, A Piece of Her Past II
sp04 02 04, A Piece of Her Past II


A Piece of Her Pass II


Jaino stares at the bright pale blue sky, where the huge gathering of pastel snow-white cotton-like clouds are surrounded by the scattering dusts of its kind. And below to its realm is where the insect-size hawk, seen from a far as it's winding while soaring onto the air.

He inhales... nose hisses... and he just smiles. Unable to contradict Criselia's persistence, now he's fully naked. Half of his body is currently submerged while he is sitting on a rock while doing his laundry.

Dismay as the images move up, and his vision settles, and now he is searching those dirt at the shirt that he washes.

The spattering of water attracts his ear, and his eyes swing. He's somehow amazed, seeing Criselia—yes, naked, who skillfully swims with ease, like a fish, while she motionally circles, submerges, and emerges.

Awhile watching... he somehow feels desirous on the same capabilities.

The lady has stood while she settles her hair behind. She walks until half of her body has exposed. She has noticed Jaino, who quickly avoids an eye contact. "Jaino— don't know how to swim?"

"I'd passed my swimming exam."

The lady becomes curious. "Hmn... you didn't take the exam?"

"I wouldn't be a soldier if I hadn't taken my exam!" This devil... He goes out from the water and he lies his cloths above the rocks for drying. He runs back, the water spatters each time one of his legs buries underwater. He dives... and emerges. Swinging his hands to maintain his floatation, he soaks back and emerges again.

After feeling the refreshing cold that cools through all over his skin, he declares this as a nice bath. He walks heading to the stony lakeside —whereas Criselia is heading near. He leans his head to the rock while the rest of his body he has lied underwater.

The lady settles herself nearby. "Nice going, using your Johnson as a fish bait."

Jaino rattles. He covers his Junior. Flustered, he looks away— whereas Criselia mischievously smiles. "—I thought, there's no fish here."

"I never said, there isn't." She chuckles. She lies nearby to Jaino and leans her head onto the rock; she gazes at the sky. "It's sad...” Enjoying the refreshing fresh air, she takes breathe. She exhales. “I was serving a woman who had a husband, whom a greedy leader before.

"Her husband had nothing to do; rather than eating, gaining some wealth, and raping women and children. And finally, when the evidence had emerged, and the woman witness it herself as her husband attempted to rape his own son.

"Her mind had crumbled, not wanting to accept reality. So fragile, a weakness she had shown. Because of that she was bluffed with the danger that their dynasty will be ruined completely; not noticing as her husband nearing with a knife he had hidden behind.

“Without me, she would have gotten stabbed; even though, I shouldn't mingle with their affairs.

"Her fragile heart and tiny brain boiled my anger when she had forgiven her husband. Yet, however... I couldn't do anything... just shut up my mouth—" She's startled by Jaino as he has motioned above her.

"That was horrible, why you didn't stop her!"


“you're going to rape me?"

Jaino has stood. Very mad he walks out the water he says, "Shut up! I'm not interested! And ... I got emotional about your story..."


After they've finished bathing; wearing the still wet attire, Criselia instructs Jaino on concentrating in sensing the received spirits. However, he just shakes his head both sides.

"Jaino, I have given you a piece of dark, light, and void. It's impossible that you can't feel it. Try dashing."

"Like this?"


"Not running, just a dash. Then think wherever you want to land."


Analyzing what to do, he just grounds his hands as his legs and feet are calibrated to push his whole body.


His eyes close, and the images fill with luminous dark inconsistent colors, blended by bright orange due to the outside sunlight. Clearing his thought as he could imagine that something is flowing through his skin and-or-either his flesh and-or-either his nerves and veins.


His feet trigger as head first before his whole body has bumped to a tree.


"See!”—Criselia's voice has echoing from faraway. “It was a success!" However, Jaino has lost conscious...


Humans are always idiots

Love is the most complicated?

Choose the good value(s) than useless!



42: sp04 02 05, A Wrong Choice
sp04 02 05, A Wrong Choice


A Wrong Choice


The vulture's eye-like eyes, where pupils are constructing wherever the vision sights, from a teenage Fange boy, above the tree branch, who has tasked on surveying for a place to rest. His vision settles at the glistering lake. His judgment declares. "I've found a nice one!" he has yelled to two men, sized as ants since they are seen at from a far, who are standing on the ground. Behind those two men is the gathering of the member of the caravan.

The tight grip of his hand allows him to move down onto the huge body of the very tall ancient tree with ease each time he has reached to another branch.

Onto the ground, a man, near to a long-bearded elder man, speaks, "It won't be long, we'll reach Jelfyr." His name is Sabdian Malkanak, the head manager.

The boy, with his feet, he slides down... As he can feel his boots heated up; he then runs as he's heading down.

The long-bearded elder man caresses his beard softly as his eyes are a sign of his wisdom and his silence is significance of his intelligence.


The teenage boy jumps and his body is surrounded by wind, cushioned as he glides and hovers above the ground.—revealing the boy's inheritance of an Emode. He has landed and he then kneels one knee.

The man, Sabdian, heads near and spanks the boy's head. “Even though, you are a son of a blacksmith, thou shall not act carelessly.”



"Give me the details, Ajim," has asked by the long-bearded elder man.

“There is a lake in the plane, not faraway at the High Pick Cliffs.”

This elder man hasn't stop caressing his beard. "It's decided, we'll rest there when we reach the place."

"Can I be off now?" has asked by the boy. Sabdian nods back. Regaining his freedom, the boy, Ajim, runs to a gang of young kids, dancing, acting a play. He has having an argument to a girl whilst that girl grabs his hand restraining him while he's persistently trying to join their activity.

After the message of decision to move again reaches to every member; the caravan is on its feet again.


Time passes, way back at the lake, as it reaches noon. "Jaino, if you won't go serious, you won't learn how to control them." Criselia has said to the man tiredly breathing lying on the ground.

Pant, pant, and pant, his face and arms are full of rushes. "Heaven, if, I, can, survive. (pant, pant, pant) Look, if I dash, I instantly bump to somewhere. And when I'm concentrating, I felt like I can't wake up. And when I'm exceeded thinking to dash into a certain place, I feel like being suck somewhere. Are you killing me with my movements?"

The lady props his fist above Jaino's chest. "See, have a bit courage of yours. Trust your souls. You can make it."

"Now, your telling me they are my souls."

"When they've merged in yours successfully; they aren't foreign anymore. They are part of yours. Although, I'm the real owner; all I can do is located them. The only way to return them to me is, you return it to me."

"So, I'm not just a norim anymore?"

"Of course, you're still... It won't affect your genes..." Criselia gazes somewhere eastward on what Jaino believes. "What are they?"

Jaino sits, and hiddenly, he smiles. "They are Dandia's famous entertainers."


When the caravan has reached the lake, Jaino and Criselia receive a heartfelt welcome, as they are invited by its members for a rest. The elder man offers them for change clothes and Jaino mischievously entrusts the payment to Kilie's office.

Ajim, who finds Criselia quite a goddess, grabs Criselia's hand and proposes her to the theatre.

The council of the organization amazes on Criselia's beauty, and after some interrogation, the lady has requested for a solo dance.


As the drums grumble, and trumpets emit intensifying sound; clapping, cheering are in the air as the magnificent melody of the intro has made the crowds applause and cheer as the lady is seducing the eyes of every witness.

Chillers from the harmonious vocals of the expert women and the horrifying bass of the fat men along by the tardily swaying movement of the mannequin-like doll-like Criselia are enveloping to everybody's senses.

The spectators amaze to how this lady can sway along with the music. The way she moves— with the slow motion of her body as she raises slowly; while her left fingers have propped on her heart; and while her other arm is swirling to the right where her fingers serially follow the thumb —is quite amazing.

The wind caresses Criselia's hair; it emits a chill shivering in the spines of the audiences, as it unfolds her glamorous neck.

Staring—stunned— at her beauty, Jaino thinks, Is she really an old hug? A question lately emerges in his mind, why he does he feels he's attracted, as he hasn't even realized he's licking his lips.


The outstanding performance has ended and applauded by the spectators—now are standing. Causing a hard ruckus from the clatters of their hands, the members of the theatre council and the spectators surround Criselia for praise.

After the event, Criselia and Jaino are invited to come a long with the caravan, since they're heading to same destination. However, Jaino denies the offer since the caravan is routing in the High Pick Cliff, that would take one day of travel. The refusal has seconded by Criselia.


They've parted ways as Criselia and Jaino are left behind while Ajim is waving his hand for a goodbye yet leaving a prophecy that they'll meet again someday.

The sun releases a healthy caring rays, indicating the hour of midafternoon. The two sit on the rock and Jaino taps Criselia's hand. "Hey—" The lady promptly escapes her hand from Jaino's touch and she gazes at Jaino; she just smiles back. “—I've got some hard drink here. I loan it from the barman."

With the bottle of liquor he's shown to Criselia along with the marbled shot glass. "You're going to attack me, after I've lost my conscious?"

"Please! I'm not interested! Come, let's drink! I first." The darkish violet texture of the liquor emits a strong friendless aroma as it's being poured to a shot glass; Jaino drinks.

"Then, I'll continue my story then.” She smiles, seems happy. "I was strolling somewhere in the city. And I'd noticed, someone had been tailing me. so I'd headed in the alleyway of the large store buildings. (gulp, gulp)

"The stalker was a child. He was confused since I'd disappeared from his track.

“I'd startled him from behind, yet he attacked me with the knife.

“Of course it was easy to hinder. I told him; Child, you can't kill me with this funny thing. He was crying and yelled to me all of his feelings. It revealed, he was a survivor from the family that I murdered before. (Gulp, dizzy) It burns... Hey! why(s) too fast?"

"Sigh, Just drink and continue your story. It becomes more interesting."

The wind suddenly turns ominous, as the place starts to silent. The howls of wolves echo as the very bit of growls are hardly heard from their location.

"I taunted that child with foul words. It was so amusing, so soothing, seeing someone who was hopeless. Ha ha ha ha!"

"You're cruel..."

"I'm not that cruel... He submitted himself to me, since I asked him to become stronger and kill every head in the current dynasty. (gulp, dizzy)

“I told him that I'd teach him, educate him, but he must kill himself after the tasked, leaving only his child as the next generation leader on their kingdom."

"Do you think he can understand?"

"Jaino, try observing at those children playing, they can understand life more than of what we can interpreted.

"Well... (dizzy) he accepted my proposal,

"He was —hic— immersed to revenge. Where are you going?"

"I'm letting out some stream!"

"Why are you heading to the forest!"

"I rather die! than allowing you to peek!"

"Eeehhh? —hic—."


The woman lies her face to the rock... She examines the bottle of liquor and she touches the mouth. She twirls it and stops. Her eyes gaze at the text,

Warnings! For men only.

She laughs, as she awaits Jaino—who has never comeback. A group of wolves, surround her, are grunting and growling intensely intimidatingly.


Jaino thinks, Like I'd stick my nose to some dangerous person. I rather live a life peacefully alone. As the attempt escape has successful. He runs with ease, freely, despite of the danger.

"Jaino —hic— I like you more and more. Even such a futile attempt —hic— you've made things interesting," Criselia has said.


Submissive to own principle

Journey to known right and belief

Be happy, we briefly exist



43: sp04 02 06, Analyze
sp04 02 06, Analyze




Rewind back to the near midafternoon, to the outside of Jelfyr.


A cloaked person, donned with straw hat that he flips for his eyes can glimpse, walks deliberately distance away from the huge mountain of ice.


His curiosity warns him that the gathering of an unusual thin fog, hovering all over the wide space from the ice surface to nearby warning signposts, is threatening.


Wondering about the cause of its strange appearances due to inappropriate current climate; he accuses strong people as the prime suspects.


Finally, he has reached the wide gate of Jelfyr, where the guards interrogate him.


Later his intention reaches to the office of this young prince, named Raume Rosarak, sitting on his chair behind his table.


After the prince has untied the scroll, his heartbeat beats fast unusually, and his mind is skeptically thinking, this is bad.


His mind, that has been stormed with problems, deafens his ears, shutters his eyes, and suffers his head—


The door is screaking open.


—his thumbs' tips dig—



A female voice from far speaks the words, "Does this suited your taste?"


—as the tips of his fingers are flipping some scroll's section. The cold over cloaks his skin as his skin's hairs are gradually erecting. Every objects around tremble and hover agitatedly. Vases fall and shatter—


Foot steps are now rushing, and their echoing stomps raise.


—His forearms' skins are thinly cracking, and his face slowly loses its pigment...






A slap! claps! waking him! His hand, he caresses his left cheek as he finds a shaken hand from someone. His vision journeys from the wrist to the teres, and his feelings falls awkward to see the nearby face of Sai Mea—


She gulps, while her lips twiddling, eyes flustered, and face blenching, yet she's still attractive with her red-and-white strife knotted sleeveless whole dress.


—he can see her chest. The prince smiles.


The lady gazes down.


He grabs as he holds her hand tightly—


Her resistance is futile


—he drags and deliberately lands the first set of her knuckles to his lips.


Sai Mea has felt the jolt of warm pardon and thanks, yet the lovely feelings of her delusion overwhelms her heart. Embarrassed from an eye contact, she gazes away.


"Sai Mea... you're pretty—"


The lady's head emits smoke.


"—yet I'm afraid. I have some matters to settle."


"Please, don't be careless; okay?"


"I promise, for you and for everyone." When he glances at the scroll's content—


While the lady gathers the vases' shattered pieces.


—his thought cracks. Grasping his hair with both hands; his head is aching. Deducting every event from before to this latest report, his question reaches into still question. He thinks,


What is happening?


The list of lost is gripping his souls while tears are flowing from his eyes.


What should I do? Does everything must end like this? This is beyond my mind. Even the scholars have incompetent conclusion. Should I reconsider releasing the barrier for the migration? Ah, should I inform my sister about this?


What should I do? Please, guh...






No! I must not inform my sister about this. I don't want to see her suffer again. I'm hoping she's okay...


He requests a sudden meeting, forcefully summon the council of congress including the vacant generals, and giving task to each representative and officer; denial, complain, and alibi aren't accepted.


He orders some action for shelter for those survivors; giving them enough; foods, manpower for rebuilding houses and irrigation.


He even assigns some assistants for investigation about the case and assistants to search and rescue parties.



Even Altrass and his fellow men have a meeting, inside the tent of their camp, at around the wide table. They're discussing, deducting about the current situation.


Ramon appears from behind of Altrass, "Sire, six tribes have cogitated and accepted our request, and they will send the most omnipotent of their race.


"Other tribes are still pending for respond."


"How many tribes currently incline to serve the kingdom?" Altrass has asked; and the topic grabs his commanders' attention.


"Partially, around eleven."


"This won't do, are we briefly to extinction?"


And elderly aged man slides his elbows at the table; his thumbs prop to his chin. "Why not support those people, those nobles who promote: four children as bare minimum for each family. And also those who promote an early age of marriage."


"It's a good solution," Altrass has responded, for temporarily, yes. However, it's against my principles. Even the queen will sabotage any related proposal and endorsement from those parties.


"It's killing humanity's freedom.


"You all already know that a child must have a purpose in order for them to live and grow well.


"In our current situation, it can cripple to society, due to contradiction of each personal motive to others.


"We only have one solution, to migrate outside the huge fog. We'll give the queen thirteen days, she shall release the barrier."


"You're sure about that, she really would grant some foolish request?" has asked by one of Altrass' commanders, "Remember, her mother died for it."


Altrass sighs. "She's an idiot woman with words. A deal is deal ... The only thing we could do is work honestly with her. But, still, an idiot is an idiot, does anyone exist having strength exceeded of her?"



To the northern region, located miles away from the wide island, four neighboring isles are in terrible state. The third island has an elevated plain around twenty-seven feet from the ground.


The gathering of people above, gazing for hope at the now waste isles, are the inhabitants; yet, among the crowd are survivors from the disaster.


Among of the crowd is a group of elders. One person from the group heads near to a man subdued in curiosity—his head gazes at the sky, yet eyes close as the gentle breeze cuddles to his body.


"We've received a message from our spies," the elder has spoken, "seem like there is going to be a battle, between the ruler and our queen.


"Which side, are we?"


The man sighs and his head downs. He stares at the elder. "Our Karagana Tribe has never switch side, so don't ever think we can oppose monsters;


"but, we'll die for it."



The evening sky has filled by stars

Our arms stretch for our hands to reach

Is how we approach our problems



44: sp04 02 07, JSA's Cruelty I
sp04 02 07, JSA's Cruelty I


JSA's Cruelty I


Day is approaching the twilight, and inside this Deep Forest; the shadows from trees are intensifying.


Insects, crickets, their screaking are sharpening.


Flapping of wings as the owl emerges above the pinnacle of trees; and behind is the darkening sky that overshadowing the tired orange sunset.


Cracking from dried leaves and branches, and rustling from bushes

as the foot steps are rushing from two people running.


Voice echoes— "Faster, Divs, faster!" —from a person welding an axe.


Behind, being behind, the tired person musters himself to breathe and erects his back to gather strength for his legs to run.


Whooshing of an arrow, with the speed hisses...


"Argh!" —as it hits the ankle of the tired person—


"Divs shit!"


—as the tired person falls; mouth retains argh. Eyes close. With both hands, he holds to his lower leg, as one fault— one move, one touch —will cringe his body with pain.


"Ugh, huh, huh, George, run. Leave me here."


A female voice from behind the axe wielder— "He won't go anywhere peasant!" —dressed in black, Maritis, the leader of Jelfyr Shadow Army, has emerged. She smiles. "The two of you will pleasure us with entertainment."


A quick zoom of wind as three men dress in black appear; a fat-rockiest, a thin tall nerdy, and a bald muscular.


The man struggles to resist the pain; shivering as he speaks, "It's all ends here George, I'm happy as the rest of our band."


The axe wielder tightens his grip on his axe. Anger circulates through his veins, and the axe, he has, revolves on his one hand. Wildly, he swings the axe as he attacks Maritis— "Grrr! Die knave!" —his voice echoes throughout the forest, and birds fly away...



...alerting Jaino, who's nearby. Curiosity is all over himself about the sound that he has only heard once.



A sound of chuckle, echoes, and follows by a voice— "Both contestants introduce yourself." —from a thin tall nerdy man, adjacent to the center, away to those men, each restrained by man in black. "It's nice if you have some friendly conversation. Maybe, our mistress change her mind if you could impress her."


"Oh, I could be the most happiest woman ever if someone can impress me," Maritis has jested.


"Tch, even if hell drags me down; I'll never kneel to anyone!" George has stated.


The wounded man, narrows his eyes, as tears river from his eyes. "Please, give freedom to George."




But this scene, won't escape to the eyes of Jaino, who's spying a distance where he can hear the conversation. Slowly sneaking to find another path, his body begins producing sweat as a cruel death whirlpools to his curiosity; thinking, Moron, you all die after you are deceived. That's why I denied their proposal as their strategist. I've got to go. I don't want to be dead.



Maritis, out of the rest, notices the very low noises of cracking leaves. Her eyes are now scanning beyond the dark of the shadow across the trees. She whispers, "My men," as her companion listen, "enjoy yourselves, and go back to the hideout after the business. Don't act unnecessarily without my accordance, okay?" She smiles eerily, whereas her companions shake head.


She disappears; and onto another place, she appears, hunkering; lying her chin above her wrists, and she's enjoying watching Jaino, who's crawling onto the dried rough ground; a rainwater passage. "Hey, may I know what are you doing?" She has asked. —Recognizing, that the owner of the voice is, his body trembles and his mind, popping with repeated word, death— "Hello, answer me, didn't you hear me?"


His will surrenders. His eyes shutter. Recollecting everything as the surroundings stops,


Father, I hope we could meet easily.


Mother, thanks for everything. I'm happy to be born as your son. Having a strong mother like you, who's always encouraged me; I'm blessed.


Kilie, why are you so tempting? I will treasure you forever.


If only I could wander to another part of the world, while you're chasing me, I'll be the happiest person ever.


Sad, you are curse. Sucks, we're born differently.


Well, I will be going first.


Love you all. I hope you'll miss me.





















His eyes open, and he gazes to Maritis—


she's still smiling, enjoying. "I've asked you, why won't you answer me?"


—his eyes are wide open. Heart beats are pumping on his ears. His will is shaken, his stricken. The fear is intimidating. He just grasps her wrist—


"What are you doing?"


—Jaino draws her, as the woman is helpless—


she wonders, Why?


—restraining her from moving—


Maritis blushes


—covering her mouth with his palm, yet his body still vibrating by the fright; he whispers, "Sshh, don't speak. Remain silent, will dead if they found out."



"Ha—" Maritis thinks, What the hell!



The fat-rockiest black guy eagerly stares at those two bandits, welding a knife yet hesitating to kill each other. "I wonder what's picking interest with the loser bitch."


The bald muscular black guy, setting in the ground, twists the knife, and it revolves above his palm; he has then grabbed it. "Maybe, she found some toy."


A man voice, cheer, echoes— "Come on! fight! this is the only way to spare one of you. Come on!" —from the thin-tall nerdy black guy.


Divs whines, "George, please, do it. Kill me, for your freedom—"




"—thank you for everything man. The warm welcome when you'd accepted me in the brotherhood. I'm happy to have met you; I have fun."


"Divs, don't despair. We can still do something."


Enjoying the show, the thin-tall nerdy black guy cheers again. "Come on, you'r—"


Silent overwhelms everyone—


"No!" A cry by George echoes throughout the forest as it disturbs the crows and other animals nearby.


—whereas Divs groans in pain. His neck rivers with blood as the knife falls from his hand. Everything goes slowly as his eyes blurry, starring at his friend George, as his vision falls curvingly down, as his body bashes on the dried leaves in the ground—no soul...



On the other side, Jaino is enduring the pain, stinging on his mind, as he has heard the cry. Run, moving away while holding Maritis wrist as they've ran.



George, staring at his friend who's now lying on the ground, he kneels both knees; his vision blurs. Noticing something is heavy and protruding on his stomach. He examines, to only see a blade, bulging with blood flowing from his cloth; now his mouth produces the same. Touching his lips with hand as the blood is painting his fingers; his vision turns black as he falls in front.


The bald muscular black man sheathes his half blood-bath blade. "Well done."


"Oh, that wasn't bad," has commented by the thin tall nerdy guy. Then the three of them disappears.



"Fww," Jaino has sighed. Wipping the sweat thickening on his forehead— "That was crazy. You scared me there, woman. I thought we've been found out."


Sting of pain to her chest; from behind, Maritis kicks Jaino's lower leg—Jaino loses balance and kneels in the ground —and she lays her knife to his throat. "Hello, my dear. Did I impressed you with my pretentious innocent."



Jaino, remain cool, remain cool, he has thought, closing his eyes—


"It was nice playing with you. Bye, peasant."


—Jaino thinks, Farewell everyone.


For them, who are loyal servant

Yet those, for friends, are bias

Ever, selfish is the most ugly



45: sp04 02 08, JSA's Cruelty II
sp04 02 08, JSA's Cruelty II


JSA's Cruelty II


At the very slow motion; D-eat aet ate tae tea eta-h are popping onto Maritis' vision; whereas, her knife won't budge no matter how much she pulls it. She only remembers the man, Jaino, smiling; yet, his eyes are shuttered, foretelling goodbye. D-eat aet ate tae tea eta-h are now annoying her eyes. Her body trembles and her will is gravitated.


A quick shake of her head to left side she has done— time flow turns normal —she examines quickly the knife; to only find two fingers clipping its blade.


Stealing Jaino and Maritis attention, a female voice speaks, "Hic, hey, Jaino, phlaying with anather woman, you're bad, hic, you're bad."


Gaining another hope, Jaino grimaces, thinking, Spare me, please... While he's staring at the wobbling Criselia, kneeling one knee in front.


"Hey! Hic, you lady watchurdoin, flirting with my, hic, mister—" Overwhelming Maritis with the fright; yet Criselia vomits, however Jaino can't move due with the knife; he receives every vomited content from his face to his stomach.


Maritis— as her eyes scan at Criselia's attire —thinks, Mister? Then, then, then, then, this person is not a bandit himself. My, my goodness! She has let go the knife as Criselia does as Jaino crawls to Criselia's side.


The knife stabs as its blade, until the hilt, buries into the ground.


Argh, on his mind, from the disgusted vomited contents— "Oi, oi, Criselia; don't create misunderstanding."


The woman in black thinks, What should I do... it's his fault for not revealing his identity. With a bitter smile— "Actually, his on a test for his qualification." —she searches on her pouch.


"For —hic, for what?" Criselia has asked.


With the bad face and silence; while enduring Criselia's disgusted vomited contents; Teeesting your face, Jaino has thought.


The drunk woman hugs Jaino. She hums as she glares at Maritis, who's cringing by the fright as Maritis' prediction death is all over her head. What; what with this woman. I gotta go. I must not dwell too much. She reaches the short folded paper to Jaino. "Here." And with the glare: "Please, don't fail me." —Jaino gulps— My goodness, I've just recommended some random person.


Criselia glares as Jaino receives the folded paper. The drunk woman grabs Jaino's shoulder as she ogles to Maritis. "Hic, what authority you have to command him!"


Maritis gulps as her lips are paling. I gotta go. I gotta go. She shakes her head sideward. She gazes at Jaino. "I'll be cheering you—"


"What! did! you say!"


"—bye." With the bitter smile as she disappears.


"What with—hic, what's with that woman Jaino, tell me!"


"Don't call her woman. Her age is thousands times below yours." He glances at the paper. This is the waterproof paper and with the kingdom seal. What the— selection for the strongest, and the reward—


"What's with that Jaino—hic." As she lies her head to Jaino's shoulder.


is quite grandeur. This is ridiculous. "Would you mind to lend me some hand?" His hand, he supports to his head, aching; as his vision is revolving all over again. He feels the pain squeezing on his heart. The drunk woman hugs him; yet, Jaino is tired to resist. "I don't care if they're fugitives; but, would you mind to have me inform of the current people died inside this forest."


"You want it detailed?"


"Just numerical."


Criselia has stood. And with the sky that has already fallen black as the night has its entrance; her body is glowing lucently. "One, three, eight... hic; one hundred thirty-eight."


He just closes his eyes. This is quite a massacre.


"I can decompose and merge them back to nature; but, of course—"


"I'll deepen our relationship."


"—hic." Her lips create a gap to each other. Her heart receives a warm feeling. "It's; a deal. It's a deal—"


Jaino gulps.


—and she grounds her hand.



Inside this Deep Forest; her vision reaches to anywhere; as all the dead, that she has seen, are decaying yet their pools of blood are approximately widened onto the grass; onto the dried branches and leaves; and onto the soil.


The man, Jaino, is amazed while he watches Criselia, with her body cloaked by the lucent light, while her hair, dancing above yet slowly falling down. She's back wobbling again. "It's finish —hic."


"May I confirm it?"


"Jeez, always estimating me—" She jumps and she hugs him. "—now, carry me."


He carries her as he raises as the lady lies her head onto his shoulder. "You're heavy."


"I don't care." while she rubs her finger on his thorax as Jaino begins to walk again.


"Man, you really can do more greatness if you aren't born a curse. You're amazing. I envy you."


The drunk woman hides her lips as she smiles. She just leans her head to Jaino's head as their necks have sharing its others' tempting warmth.



She murmurs, "That boy had grown, hic. Along with it, hic, he had gain a lot of companions; for revolution. Hic, he treated them as brothers. I'd trained them and trained, and without others awareness. And when, when, they, they— felt needing to act..."


Miscommunication didn't fail

Different outbreak will happen

First, must analyze everything




46: sp04 02 09, Fate of the Karagana Tribe
sp04 02 09, Fate of the Karagana Tribe


Fate of the Karagana Tribe


Way back to the bay— as the night's gentle sea waves splash and fizz into the rocks and into the sand —on this third isle of four neighboring islets—onto this north; away from the northern region of the wide island.


Cool sea breeze is blowing as long palm trees—their leaves and branches are swaying as the pinnacle of their body do the same—slowly swaying by the wind flow.


Distant sounds from grumbling of drums and joyous choruses are indication of decisive feast—despite the lost of their numbers.


The rows and columns of tents— temporary shelter for those survivors from the neighboring isles —prevail the alertness and well preparedness of these residents.



And to the center— where grayish-white towering whirling smoke gently ascending to the sky from the scorching of this house-like file of logs, surrounds by different attired and no-attired dancers, revolving while dancing on their cultural steps as the fine soothing sounds whistle from the flute masters —of this evacuation area; here, the people are lively celebrating of their unity.


Foods, chats, and etc., are the third attention of this gathering.



Through the distance lies the houses of the true dwellers. One among the houses; on its window; gazing at the outside, the man clothing with white silky leisure wear, named Jin Kin Do, is current head of the tribe.


From behind, a woman goes near and cuddles onto him; and she whispers near his ear, "Jin—" Her breath hisses in dismay.

"Llisca, it's for you and for our child."


"You're brighter than among the Elders. You only have one task for us; for our child; for the future of our tribe. I'll leave everything for you. Educate our son well."

"That's—" She mumbles, "I'll be missing you..." Her tears flow from her eyes. "But, if this must be done; then, let me have you for this last night."


Rolling back for the topics in the nearing noon, before noon; Jin Kin has faced the meeting of the elders; as he, head of the karagana tribe, has the obligation, for the tribe and the kingdom; it has been decided since from their ancestor; that once the heaven and earth have meet, a war must be put to end.


For everyone's support, I must

For everyone's smile, it must

For them who paint me, I'll do it



47: sp04 02 10, Criselia and Jaino
sp04 02 10, Criselia and Jaino


Criselia and Jaino


Sunrise raises, erases the darkness, and playful birds chase each other in the air; and their twitters echo onto this cool morning. Falling water droplet from the leaves splashes, wakes this eyes gradually open, to only see a python with tongue hissing...


...suddenly awake! skin hairs erect! soul wants to separate! he jolts back, now tumbling, rolling away.

"Ha ha ha ha ha." Slowly, she puts the python to the ground.

Staring at the lady, mouth is paling, skin is freezing. "You'r— you'r—"

"Jaino, you're so cute." She chuckles. "Come, let's bath; the water is in freshness."

Noticing that the snake is nearing his feet, he jolts and clings to a tree. "Criselia! help! help me! Take this creature, away from me!"

Criselia can't help but laughs, seeing Jaino being chased by the snake.



After the snake has took care, as the helpless person sighs of relieve; Criselia wares off here blouse, and she slowly takes off her fabulous skirt, while she peeks at Jaino, who does to his long pants. "Jaino, why can't you peek on me?"

"Shut up! You're— creepy!" He runs and he jumps into the river.

"Jezz..." She goes and she soaks herself near the stony slope of the river. Gazing at the plain as she soaks her hair. This helpless person can't open her mouth; just observes at Jaino who's trying hard looking for fish; enjoying as she has seen him failing many times— to only reappear having few shrimps on his hands, the man sighs "—that's no good, I can hunt piggy for you."

"Hoggish! Please—"

"Treat me as a lady!"

"—understand me... I know, this, the only thing I can do. But, I'm enjoying this—" The water is splattering briefly as she floats onto the water surface yet the current can't drag her by the flow. Gazing at the blue sky, she smiles. "—what are you?"

"You know, Jaino? I like the way you live. Where did we ended up in my story?"

"Hell, If I can remember; you were drunk yesterday."

"Only if you didn't plot horrible things!"

"By the way; are your really fine showing off your body like that?"

"You find it quite arousal?"

"Not at all. I'm just— tch." He heads to the riverside and he puts down the shrimps.


"Okay, I'll get to the point quickly. Hmn... That child had grown, y'know. I trained him well, of course; and, I was proud about it; seeing him stood along with his companions, his friends."

"The way you speak, you're like a mother."


"Ha, in your face."

"Well, it was quite a festival around that time. As the people gathered in the center of the city; a quite awesome city. Balloons and pigeons were released. But the angry faces of the people that demand change were aggravating the atmosphere. However, soldier were there, surrounding the stage and the others were prepared for the incoming resistance—" Jaino sits near the riverside, as he bathes. "—politics performed their continual indoctrination. It was quite brainwashing. But, you think what made everything more interesting?"

"The people just listened against their will, and afraid to committed resistance due to, sentence to death?"

"You're no fun!"

"I'm wrong; I guess..." —splashing of waters as she turns and submerges. She stands slowly, attracting the eyes of Jaino staring at her, as this lady runs her both hands, arranging her hair from the head down to her neck; while the drops of water run down anywhere onto her skin. —Man, she's quite a beauty. Realizing that his mouth drools; he wipes it quickly.

The lady winks her eyes at him; Jaino has startled.

She gazes at the sky and smiles. "When my owner had begun her speech; explosives were bombarded everywhere. People were screaming, panicking; and many died of course. My owner and her officials were horrified, as well. Buildings were destroyed, and soldiers were massacred. I was proud to see the seeds grown well."

A tiny matter of logic knocks to his brain, pulsing his heart to beat faster. "Did you killed him." He kneels, as his chest has started aching.

"Nope, I was just proud. He appeared and suddenly attacked my owner. I said to him— I'm quite happy —and knocked him to the ground. It seems like he had broken some bones; by the impact." She swirls and swirls. "His companions who had witnessed the scene rushed and attacked me. My quickness allowed me to see them in action. I played with them, torturing the others, it's quite soothing. The sounds of their grief, their spooked face, were quite the—"

"Stop it!"

She stops and her eyes swing to Jaino. "Sorry..." Seeing his eyes drifting of tears along by his spooked face while he's breathing hard; the lady walks near and she hugs him, "Please pardon me. Somehow it pains me if you're hurt."

Somehow, Jaino feels weird. He glances at her, wanting to get away; but his resistance is futile.


Human rights are for everyone

Don't let one person ruled your life

Give service with your own accord



48: sp04 02 11, Jaino's Party and the Caravan
sp04 02 11, Jaino's Party and the Caravan


Jaino's Party and the Caravan


After these two, Criselia and Jaino, have finished their morning meal; they move again.

And onto the wide plain, where they've reached, nearing Jelfyr; the huge hill of ice, surrounded by hovering fogs, astonishes this ignorant Jaino.

The lady goes near the fog, while her hands she unites behind her waist, and she gazes at the hilly ice. "Oh, this is a fine made elemental output—"

Jaino gazes at her.

"—it's alive; and the fog will freeze anyone who'll touch it. The user must be a swint."

"What? A swint? I know emode can only do it. But, this is too huge."

She gazes at the interested Jaino. "So, you don't know about them? They're norim born possessed more souls. There's no exact theories; but, one thing that an emode can do, is to leave their soul active in a certain area. But mere emodes can't do it if they aren't a swint." She only sees Jaino—gazes at the ice and he smiles. "Don't be jealous okay. Swints are dangerous norims. They can steal the soul of their nearest love one; once, they've forgotten to recover their own."

Raptly, he stares at Criselia. His Adam's apple shakes up and down as he is frighten. "So... if our relationship deepens, then..."

"Please! Don't treat me like a child. I don't know myself either. I mean like, I have all the inheritance of norims."

She is a monster.


Human's chatters and sounds of foot steps from people—who have exited through the other part of the woods —have grabbed Jaino's and Criselia's attention—they meet the caravan of entertainers again.

The boy, Ajim, runs and he hugs Criselia. Jaino just smiles bitterly. The boy gazes at Jaino as he punches Jaino's abs. "Bro" —Ajim thumbs up with his face of envy. Criselia smiles.

Feeling insulted, Jaino replies, "Kid—you still have long way with the daughter of your head manager."

Both sides shaking head, the boy smiles. "No need to worry, she's just shy. Wow, this ice is quite huge."

"Hey! kid!" —as Jaino grabs the back of the collar of Ajim's t-shirt— "don't act, foolishly. That thing can kill."

"So- sorry."


After their reuniting conversation, and finally with the caravan; they've reached Jelfyr. Few guards are in the gate, and above the walls, their numbers cannot be discriminate.

Curious as always, Jaino walks from the caravan heading to the soldiers' shed.

Seeing Jaino attempting to enter the fence, the soldier appointed the outside growls as he scolds this Jaino, "You! this is an off-limit area. Unless you have some complains or impersonal intention."

"I wasn't here from the passed few days. What had happened the outside?"

"My, goodness; if you know about Altrass, you know how anger the queen could be."

"You're a soldier, explain it very well."

"Man, you can just get it. A war man, a war."

Jaino hisses. "Thanks very much." He just smiles while he's heading back to the caravan. Tsk, if I didn't retired, I could finally meet the queen, herself in person.


Onto the crowd, Jaino and Criselia again have parted way with the caravan. And through the other part of the streets; he, Jaino, sees a ball of fire from the hand of an ornamented attired boy, a noble, aims at another boy—prone in the ground.


This present, the world becomes small

By the future, outer space too

Humans' adventure continues



49: sp04 02 12, Brief, king's opponent
sp04 02 12, Brief, king's opponent


Brief, King's Opponent


Within the gap; both, the boy prone at the ground, and the noble child, also a boy, are surrounded by the noble child's gang.


Still aiming his ball of fire, the noble child laughs dominantly. "What now? I guess you need to taste the different between us, you, ungifted. Happy 'cause your grades are topnotch? Know your place, unblessed of inheritance!" The noble child's companions laugh. The commoners, those adults just glance whilst the others are completely ignoring the bullying.


The boy sobs. His hand surrenders in reaching his wooden sword, located a distance from him. A few times coughing as he sniffles — he has nothing to resist; he just stares at the ball of fire, nearing.


Gritting his teeth, Jaino, who's rushing, grabs the child, and they both tumble and roll onto the stony-tiled ground. Whooshing — as the ball of fire distorts and fades onto the surface; it leaves a burnt mark onto the stony tiles.


The crying boy props his hands as he gazes at Jaino, who stands up. "Sir, please don't get involve; this is my problems."


Jaino walks— "Kid, if you're really a topnotch; then show it. Don't let your effort in vain." —heading to the wooden sword.


"This is my life. It's just, I was born a plain. My life is a curse."


The companions of the noble child laugh as well as the noble child. "Mister, he realizes his place. You might as well too?" And the scene is filled with muttering as crowded by the people.


Helpless as he is, Jaino, who has picked up the wooden sword, feels like a child. "I know your teacher. This sword once wielded by a person, ungifted like you." He throws the sword to, as the crying boy catches. And while Jaino walks heading to this crying boy— "however, he defeated the king, who was in full strength at that time."


"Tch—" has intervened by the noble child, "like it was true." And his companions chuckle, and they follow their bullshitted comments.


Ignoring every feeling of embarrassment; he, Jaino, places his hand above the shoulder of the child. "Go rampage if you please. You don't have any reason or alibi. Show what you have learned, as long as it's righteous."




Near at the boy's ear, Jaino whispers, "Child, you're not ungifted. Go, show them that you're also gifted" —standing besides the other spectators, Criselia, who's heard their conversation, smiles— He, Jaino, stands as he pushes the child to fight against the noble child.


The discrimination of murmurs and vulgar laughters are in the air, from the curious people that have gather just to take a glance. The gangs laugh as well as the noble child does. "Don't blame me if your expectation will fail mister commoner. And I'm still have to treat that boy for him to know his place."


The boy, dual-handedly wielding the wooden sword, glances at Jaino, who replies, "Let your effort be fruitful." This boy breathes in, and exhales. Holding his breath; firstly, he thrusts his sword forward.


The noble child, his hand, he raises as the wall of fire is barring nearby his front.

The soldiers cross through their way onto the crowd of people.

Grinning, and this noble child says, "Can you even pass with this barrier of mine?"


The rushing boy, wielding his wooden sword, closes his eyes. I must not fail him! "Arghhh!" as he goes across the fire.


This noble child, into his eyes, sees yet didn't realize how desperate his opponent could be. Staring at his opponent's intimidating glares, yet he didn't realize the fire disappears as he becomes speechless—


A man voice: "Stop!" has yelled by Jaino.


—the noble child gulps, as the mutterings of disappointment from the crowd overwhelm his body and the surprised praises are for his opponent. He gulps as the ready to strike vertically positioned of sword stance of his opponent, makes him to realize that hard work and inborn without polishing are different. He's frighten as he can't do anything; he's afraid by the glare of his opponent that he has bullied.


The soldiers have arrived and they stop the commotion. Some of the noble child's companions have run, leaving this noble child, crying. The people, involved of the commotion, are interrogated. And Jaino, who tries to distance himself—


"The fun isn't over yet. If you can't win against me? You know the consequence that will fall to this kingdom."


—has heard Criselia, and now his lips are paling.


Stand, for all work together

Have fun, stay cool; they've problems

Later, they become respectful



50: sp04 02 13, Criselia vs Jaino
sp04 02 13, Criselia vs Jaino


Criselia vs Jaino


Gravitated by the fright about those words that he has hear from Criselia, while his fear mixed by anger resultant to confusion that allover himself, Jaino gazes at Criselia, who's eye-catching to others. Man, this is far that I can handle. She is, she's a monster. How, how can I avoid this situation. "Hey, Criselia. Stop talking nonsense. I'll comply with our agreement. This isn't what we'd talked about. Please, we can have this on private."


Crisilia walks as she slowly revolves, as she observes each person around as quick than how she moves. She becomes more eye catching. Even the soldiers amaze as they stare at her. "Jai—no, I'm not bluffing—" Jaino's feelings are gravitated. "—hello guards, can I barrow a dagger or a knife?"


A soldier walks as he says, "Ma'am. Stop making ruckus. You're both adults. This is not A good exhibit."


Slowly, the lady, Criselia, stares intently at the guard; she smiles.


Afraid by the outcome, Jaino commands, "Guards! Give her a dagger! And lend me a sword!"


Criselia rubs her finger into her lips as she stares at Jaino. Feeling her heart warming, her affection is tightening. Her teeth, she grips to her finger.


The soldiers are confused. "Sir, who are you to command us. And if you both don't stopped this immoral acts, we will force to arrest both of you."


Closing his eyes as he inhales. He exhales and he speaks, "I am, Jaino, son of Zahamara, a person who had succeed the third General, and has been cursed by the prince to be a permanent of service for his highness." The crowd mutters. The soldiers kneel and bow. Those boys, that are involve the ruckus earlier, merge to the crowd and become spectators.


The lady, Criselia, embraces her elbows and pillows her head to her shoulder. She smiles. "Oh, you're well-known."


Sweats are bearing on Jaino's forehead; he continues, "I demand all of you, to never near or approach this lady, or treat her deceitfully, either be friendly; she's in my care—"


Criselia smiles. That's kind of rude and lovely. How manly, I'll remember these words.


"—guards, give her what she's asked for, and lend me a sword."


"Sir, I don't know what both of you will about to do. Forgive us for not believing much. At least show us, your eternal seal." The soldiers' eyes are affixed at Jaino, who removes up his shirt and shows his back. Buried on his skin as still gleaming green, the wide circle seal with scribbles is glowing all over his back; the seal of the kingdom.

Speechless as the soldiers shake up their head, they give the requested equipments to Criselia and Jaino. Additionally, they have widened the area that will become a battle ring.



How can I defeat this monster. I should secured to control her from the start.

If weren't for my laziness, this thing would not happen.


Shit, I just want to live in freedom, and now I'm trying to save these people in this whole kingdom. Just, wow. It's crazy. Jaino poses his stance as he slightly lowers his body calibrating his energy for defense or attack. In a wide gap parallel from his neck, lying horizontally his sword as his left fingers are leaning near above the tip of the sword.


The lady, Criselia, dashes forward fast.


She knows I'm just a norim, so she must not afraid attacking me head-on. But what if she'll really fake this. His eyes stop moving, as the woman has stopped with one feet maneuvering her balance, as both of the tips of their boots are kissing. They've stared each other's eyes.

Criselia smiles while Jaino's sweats slowly slide on his skin. The lady revolves counter clockwise behind him as her knife she aims to his neck. At the same time Jaino lowers his knees and body as he revolves clockwise as he throws his sword to his left hand as he swings his sword horizontally. The lady grabs his left wrist as she revolves counter clockwise vertically. And Jaino, with his right hand, captures the lady's hand, that has the knife. He then revolves his sword on his hand. And when Criselia lands behind him, Jaino stands as his sword he has lying on her front; from her left waist to her other side shoulder. Criselia drops her knife and leans her back on Jaino's back. She smiles. "You're good."

Silence as everyone, some' mouth open and some' eyes blinking, amazes. Jaino asks, "You hold back."

"I'm just teasing and bluffing. Next, time I'll do something similar, just remember our agreement."

The sword violently rings onto the ground as Jaino kneels and props his hands onto the ground. Breathing and shaking, he closes his eyes and he leans his head to his wrist. He cries. I've just exposed my identity, shit. Why should it become like this. The consecutive claps by someone, and the sound clatters by the audiences' hands.

The soldiers go near and bow and kneel, and one of them says, "Sire, it's a honor for us soldiers to meet you in person. You've been our pride after we have heard your deeds and accomplishments. Although your exploits are forbidden of publicity. We bow to follow your foot steps, sir, for us ungifted."

"Oh, Jaino, I'll gonna love this," Criselia's words attract Jaino, who's wiping tears and sees her happily receiving those gifts from her newly fans. "I'll enjoy strolling and meet you later, see yah."

Jaino sighs. The child shows honored as the noble child apologizes on him. He stands up. "Guards, give me a path. I need to evaporate my trauma." And the guards struggle to resist the people, persistently trying to reach Jaino.

One of the people yells, "Sire! Give us painting of the nude queen when you marry her!"

The hell. I was not chosen to marry her. I was chosen to be her knight. But,

I can't protect her.


Don't let your mind delays movements

All are not always accurate

Our instinct demands pragmatic



51: 04 02 10 01 They Finally Meet
04 02 10 01 They Finally Meet

Leaning another silky whole dress designed with jewelry to her body, Criselia gazes at the female attendant. “How much is this?”

“Two k Ma’am.”

Criselia shows some coins; nine golds and twelve silvers. “How much is this?”

Closing her eyes, the attendant bitterly smiles. “One k and two units, ma’am.”

“Can I just take this?”

“Oh, you want some slap in the face?”

Carrying his violin, a bard man from the entertainer notices Criselia and a female attendant loudly having an argument. Out of the boutique, he drags Criselia, who agrees his motive. The bard man slides his bow onto the violin’s strings as his fingers dance in the strings. As an elegy plays, Criselia’s body interprets the music. People passing by are in tears, as the mournful melody tinkles their skin, along by this beauty who can balance her body in the air using the tips of her boots. Some people leave coins in the ground. And when the show ended, Criselia and the bard man receive rewards more than what they’ve needed.

On her office, Kilie, busy as always, hears knocking on the door. “Come in.”

Creaking from the door being open, on the outside, Ajim bows. “Good day ma, ma’am. I’m, I’m a messenger from the entertainment. I have a bill signed by Jaino.”

Shocked— “That idiot, again!”

Murmur and friendly chattering from the busy customers partying, resting, etc., are all over inside the tavern.

Along with the giant blade covered by bondage leaning on the table; sitting in a chair, Jesifer slides her elbow above the table and supports her palm on her forehead. Her other arm stretches as her finger points to a lady wearing apron clothe. “Miss,” she has called. “Bring me four mega mug.” Almost of the customers gaze back at her.

That female crew’s eyes blink few times as she stares at the female customer near the giant blade. She bows and walks to the counter.

A nearby group of soldiers whispering each other simultaneously laugh.

Ignoring the no commonsense commoners, unable to get angry, Jesifer’s mind, drowned by her current problems, fills empty. Inside her chest are coldly bleeding, tearing her emotion apart. She only realizes, the two females wearing apron place four six-inches high mugs in the table and go away to accommodate other customers. She stares at one of the mugs overflowing with bubble and she grabs the handgrip. The odor of strong cold stink fermented juice of root reaches her nostril. Still not enough to relieve her pain, she exhales. Some of the curious customers watch as she pours the content above her head. The cold brew soaks her hair and cuddles on her skull and flows down to her neck and wets her dress. Her head feels relieved, but her worries along with the pain inside her chest won’t palliate. People watching are astounded; some murmurs to their colleagues and others commentary laugh. Jesifer smiles— well, who cares —as she puts the mug and grabs another mug.

A loud voice gives warn— “Are you a psycho!” —from a fatty woman, wearing apron. Jesifer puts down the mug and gazes at the woman who continue, “Young lady, this is a tavern not your bathroom, please show delicacy!”

One of the soldiers, who has stood, walks near, “Ma’am, I’ll pay for her consequences double.” And he reaches six gold coins.

Receiving the coins, that fatty woman walks back to the bar counter, “Fine! Don’t cause unnecessary troubles, okay?”

Jaino, who has entered the tavern, sees Jesifer who has noticed him. They stare each other. Jesifer gazes down. The soldier nearby leans his elbows above the tables and he says, “How about, we talk this on private.”

Worried as he is, Jaino walks fast. As he reaches the talking soldier, he grabs the soldier’s hair and the soldier struggles. “What are you doing Renze,” Jaino has said to the soldier.

“Ah sir, it’s you. Lo— ah sire! Long time no see!” The soldier’s companions cheer their mugs, while they yell Jaino’s name.

Jaino raises his hand, ordering those soldiers to silence. He speaks to Jesifer, “Forgive my friends about their unlikeness.” His eyes wonder to every part of her body that he’s able to see.

Jesifer smiles. She raises the mug. “He didn’t do anything.” Pouring the brew again on her head, the cold becomes an ecstasy on her body.

Jaino gazes at the fat woman in the counter. “Do you have a vacant room.”

“This is not a motel!” has replied by the fat woman. “Go around the kingdom and find one.”

“Madam, I’ll pay double, give him a room.” has ordered by Renze, as Jaino frees his hair.

The loud voice calls, “Tissa, lead them to your room.”

Smiling, angry, the lady wearing an apron nods her head.

Jaino holds Jesifer’s wrist, he feels her burning skin. “Something is protruding in your lower arm under your coat, what happen?”

Jesifer gazes down. “Non of your business. Hey! This is—hmmp.” Her resistance she surrenders as Jaino carries her behind. She smiles. She feels the warmth of her feelings that her body recalls, she likes it. She embraces Jaino while the lady wearing an apron leads the way.

“Sire, we’re cheering for you!” has yelled by Renze, follows by the cheers of his companions. “Enjoy your conversation!” He turns curious about the giant blade and grabs it, but no matter how he tries, he can’t neither move it nor it fall when he has pulled the table.

Customs of culture neglected
Teach them how, why; not to do so
Do sarcastic commentary

52: 04 scene02 10 02 Let it out
04 scene02 10 02 Let it out

Jaino helps Jesifer sit on the bed as he orders the female escort to get some soft clothe, medicines, and fresh water. While he undresses Jesifer coat; she complains, “You’ll die if you do funny things.”

Her lower arm covers by the rolled bandage sends Jaino curious. “I’m prepared too.” He undresses her t-shirts, leaving her bandage covering her breasts. “Let me untie this.”

“You’re exceeding your boundary.”

“You’re burning. How comes you’re fine with your eyelids?” He unties her bandages and he strips it off. This Jesifer gazes away while the embarrassment fuses her emotions and intensifies the heat of her skin; however, the nostalgic sensation that her body remembers, gives images of memories of her caring mother rendering to her vision. Jaino unties the bandage on her arm and he strips it off, exposing her wound, fissuring on her purple swelling skin. “This is terrible. Good thing you are still alive.”

Jesifer smiles.

“You two will really do it that, that lust inside my room?” has asked by the female escort, carrying a bucket with a wooden chest above.

“I’m tending her wound.”

“Let me do it instead. I’m a girl.”

“Let him be,” has disagreed by Jesifer.

“I’ll watch then. This is my room y’know?” On the floor, she puts the bucket, and above the bed she places the wooden chest. She opens her cabin and grabs a towel; she throws it to Jaino. On the floor, she sits and stares at those two.

Jaino shoves the towel inside the buckets and he squeezes it slowly and some water rains back inside the bucket. The wet towel he wipes to Jesifer’s body; she smiles. She reminds, “This is our second time we’ve met; yet, where interacting like some relatives.”

“And this is my second time I’ve seen your body. I’d never thought you were real that time. I didn’t expect I was alive after my fall. I assume that you save me. So, it’s my turn to return the favor.”

“What’s your name.”

“Jaino; just a commoner.”

“Call me Jes.” Jesifer clings on his shoulders and her tears river on her cheeks.

“What the?”

“Hug me tightly. Break my everything if you want. Help me escape to this reality. Tear me apart.” She hugs as she sobs. “Please don’t leave me.” As inside her vision, her mother, who smiles, is slowly fading away.

Trying to resist the heat of her body while he can feel her emotions. “Cry; pour it everything.” as tears slide from his eyes also.

The female escort gazes away, yet can’t help but in tears instead.

Oh, tears show living’s emotions
Thou shan’t be afraid; let it out
One of best relievers exists

53: 04 02 10 03 Criselia's Understanding
04 02 10 03 Criselia's Understanding

Walking above the wooden tiled rooftop, happily, Criselia smells the air while she enjoys gazing at the blue sky. With her new whole dress, design with Jewelry; her feelings of satisfaction expresses by her body as ecstasy. The tall sharp tower attracts her eyes. This civilization downgrades the republic of my ancestry. I wonder what had happened to those people who had borrowed this land of mine. Had they managed to clear the problem outside? Or the mutation of tempest had gradually eaten every living things outside? I dislike involving myself to their problems. I still have to deal with my immortality.

She stops and closes her eyes. Her vision wanders to any house, any person, any place, and she stops; to see Jaino lies a woman in the bed. Her hands, she curls firmly and turns into fists. No! Jaino! no! She disappears.

The female escort hands Jaino a mortar, containing green-layering-mixed texture of wet stirred powder. Jaino excavates his fingers inside the mortar and rubs it to Jesifer’s wound. This wounded person moans while trying to endure the pain from the paste-like cold pungent medicine as her body reacts each time she tries to withstand the pain; her fingers grip the mattress.

After an hour struggles, the wounded person passes out.

The female escort, with her silk clothe, dresses Jesifer, whereas Jaino has left the place, now he’s strolling on the street. He sees, leaning on a tree, Criselia, sparkling with her new dress, drinking an alcohol. He goes near. “Is that a lady’s drink?”

“Are you worried on me?”

“Nope ... By the way, what had happened with the child in your past?”

“Oh, I failed to protect my owner. No matter how stronger I am, if I’m going to fight plenty of outstanding opponent. There’s no way I can protect other person aside from myself.

“So, I let them go as I had gained my freedom. I don’t know, if he obeyed our agreement to kill himself after he had had a child. I don’t even know if he had a child. I parted with them, yet they were in tears. I could only smile to see them happy. Why did you become interested? Do you accepted now our agreement?” She smiles.

“Give me some time.” Then he walks away. Criselia disappears.

Jesifer awakens. She raises and hears some woman voice—

“Oh, owner of the fine elemental output.”

—this newly awaken person waves her eyes, settling her vision to the only other person, standing wearing a jewelry design whole dress. “Who are you?” has request by Jesifer.

“Your eyes sure stop crying; and there is a child’s soul tagging with you; did you lost some precious one? I can help you with your problems.”

Jesifer’s eyes open, and then narrow. She kneels above the bed. Her eyes produce tears; she hides her lips, but wanting to smile. “I’ll give you anything. Help me, save her.”

Criselia walks to and fro; she stops. “Who are you to Jaino?”

Jesifer thinks. “We just share our name briefly. If he’s your man, then I’m afraid, you get it wrong. He’s a stranger to me.”

“Don’t lie. Don’t lie. You don’t need to lie.”

“I’m telling the truth. Believe me!” She cries.

“A lie, a lie.” She swirls and swirls.

“Please, believe me. If you want, I will bow for you.”

“But don’t be afraid, I’m fine to be a second one.” Her fingers run below Jesifer’s chin and lifts her head; they stare each other. “Follow Jaino’s foot steps and serve him forever. I’m going to make him become the most strongest norim, to become the ruler of other creatures, and become a Zjjan Master.”

Jesifer gazes down. “Is he that strong?”

“Yes, he will.”

“What is dsan master?”

“Zjjan the name of the day that shine upon us, and now the name of our world. And Zjjan Master, the selected kind, who will manage and decide the fate of this world.”

Jesifer smiles. “It’s not bad. Then it's a deal.”

One down, has thought by Criselia.

Oh, fate shall light the hopeless men
the journey to each direction
is the fate to every person

54: 04 03 01 Jesifer's Breakdown
04 03 01 Jesifer's Breakdown


The night one day ago before Jaino awakened on Criselia's lap:


Small drops of rainfall slowly ceasing; exhaling the wind, Jesifer's lips smile. Her hands tightly cling to other side elbows. Still wearing her royal dress, her teres and upper arm currently lean onto the column whereas her back to the wall. Her feet barely fit in the edge of the floor as down in the distance below shows a yard fill with flowers, a small fishpond, and the garden shade.

From the open window, she hears the creaking of door along by an old man's loud voice— “Duego, we can't blame our queen forever; she always warns us. Remember, she does her best for us to live at ease freely whatever we like." —Hearing those words, Jesifer smiles, and tears flow from her eyes.

A different strong voice from another man, "But, brother ..."

"This affects her career, additionally to her problems, everyone's problems actually. You know, she loves Yaume very much. Did you forget she offered her mother's name to your daughter? ...

"... She feels engraved also. Anyway, I'll be going. I need to settle things with Frehviesa. Her denying to leave the confinement room worries me. This gives me headache."

"Okay brother; I'll follow you later."

The door creaking as Jesifer climbs the window and goes inside the room, illuminated by the light of the candles. The door shuts closed. She stares at the now has noticed white-bearded man wearing long flowing garment as she stands slowly.

"You have a strong urge for you to come in. Thick face as always my honored Queen?"

Jesifer's gazes down. Her vision waves to the right to see the unconscious sleeping patient Yaume Mea, half-bodily covers by long soft cotton blanket.

The man's fingers he holds to each side of his forehead as the other hand supports his opposite elbow. His breath hisses, and his eyes take a glimpse at Jesifer going near to his daughter. His feeling of anger circulates through his veins, yet his understanding barricades his strong emotions. "My Queen; please; help me have my wife and daughter back. They are my happiness. I don't want to lose them unsatisfied before me.”

This Jesifer leans her elbow, burying on the mattress, and she caresses her hand to Yaume's forehead and to the hair. Her few tears drop on Yaume's cheek. In her thoughts, I'll save you. I promise.


Deep of the night, yet still awake, Jesifer sends some nobles each to every well-known physicians, scholars, and outstanding herbalists.

Some of the blessed selected associates, participating to the Queen's request, have a meeting in Amahaon residence. These participating physicians, scholars, and herbalists argue and share their knowledge to each other to seek method, a solution for this unknown sickness that happens to Yaume Mea.


Daylight has come, not wasting time, Jesifer has went into the only and wide library building of the kingdom, where the gathering of scholars and different people in different vocations. She orders every person that she sees around to search for documents related to herself. Despite of her burning body, mind full of worries, and problems fuse by minimum time she has, along with her feelings; anger, sadness, guilty, solitary; she continues to read each scroll containing paragraphs hardly structured archaically.

The warm from the recent cooked foods, around the table brought by the worried community, fall cold. And the harsh pain of her wounded lower arm she keeps ignoring.

The worried people around can't blurt her pitied situation, neither until the night comes.

Unable to find solutions, she has leaved the place as she walks back to the tower. Into the edge, the boundary between her room and her balcony, she sits while blankly staring at the flowers where she can imagine seeing herself teaching Yaume Mea crafting a crown of flowers, where she can imagine seeing her mother Yaume De Rosarok teaching her crafting the same.

From behind, zooming, Maritis appears and kneels. "My highness, this is bad news. I have a prophecy that the underworld will assassinate your brother."

"Kill their leader and bring me his head."

"... But—" Anxiety in Maritis' eyes, she gazes down "—my highness...”

"Comeback in one piece if you ever fail."

Maritis delights— "Thank you, my honored highness." Her mouth opens, wanting to speak something, however the embodying emotions of sadness of her highness restrain her mouth; she just smiles and disappears.


Another daylight comes; still not eating, lack of sleep, still deeply thinking, this Jesifer, wearing her disguise and wielding her giant blade, strolls in the wide rough ground area, surrounded by trees yet empty of people. She gazes at the morning sky.

I wish to end this world.

Mother ... you already warned me.

I try to distance myself to my dearest ... yet, I still failed.

I want to save my people.

You told me; when people lost their life, the process is natural, and if there are evidences; death must be avoided.

But, I myself can't control myself.

Help me mother.

I want to save Yaume.


When there's no one, we look for them

When we need them, we cry their name

Blessed in sickness, they are the hope


55: 04 03 02 01 Jelfyr Shadow Army Vs The Bandits
04 03 02 01 Jelfyr Shadow Army Vs The Bandits

Continue of Flashback—

Somewhere in the Deep Forest, in the long trees' branches, the leader of Jelfyr Shadow Army, Maritis— who has received the approval from Sai Mea and her queen –along by her three subordinates; a fat rockiest, a tin tall nerdy, and a bald muscular; each of them snakes and hides in the shadow of a tree.

Below from the trees and to the ground, the bandits joyously party; some people roasting the pigs, some cooking the grains, some waiting and chatting, some sharpening their own and the others' weapons, and some warding this gathering.

Near the entrance of the cave, the wooden cells— each containing women and children without clothes —are lining up.

Maritis speaks, "Let the prisoners escape and kill all the bandits. I have to settle things with their leader."

One of her subordinates, a tin tall nerdy guy speaks, "But Mistress—, do you have the strength to defeat him? ... His body guards are tough ... We can defeat this bad guys below ... but ... He and his officials are different."

"I can't even trust all of you to be alive with this; yet, we're working together. Let's finish this task with all of us alive. Let's go."

Her companions nod. She along by her companions disappear.


Sharpening his weapon, the bandit notices his vision blurry and his world slowly turns black. His body falls to the ground and behind him, a tin tall nerdy black guy standing jumps, and his body revolves in the air, and he lands to another bandit. 

Another bandit yells, "Intruders!"

The alerted crowd of bandits fight back despite the quickly increasing loss of their numbers. Some of the bandits blow the horns with sounds echoing through the forest.


Deep down inside the cave, snaking in the shadow, Maritis notices an eyes-closed old man, sitting in the ground with each foot under his each opposite leg, and his each lower arm leaning perpendicular on each of his shin. Behind that old man, the two spear-wielding standing giants, wearing loincloths, they are Lusus(es).

Lusus, they are huge and strong norims with extraordinary speed. Unlike Igysn, they have two eyes.

An old man voice echoes— "Alone. to face. me?" —from the only old man that Maritis sees.

Maritis walks as she exposes herself while keeping her distance away from her opponents. Sweats are bearing on her forehead. "I'm here to tell you. Your scheme will fail. And our prince shall live."

"That. was. magnificent! I have never thought, someone can perceive my plan. But, little one, how many people can able to stop me?" His words gravitate Maritis' volition.

"I, myself, shall suffice."

This old man grounds his hands, and he stands up. "You're amusing little one." He hides his hand behind and one of his hand holds his other wrist. "I already live longer, and a mere norim accidentally challenges me. Try to know your opponents, little one.

"Let see how you will deal with my men." With ready to swing spears and feet slidingly digging the ground, those two Lususes each arrives quickly nearby to each Maritis side. 

Astounded, Maritis thinks, Already? She disappears and those Lususes stop the attack. This Maritis appears behind the old man. As the tip of one of her feet lands the ground, she revolves counterclockwise while her knife she draws from the sheath behind her waist. But the booming above the ceiling gives her warning and her eyes quickly notice the disappearance of one of the Lususes. With one foot pushes herself backwards. In her front, a spear digs the ground and the wielder has landed.

This is quite difficult, Maritis has thought. My opponents are sharp. 


To solo confront much of foes

takes much courage and endeavor

with composure and observance.


56: 04S030202 Maritis Perseverance
04S030202 Maritis Perseverance

Continue of Flashback—


As Maritis manages to avoid the attack, her eyes notice at faraway the other lusus turns its eyes back at her. She inhales and holds her breathe; for this transforms the collision of her body like a ghost. The lusus faraway suddenly fades and disappears. Zooming of wind and booming sound travel allover the cave's chamber. From the distance away from Maritis, the wide part of wall cracks and has hollowed by the spear— wielded by a lusus —that digs deeply onto the wall's surface.

Maritis disappears. She appears— hunkering while one of her hand on the ground —a distance far away from the front of the eyes-closed old man. She turns and raises, and she faces this old man while she breathes. She thinks, It's no good. If this goes on; he would notice my weakness and I can't anticipate his attack.

"Your. untouchable. little one. But, I'm fair enough. And fear me enough. Your dagger is useless on my subordinates' muscles. Why did you challenge me?" has asked by the eyes-closed old man.

Those two Lususes walk near behind the old man; they have stood each to old man's left and right side.

"First, tell me, why are you trying to assassinate the prince?" has asked by Maritis.

"Little one. I ask you. Don't give me a question."

"You are, with the scheme."

"Ha. Ha. Ha. This. is. my. territory. You, intruder."

"Then, I have nothing to tell you."

"Very well, have fun with your friends." On each of their stance, those lususes each arrives quickly nearby to each Maritis side, and they swing their spears.

This Maritis appears above behind of one of the Lususes and she throws the knife to the old man. She thinks, I can do it.

Amused, this old man raises his hand as his fingers try to grip the air. "Useless. attack." But the knife continues in pace. He thinks, It. didn't. stop.

The knife passes through across his head, and to the distance the dagger digs in the ground. 

My goodness! it fails, I need more practice for this, has thought by Maritis as she has landed to the ground. The nearby lusus swings his spears whereas Maritis has jumped. Hearing the booming above the ceiling, this Maritis kicks the face of the lusus nearby, this pushes herself away. In front of her, a distance to her view and body; a spear digs the ground and the wielder has landed.

Maritis tumbles into the ground. After she has settled, she disappears. She appears to where her knife with blade buried on the ground. She draws her knife; she stands and stares at her opponents. She thinks, Imbuing the right duration of ghost-like collision to other objects is difficult to achieve. But, this is my only option to overcome this battle. I just hope, jet lag won't ever affect to me right now, either I won't be drown in the other space.

Note: Imbuing ghost-like collision, is the ability of Medou to disembodied other objects in a certain duration, yet it retains the objects' image.

"You've impressed me, little one," has said by the eyes-closed old man, still wouldn't move or just turn around from his current position. "I suppose, I give you a hint.

"Killing the prince, shall give your queen the answer of her current problems. I know the current state of our problems; I have many of informants allover the castle, their loyalty affix to me. I already live two centuries, so I have met the two previous queens; and I know everything about the queen, the third one that I had met, the mother of our current queen. So little one, why are you challenging me?"

Maritis responds, "A mere criminal trying to help the kingdom, what the hell." She hears the old man loudly laughs. "I'm here to have your head and present it to my queen."

This old man turns and faces Maritis. "Since, you have at least a tiny chance of winning. As pity, I'll accept your challenge. I am Eladin Ka Novah, a sprit. I'll be your opponent. Entertain me little one.”  

Sprit, they are norims gifted with strength, psychic, and spirit; and can live centuries.


Battle(s) must have conversation(s)

along by reason(s) of important(s)

for all can accept the outcome(s)


57: 04S030203 A Failure Approach
04S030203 A Failure Approach

Continue of Flashback—

Somewhere near the center of southeastern region, the mountain Mount Ma Eling, of its downhill area; a shrine built by the Lightning Clan is casually used more than centuries have past for meditation. And now the shrine is frequently used as inside; with no clothes on her body, sitting floating in the air with feet each below her each opposite leg, her hands unite above her groin, and her eyes still close; Aminette, the mother of Kilie, continually meditates.


To the southeastward from the shrine, across the narrow plain, and to the northern part of the Deep Forest, inside the cave where the ongoing battle between Maritis and Eladin takes place.

This is difficult. It's my first time to hear such a thing. He? has alive in two centuries? His experience cannot be underestimate then, has thought by Maritis. "Don't tell me that those two won't be joining." 

"Don't fear little one. You are dead serious with your task, so I play along. I start then." The eyes-closed old man dashes.

Maritis appears above behind the eyes-closed old man; unexpectedly, in the air while staring back at her, this old man slantingly lies floating moving backward to the same direction that Maritis has seen him when he has started to dash. Maritis thinks, what the hell!

The eyes-closed old man points his fingers to Maritis.

Maritis holds her breathe, disembodying her body into ghost-like collision; then she disappears. She appears as she lands in the ground. She takes breathe and she stares at the approaching opponent. She thinks, He can fly and change course in the air? ... Shit, imbuing myself with ghost collision sure risky; I need air. I-? can't- move- my- body? ... Shit...

This old man lands and walks in the ground, while his palm and fingers are gripping the air to the direction where Maritis is. "As. I. said, know your opponent little one."

I'm going to die like this. No! No! Not like this!

A woman voice echoes on Maritis' mind, Maritis, my dear?

Ma- Mother?


Whe- where are you?

I'm in the shrine. Anyway, you have no chance of winning against your opponent; so, leave. I'll imprison them myself.

The old man, his hand he holds to Maritis head, and he speaks, "You really shouldn't challenge me, little one." This old man's hand curls and goes inside to Maritis head; he can't touch anything.

Maritis raises his hand showing her thumb facing down.

Trying to breathe some air while getting insulted, this old man fills of curiosity.

Maritis disappears.

As the old man can feel and inhale the air, he gazes at his subordinates. "Chase! her!" Some walls tremble and the narrow pathway’s ceiling of the cave grumbles. The shuttered parts of the ceiling block the long exit. The old man yells, "Curse you! How dare you disrupt my plan! The daughter of my bloodline is the answer! She is the strongest! I'm trying to awake her!"

Maritis has reached outside the cave. She quickly notices the open empty wooden cells. Her companions having conversation above the tree, in the branch, she also sees. Finally the stink odor of blood of the dead reaches her nostril. She loudly speaks, "How's your work?"

One of her startled companions, a thin tall nerdy guy speaks, "Some leftovers have managed to escape. How about you?"

"I failed; but, this cave would be their prison. I have to rest, and we'll chase the others afterwards."


Success demonstrates the struggle.

Failure proposes the viable ways.

We all do lifehack patiently.


58: 04S030204 Maritis to report
04S030204 Maritis to report

Continue of Flashback—

In the approaching evening, in the Sharp Tower’s chamber, the bedchamber of Sai Mea; sitting on her bed while her hand reaches her coffee. She drinks, and she puts down on the table. She glances at the scribbles of the open tome’s page. Heaven, what— She sighs.  —What can I do to help my sister? Please, open my understanding about this matter …

Uh … this is a headache. I wish those previous scholars wrote this book in complete details. It’s too vague. They had missed plenty of important details at all! She closes the tome and to only find, kneeling in both knees, Maritis grounds her both hands and bows herself. “What’s with the honorific? I don’t need such a thing, remember?” has reminded by Sai Mea.

Maritis leans her forehead to the floor, closing her eyes. “Forgive me … My master! I’ve failed!”

This Sai Mea finds it amusing, “What, did you say?”

“I’ve. I’ve failed my tasked!”

“No, the first thing you say.”

“… Forgive me. My … mas-ter?”

Oh, this is interesting. “Won’t you say it again?”

A tiny logic twinkles to Maritis mind, this Maritis sits and cries. “Please, don’t joke around. I can’t face my highness if she’ll hear me failed. I’m begging you to help me.”

“I really love to hear those words, y’know?”

This Maritis walks with her knees and she hugs Sai Mea’s legs; she then buries her face between Sai Mea’s thighs.  

“Hey, ha ha ha, hey, stop! This is weird, what are you doing! Cease this at once!” has yelled by Sai Mea, struggling and trying to push Maritis who continues humming. “No! Stop! This is embarrassing, someone could see us!”

“I won’t, not till you forgive me and help me.”

“O–okay, okay.” Intently, Sai Mea stares; as Maritis does back. “She has told you to comeback in one piece, so it’s find. Give me the details instead.” In Maritis’ delight, she jumps and hugs Sai Mea on the waists and she hums. “Please, ha ha ha, stop acting like a child. You’re, you’re like a scared cat when you’ve failed. Ha ha ha.”

—End of Flashback


No matter what outcomes result

Must be honest and be prepared

We have nothing to be afraid 

59: 04S030301 Hell of his daily life
04S030301 Hell of his daily life

Back to the present, after Jaino has walked away and Criselia and Jesifer have had conversation—


By the time the argument between Criselia and the tavern’s owner about Criselia’s suggestion has ended; now inside the tavern, the jolly melody—    with grand atmospheric tune that syllabically raises and falls along with lively, high, and peachy voice of Criselia as she sings    —attracts many attentions.

This, lady Criselia, swirls, sways, as her body goes on interpreting the music.

The audiences—     on their table; some swings up their fingers, some claps their hands and some to their laps or tables    —are following and has carried by the music.

For the meantime, the helpless Jesifer—    sitting on her chair while staring on her table with rice, roast meats, and sweet-and-sour succulent fruits    —has unable to contradict Criselia’s subjugated way of communication.        The smell from the hot rice reaches her nostrils along with the smell of well sliced of juicy meat.        Her belly aches and slowly growls. Her eyes scan to any person if someone has noticed the noise while the silver fork she deliberately stabs to a piece of meat. She then bites it; her eyes are in tears. She thinks, This is tasty … But … can I really eat all of this?


Far outside the tavern, into the busy market of Jelfyr; wearing hooded cloak, a man—    standing at the tip of the middle of the edge of rooftop of four storey building    —gazes down at the not-so-crowd of busy people. Boss, it’s nice to see you back. My very best is to return what I’d received, considering you’re to avoid five envious. His name is Krispen Daatibo.


In the middle of eastern part of Jelfyr Kingdom, inside the quarter of the Military Building, attired of decent white military garment, the old man, Second General Tiz Mig commands the soldier to let the messenger enter the room.

The messenger speaks, “Sire, I’m a man of your son. We have located Third General Jaino. However, Main Exceptional General’s findings still give us no solid evidence against Third General.”

“What about my son? Does he had any decision?”

“I heard him said, to must lay in waiting until the right time.”

“This is quite a fuzz.”    —We’re dealing a person of the Lightning Clan. If it’s not the son of the previous Third General, I won’t involve myself to this matter—    “Now and then, keep me inform as possible. I myself wanna know the truth about this conflict.”

“Gladly, sir!”


Back to the market, inside the room of the two storey building, a man—    along with his three companions; a female and two men    —observes the crowd. His name is Hoven Mig; he speaks, “After many days of your hiding, now I’m near to have the status supposed to be mine.

“Cris, inform Maakin about Jaino’s appearance. It’s nice to have follow up if this operation will fail.”  

The female replies, “Aye sir!” And the female leaves the room.


Crossing to the not-so crowd of busy people, Jaino sees Zahamara having a conversation with the soldier on the table. The scrambled files on top of the table send Jaino curious as well as the bunch of seats with few armed people. There are also some soldiers deployed around the area.

Zahamara speaks, “How long will we fill the new set of contenders?”

“I don’t even know, either sir,” has replied by the soldier, “They’re barely in numbers these days. If we reduce the edge of requirements limit; those no title and those students can join. Why not?”

“Sigh… The request for approval is pending on the council. We just hope for the best—”

“Father…” has said by Jaino.

“Oh … son.” And Zahamara smiles. His arm he wraps to Jaino’s neck. “It has been a quite while that I haven’t see your face. Where were you appointed?”

Jaino’s face turns sad. “Soldier, may I barrow your sword?”

“Oh, I’ve forgotten to introduce you,” Zahamara has said as he faces the soldier. “This is my son, Jaino. Why not, salute him at your leisure.”

The soldier has stand up, and he places three fingers above his eye. “Sir, I’m Colonel Hasus Fedel, one of General Zahamara’s men—”

In the midst of introducing, a man, who has dashed from the crowd of people, is heading to Jaino. Unsheathing his sword, this man thinks, Sound like they haven’t notice. Obviously, happiness is an easy job with high wages.

 “—It’s an honor to have met—”

“Please lend me your sword. That’s all I want.”

As the approaching man stops near behind Jaino and lowers his sword below his left ground; he then slantingly swings up his sword.  People around the area, who have witness the man, have unable to response.


60: 04S030302 Zahamara's Request
04S030302 Zahamara's Request

Wearing hooded cloak, the man, Krispen Daatibo, standing before onto the rooftop of four storey building, has blocked the attack by his sword. Then he has landed with one foot and he uses his other as he kicks the assailant to the face. He then revolves in the air as he uses the other foot as follow up and he straightly kicks the man sending that man flying whirling in the air. The man, in hooded cloak, lands standing while the assailant rolls uncontrollably in the ground. “Long time no see! boss!” the man has said to Jaino.

An arrow has drawn and loosen at focus to Jaino as it consecutively follows by another arrows from different people in different locations. At the same time Jaino has yelled, “Krispen, Wind Shattering Barrier!”

Carrying dust, few leaves, and thin sands, a wind revolves around these Jaino, the man in hooded cloak, the colonel, and Zahamara. “In time boss!” has said by Krispen. Those approaching arrows--    while reaching near to the target, Jaino    --have been carried by the wind; and they suddenly break to pieces and violently scatter to any course; heading into the ground, air, and anywhere. As then the wind disappears. Those who has released the arrows fight back to the approaching soldiers. This disturbs the civilians running all over the place to get away.

“Long time no see, Krispen,” has replied by Jaino as he has forcefully robbed Zahamara’s colonel’s sword. “How do you know I’ve returned?”

“Taila has been watching you with her ability when you had left Jelfyr.”

“Is that so?” Damn.

They’re so protective.

Now, I know why Amono was in the forest.

Shit, my heart is aching. I’ve to finish this fast. “Let’s talk later.”

Some of the soldiers, deployed, are killed by unknown armed people. Along of the armed people setting on the seats before and now lending their strength for free, some of the soldiers fight back for revenge for their companions.

Zahamara’s colonel speaks to Jaino, “Let me handle this for you sir—” Yet he has hindered by Zahamara’s hand.

Zahamara speaks, “Son, my men are free of use for you.”

Jaino nods and smiles. “Father… Thanks…

“Colonel, I leave the safety of civilians, soldiers, and the others to you.


And Krispen nods back to Jaino.

“—watch my back.”

“Aye, sir!”

61: 04S030303 Twisted Interrogation
04S030303 Twisted Interrogation

Twisted Interrogation

Back in the room of two storey building, the son of Second General Tiz Mig, named Hoven Mig, watches Jaino walking heading to the assailant. He speaks, “You had told me that he is alone; how comes he’s aware at the operation?

“And why is it, that guy is over there. Explain this.”

One of the men replies, “Sir, I don’t know which guy you mean about. But sir, we’d discovered Jaino while he had a fight against a woman. And while we’d stalked; as we can recall, he had no such conversation related to this rushed operation.”

“Is that-- so?


“Inform the remaining archer to attack one by one,” has said by Hoven, going to the exit. “We must leave before our presence will be noticed.

“A new plan must be prepared.”


Back down to where the assailant struggles due to his body in pain as he regains consciousness. He pushes up his body from the ground and he shakes his head. The stunned and heavy condition of his head gives him a blurred images. A tip of sheeny blade of sword lies near his eyes. His eyes wander to only see the wielder, Jaino, who speaks,

“How much had they pay to you?”

The assailant thinks, I am screwed.


That's remind me. His voice shows his incapability. He spits out to the ground. The pain on his swollen reddish purple cheek, the rashes on some part of his face and elbows, and the pain on some part of his body demand him to rest. His hand wanders behind his waistline and he grabs the handle of the sheathed dagger. He replies, “Fitted for the life to be buried in ground.” He grins. The upper part of a leather sandal worn by Jaino claps on his cheek as Jaino kicks him.

With his rage, Jaino swings down his kick, knocking the face of the assailant to the ground. This gives Jaino a bit of ease on his heart. But as he can hears the agony of people around, the gripping pain on his heart is tightening. He closes his eyes and lifts his head. He palms to his left chest. His face deforms while he tries to resist the pain.


Zahamara's colonel-- who has managed to lead the soldiers in suppression of Jaino's attackers --commands some soldiers to pursue those who escape.

Those armed people-- who had lend their strength --assist; tending the wounded, restraining securely those alive attackers, and filing separately the dead bodies of both sides.

While escaping, those attackers being pursuit -- some of them cripples some civilians and some others kills some civilians --diverts the attention of the pursuing soldiers.



Unable to resist the pain, Jaino cries, yelling loudly from the pain he has unable to bear. This attracts, confuses the attention of anyone's around. Zahamara is wondering. And Krispen becomes worried.



After crawling out in different rooftops, one of those archers fires an arrow. Krispen, who has quickly noticed, shatters the arrow. Another arrow has fired from different direction and Kripen does his job. This is damn.

They keep me busy. I can't suppress at least one of them.


The assailant pushes up his body. This is my--chance! He unsheathes his dagger and attacks Jaino as he yells, “Go to hell bullshit! I'm above you!”


A loud collision of two metals briefly echoes and the dagger rings and rolls in the ground.

Trying to resist the shaking of his body and the pain of his heart, Jaino speaks, “For Krispen unable to suppress your body, you are a sorse. It means, we are equal in potentiality.” He lowers his sword. “I tell you what. I'll pay you double, fitted for a life to be spared. Where is he?

“Your boss is weak anyway; can't do the job on his own.”

“What?” The assailant laughs loudly. “I only care with the pay. But, I'll be honest. Never once I see the client either know where he is.” He spits out some blood again.


Those archers consecutively fall down from the rooftops. People-- with crossbow on their arm --emerge; they are the castle guards. The commander from the front line before-- who should suppose to fight against Lladamak --heads near to Zahamara. They talk.


Jaino speaks to his assailant, “Surrender yourself with the soldiers. Tell them you want to rehabilitate. I have a program runs by one of my member. Until then your reward is yours. Return to being citizen.” Using other people to hire someone for the dirty job. He sighs.

Bloods circulates fast allover his vain; this assailant grabs a very short knife from his pocket below his buttock as he attacks. “Bullshit, don't overrule me!”

Jaino manages to grab his assailant's hand, holding the knife. He then diverts the approaching swing. His foot he sweeps to his assailant's shin, resulting for his assailant to fall face down in the ground. He then stomps the assailant's hand as that hand has let go the knife. Jaino kicks away the knife and he speaks, “Look at yourself. How do you intended to survive the mercenary life with this kind of talent you have.

“Soldiers!” --and one of the soldier goes near-- “Another one?” --and some of the soldiers pushes someone as volunteer-- “You two take care this for me.” After the assailant has been dragged away, this Jaino stabs the sword in the ground and he sits. His eyes produce tears.


“Krispen ... how many people must die because of me?

“This is the third time I've been attacked. Why must the prince won't hear my request. With this shit means he rejected my request again. I even feed them me neglecting to duty. Me in the job brings foul images in the leagues of these races.”


“Look, I need to maintain the relationship of the clans.--public images, our duty, and those jealousies. And I have my own personal problems.”

“Boss... we of your members have our life shaped. You shape our life. We follow your ideals wherever you go. You've done plenty to us, even when you hadn't yet succeeded the third seat.

“Stay to what you believe. We shall guard you, boss. Until you can accept our proposal, we will guard you. Even if these problems, we'll be over.

“About you neglecting your duty, we members are part of yours. We keep doing the daily tasks.”

“Damn, you've reminded me about the other weight on my shoulder.”

“Forgive me from overhearing your conversation,” has said by Zahamara, walking near to Jaino. “Son ... it seems that I have become a burden to your job.”

“No father. Maybe--it's just my fate; a test to be overcome.”

Zahamara's lifts his head and he stares at the sky. “It's very quick. You've grown. I must say, create your goal, son. You are, free.” He puts his hand to his shoulder. “There are times that we can't do everything. And there are times that we are the key. Don't burden yourself with our clan. Someone is already inheriting the task. Do what you've believed right.”

This Jaino gazes at the ground and he mumbles, “Create my goal, huh? Taila had told me the same thing.”

“I'll take care the rest. I excuse myself,” has said by Zahamara, heading to the busy colonel.



62: 04S030304 Hello My Mentor
04S030304 Hello My Mentor

Hello My Mentor

While carrying the wooden sword, a twin tails haired teen girl, wearing a pink belted whole dress, happy as she runs fast crossing in the path of crowd of people.


Sword stance

      Evade or block and strike


      Deflect, return, evac(aute)


      Swing and thrust


He he he, Isn't it nice?Avoiding and looking for ways in the traffic of people, with the interval of her feet she brakes, rotates, and hops, and hops and rotates and hops. After landing with one foot--

“Whoa there, missy! Whoa there!” has complained by a man, avoiding to get a bump. Also the rest of the people are displeased.

--she dashes as she continues to her destination.

- - -

While dragging Jesifer, holding Jesifer's wrist, and carrying Jesifer's giant blade with ease; each time they appear and disappear in the air above the rooftops on different building, Criselia replies, “Okay! off to that tower!”

Jesifer complains, “Take easy on me! I've just finished my meal! And, I'm having a jet lag! And it's hard to breathe well!”

“I'm expecting some good dress from you! okay?”

“Please! Why won't you hear me--” She vomits and the contents rain down.

“Aye! Let's make there fast then!”

My goodness! Someone please, enlighten her!

- - -

Meanwhile, into the northwestern part of the wide island, into the Crewtner Village, that has suffering near to desolation--


After visiting the most afflicted villages, including Falhand, Senear, and Benton; the prince, Raume Rosarok, assists in instructing and supervising the soldiers who are working in the continuing reconstruction of houses for the unfortunate villagers in Crewtner Village. His appearance does well in lifting out the spirit of the survivors, which however he's unable to take notice due to his busy state; helping, giving assistance, and serving his people in behalf of his sister.

Along his escorts, he heads back to the military camp, full of tents, and outside his tent, a soldier bows. The soldier growls as he speaks, “My highness, someone is waiting in your quarter.”

“Soldier ... thanks for informing me,” has replied by Raume.

“It's my pleasure, my highness.”


The prince goes inside the tent and he finds a woman, attired of golden clothes, who has quickly kneels down. She speaks, “I'm one of the Royal Squad. I'm here on behalf of my sister to follow up the resignation request of the Third General.”

The prince walks to his table and he sits. He leans onto backrest and he pushes forward the table. He then lies his feet above the table and he stares at the tent's ceiling. He inhales … And he exhales. He stares at the exit of the tent.

Silent as the woman gazes down.

“Please be seated.

“And don't offer your body to me. I'm not interested with your culture.”

The woman obeys and she sits onto the seat near the table.

“This is my reigning in behalf of my sister. My father's doctrine had already over after his death. So let's change everything for morality.

“I don't want to lose some of my best men. And you think your clan can produce the same person in the seat?”

“If you'll hear his voice, the third General will offer his lineage to my clan.”

“And that will take nineteen years. I need more capable men right now.”

“My highness...


“My highness, right now via telepathy, my sister informs me that the third General has attempted by the third time assassination.”

“Still alive, huh?”


“Then, good.”

“And the General's subordinates have five leading perpetrators.”


“The first is you.

“She says, you and the third General hate each other.”

“Yeah. I hate him too much that I want him die with the service. But, his life has low cause for me to assassinate him but high if lost. He's one of my best men.

“And to hate him is personal.”

“My highness...”

“Explain the rest.”

“Yes, my highness...”

- - -

Back to where Jaino currently sits while staring at the sword, standing while its tip has dug in the ground.

Krispen speaks, “So, what to do now, boss?”


“Hey, stop! This place is under for investigation!” has yelled by one of the soldiers, chasing a twin tails haired teen girl wielding a wooden sword.

This missy points his hand to the ground and she yells back, “Look! a hole in the ground!”

Those soldiers brake yet some tumbles in the ground.


Jaino thinks, That girl. “Hey, Ritzel, why are you here!” has yelled by Jaino.

This teen girl smiles back and poses her stance. She dashes heading to Jaino. Unfortunately her body flies without her control and lands standing near to Jaino. As she can regain control, Krispen speaks,

“Child, show respect to people above your age.”

“Tch,” has mumbled by the missy. She hugs Jaino, in the head suffocating with her developing breasts. “I miss you, my mentor.”

“Ritz, stop. Everyone can misinterpret us.”

Krispen follows, “Boss, Pedophile?”

“Shut up, Krispen!” has replied by Jaino, as he has stood up while carrying the missy on his shoulder.

“Put me, put me down! You pervert!”

Jaino puts down the missy and he speaks, “Where are you going?”

This missy mumbles, “Why did he put me down?” Each of her fists she puts onto each of her own waist. “You are called in the Proving Ground.”

“How do you know I'm here?”

“I'm just running an errand.”

With her four bodyguards, Sai Mea also stops and stares at Jaino who stares back. “Good thing you survive the attack.” This Sai Mea notices the missy, who also stares back, and holds Jaino's hand. “Pedophile,” she has said to Jaino.

“Shut up! She's just my average student!”

Very painful on her heart, this missy covers her face. I'm just an average student! No!

63: 04 03 04 01 Chapter's Prelude
04 03 04 01 Chapter's Prelude

"Father … I be going," has said by Jaino to Zahamara.

"Won't you wait the result of investigation?"

"The evidences do just fine. Colonel?" He steals the colonel's attention. "—You're more capable than me."

"No, sire! I anticipate the situa—" He salutes while Jaino salutes. "—tion."

"I leave my father to your care."

"Aye sire!"

Then Jaino, Krispen, and Ritzel walk departing the place.

Zahamara speaks, "Colonel, we are now involve to his problems. Someone will probably attack us." His eyes wander to see Sai Mea scrutinizing the convicts, retrained by armed people and the soldiers.

"I won't allow such a thing, sire."

"Seem like you have forgotten our virtue."

"To citizen first afore thyself. But, I can't let you gone before I'll mature in the service."

"You won't be matured until you'll stand in your own. But, do what you like."

While searching for connectivity, Sai Mea thinks, This is hard. If these people are mercenaries; then, they are not the opponents of my dear, Maritis. … I guess I should tighten the security of the kingdom and the tower. She walks heading to the castle guards' commander along by some of the busy soldiers.

64: 04 03 04 02 Cally Haulicrity
04 03 04 02 Cally Haulicrity


HH: Human's Height

HP: Human's Physical

01 Name: Cally Haulicrity

02 Female: Grown 36-47

02 Hair: Female Short Hair

02 HH: Above average

02 Turn back to HP: Young

03 Being treated as Norim

10 Her son Jaino Diarke


Crodanadal Forest

-A huge forest located to the eastward of Mt. Ma Eling and to the northwestward of Jelfyr Kingdom.

Crodanadal Villa

-Located in the center of Crodanadal Forest.

-Home of the Lightning Clan.


-They are norims which existent unknown to the current civilization of Dandia.

Cally Haulicrity

Located to the northwestward of Jelfyr Kingdom is the forest named Crodanadal. Situated on its center, its villa homes of the Lightning Clan.

Laying in waiting above the trees rooted in both sides of the pathway linking in the villa's exit, the masked and fully cloaked people stare at, on the pathway walking, the strictness beauty carrying basket containing a towering launch boxes.

"Should we ask that woman, boss?"

The beauty stops and smiles. She asks, "Is there something wrong?"

The masked man has stood and he replies, "Have you known a woman named Cally Haulicrity?"


"that's me."

Drawing his sword, he then stabs the ground. "Woman, I have asked politely. Give me a reliable answer. You can say 'no' if you don't know any—"

The beauty smiles.

"—She's a mother of Jaino, currently the third General. I expect of a right answer or my blade will be painted with red."

"It seems, you are in misunderstanding here.

"I have just returned into my previous self after many years from my husband death. Is that wrong?" Zooming as she suddenly emerges beside the masked man. She grabs his wrist and she walks behind him as she clips the masked man's arm on his back. "I can't guess the way my son does. But I ask, what need you with me?

This woman is strong. "Assistance!"

Hiding in the leaves above the trees, one of the masked men looses an arrow. The beauty has quickly walked backward as the arrow digs in the ground. Bloods are scattered into the ground from the swinging arm's teres, and it paints the beauty's long skirt with red.

The horrifying sight is so overwhelming as the masked man screams from the lost of his arm. He stares at the beauty who smiles back cunningly terrifyingly.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She lifts up the arm and she smells the blood in the teres while some blood paints on her dress. She drops it. "You awaken my old lust.

"Do you know when hidly is in pain, they will smash anything to relieve the pain. And if they have matured, the pain becomes their bodily pleasure."

This person is dangerous. She must be killed. "Kill her!"

The masked and cloaked people jump down from the trees. Preparing their weapons, some of them runs approaching the beauty. Others use bow to fire some arrows.

"Nice entertainment. I gladly enjoy this," she has said while each time she has evaded someone's attack and knocked down some assailants as well as killing them.

Some of the opponents have missed their target and killed their allies instead.

She catches an arrows and she stabs it to another opponent's face. She robs that opponent's sword and she slashes that person. And she throws that sword to the bow user who has unable to evaded.

The masked man, who has lost his armed, has missed his attack as the beauty swings back his own sword to his forehead.

The beauty robs and draws the sword from the masked man's forehead and she throws it to the last bow user who has unable to evaded.

The last masked person— alive —kneels and leans his forehead to his hands above the ground. "Please, spare me. I only took this job, due to my father's debt. My family income isn't enough to feed my siblings anymore. Please, I hope you could hear me. Please..." He sobs.

The beauty smiles. "Why were you searching me?"

"You've killed my boss... I don't know any information about this. I'm just a low member."


"Very well. I can't blame you since this job pays well. Bury these people and I hope this enlighten your path. Take this as a lesson." She walks as she continues to her destination.

"I will. Thank you." The man seats while he wipes his tears. I won't forget this. Thank you.

65: [s04-03-12] The New Father
[s04-03-12] The New Father

While those three, Jaino, Krispen, and Ritzel walk on the path heading to the JK Academy, Ritzel persistently won't stop clinging on Jaino's left arm. Some people find them as inappropriate couple while Krispen does too.

“I said, stop clinging Ritzel, people may found as weird.”

“Nah, you really didn't miss me, do you?—”    Jaino just smiles back at her.    “—You even forget to kiss me on the head!”

He sighs. “Then how's your day being a student teacher?”

“It's fine. The students all want to see you—no!

“Not that, not that. I already give you plenty of hints, why can't you realize it?”

What is this child talking about... Something suddenly comes to his mind. He suddenly grabs Ritzel's shoulders. “You've finally received the result of petition?”    The missy nods.    “So you didn't receive the Lightning as family name?”   

She nods again, and she mumbles, “I am now Ritzel Diarke. I was also surprised to know you for real. I can't believe but I'm fine, as long as you become my—”

Jaino hugs her. “I can't say that you're still a child. And I won't say it. You act so independent. Your talent is already equal to those accomplished people. You'd been with your mother on her assassination business before right?”

She nods while she mumbles, “Aye.”

“You're a too patient child. I allow you to use your Medou ability now. After this day, stay in my Military Building. Until I'll give you your final exam, you cannot begin for your dream.”    She nods again.    After Jaino has stood, he pats her head.

She speaks, “Can I now call you, father? It's written there...    Or, I will call you a womanizer instead.    You know I'm also a spectator of what you and mother done in the ritual.” She smiles tauntingly.

This mischievous child... has thought by Jaino. “I'm not onto widow woman, you hear? But you can call me to what you like then.”

A warm sensation wraps softly on  her heart, Ritzel clings to Jaino's arm. “Then why you and mother did those, eh?”

This is... I don't have anything to speak, Jaino has thought.

They walk again. Then Krispen asks, “Boss, this girl is Taila's child?”

“I'm not a child! Call me Ritzel! Ritzel, you hear?”

“Yes Krispen,” has replied by Jaino. “She is...”

“By the why boss.”


“That sword isn't yours.”

“I like the design and I'll return it later.”



Meanwhile on Kilie's office, Miera, who's wrapping the envelops, speaks, “Jezz Kilie, it's nearing to sunset now.    You see, it's more than a day, our three branches haven't send their reports. How about we'll inquire the AGAO. We need to confirm our messengers' safety.”

Note: AGAO means, Area Generals Association Office.


Kilie, who is lying in the table, stands. She walks while she speaks, “Ugh... Meda is on her way there.  I've told her earlier.

“Her delay means a bad premonition to us.” She holds her head while she opens the door to the restroom. My head is heavy. I wanna rest. Her stomach wants to eject something, but she resists not wanting for Meria to witness. Forgetting to lock the door after she has entered, she walks fast heading to the washbasin; then she vomits her very dissolved launch. Her eyes are in tears. Her fingers bury on her hair as she rakes them until behind her neck. And she watches her face in the mirror. She closes her eyes. The door creaks as it's being opened, and she sees Miera who enters. They stare each other.

Kilie stares at below the mirror; and finally, she speaks, “You already know that this is my duty as a daughter of the clan.  He and me can't be marry.”

Meira comments, “Oh, so that's the reason then? Not be caused you treat him as brother?”

“He may be not in blood, but I treat him as brother in soul. You want me die like his previous wife before? ”

“Sigh, I say, you're stamping his pride... Jaino is a good man. He'll take responsibility for this.”

“Then he shall work back on his duty!” Kilie suddenly feels dizzy.

Meira catches Kilie on her arms. Aiding her to stand, she helps  Kilie to walk until they reach back inside the office.

A lady wearing flowing dress has entered from the office exit and she asks Miera what happens. They chat as they lie Kilie on the sofa. And the lady wearing a flowing dress reports to Meira about the state of the three branches.



In the market area where Zahamara and the castle guard's commander continue their investigation. Zahamara's colonel speaks to Zahamara, “Sir, my sword.”

“You can request something new.”

“But that was my family heirloom.” He wants to cry.

“Pray it to above that its shape remains.”

Oh my goodness, I'm hopeless.

66: [s04-03-13] The Mournful Sorrow
[s04-03-13] The Mournful Sorrow


On Jesifer's chamber in the sharp tall tower of Jelfyr. After Criselia and Jesifer have bathed and Jesifer has finished dressing her royal dress:    Due to Criselia's perverted attitude, Jesifer, the queen sometimes, wonders if Criselia can able to cure Yaume, the lil sis of Sai Mea. She just gazes at Criselia currently picking some soft cotton whole dresses on the wardrobe while the four maids are standing on the left side.

“I choose this one and this one,” has said by Criselia. “But, it's sadden me to find out you weren't wearing them.”

It's like she own those... has thought by Jesifer. “I'm not fashionable person. Most of those are gifts and souvenirs of people who wanted something in return.” She gasps.

“Jesifer, want to see me dressing?” has asked by Criselia.

Jesifer denies, “Don't compare me to you. I don't have any foul thoughts.” Two of the maids help Criselia in wearing the dress. The other two prepare some cosmetics but Criselia rejects their offer so they pouch the other dress instead.

“But, I like your moans,” has said by Cresilia.

Suddenly blushing, she gazes away from Cresilia. “Please, shut up.” Most of the maids chuckle. She asks, “You won't fail me, right?”

“For making you moans?”

Flustered as she is, Jesifer replies, “I'm talking about Yaume.”

Criselia smiles. She stares pleasantly at Jesifer. “So long as those physicians won't do unnecessary gamble.”

“My crew has probably informed them.”

“I see … But I'm wondering of why there are plenty of guards on the tower. Why is it irregular from earlier?”    Her reaction causes Jesifer to think.    Criselia loudly speaks to someone, “Please, do not be afraid. I know you are there. Woman in black suit seems like we meet again.”

Trembling as she emerges behind of Jesifer, Maritis waves her hand to Criselia. “Hi, you probably mistaken me for someone.” How comes she discovered my hiding. And why she is here on the first place.

Jesifer speaks, “You have come back. Why have not you tell me about her?”

Trembling in fear, the woman in black suit closes her eyes with her face of salty smile. “My highness... I    don't    know    her.”

“Liar, liar,” has labeled by Criselia. “She tried to seduce my poor Jiano that time.”

This Jesifer stares at Maritis who replies, “I'm telling the truth. Please, believe me.    My highness...” She kneels one knee and her head bows down.

“Won't you forgive her?” has asked by Jesifer to Criselia who smiles back. Then she asks Maritis, “How's Yuame?”

“My highness, those physicians have come and are waiting and will watch to how the patient could be treated. And Yaume is still in deep sleep. Yaume's father is under too much concerned on  Yaume and his wife—” She just sees Jesifer who is silent. “—my highness...”

Jesifer says to Criselia, “Let's be off there now?”

Criselia has stood and she throws the pouch to Maritis who has caught it. She grabs Jesifer's arm and Maritis arm. Her face ogles near to Maritis face. “I can read mind if you allow me.” Her words frighten and tremble Maritis. “Think where this Yaume lives.”

Afraid as she is, Maritis wonders; and suddenly the three of them disappear.



In Amahaon Residence, in the house of Sai Mea's Family; in the wide living room where walls are varnished of golden-brown and fastened with frames of people of previous generations, while the flowers on their stands beside the corners columns and long cushions seat where two chatting maids are resting:    Criselia and the two under jet lag—    Jesifer, and Maritis    —walk in the red-carpeted pathway, leading to a staircase with two intersected stairs, in the right and left.

The father of Yaume feels relieved when someone has informed him about a person can cure her daughter. The news makes him haste to his daughter's room where different kind of physicians, scholars, and herbalists are gathered. His ease emotion ends when he hears inside the room the vulgar laugh of a woman, Criselia, followed by the low criticizing murmur of old people.

“So, that how it is.” Then Criselia chuckles.


Much of the people find Criselia's attitude inappropriate in front of Jesifer, the queen. To his concerned, Yaume's father asks the physicians, “Who is she?    And what's with this ruckus?”

“Sir Duego,” has replied by a white beard fat man. “She's supposed to cure your child.”


“What is so funny?” has asked by Jesifer to Criselia.

On the other side, Maritis can't bath in due to Criselia's presence suppressing herself to commit unnecessary acts.

“Forgive me,” has replied by Criselia. Her words give warned to Jesifer, who's mouth turns cold and numb, she becomes confused and her mind falls empty; she feels guilty.    “There's nothing I can do,” has followed by Criselia.

The first time that everyone around witnesses excepted Duego, Jesifer tears flow on her eyes. She's shaking. “How dare you. I'm expecting too much considering you highly assured your words. How come you do this to me! You wasted my time! I can probably find ... an other way to save Yaume. I can't forgive you!” Trying to reach Criselia, Maritis holds firmly Jesifer's wrist.

“Be at ease my highness,” has said by Maritis. “That woman means no harm. Please trust and believe whatever she says.”

“You're telling me to just accept everything.”

“My highness, even our hands had ended someone's precious. We can't be bias. Woman, please speak.”

“Thank you,” has replied by Criselia. “So everyone, let's leave Jesifer alone with the child.”

While going to the exit, one of the people speak to someone, “Well, nothing of us can do, so neither she is.” And a conversation begins.

Holding the door knob, Maritis stares at Jesifer who is gazing down while holding her endured forearm. Then she closes the door leaving Jesifer inside the room.

Guilty on her feelings, she can't think of anything, rather than remembering the smile of her beloved Yaume, her sisterly friend. She cries. She walks. And onto the bed she caresses Yaume's forehead.  Much of her tears fall onto Yaume's forehead. “This is all my fault. Only if I haven't comeback to the throne. Yaume, please open your eyes. Speak my name again. Do not leave me. You want to be a princess right?” She smiles. “It can't be help. Before I told you to not cry. Please wake up. Tell me, your highness please don't cry...    Yaume, please, I want to hear your voice again.    I already lost my father and mother, but why this is so hurt.” She lies on the bed, hugging the sleeping child while she's shaking as she cries much. “Please be awake. I can't lose you...”



Meanwhile outside the bedroom while the other people walk to the wide living room, the worried father of Yaume  grabs Criselia's wrist and he speaks with usual strong voice, “Is there no cure for my child.”

“Oh, young man,” has replied by Criselia.

“Please, do not call me young. I'm older than you. You're not blind.”

“If you say so. About your child, she isn't sick nor she's sleeping. She is also not in trauma.    Her soul isn't on her body.”

“Her soul isn't on her body? What do you mean?”

“Precisely, you people don't know about swint?”

“I'm not a researcher. I'm living a healthy and normal life. Forgive me, if I'm not intelligent like some of my family. Give me the details. I want to understand.”

“Swints are norims with more souls. Jesifer belongs to the race. Basically there are plenty of kind of souls. But in terms of swint, we will tackle two kinds. One is the major and the other is minor.”

“I'll be listening.”

“Major soul is living inside our physical body the vessel. It means, the major soul is our entity. And the other is the minor, which contains special attributes but unlike major soul, minor soul can't function as we do. Only us major soul can make them function.”

“I can't get the relation. Can you add more simple details.”

Criselia sighs. She only notices Maritis leaning near the door who's also listening. She continues, “I haven't finish. For example, there are two kind of emodes. Both are fire emode. One of them is also a swint. The differences of them are; one has a minor soul of fire and one has the tiny fragment of minor soul of fire.

“In one throw; the other, who isn't a swint, throws a fireball. And the other, who is a swint can throw five or more fireballs at one time.”

“Okay, I understand now. So how does it affect to my daughter and Jesifer.”

“Once a swint loses one of her minor soul. If they're not aware of this phenomena, they can rob the souls of their nearby love ones.”


As Maritis hears her, she also finds Duego speechless. Criselia, who are you? And why I tremble when you're near. How comes Sir. Duego speaks lightly to you.


“You mean, Jesifer has the soul of my daughter,” has replied by Duego.

“Yes, this mostly occurs when a swint loses control. And I know how to return it,” has assured by Criselia.

“Then why haven't you done it? I can give you half of my wealth.”

“Young man,    I don't need your money.”

“I'm older.” He grabs Jesifer shoulders. Please I'm begging you. Please help me return the soul of my daughter back to her body. ”

“There is some problem.”

“What?    Tell me. What is it?”

“Your child's body has occupied by a minor souls. And only minor souls can be merge to major souls. Unless its major souls to major souls. They won't merge but only occupy on one body.”

“How does it possible? My daughter isn't a swint.”

“Yes, she isn't a swint. But Jesifer is. You child's soul and Jesifer's minor soul had swapped place.”


“So, that's how is it,” has said by Maritis. “So, my highness wasn't trying to kill Yaume. But the souls were swap place instead. Sir Duego, you are also a witness that time.”


Duego gasps and he speaks to Criselia, “Woman, what will happen if major souls merge to minor souls?”

“The major soul malfunctions and shatters to many particles of souls.”

“Can we eject the minor soul instead, woman?”

“You become brighter young man. But, that's impossible. We need the authority of major soul in the same body.”

He holds his forehead. “Is there a thing we can do? Woman please tell me. I can give you anything in return. I can't accept the fact the I lost my daughter. Please, woman. I've treasured my family.”

“There is. But you need to believe and pray... For now allow Jesifer to be alone with the child.”


67: [s04-03-14] Aminette's Fear
[s04-03-14] Aminette's Fear


The sun moves down to mid afternoon.

With blood on some part of her face, dress, long skirt, and the basket that she carries —the strictness beauty, Cally Haulicrity,  mother of Jaino arrives near the shrine's gate of Mt. Ma Eling.

Three guards come out from their shed, and the worried one runs and opens the gate. He asks, “Madam, what's happened? Come quick inside the outpost. We shall treat your wounds.” Before he could touch the beauty,

she holds his shoulder and pushes him sincerely for the path then she walks. “I am fine.” She has entered the gate as the guard walks by. “I don't even have a scratch.”

“But you're covered by blood...”

“This is not my blood. The owners can be save no more—”    The guard gulps.    “—And you don't mind, tomorrow ask the Central General for assistance. We can't be sure for the surroundings safety. Is ma'am Aminette inside?”

“Yes. We've been worried. She hasn't been out since yesterday's morning to ask for cook.    It's impossible for us to come in, she's always naked.

“Aren't you a man.”

“Madam, that wasn't fun.”

“Your face tells me you've been wanting her accompany.”

“Madam, I understand my place. I have a family to live, so I respect others. Sir Zahamara has been a generous to give my family a home and protection on his villa. I've honored him.”

As they reach the door of the shrine, the strictness beauty smiles at the guard. “Forgive me for abasing your moral.”

The guard has opened the door and he replies, “Thank you for being skeptic. This keeps my resolves to tighten my courtesy.”



Inside the shrine, still floating in the air, the naked Aminette haven't move an inch.    Despite the lost vision of her eyes, her mind can see the opponents of her daughter Maritis: the eyes-closed old man and the two lususes that she has locked in the cave chamber located in the northern part of the huge jungle, Deep Forest.

Yesterday was her failure to bury them alive after the old man repelled those falling rocks back to the ceiling. Unable to hear their conversation, yet telepathy can't be a choice for their current thoughts can link for the moment. She watches the two lususes non-stop smashing their fists to another part of walls. The eyes-closed old man is probably yelling again.

Then suddenly, words whisper on her mind, I'm hungry. You're so tasty. Rumble as she suddenly falls to the floor. Her heart throbs faster. She hears the nearing rushing of foot steps and the woman voice she recognizes—    “Ma'am, what's happen? You're prostrating on the floor? Are you okay?”    —She feels relieved to hear the worried mother of Jaino. A hand, she cognizes, grabs her upper arm and another hand onto her other side waist as the woman aids her to stand.

The mother of Jaino thinks, She's trembling and her skin is cold. It's clear she hasn't sleep since yesterday.

“Ugh, Cally. I'm in shame, you see me on that state. But, yes, I'm fine. I better back to my posture before my captive can escape. Ugh... you're stink of blood.”

“I'm lucky. I manage to escape a fight. By the way, I've brought your favorite ham and steak. Sad, the Kinilaw has probably cooked on its condiment.”

Note: Kinilaw, is a food containing raw sliced of fresh fish meats soaked on its condiment (vinegar, with seasonings.).

“I love too Cally, but this is urgent. Sorry my friend. I need to concentrate.”

“I spoon you then... you agree?”

Being amuse, Aminette smiles. A vision appears where lips speak near her ears, I'm hungry. You are so tasty. Let me peel your skin. She suddenly pushes Jaino's mother as she jolts back, knocking her butts to the floor and her back to the wall. Her body is shaken. Her knees tremble. And her hearth throbs faster. She can't speak. She thinks, Argh. What's the matter with me.

The worried mother of Jaino asks, “What's the problem ma'am.    You're afraid by something. Have I hurt you?” She sees Aminette shakes her head. She goes near and holds Aminette's hands.

On Aminette's mind, she sees an unclear woman, standing in front of the vertical light, who speaks, Don't be afraid. I can help but find you tasty. I want to devour you. Let me begin with your fingers. Trying to remove Cally's hands she forcefully pushes Cally with her feet.    Not wanting to loose, Cally, the mother of Jaino keeps asking Aminette about her fear which tormenting her.    But on Aminette's mind, the mouth of a woman sucks her fingers,    and then licks her fingers,    and those teeth dig her fingers. Her loud scream has heard by the guards outside,

they respond and head inside the shrine. They find Cally carrying Aminette on her arms. “Madam, what's happened?”

“Probably the result of skipping her meals. Next time, do not let her missed even a mealtime.”

Being guilty one of the guards reasons, “But she isn't wearing anything.”

“If she attempts to temp you, resist. Don't ever let her fail her mealtime again. I won't blame you for now, but next time, you know the consequences.”

To the bedroom she goes, leaving the guards scrutinizing their mistakes.


Meanwhile outside the entrance of the cave, near the open empty wooden cells. The eyes-closed old man and the lususes have gained their escape. The old man speaks, “I don't mind if I lost most of the bandits and the captives. The business of anti-spell and healing potions can stand on its own. Let's find something to eat and proceed to kill the prince.”

68: [s04-03-15] Deduction
[s04-03-15] Deduction


Meanwhile in the military camp located outside Crewtner Village; and inside the quarter of the visiting prince, Raume, the current young prince of Jelfyr.

The woman, attired of golden clothes and also a member of the royal squad, gathers all the papers that she has written.

She speaks, “My prince.    I have finished.    Thank you for the spared time. With these, I'm ready for the deduction.”

His intense glare is so focused at her face. He glances at her breastbone and cleavage. “That takes you too long. Next time, don't waste time too much.”

“Please, forgive me my highness.”

“Well, you're a fine woman, so I wasn't bored.”

The woman stares down. “Hmmp... you're actually interested.” She smiles. Confidently, she stares back at his eyes. They stare each other.

“It's your fault.    It can't be helped. You try to seduce me.    And I have a pride.    What is your name?”

She flusters. “Forgive me my highness. I've forgotten to say. I'm Shaira Megus one of the Royal Squad. I hope you can forgive this lowly servant—”

“A fine name...”

“My, my highness.” She smiles. “You, your lust can be later. Should we proceed the deduction?”

“Go ahead. I've been waiting since earlier.”


“First of all, I remove you from the list due to your statement earlier.”

“It must.”

“So, we have four suspected people.    First the current head of Shau Clan. Although of their neutral, they have conflict relationship between the Lightning Clan.”

“That reminds me, Jaino's dead wife was the daughter of the Shau Clan? What was the caused of her death?”

“Breaking the law of her race; she was a dralk in the first place.    Her life was ended on their wedding, a tragic after their kiss.”

“It's sadden me to hear.    From where did you get this information by the way?”

“From my sister. My highness. It's better if you won't remind the Third General.”

Actually, we don't have this kind of conversation. He's too obsessed to get in touch with my sister. It always results to brawl. “You can leave it to me. Continue.”

“The conflict started when the Lightning Clan accused Shau Clan related to the illegal selling of products from the sorse blood.”

“That case isn't yet ended. It has plenty of leads so the one in task takes it slowly. It's sadden me that most of the sorses used for the evil business were dead. The protection of the race were handed to Zahamara's Clan.”

“So my highness. It is either about his dead wife or about the Lightning Clan and Shau Clan's Conflict.


“The next is Second General Tiz Mig. We don't know the reason, but he's on investigation to the conflict between Maakin  and the Third General.”

“It can't be helped. Second General Tiz Mig and the previous Third General seems like closed friends. This is about the early Sky's Rejection.

“When Sky's Rejection falls to a village, only ashes are left so there are no evidences for the previous Third General's Death. But the early Sky's Rejection that happened fourteen months ago was called by Jaino as the last Sky's Rejection. Our interrogation to the members of the Third General Division leaded us to Jaino's designed plan that managed to disable the assailant.

“But no matter how we interrogate Jaino, he won't speak anything. It's clear he has hiding something.

“Did you involved the Second General son, Hoven Mig?”


“Yes, my highness...” She sighs. “Forgive me my highness. You're quite informative than me. You're a tinker.”

“Do not sorry yourself. We need to finish this quick. I still gonna go and gift the surviving children that now don't have parents.”

“I'll help you with that my highness. After all, the JSA's bearer told me to make you use of me. I'm your bodyguard from now. Behold, my strength is nearly equal to your sister.”

“You're that strong...”

“And your words are my command.”

“I really wanna meet this leader of yours. At least once, I wanna see the face.”

“That's impossible.” She feels amused. She's been with you all the time.

The prince speaks, “Okay, let's continue. Hoven Mig was suspicious. It was my fault, but Jaino is more qualified to sit the position of Third General. And my unannounced examination that they didn't know proved his fittingness. Although Jaino proposed Hoven as inheriting, the denied proposition probably pushed Hoven to quit the division.”

“It's due to his confusion, hatred, and jealousy my highness or probably by his years of efforts.”

“How about the last accused?”


“Maakin Banal.”

“The son of previous Third General and now the owner of almost two third of JK Academy.”

“He wants the Third General to quit. He called him; unqualified, disgrace, cheater, thief, lazy, and weak.”

“He's harsher. But he has a reason.”


“My prince, my sister inform me via telepathy about the Third General has reached the JK Academy.”

“He was called in the proving ground right?”

“Yes, my highness.”

“I really hope to spectate there.”

“I can create a dimensional window for you.”

“What is that.”

The woman has stood up and she closes her eyes. Her hand she moves counterclockwise in the air. Dark smokes appear each time she stirs a round. The smokes crawl moving outwards like tree roots.

The prince stares at the smokes. And he stares at to her wrist, to her shoulder, to her breastbone, to her neck, and down to her cleavage. She really becomes more attractive.

She taps the middle of the broadening area of smokes and a wide circular white expands then it shows students gathering in the School Arena that the prince recognizes.

“It's my first time seeing this,” has asked by Raume. “How nice, we can also hear the people inside. How did you created it?”

“I and my sister are twins; a medou, a dralk. Our differences are our entities. And she's a saiyk and I'm an emode, my highness.

“Jaino requested my sister to invent his theories. After the feat, my sister taught me. It's called Dimensional Window. But it's exclusive for medou.”

“He's interesting...” He smiles. “I hope he shan't be assassinated again.”



To the Military Building in the office of Second General:    Tiz Mig has received the report of the assassination of the current Third General. Among the papers on his disk are reports of his subordinates who are currently gathering evidences in leading to perpetrators while others are stalking at Jaino for identifying Jaino's assailant.

Meanwhile General Tiz Mig's son, Hoven Mig, returns to his house. Lying in the sofa in their grand living room, his wife in waiting for him raises and walks fashionably. She says, “What's with the mad face.” She bends her stomach and leans her breasts  to his thorax and she clings her both hands behind his neck. Trying to reach her husband's lips, her lips indicate Hoven for a kiss.

Hoven replies, “I be taking back what supposed to be mine.”

“You're risking us and our son again,” and she then smiles.

“Listen, how many years I had waited for the promotion to just be stolen by some new inexperience. All of my hard works gained nothing.”

“A real man shall accept defeat, right?”

Hoven stares at his wife who gazes down.

After the long silence, she follows, “Forgive me for saying those words.

“I see, so our wealth is just a wealth. I'm just worried about me and our son. And if I annoy you more...” She sighs. “I admit I can't stop you. Just promise me you'll gain it to what we can be proud of.”

69: [s04-03-16] The Proving Ground
[s04-03-16] The Proving Ground


Almost near to sunset, at the towering gate of JK Academy, Jaino, Krispen, and Ritzel walk to the crowd of students; from children, to teens, and adults. Some of the the teen and adult students remark “bye ma'am”,  “adios”, and “good bye ma'am” to  Ritzel.

 Jaino finds a group students where a female is crying and the others comfort her. His heart throbs. Suddenly he remembers what Criselia had done while he was selecting the two options of their agreement. He seems guilty.

Ritzel speaks to one of the guards who interrogates them about the swords each carried by Jaino and Krispen, and they have their entrance to the campus. She speaks to Jaino, “Father, the guard can't recognized you.”

Receiving a gross feelings, Jaino replies, “Ritz, it sounds weird. Stop it.” 

Krispen finds it funny.

She elbows Jaino, “Eh! Why!    You said I can call you anything?”

“Allow me to adjust.” He smiles hesitantly.


In the marbled pathway along with other students they walk. Groups of students are in benches chatting. Some students are alone, probably for passing time or in waiting for someone. And outside the pathway are students practicing swordplay, others doing battle, and others in groups playing sports. Every student, who glimpses at them, finds Jaino and Krispen suspicious.

To where they are heading is a wide tall convex building. On each of its side, to the left is the three storey horizontal-long building. And on its right is a giant circular building, a covered arena.

A group of teen and adult students goes near while Jaino, Krispen, and Ritzel are heading to the Arena. One of them, an adult female speaks, “Hello ma'am cutie Ritzel? Where are you going?”

Recognizing the voice, Ritzel replies, “Oh, hi Mai. Please don't call me ma'am outside, it's weird!”

Another student speaks, “Where are you going ma'am”

Followed by another student. “Are you alright ma'am?”

“Ma'am is really cute I wanna tease her.”

While getting annoyed, Ritzel maintains her composure. In the meantime Jaino tries not to laugh. Then Krispen whispers to Jaino, “Boss, she's actually a student teacher?”

A male student speaks, “Stop it guys, stop it. Ma'am seems busy. Forgive us about that ma'am. But ma'am—“ His words annoy Ritzel more. “—which of them is your boyfriend?”

Ritzel uppercuts the male student. “Moron! This is my father. He's your real instructor!”

In both hands covering his own mouth, the male student groans, “That's hurt...”

After the surprise, the students greet Jaino, and Jaino accommodates them.

Krispen again whispers to Jaino, “Boss, I envy you. How many women you had belly knock. You're working double times.”

“Shut up, Krispen. That's nonsense.”


In a dean while going out to the door, attired of formal long sleeve and slacks, a tomboy lady is invited by a male instructor to watch the ongoing event in the stadium.  Her name is Judith Maila. She speaks, “What kind of proving,    is it    fun? If it isn't an interesting fight I'll pass.”

As they walk the hallway, the male instructor replies, “I assure you, you'll enjoy this. The examinee is quite an outstanding. Although he's just a norim, he is a prodigy in terms of Sword Basic.  And if he'll pass this exam, his reputation will step up.    The chairman has selected the most adequate examiners in the campus, the best of the best. Isn't this what you like?”

“If he struggles, that would be boooring. If he passes, poor instructors they'll eat embarrassment.”

“Judith, that is not a problem. If the examinee pass he'll be our pride.” The male instructor laughs. “It's propaganda. That could be a huge benefit.”

“Then how about if the examinee fail in preliminary, I'll take on the proving exam instead.”

“You're still attending your job interview yet. Employment here is making you eligible for participation. And the examinee is selected based on physical and intellectual potential.”

“What the hell...    Take me there...”

“My pleasure.”



Meanwhile in the president office of JK Academy, an old man, currently JK academy president Susion Wyn commands the four examiners to head on the Arena. After their exit, he follows. He thinks, This proving ground could be blooded.    Killing is fine huh? My retirement could be so soon and I hope I can escape imprisonment. Good luck on us Jaino.



There inside the wide arena, bored students are in waiting for the proving ground to begin and finish. Some instructors are chatting in the spectators area. Before entering the plain field, Ritzel speaks to Jaino, “Father,”

“Ritzel, please.”

“He he he. Take care, the students and me shall be sitting on the bench.”

Jaino sighs. I guess. Losing is not an option. I don't know what they're thinking. This is so sudden. And how would they know I've returned. They are probably related to my assailant.    I never thought my struggles are not ended. He begins stretching. “Krispen.”


“From here onward, this is my fight. You are forbidden  for creating disturbance. You don't need to lend a hand.”  

“But boss...”

“If you gain contact with Taila, both of you focus in investigation.   I can handle myself, understood?”


“You just trust me. I'm not fighting alone. I'll show you what I can do. It's time for me to awaken.”

Krispen smiles. “You always exceed to our expectation boss.” You don't know; but Taila is doing her best on investigation. But, my job is my job.



Later on: as the chairman steps in near the middle, in some distance Jaino has stood. “It's been years that I haven't seen your face. How were your days?” has asked by the chairman.

Jaino replies, “You know I'm currently in dangerous situation. I dislike involving anyone around. So let's make haste.”

“Easy, easy. Haven't you greeted by your reliever?”

“That reminds me. What's her statistic? She's outstanding right?”

“She is a more worthy and revealing a lot of potentials.    However, there's something she can't wield. The rest are more than sufficient.”

“So,    how do we proceed?”

“You're hasty. Very well.” The chairman breathes air. Then he exhales. “Since from the very beginning of our campus stood, our mentors held high to the few selected participants of the proving ground. Blessed those passers received countable rights and rewards. Among the rewards, the passers held esteem by the campus. Their dignities became our dignities, in fact the role model.”

“Public display again...”

“It's yours of what you gain, and be proud. It gives you privileges.    But forgive me if yours would be different. Quit being a general, or take this exam for your worth—” 

“That I can not allow!” has yelled by Krispen going near to Jaino. “Who are you to decide? Not even the prince accepted his resignation.”

“Krispen,  shut up.”

“But boss...”

“I want to test something and this is the best way. So allow me to do so, you hear?” He faces back at the chairman. “Now chairman, let's continue.”

“We won't hold back then.    To be fair with other passers, we will not reduce the difficulty. It means death is your failure.”

“I'm fine,” has replied by Jaino while Krispen is more worried.

“Now your examiners are the four previous passers of the proving ground including me.”


Four people step inside the Arena.    Attired of uniform formal blouse and skirt, the red-eyes and strictness beauty smiles a bit at Jaino,

who thinks, Dorresa, what kind of joke is this.

Attired of black sleeveless and jean pants, a bald muscular fat man wielding a naked broadsword on his shoulder greets, “Yow, long time no see.    I have been waiting to wreck you down with your promises. Just don't expect I'll offer a bit of mercy.” He grins. And finally he asks, “Not even a reply?”

Carrying a sheathed sword on his waistline, one among those people who have stood beside the chairman is a tall man in formal uniform and slacks. Then lastly an old man wearing a janitor attire is carrying a long handle broomstick.


The tomboyish Judith and the male instructor reach the upper watchers bench area. The male instructor speaks, “Oh, it will begin soon.” They walk near to the front seats for they can hear much of the conversation. Some students greet them and bestow them two seats.

“Why is Jaino there?” has asked by Judith.

The male instructor smiles. “Fantastic, your acquaintance? He is the chosen examinee.”

“I never expect his an instructor here.    I want to fight him.”


Back to the stage, Jaino speaks, “You know, it really doesn't matter if I fail or pass. As long as I can live to what I like.”

The chairman replies, “To have mastered all the essentials of sword basic that other of our kinds cannot, you must pass and prove yourself. This world don't need a defect prodigy like you.”

What nasty words came from a chairman of this campus, has thought by Krispen.

Jaino gasps. “I'm speechless. So if I'm a sorse, I'm just nothing but a tool of dispelling. If I'm a crewl, anyone can treat me as only livestock farmer. So being just a norim can't live life to what we like and live only as a foot soldier? This campus is still living on the old influence.    Chairman, you're old. Quite a pride and dignity you have there to make me call you stubborn.”


Gritting her teeth, Judith thinks, That's what to be Jaino. So then, I'll take my revenge on you Jaino. Your words themselves are my motivation. I can't forgive you for destroying my family. My hatred boiled me to kill you into pieces.


The chairman replies, “Say what you want, Jaino.    But, before we proceed, you can have words with the examiners.”




70: [s04-03-17] Instant Replacement
[s04-03-17] Instant Replacement


Jaino thinks, I better avoid confrontation with two of them. I need to deal with Doressa first. There's no way I can make a move with her on the field. She can immobilize me at the beginning of proving. “Doressa.” The red eyes and strictness lady stares at Jaino. “This subordinate of mine is named Krispen.”

Krispen thinks, There's something fishy with this.

And with her soft and cold voice: “And what's with it?” has replied by Doressa.

The chairman advises, “Be serious Jaino. This isn't time for mixer.” 

Jaino asks, “Give me some time. It's improper to take this proving without me prepared.”

Boss... has thought by Krispen.

“Krispen and Ms. Doressa, listen,” has said by Jaino. “Krispen has been a loyal servant of mine.    His wealth can feed eight children for ten years.”


On the upper watchers area, Judith thinks, Jaino, what kind of bullshit is this. Sitting beside her, the male instructor has face palmed while he laughs.

Along with the students sitting on the lower watchers area, Ritzel also finds it funny. And some spectators who pay attention to the conversation laughs.


Raking his hair vice versa with his hand, Krispen asks, “Boss, what are you talking about? It's exaggerating and nonsense.”

The chairman thinks, There's some hidden meaning with this conversation. I need to decode his words.

The fat man says, “Jaino, don't take time with such nonsense.”


Jaino continues, “Did you get my point?” The strictness beauty with red-eyes sharpens her ears as she gazes at Jaino's face. And everyone around focuses in listening.    “He's all yours.”

Feeling the heat on his face, showing his reddish cheeks and near to his temple's sides, Krispen reacts, “Boss! She won't bite on it!”


Now that's not very funny, has thought by Judith. Covering his eyes, the male instructor beside Judith laughs. Ritzel and with her students nearby laugh as well as those people who pay attention.


In the blink of an eye, the strictness beauty with red eyes appears near Jaino's front. They stare at each others eyes without blinking. One of the student a male states, “Look.    It begins.”


Unable to response to secure his boss safety, Krispen observes what next to happen.

Doressa says, “I believe you. I accept the offer.” Everyone around laughs except for some few. Doressa appears in front of the startled Krispen and she says, “Take care of me, it's my first time on relationship.”

Ah, my head is aching, has thought by Krispen. “Woman, you got it wrong.” Getting flustered, he looks at Jaino. “Boss, make this clear to her.”

Revealing his thumbs-up, Jaino replies, “Krispen, I can assure you she isn't tempted.”

“Did you had sleep with her?” has commented by Krispen.

The woman in red-eyes speaks, “Now, that was an insult. I can assure you. I'm not tempted. I want a loyal pair. That's all I want. Is my appearance not enough?”

Unable to find any reasons to argue, he thinks, That's not it. Well, you're a beauty. But, I can't deal with your attitude. It's awkward! “But, look this is so sudden.”

The beauty with red eyes holds Krispen hands. “See, my hands are cold and shaking. We're the same.”

Krispen's thought falls empty as the red eyes beauty reaches his lips with her lips. He thinks, I can't move my body.


Ritzel and her students clap and cheer. Others admire the new couple while others are envy. Judith thinks, I don't like this.


“What's the meaning of this Doressa,” has asked by the chairman.

“Chairman, it's clear that Jaino has bribed me. It's my defeat.”

The chairman gasps. “Now, that's personal.”

“Chairman. I believe you have something at stake with this proving. I believe it's personal. You need to make this legal.” 

The chairman sighs. “Fine.”


Now that Doressa has taken care of, has thought by Jaino.  To the bald fat man wielding a giant broadsword, Jiano says, “Bro, Tatawo.”

The bald fat man replies, “Don't ever think you can bribe me.”

This Jaino loudly asks, “Krispen, when will the weaponry shop completely build?”

“Maybe these incoming few weeks, boss.” His reply makes the bald man wonders.

“Have you find a manager?” has asked again by Jaino to Krispen.

“Boss, you said you have someone talented and appropriated to that business in order to boost our equipments.”

Becoming more worried, the bald fat man asks, “Hey, Jaino.” He kneels. “I'm just kidding. I can be bribe.”


Then on a sudden Jaino yells, “Now! Get up! Everyone distances yourselves!” Everyone notices and sees above the  air, ongoing to land, a female smashes  a giant golden hammer in the middle of the stage. The impact thunders the sound and the ground shakes. The dust covers the stages. And the giant hammer disappears. The chairman, the tall man, and the old man have distanced their selves. Doressa manages to drag away Krispen and the bald fat man. Some people are coughing. And Krispen yells, “Boss! Where are you! Using the wind due to he's unable to move his body, Krispen blows up the dust above the air.

As the dust disappears, everyone sees Jaino facing at a female, Judith, standing at the shattered flooring of the stage.

“Is that you Judith?” has asked by Jaino. “You have become a fine woman.”

Judith speaks, “Jaino, I have grown to kill you. My purpose to life is revenge on you. You're the reason I'm here right now. No matter what I did before, I could not go near or have a chance to take your life.  There were these days I thought, are you really a norim?    But, this day, this time, I have no reason to not fight you and not kill you.”

Jaino intervenes, “Judith, revenge will bring us nowhere. You are old enough to accept reality. The case of illegal anti-spell potions and illegal healing potions are big. It left plenty of sorses death. It's wrong to kill our own kind for products. Your father and mother needed to repent their sins. But they were killed instead of surrendering to my father's division.”

“I had loved you,” has reminded by Judith. “Almost as if all of your lies were true. Too late that you told me you were a spy. You think that I was blind. You killed my father and mother that time.”

“Judith...” Almost of the people around listen of their conversation.

“Yes, Jaino, I'm old enough to accept reality. But there is something that I can't deny. I live to what my heart's desire.”

He smiles. “I guess,” has agreed by Jaino. “Chairman, this woman won't hold back. Give here a privilege to become an examiner instead and a gift after her efforts.”


She's an activ. How rare, has thought by the chairman. He replies. “That's a nice offer for you Jaino.” And to the lady he speaks, “I don't know your circumstances. Lady, go ahead.”

Activ, They are norims who imbue spirits, attributes, abilities, and animation to the inanimate materials; or form's materialization or metamorphosis. And some are puppeteer.

71: [s04-03-18] Jaino vs Judith
[s04-03-18] Jaino vs Judith


In the military camp located outside Crewtner Village, to his quarter, the visiting young prince Raume, and Shaira, member of the Royal Squad, have their conversation while watching at, in the air, the dimensional window, rendering the inside stadium of JK academy.

The prince remarks, “I can't blame him. Jaino's history is broad. He made plenty of enemies when he was still a brat. However his personalities showed that everything was his decisions.” He shows his palm, informing Shaira to sit. “In my opinion, Zahamara probably wanted a son than his daughters. I wonder why Zahamara had put Jaino at risk, or allowed him...”

She obeys and sits. “His mother my highness...”

“Now that you mention it. Their escape on the Sky's Rejection a long time ago wasn't just a fluke. I was still an ignorant kid that time; probably I was still spoiled child getting worried about my sister. However, the person I tasked on gathering their tribe history records on Humanity Archives had never mention Jaino's mother's name.”

“So what do you think my highness...”

“Probably, a wife outside or unmarried.” He notices the woman sadly stares down. He smiles. “Don't push yourself. Your presence here is helpful enough.”


A soldier has entered and he speaks, “My highness, forgive me for intruding. The village's council has decided for feast on this evening in respect for the dead and survivor. They want you to take part.”

“Invite the children and the survivors.”

“They are to be informed my highness. Also survivors from Benton and Senear are  on their way here.”

“I'll be there later, thank you.”

“It's my gratitude, my highness.” He then exits the door.



On the stadium of JK Acadamy, Judith opens her hands while she runs towards Jaino, her opponent.    In a distance away of her opponent, her feet stop a moment for her hands have constructed by a metal frame until it forms a hammer on her size. Both hands she grabs the handle. She steps forward his other foot.    A pressure runs allover her body and she swings her attack.

Too late to respond on the speed of Judith, Jaino slides while the hammer swings over above his thorax and across above his face. Successfully evading the attack, he then turns his body and uses his hand as brake and balance. Quickly he has stood and he grabs his opponent's shoulder. But his opponent's released strength is unstoppable as Jaino has been dragged by the strength. He looses his grip on his opponent's shoulder, throwing him from the motion.    He rolls few times in the floor. And with the push of his elbow to the floor sends him standing. He thinks, I don't have reasons to hurt her.

The missy, Retzil, on the bench sitting along with her students, comments on her thoughts, That was a chance! Why father! Why! She realizes something. ...I see, it's better that way then.


On the bench, along with the fat bald man— Forgive me boss. I want to see the fight and help, has thought by Krispen, facing at the red-eyes beauty. But I can't move my body.

And Doressa whispers, “Trust your boss.” Her voice sends chill to the back of Krispen. She smiles.


“Don't just evade!” has yelled by Judith. “Jaino, show me what killed my parents!”

“What killed your  parents was their own mistakes.”

“Don't kid me!” She thinks—. “Okay, so you lack of reason. Want me involve people outside our fight?”

“You've grown insane. Don't do it Judith. You're repeating their sins. Live a peaceful life instead.” He sees Judith runs forward with prepared swing of hammer. Successfully evading the attack after he has stepped back, he steps sidewards avoiding the follow up of slanting uppercut of hammer.

The tomboyish woman, Judith, continues her attack as she vertically revolves  twice in the air.

Jaino has stepped back and he jumps before the aerial smash of hammer hit the ground. Impact thunders while the floor crumbles, and wave pushes Jaino who in dual hand stabs his sword in the floor for a stand to resist the wave. He closes his eyes. A solid shattered piece of concrete has hit his knee join, shocking his whole body, but his tight grip on the sword he can't be loosen. Some stones leave mark on his shoulder, temple, and wrist.

Judith yells, “Such foul words come from you! Have you not been killing people!”

Being guilty Jaino gazes down. “At least live to what your friends and relatives expect you.”

“After those days, I lost everything and lived only to hone my skills to kill the only person who destroyed my family!” The hammer deforms and disappears and Judith points her index finger towards Jaino. “Nails!”

With the pain on his feet, Jaino closes his eyes and musters himself to endure. Golden nails have dug on his feet, entangled onto the floor. Judith...


Becoming more worried, Ritzel again mumbles, “Father...” Why did you received the damage? You were not like this...


“Judith,”  has  said by Jaino, “don't torture yourself.” In the air surrounding above him, eight golden nails are appearing. He draws his sword from being stuck on the floor. Despite the pain of his feet while he moves his upper body, he swings his parry deflecting the incoming attacks and each of those nails disappears.

“Why can't you fight me seriously!” has yelled by Judith. “There's no room for you to care your enemy!”

He gazes sadly to Judith. “Judith...” I can feel your pain. It's tightening. He smiles.    He puts down the sword as he sits, preparing himself. He musters to endure the pain as he pulls his nailed foot from the floor—

Ritzel can't summoned her courage to look as well as the other few.

—he then draws and removes the nail as it disappears. Blood flows out while he feels ease. He scratches his short sleeve and ties it, covering the hole of his foot. He can see the blood spreading markings in the fabric. I hope it dries quickly. Preparing himself, he breathes deep. He pulls his other foot from the floor while he endures the pain. He then removes the nail as it disappears. The other sleeve that he has scratched he ties it, covering the hole of that foot. I shall try to resist excitement. I need to finish this quick. He picks up the sword and he raises up. Considering the tautening pain on his feet, he speaks, “Judith—” and his nose gusts out air, relieving his worries. “—impress me to how much you've grown.”

“Jaino, aren't you likely secured?”

“It's not about winning! It's about, the things you do after you have your revenge!” His words confuse Judith. “You don't even know who killed your parents!”

“Jaino, I myself is a witness! You had then left me!”

Jaino runs forward and he slashes. At the same time Judith has stepped back evading the attack. While he continues his attack, Jaino speaks, “You're not blind! But! You are deaf!” His words and his lousy attacks annoy Judith more.


Father, what is she really into you... has thought by the worried Ritzel.


While watching the fight on the stage— “I like your boss,” has said by Doressa to Krispen.

“See.    Then woman, allow me to move. I want to watch the fight.”

“Nah, that I can not allow. I now own you. I will not permit you.”

Damn, she's clever,” has thought by Krispen. …I forgot, she's an instructor. Had she read my boss' mind? I feel bad for her students. Ah! telepathy may be. Damn you boss!


“Judith! Hear me! I didn't kill them!”

“Don't kid me! Nails!” Five golden nails appear on her forefront and follows Jaino,

who distances backward. He thinks, those things can chase. Unable to flee the projectiles' speed, he swings his sword, deflecting those nails, and those things disappear.


Hearing the worried yell of Ritzel— “Father! Above!” —dumbfoundedly Jaino gazes up at, ongoing to fall, the gigantic towering solid cylinder of gold.

Somehow, the chairman smiles of relieve. The male instructor of the front seats of the upper watcher areas thinks, Judith, this is excessive. You don't hold back at all.

Krispen can't help but worried, despite of unable to witness the battle. And Doressa and the bald fat man just silence.


Everything goes slowly as Jaino closes his eyes, and inside his thoughts, Have I hurt you too much that a mere torture won't suffice my punishment? I don't know who is right or wrong now. You won't hear my side. I didn't kill your parents. It was there fault for not surrendering to my father's division. They'd supposed to gain their protection. They were killed by the syndicate to avoid testifiers. They were dead three weeks before we met. They were turned puppets and their bodies were nurture by preservative chemicals. I did killed them to protect you and end their sufferings. But this is harder to explain. You're stubborn.

72: [s04-03-19] A Guild Request
[s04-03-19] A Guild Request


Onto his teen~

To an office, a teen boy—  Jaino —with two sheathed sword on his waistline was called by the guild master. Wearing spectacles, a bearded veteran man behind the table speaks, “I'd received a letter from your father Zahamara. It's better if you read it instead. Here.”

After receiving the folded paper, he flips it open to take a glance. “My father wants a spy. But why here in the association?”

“Dunno. But since it's your folks, I'll send you as our agent. You won't probably ignore this.”

“You know? I hate knight jobs. That's why I take part here instead of going school.”

“Self study is good, but you earn no certificate boy. And you won't learn to be prideful.”

With his confident, Jaino smiles. “I don't mind. I can showcase my skill with my dual wield. He he he. And of course, rules don't matter if your life is at stake or you need  money as long as it won't send you imprisonment.”

“Such confident. Go now. Just think about the reward. Remember our motto. We're not doing this for the people, we're doing this for the rewards.”


Night comes after few days have passed.—To the upper eastern of the wide island, backtracking away starting from the bay, the appointed place is an ordinary village named Pirmlinth. There are few soldiers assigned by the Eastern General for peace and order.

Personifying a common civilian peddler, the teen Jaino, while he walks in the land street, he loudly yells repeatedly his propaganda in clear and good voice, and well tone that other sellers do. He's carrying basket with top covered by soft cotton fabric and its inside is containing boiled eggs in two different species.    Restricted to wield both of his sword in public, the sheathed dagger inside his short pants' pocket is the sole personal protection.

Some of the bystanders and night workers, including two guards and an archer each of them has bought from him three pieces of boiled eggs for twenty coppers, to save one copper.

A man heads out his house while his woman watches at him from the window. He buys the other breed of boiled egg— containing formation of  premature chick and some has feathers already —in the price of ten coppers.

Before the man could crack the egg, Jaino speaks, “Sire, in this cold night that can boost energy in romance battle.” The other customers laugh.

Being amused, the man replies, “Still a child, are you? You already know those.”

Jaino mumbles, “It's not like we on my age don't do it.”

“What did you say?” has asked by the man.


The other man replies, “He said, it's not like we on my age don't do it. What a child.”

Jaino's sweats come out his forehead while he becomes embarrassed. He just glances at the man's house where the wife is resisting to laugh. He thinks, Does that woman hear our conversation?

“This boy will be an enemy of women someday. Mark my words,” has said by the man, followed by the customers' laughter.

To another street, Jaino ventures.    Leaning on the wall in someone's yard, an alone teen boy with corneas of reptile nods at Jaino. That teen has bought one egg, in exchange of a rolled paper instead of seven coppers. And then Jaino continues his propaganda again as they depart to each other.

I never expect Amono managed to sneak in the syndicate. So those law breakers are searching for the remaining stocks of illegal products. And my father wants me locate these couple and pursue them to surrender behind the eyes. He should give me their images and address.


Days have passed; now, on another land street, still on his part-time business, he reaches to a mansion gate, near to the public's children park. He feels uneasy gazing at the mansion far from the gate. To the park he settles, and a girl—  on his age —sitting alone in a bench is present for the moment.

He sits to another bench for a rest. He settles the basket besides him. And he leans his back to the backrest. He gazes at the sky and his eyes narrow. Later it will be noon. Few days will come, it will turn my skin dark. His eyes suddenly swing to see the teen girl alone in another bench. Her pink whole dress with the gorgeous designed skirt and her braid hair reaching below her shoulders can mistake her as a doll. What a beauty.

The girl finds him staring at her. She shows her tongue, taunting Jaino,

who closes his eyes. After exhaling the air, he gusts it out. What a nasty attitude... but I find it... nah... I don't like her attitude. He can't help but want to look again. He glances, to only find her looking back at him.

“Yuck! Eww! Disgusting!” has said by that girl.

Anger boils his blood, Jaino musters himself to ignore and be patient. He picks up an egg from the basket and cracks its shell. After he has finished peeling, he puts some salt on the egg and he eats it. He then pours some spicy coconut vinegar on his mouth. This food has always been tasty. He hears the growl of someone's stomach and he glances at to see the girl averting her face, down sidewards. “Hey—”

“Mind your own business!” She hops standing and walks away.

His hand turns to fist. That girl, I hate her at all! And to late to realize he's grappled the egg. Ah... my bad! Forgive me my grace.


To someone's vacant lot he finds that girl alone observing the leaves on the trees. “Hey.”

“Have you been following me!” has replied by the girl.

“Easy easy. I don't have any ill intentions. Here take this,” he has said while he's handing her the two eggs.

She leans her lower arms to her stomach. “I don't accept foods from commoners!”

“You're not good at lying. It doesn't matter whoever we are in times of hunger. Just eat, and we can forget everything after this.” Her stomach growls again and Jaino smiles.

The drastic situation has unable her to bear the pride. She gazes at to the left. “At least teach me how to eat it properly.”



Another set of days has passed. Into this twin full moons of the night, the teen boy Amono Hestia Galossom is chased by a group of people, from the syndicate, roaming in the abandon squatter area. Two members manage to capture him from escaping. Another three people have reach the place. “We can't allow this pest infesting our business. Kill him.” One of his members a male groans while falling down revealing the sword dug on his back to the stomach.

Rushing of foot steps, Jaino reveals himself and stabs the other member. He slashes the other one. And Amono overcomes the big man his captor and knocks that person unconscious on the ground. Overwhelming by his fear, the leader of group turns nervous and releases his fireballs to those teens. Jaino evades and moves across those projectiles. And he stabs the caster to shut that person's conscious to the deepest slumber. The teen Amono Hestia speaks, “You don't hold back again.”

His eyes are in tears. Jaino replies, “You don't stop me.”

“I like you fight like that. Well done. I be going and inform the Eastern General about the unholy graveyard of victims.” Jaino you're such a poor person to can feel what other feels.


Another set of days has passed; now he's on his sideline business again. “I've been searching for you,” has said by the same girl with braid hair. She's attired of commoner slacks and dirty formal white long sleeve; and she wears a straw hat. Her stomach growls again.

“What a pushover,” has replied by the teen Jaino. He smiles.

“Don't mind the not necessary!”


Each of his customer cheers while those two travel the products across the whole village until the basket runs out of stock.

Jaino goes out from his dealer's store. He speaks to the girl, who has given her name, Judith, “Thanks to you, we earn three times than my usual earnings.”

“It's not like I have anything to do,” has replied by the teen Judith. Jaino hands her a pouch of money. “I don't accept money from commoners.”

“This is not mine.” He grabs Judith's hand, as the girl feels awkward. He then puts the pouch onto her palm. “It's actually yours. It's the fruit of your effort.” The girl somehow feels the warmth on her chest.


Another day again, without realizing, those two have grown their mutual accompany. “Look, I have now learn to use my ability,” has said by the teen Judith. “Nails!” And two nails fall down a yard distance from her fingers. “Should I be going to school.”

Being amused along by a bit of jealous, Jaino replies, “That's better, but you should find a master.”

“Have you known of someone?”

“I know of a bit of information about activ, the Karagana Tribe. But no one knows where they are now. It's better if you hone your skill with yourself. You can become a master someday. We don't know.”



Another set of days have passed again, now, the teen girl Judith has able to control the floatation of those nails. She keeps her concentration.

While watching at her from a far, the teen Jaino is leaning to a tree. And leaning behind that tree is Amono Hestia.

Amono Hestia speaks, “You're dating another girl again.” 

“Don't assume this like that,” has replied by Jaino. “So, what now?”

“You're right. The mansion near the park is more than suspicious. Four of my men are injured. They encounter three people beyond our expectation. They confirmed that the couple of our task is the owner of that mansion and also among in the encounter.”

“It can't be helped. We need to finish our job before we'll get attach to this place. It's such pity, there would be no negotiation behind the eyes.”


Another night has come. Into her luxurious bedroom, the teen Judith onto her bed is tightly hugging her pillow. Remembering Jaino's parting words, she can't help but get angry. I hate you Jaino! I hate you! Die! Die! She inhales and— Die! —throws the pillow to a wall. Tears flow from her eyes, she wipes it. This is so sudden. Why can't you stay. Without knocking, her maid enters the room and asks her to come near.


Meanwhile, inside the Mansion, near the park, Jaino and Amono manage to sneak in the entrance hall. Jaino thinks, I can't help but feel a great gathering of sorrow under this place. They've located the hidden door near the stairs. And after they've went down, they find a filed of dead norims including children and teens. They also find crates piled near the wall. Despite the stinging stink of dead bodies, Jaino can't help but to endure the jet lag and try to absorb the sorrow, surrounding around. He speaks, “Amono, if I berserk, kill me if I harm innocent. They are still alive probably around there.”

And Amono gazes to another hallway where Jaino has pointing. I will protect them. Don't worry.

Steps echo from another hallway, and a woman, the maid, reveals herself with the teen Judith as her hostage. Jaino thinks, Shit! What's the meaning of this! 

To another pathway, a couple reveals themselves that Judith recognizes. She yells, “Mother, father! What's the meaning of this! Jaino, run! I feel something wrong will happen!”

“Shut up, child!” has yelled by the maid. “You two, if you make a move. This child will die.”

“If we disobey?” has asked by Jaino. Shocking her along by the  feeling of abandon, Judith stares at Jaino. The couple moves to attack. Amono Hestia stomps his foot to the floor. The place is shaken by the tremor making the maid outbalance as well as the couple.

As the teen Jaino moves, he thinks, Now, I know why Judith hasn't been eating properly. These parents of her are already dead. He stabs the woman in the thorax. And he stabs the man into the same place. Judith who falls to the ground stares at the approaching Jaino. Amono Hestia stomps his foot again, maintaining the maid outbalances. And Jaino speaks near to the maid's face, “It's rare to see a puppeteer this day.” And he punches her face. “But it's wrong to use our own kind as a tool, you should also respect their death!” And he knees her stomach.

The woman's mouth vomits of blood. As she unexpectedly leans onto the wall. She laughs loudly. “I curse you! You think you can stop us? No one can stop the syndicate! Rise my servants!” The limbs and torsos of those filed of dead bodies are jerking.

And Jaino speaks, “Forgive me! I'm the person who won't allow such a thing!” He knocks the maid unconscious. And he lets her body falls down onto the floor.

Judith runs towards her mother and father. She cries. She asks, “What have you done, Jaino?”

Jaino replies, “Had you not been eating those days we hadn't meet? You should probably aware of their negligence. They probably dead before we met”

“No, I've seen you killed them right before my eyes—”

Jaino gazes down, yet the stinging stink of dead bodies can't help to relieve his feelings.

“—what are you Jaino?”

“I'm nothing but a working hunter, a messenger, and a spy right now. The same Jaino who you know before.”

“What had my parents done? And why had they deserved to die? Am I be living alone again?” She didn't hear any replies. “Please, speak to me.” She points her finger at him. “Nails.” But nothing happens no matter how much she calls.

He holds her hand and he helps her rise. He gives her a hug and he caresses her head.

She cries.


Few weeks have passed after the tragic. The guild receives huge honor of their accomplishment. And the child prince specially awards Jaino on his deeds. Although the syndicate is still roaming with their illegal business. At least the soldiers and the Area Generals carry out more awareness and strictness onto their security for the civilians safety. The Exceptional General in tasked with pursuing the syndicates of illegal selling of sorse blood products manages to rescue more sorses and arrest suspects. They even have hidden the confiscated products, in respect for the sacrifices.


“What's with the long face,” has asked by the teen Kilie to Jaino. “You're spacing out again.” Trying to push Jaino from hugging  her while they are on the bed. Her strength loosens while Jaino stiffly hugs her. She can feel him crying silently. “Jeez, you're showing your weakness with me again. The more I hate you.    Brother, you should not be on my room anymore. We're getting old. It's becoming awkward. Go back to my sister's bedroom.”

“Kilie, please let me. Until I forget about her.”

“Are you scared? You should tell her that you like her.”

“That I can't. She had seen me stabbed her parents. I csan't be the person worthy to be by her side. Please help me forget about her.”

“You've fallen in love with her do you?”

“I hate that words. But, yes, I miss her.”

“You're a coward. You see. I never find anything that  can help you.    Alright, how about, accept the offer. Bear the obligation of the clan. Then, I request you to lean me money and help me have my own business. Can you do that? Maybe if you get serious in the clan, you can forget about her.”

“Anything. I can't assure. But, I try.”





73: [s04-03-20] The Light, Dark, and Void
[s04-03-20] The Light, Dark, and Void

Back into the current day: as everything falls slowly and silent, Jaino remembers suddenly Criselia's words,

“...I’ll seriously doom everything if you won’t comply at your role.”

He closes his eyes. He thinks, Dammit, Criselia. Can somebody please help me. Save me. I can't lose like this.


Meanwhile before Jaino and Judith have started the fight; at the balcony of Amahaon Residence, Criselia gazes at the sky, waiting for the mid afternoon sun to sunset. While going near, Maritis asks, “Is there any problem?”

“Nope.” Criselia smiles. “Your Jaino is just fine.”

Getting flustered and worried, Maritis replies, “Woman, I'm telling you, I don't know him. I didn't seduce him. I—”

“You had attempted to kill him, I know. You had mistaken him as a bandit, I know.”

Maritis has unable to reply.

Criselia continues, “You do not have to worry. Although you're an assassin. You're doing your duty for a greater good.”

What is this. I feel somehow relieved, has thought by Maritis.

“Come near to me.” Hesitantly Maritis obeys, and Cresilia pats Maritis' head. “You're such an obedient person like me. You do reminded me of my previous life. By the way, do you find Jesifer doing just fine?”

“My highness,” has mumbled by Maritis. “Yes, my highness is just find. She voluntarily watches the child. And thanks to you. Yaume's mother is on the fine state after hearing the cure of her daughter. It's sad, she has bad terms with my highness. But I'm wondering.  Is this really okay? I mean, you don't actually do anything.”

“You won't know. Not until you witness fortune or you are me. But you need not to worry. Just pray.”


Back into the current time, into the stadium of JK Academy , as the giant cylinder of gold falls to the ring stage, dust covers the surroundings.    Nearby other instructors, a male instructor states, “It's impossible for Jaino to survive that gigantic thing.”


“That was a kill,” has said by a student, sitting alongside by other students in the watchers area.


A total dismay has felt by some people that have witness the unexpected uneven battle. Gazing at beyond the hovering dust on the stage, the missy Ritzel keeps expecting for Jaino's condition.

Krispen speaks to Doressa, “Woman, allow me to move. I need to secure my boss' safety.”

Still being stubborn, the red-eyes beauty smiles.


In the darkest of his vision, Jaino hears the lovely woman's chuckles from different directions.

This person has an innocent attitude but greedy of lust.

Hey, who's there? Who are you? has asked by Jaino.

Another woman voice replies, He hears us.

Yeah, yeah.

Another woman speaks, The both of you are rude. Hello master. Finally we can able to communicate. We say, the more you think, the more we can speak inside your mind.

Forgive us on our rudeness. The void is right. We're telling you, we are your spirits. We're trying to communicate on you. And at last.

Come again? has asked by Jaino.

We are your spirits.

This is nonsense. I need to wake up, has thought by Jaino.

Nope. It's not, has said by the other woman. Light, dark, how comes this person hears us while he resists to believe.

Huh void, probably, his resolve to our previous-master's offer. That's the suitable reason I can find.

Light has a point. Light has a point.

Are you sure this isn't telepathy? has asked by Jaino. I hate pranks.

Yes, yes. This isn't telepathy.

If your telling the truth, you don't mind if I ask. tell me Criselia's intention?

It's you. It's you.

I'm asking you sincerely. He didn't hear any reply. Please. I want to know about her. I want to know, she wasn't pretending in disguise.

Our previous master is good at plotting. She never lies. However, she is very clever and a forceful person.    You need not to worry, her intention is for the greater good.

The way you speak seems like you know me.

Yes we trio know you. From your thoughts and your feelings we know you, we share the same.

Yes, yes, you are our body but we're just your tools.

So take care of us, since we only exist to watch and be used. Follow your dream. Yes, you have. Don't be rattled and confused. We know what you could. Trust our previous master. It pains us to watch everything disappears and to only gaze to the boring nothingness. So, trust our previous master.

What are you? What the hell are you speaking? has asked by Jaino.

Other than a portion of you right now, I am a spirit of light.

Yes, yes, and I am a spirit of dark.

And me, I am a spirit of void.

As your ancestry called us, the lost souls in the past, some religions believed us as the root of everything. But none of us and our kinds is the root of everything. Everything exists, unite, and contrary. Everything bears and destroys.

As we your spirits have reached you, we can now lend you our strength. We ask no return. We are nothing if we lose a host. Our nature depends to our host. We say don't be afraid and confuse.

We are yours. We are yours.

Sad, we don't have much time. So go now, and keep moving forward. Her voice fades and the place turns silent.

I can't understand them, has thought by Jaino.  They even  forget to tell me how to use their strength if they are my tools. Damn I need to wake up.

Hello, hello?

And you are?

I am your spirit, a dark. I give you a hint. I give you a hint. Good luck on us.

What—    kind of hint was that?


Worried as he is, Krispen thinks, Taila if you have time. Please tell me what's happening. I'm hoping you reach me with your telepathy.


Into the stage, a head of the hovering dust, Judith kneels. She looks to her trembling hands. She mumbles, “Why can't you fight me seriously Jaino.” Bearing of ashamed and prostration, her loud forceful laughter transforms slowly to sadness. “So, it's allover. Dammit! Fight me Jaino! This cannot suffice my hatred! Don't die yet!”


“It seems everything is ended,” has said by the Chairman. “It's impossible for him to survive in any way. We have failed.”

Holding a long broomstick and attired of Janitor's uniform, the old man nearby speaks, “You disgrace our tradition of teachings. Our academy has never taught children to use abilities as tool to kill. But look what we have done. We've shown them the terror of greater power.”

“Have you find a worthy representative for the upcoming tournament?” has asked by the Chairman. “Lord Maakin told me never represent someone rather than Jaino. He forcefully made me conduct this rush proving. I don't know what he was thinking. And I hope this can open his eyes. A norim with no inheritance is nothing.

“In hope that we could achieve despite of malice, I'm not the one to be blame. The owner requested this himself.

“I have shown my compliance. We had this on the meeting.”

“Then you must follow your words.”

“Yes. By my will, I shall retire.” If the owner would allow me.

A shadow from someone diverts their attention to see a fully-cloaked person who has stood nearby, revealing her feminine voice as she speaks, “Greetings, I am a member of Main Exceptional General Division. Corresponding what happens here, you will be interrogated from stepping beyond necessary onto this current activity later on.”

The guilty feeling runs cold to his body, this chairman thinks, This person stands to my realm without me aware of her presence. Logically how comes the member of the Main Exceptional General appears here.

The fully-cloaked person continues her words, “I didn't mean to offend you by trespassing inside your authority. My division is responsible to monitor the other Exceptional General. I remind you. If ever undesirable adversity transpires to the Third General, it won't escape to the minds of the Lightning Clan, his division; and bear it to mind, he is the prince favorite. I'm warning you.”


Watching the event of the proving at the dimensional window inside his quarter, the prince speaks, “I believe it isn't over. I know him very well. Unless he already gives up on living.”


The missy Ritzel have stood off the bench, and she walks gradually expecting to see Jaino in beyond the dust. A hand holds her shoulder; and she finds Doressa with her smile. She hears the woman's words, “You have totally changed. Just remember, not everything can be interfered. Hope and believe instead.” Being confused by the woman's advice, the missy is now afraid to act.


Sitting in the upper watchers' area, the male instructor, an accompany of Judith, speaks, “There's no way for Jaino to survive such a thing. Judith, you should wake up from your delusional expectation.”


Judith yells, “Jaino fight me! There's no way your death can suffice my agony! I show you how painful it is! To be living alone, to be dumped, and be forgotten! Don't die yet! Don't depart without me satisfied to avenge.” The listeners unable to argue anymore for they don't know their conflict.

“It should be settled to hearing instead,” has commented by a female instructor to her accompany.

The gigantic cylinder of gold shutters to brownish yellow dust, expanding and disappearing, revealing Jaino, standing and unharmed by the immoderate attack. His appearance overwhelms the crowd to dumbfounded. Feeling of relieve, Judith smiles while tears fall from her eyes. “As expected you are not just a norim. Your deceitful profile is erased, and your true self is now revealed. You can fool us now Jaino.”


How comes, has thought by the chairman. This is impossible. The fully-cloaked female closes her eyes.


And in Jaino's mind, Master, master. You should thank me. You survive.

Okay, thank you. Is that all?

No! You are much interesting than me. Obey me. Okay? okay?

Why should I?

You have grown not knowing your own self. Have your instinct not working?

His head is aching after a little bit of thinking; he just sees Judith preparing to attack.

This person is an idiot! Obey me! Obey me! Obey ME!

Alright, what should I do.

Speak her name and say, I love you, to her if she would attack.

Come again?

74: [s04-03-21] A Favour
[s04-03-21] A Favour


With arms wide open, Judith smiles. Happy while she swirls. And she swings down her hand to Jaino. Golden nails are appearing and consecutively raining down.

Despite the pain of his feet, Jaino quickly steps back and then runs. His curving course allows him to evade the fallen nails that have missed and dug in the ruined flooring of stage. He leaps and tumbles. He swings his sword parrying the rest of the projectiles. Unable to deflect some of those nails while resisting to not close his eyes; his lower arm, and upper arm, and his legs are in pain and bleeding. He thinks, Look how serious she is, she could kill me after I'll say those words.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. How could we connect if you won't be true to yourself.

You see, this is awkward. And I can't have more than one woman.

Liar. Liar. Liar. So, you want Kilie die next of your previous wife?

How did you know about my dead wife?

I proudly say, we spirits are pure. So, be true to yourself. I'm not talking about coupling. Don't deny your fate. You can feel emotion of others right? So don't be a fake. You will regret this after a million years.

Explain it plainly. Don't put riddles in your words. I'm not intelligent.

Then obey me! Obey me!

So, being true to myself will allow me to know you?

No! I mean, yes. I mean, it's like, we spirit will be completely part of yours.

Observing and analyzing everything that he has heard; he sees Judith, rising her hand. He rises. His spirit of dark speaks, Well, well. If you decide it like that. I won't stop you. Jeez, you're killing the fun. Jaino smiles. Despite of the pain, he removes the nails from his upper arm, and his lower arm, and legs. He poses a stance, telling every spectator he's on offensive.

He thinks, Her emotion turns delight. I like her mode surging through my chest. I guess I can't be remove in the battle field.

“That's right Jaino!” has loudly said by Judith. “We might be friends from the past! But now, let's settle everything with our clash!”

After closing his eyes, Jaino sees, all over the surrounding, the unsteady-flowering gray smoke, figuring many people around the unsettling dark. Almost all the dark-gray structures nearby seem formed by a huge gathering of gas. Spirit of dark, What is this? … Hey? Where are you? Damn, she wouldn't reply. He remembers suddenly Criselia's words,

“It's impossible that you can't feel it. Try dashing.”

He opens his eyes. He thinks, It's not the time for that.

Judith swings down her hand. “Endure this for me, Jaino.” Huge number of golden nails from above rain down.

Not losing his hope, he parries quickly but he misses every projectile. Did I just move super fast? And I haven't hit anything… I can't also breath well. Realizing that he wasn't harm, he runs fast approaching the safety area where Judith is standing.


Stunned by surprise, the chairman mumbles, “This is impossible. Have his bio and status all fake?”

Every spectator watches Jaino moving across the raining golden nails. Ritzel thinks, What are you father? First you're not a lightning clan. Second, you aren't just a norim... Then she remembers something. Ah, I supposedly must not worry about that. I intent only to inherit and retrieved your position, the third general, for our clan.


As Jaino has reached the safety area, Judith rises her arm and points her finger above; she smiles. Jaino gazes at, ongoing to fall, a gigantic golden hammerhead has appeared above the stage.


The chairman, the janitor-attired old man, and the tall man have run evacuating the stage. The cloaked female has disappeared.


Judith speaks, “Let's die both, Jaino.”

He, Jaino, can fell her in grieve but relieve. He drops the sword. Quickly, he runs and hugs her. A thunder and a tremor after the gigantic golden hammer has fallen inside the ruined stage.


Witnessing her mentor, her new father mercilessly buries by the attack,the hopeless Ritzel, her strength loosens as she suddenly falls to kneel and sit in the ground.


Some watchers throb by surprise. Others scream from worries and give comment. Most of the people are speechless. Hopping for Jaino's safety, Doressa closes her eyes and Krispen keeps praying.


In the front seat of upper watchers area, the male instructor has shaken his head from disagreement about the outcome of battle.


On his quarter, the prince comments, “I hope Jaino is alright. The woman is Judith right?”

“Forgive me my highness,” has replied by Shaira.

“We need to protect her. Her talent could be wasted and be used for evils.”


Roll back before the gigantic golden hammer has collided in the ruined stage.


Without realizing, everything turns slowly. Jaino speaks her name. Trying to pursue her to believe him about her parents death. Every words he whispers echo to his ears, yet he never receives response from Judith. “Please, hear me,” he has said.

His shoulders becomes heavy and his hope turns frail. He closes his eyes. Hugging her, but his heart is cold by his dismay and regret.



In the current time flow, an instructor speaks, “In my time of study, now I remember that an active cannot repeat a materialization in every two days.”

“How is it related in this cruelty?” has asked by his colleague.

“Don't call it cruelty. They have history. Her anger probably the case. She has thrown out everything without managing.”


The gigantic golden hammer dissolves and shutters to dust, expanding outwards while disappearing, revealing Jaino and Judith alive. Someone mumbles, impossible. Others become doubtful.


Hugging her tightly, Jaino speaks, “Judith, what can I do for you to forgive me.”

“Why had you left me?” has responded by Judith. “Why didn't you take responsibilities to what you'd done in my family? You think, I couldn't understand everything? I know what you'd done to me. But you weren't there to help me bear and accept the fact.

“I trained and studied hoping that you who'd lead me and help me avenge my family. But where were you? Happy in times of your marriage?”

Damn, this becoming awkward. And that was an arrange marriage, a symbol of peace between my father's clan and Shau Clan. “Judith...” He has let go from hugging her, and he faces Judith. His skin begins paling and despite the feeling of fainting, he asks again, “What can I do for you to forgive me.”

“You still don't get it do you? I have shown the fruit of my effort. Help me gain my revenge. This is not just about me. If you won't comply then die instead, you—heartless.”

Her words have struck him proving guilty. He closes his eyes. He thinks, So that's the reason. And his spirit, a spirit of dark says, Kiss her, say I love you to her. Getting startled, his heart throbs faster. Jaino gazes down from embarrassment. “Judith... can we talk later. I still need to prove myself.”

“Is that all you could say? What's the purpose of this proving anyway?”

“A title; an achievement, they say. Their are many people who dislike me, promoted in the rank.”

She smiles. “You think our battle is already ended?”

“Judith please...” Kiss her. Say I love you to her. No need to be shy, has spoken again by Jaino's spirit, a spirit of dark. “Listen. It's hard to act when there are too many hindrances. Allow me to settle some of my problems first, okay?” Scared? Scared? Gay, gay, na, na, na, na, gay.

“Jaino, you need to—”

Unable to bear the annoying insult, he holds Judith's shoulders, and reaches her forehead with his lips.


The tomboyish Judith has dumbfounded. Ritzel sharpens her eyes; she thinks, The heck father... womanizer.


Some of the spectator comments, “What a turn of event.” A female instructor mumbles, “Why in the head?” Another female instructor replies, “A relative probably.” Others are surprised. “At least there's no killing,” has comment by someone.

Judith pushes Jaino and her fist lands onto his cheek. Her kick lands on his thorax, recoiling him to fall and sit in the ruined flooring. “I'm not a child!” she has loudly yelled, while walking off the ruined stage.

How embarrassing. See the result? has said by Jaino to his spirit while enduring the heat of his head and the regretful feeling.

You like her, do you? has asked by his spirit, a spirit of dark.

Yes, but it shan't now. And currently we're on a broken friendship. He feels dizzy and his body is tired. He stands up and walks and he picks up the sword. He stands erect and lifts his head. How can I defined revenge and justice when I couldn't even win the duel between me and the first prince. That lost had show me my unqualified potentials between the border of a mere norim and gifted. If only Criselia is guaranteed celestial, I would wish I meet her back then.


“Where are you going woman?” has asked loudly by the chairman.

“You've seen the fight. I need to rest.”

Approaching to Judith, Ritzel asks, “What is your relationship to my father.”

“Father? It's early for him to have a child in your age.”

“I'm adopted.”

Closing her eyes, Judith exhales. “How's his wife?”

“I'm no authorized to answer that question. Ask him. What are you to my father?”

“You'll know after he and me could settle things. I need to rest.”

“Come with me, I can't let you go after what you've done. I'll be watching.”

“You're cute.”

Being flustered, Ritzel replies, “Don''t try to be friendly.”

“Lead me then.”

“I tell you, you can't be forgiven.”

Smiling of relieve, she offers her hand for a lead.


“What's now?” has asked by the Janitor-attired old man to the chairman.

Analyzing for the next step, the chairman has approached by the cloaked female. “I wanna test him for a bit. Can I be his next opponent?”

“And your intention?”

“I shall confirm if he can survive more battles with his opponents, I doubt stronger than her.”

A moment later, he gives his reply, “Don't hold back... And don't kill him.”

“A sudden change of heart? And you think I would kill him?”

“I heard that your division sides no one and only obeys the royal family. Correct me if I'm wrong.”

“I proceed now.”


That woman has bad manners, severing the conversation without respect.

75: [s04-03-22] Maakin's Bold Intention and the Second Princess
[s04-03-22] Maakin's Bold Intention and the Second Princess

In the ruined stage, Jaino notices a cloaked person approaching. The pain on his wounded lower arm, upper arm, his leg, and his feet stirs his consciousness. His eyes barely lift. He listens to the person's revealing feminine voice while she halts in the distance, “I am your next opponent. Please never expect I would be gentle. This is for your own good. Don't ask who I am. I'm not part of this institution. I''m just a mere servant.

“Let's begin.”

Behind of Jaino the cloaked woman has appeared and she dual-handedly thrusts her short sword.  Metals give off the hoarse cries as her attack has deflected and her sword slides onto the sword wielded by the aware Jaino — posing in defense. The size of her sword allows her to quickly follow up her attacks, restraining Jaino to fight back due to a very abrupt distance. Arms grabbing, elbow and feet blocking, both persons maintain their stances' perseverance. Her offensive strikes furiously seek  for opening while Jaino's defenses demand for distance.

Another arms grabbing, elbow and feet blocking; and while consolidating her strength, she requests, “Please surrender. You won't last another round; you'll faint.” Not hearing even a reply, she has disappeared and stood in a distance. Posing her stance, in the air she thrusts forward her sword.—From the tip of its blade is disappearing. Her intent, using her ability to attack Jaino from behind, has failed to see him parried the blade. She draws her sword, retrieving its blade. She has stood erect and she asks, “Please reply; what are you?” I never expect he could fight like this.


The students of Ritzel, in the bench, are in ruckus. “What an amazing awareness. So this is what an actual fight looks like for a Swords' Basic user.”

“Maybe not. History says only a pure norim could master such a thing.         Our instructor is probably a fange. He has managed to prevent the last attack. Look at his opponent, she's probably a medou. She uses forbidden skill.”

“But he doesn't have vulture's corneas when have met him earlier. How does made him a fange?”

“Ah! Don't mind it guys! What I know, that was outstanding!”


Again not receiving even a reply, the cloak female appears behind Jaino and with her lower stance she swings her sword without its blade to Jaino's waist. And Jaino with his defensive stance parries that blade nearby the other side of his waist. The cloaked female has stood while she sheathes her sword. “I lose my mode.”

“Forgive me,” has finally replied by Jaino. “I thought you are my Kilie.”

“How rude of you.” And she walks off the ruined stage, leaving Jaino caressing his hair. She speaks to the Chairman, “It's fruitless if you fight him with the sword. He can't be defeated. All of my worries are garbage. I be off now. And remember, you are to be interrogated. We'll inform you officially later on.” And she disappears.

What a funny woman, has thought by the chairman. The chairman has approached Jaino and he asks, “What are you and what is your real intention? I remember you were working in a mercenary association before. And I heard the members' defiance was strong to bear years of task. Are you a spy? I don't remember this campus has done wrong.”

This is what I've feared about, has thought by Jaino. His strong will to end this proving is bearing to his mind. Despite his thoughts incertitude to return in his rank's duty, he holds his composure. I need aid, I can't last long. I'm falling. “Can we finish this quick—” His words halt as their attentions have diverted to the ruckus in the other entrance of the field.

A decent attired bearded man, years older than Jaino—   accompanied by a woman, an instructor    —is approaching.

“Lord Maakin, why are you here?” has greeted by the chairman, receiving a smile as reply.

Arriving to where Jaino and the chairman, the man honored by the chairman, speaks to Jaino, “Your eyes glare sharply. Don't not worry. I've watched the fight, the more I hate you.”

Hated to be look down, Jaino replies, “It's better that way, we aren't friends in the first place. I advice you mustn't appear in public too often. You're a good prey for ransom.”

“I take that advice as an insult.        Has the chairman told you about?”

“Not yet my lord,” has replied by the chairman. “We're currently in the process.”

“Then Jaino, I've declared you as passer on this proving. “

Being amused, Jaino shakes head from the surprise. “A change of heart? It's improper for you to treat me well.”

“You'll never be a guest to me. I despise you. You will be participating on this incoming wide tournament. This is a royal decree and a compulsory to our campus. Everyone has already seen your revealed identity. I've wanted to see you humiliated.”

Lord Maakin, I am confused, has thought by the chairman.

Gripping tightly the sword's hilt, and without words,  Jaino thrusts his sword to Maakin. The female instructor, an accompany of Maakin, screams likewise the chairman has unable to react. The tip blade of the sword reaches Maakin chest as Jaino halts the attack.

“What's wrong? Why didn't you continue?” has asked by Maakin. “Yes, I'm the son of your master, the third general you had working before. But remember that this is me.

“As long as you stand in my realm, you, obey me.”

Unable to bear the anger, Jaino swings his sword for a kill. His body flies back and rolls in the shattered concrete. He groans in pain. A little move gives him a shock to his whole body. His eyes groan tired. But his hand won't let go his sword. He hears Maakin's loud voice,

“Even without your wounds, you can't harm me. I request you prepare yourself; you will be contending to the most omnipotent from each tribe. And there will be no room to not kill. The queen is looking for the strongest.”

Looking for the strongest?        Had I received a false info? I thought we don't have a queen. Taila, you are a lair. His arms shake. He crawls while he tries to stand up.

Use me if you wanna beat him that badly, has said by Jaino's spirit, a spirit of dark. Come on! Come on! Jeez, you're prideful enough.

Forgive me. This is my fight. I know. He favors my old colleague. I can feel his hatred. But this is must be done.

What if he'll kill you, what about we of your spirits? — will wait for another centuries to be found by a host?

I'll be fine; for as long as I know, he has the blood of his father.

Do what you want! Jeez... Just remember we are here. Idiot... Idiot!

He sticks the sword in the ground to help him rise. His tired glare annoys Maakin.

“So, you're inviting me for a fight?” has asked by Maakin. He shows to Jaino the glowing fireball above his finger. “Try to endures this. Show me your chances.”

Jaino leaps and rolls. He lies for a moment and he stares at the ceiling of stadium. He listens to Maakin again,

“You're hopeless. It's better if you avoid me before I lost patience. Oh, and I've received some message for you. Your mother is targeted for abduction—”

Those words, involving his mother, ring a bell; he becomes more worried.

“—I don't know their intention. I have the letter. An address is written there for the meeting place.”

Struggling to rise, Jaino sticks the sword to the ground for aiding him to stand. He replies, “Aren't you involve?”

“Are you insulting me!”

“I tell you, what? You may be the son of my master, and a gifted. But there is something that you don't have,

“to be one with the sword.

“And there's something that you don't know about me.” I had already killed countless of your kind. They are cursing my hands.        If only I hadn't meet Judith,  I wouldn't stop. “You can't beat me.”

Taunted by provocation— “Ah, try eating these balls, will you?” —Maakin casts straight the five fireballs to Jaino. He watches Jaino managed to evade one and parried the other two. He is amused to see Jaino has taken burn from the rest of fireballs—to the leg and upper arm. Maakin throws another set of fireballs. “So being one with the sword is to not letting it go? I'm now wondering what my father found with you?” He throws another one.


Silent as the rest of the people around watches but don't have the will to stop the cruel display. Jaino has challenged Maakin in the first place. They see him willing to fight back. Ritzel thinks, Why I can't help him. Why I can't act. Mother please help me know what to do. Have I changed that much?

“What's happening woman,” has asked by Krispen to Doressa. “Why is it suddenly quiet?”


In his quarter, the prince, watching the dimensional window, is just silent.


Jaino's hands are shaken. His skin burnt by the attack is requesting for tending. He struggles to stand again. Without the sword, his knees could surrender. Damn, my vision is swirling and my head is heavy. Not, yet. I need to fight. I need to kill... He vomits blood. His glare is an annoyance to Maakin.

“Very well Jaino,” has said by Maakin. Showing his another fireball, he throws it to Jaino. And before it could land to Jaino, that fireball has vanished. He suddenly notices Doressa, approaching to Jaino. “What are you interfering for, albino-eyes lady?”

“Don't forget that my ancestor cultured cannibalism. Want to become my food?” She pokes her fist to Jaino's teres and Jaino falls down without conscious. “Oh my. He passes out. Ritzel, come.”

Ritzel obeys and has followed by Krispen, gazing at Maakin.

Maakin laughs. “Be sure to treat him well. I'm done here. I be going.” You're lucky this time. Jaino, I will send you to your death. You won't escape death next time.

Staring at Maakin, Doressa mumbles, “I really hate that person,”



Night comes, in the village of Crewtner, the mournful ceremony, including the feast, they dedicate for the dead and survivors, from the latest disaster that had struck the four villages.

The prince and the village's councils officially declare  the day as anniversary to be followed and in addition to their culture and history.


In the private lodging house of the Lightning Clan, located in central northeastern of Jelfyr: Kilie Lightning, second daughter of Zahamara, is a bit down. Knowing the great lost of her business is a frustration to her feelings. However, her urge to help others is motivation that can't be perish. Her recklessness is what Miera has been worried. They will visit the unfortunate, that is what Kilie decided. Miera has tasked Meda to find and meet Jaino and inform him of important message.


On the shrine of Mount Ma Eling, the mother of Jaino gives sermon to the Mother of Kilie for not eating in the proper mealtime.


Below from the shrine, going down to the slope of the mountain and westward from the huge jungle Deep Forest, the geographical state in the burnt village of Jaino's birth place continuously regains its greenery, and its beauty can still be recognized by the eyes due to the light of the moon. Still, old rubles and ruined houses, sprouted by parasitic plants and now home of insects and animals, are everywhere.

One of Altrass fine men, Dakul Boyin and with his men, accompanied by a guide man, are heading to the traveler's tavern. Lively voices and chitchats can be heard from the outside. They head in and they find Lladamak having a conversation with other men around the table. Boyin approaches him and asks, “There you are, sire Lladamak. Why haven't you come back? Sire Altrass is looking for you.”

“Oh, Boyin—” he's stood, and they bump fist; forward thrust, smash up and smash down; and they salute. “Come let's talk here, around here,” has replied by Lladamak. He takes Boyin to another table and there they have conversation.


Meanwhile, somewhere in a dark alleyway of Jelfyr, four thugs are hitting a white paled lady with black curly hair. One thug holds the lady's upper arms and settles her leaning to the wall. “I like this girl. She won't resist,” he has said to the other three thugs, kicking and stomping a fat man, an accompany of the lady.

“Make it fast bro, before someone could pass by. I can't wait to ram her also.”

“Please don't harm the princess,” has cried by the fatty. “I'm begging you.” He receives heavy kicks again and again.

“Shut up, pig! We'll not harming here. We'll feel her heaven.”

Another thug yells, “The queen is young to have a daughter this age! Bullshit!”

The man holding the lady is drooling, “I wish to see the look of the  queen.” He feels delight. He smells her neck. “That's good then. A bonus.” He gropes and gropes her breasts. “Come on, moan with delight.” The lady is angrily glaring back. “I like your looks, like that.”

The fatty man with all of his might he stands up. He punches one of the thug and slams the head to the wall. With both hands, he suffocates the other. And the other thug stabs him on his back again and again. This fatty man falls to ground. He stares at the lady and hopes that he could save her.

“That's good enough. We can fuck the girl in peace.”

“Are you okay,” has asked by the thug to a person trying to breathe.

Then, they suddenly notice the lady goes near and hunkers down.

She caresses the fat man's hair. They glance to see their mate, dead. Dreadful feelings have shaken their will. And the fear is enveloping  even more while they listen her speak, “If I tell you I am the second princess, will you not kill him right?” Blood from her wrist crawls out, enveloping the fat man's body. “You have attempted to kill my only servant. Good thing, I can able to save him with my blood.”

“What are you? —pretentious?”

The lady speaks moderately, “The fate that you've done, you shall suffer the same.” Her quickness renders those thugs helpless. She grabs one of the thug to the neck, and she knocks him to a wall. She grabs his throat, and she removes his Adam's apple. The other thug fights back and stabs to kill. She manages to grab his arm and steal the knife. She cuts his neck and kicks him down. The other thug runs. She throws the knife to his head — the knife pierces until the hilt. She glares to the fat man cloaked by blood. “My foolish servant. Don't try much if you can't provide.”


76: [s04-03-23] Brief, Life of Jesifer in Jelfyr
[s04-03-23] Brief, Life of Jesifer in Jelfyr




Walking in the hallway, the mother of Sai Mea, Frehviesa has finally decided to visit her daughter Yaume Mea. Seeing Maritis rushing inside her child's bedroom, her heart throbs and worries are all over her head. Into the door, she leans her ear. She hears a woman (Criselia) speaking and Jesifer crying.

“Her heartbeat has halted,” has spoken by Jesifer. Her words give tears to Frehviesa. “Please tell me, is there a way, right? Is there anything that we can do? I don't mind including selling my soul. Do something, I'm begging you.”

“Jes—,” has responded by Criselia, “If you do mind, say your last words to her and leave the room. I'll do the rest.”

“What are you telling me to do?”

“Jesifer ... Say your last words to the child and leave the room. I'll do the rest.”

Heavy to her shoulders, Jesifer wipes her tears. She takes breathe. After scrutinizing Criselia's words, she speaks to the sleeping child, “Yaume, live for me. I want you to follow your dream with all glory. I demand no fail. I maybe not there, but I support whatever you'll do. You're a strong child as I've always known.” A little moment of silent, then she begins walking to the door. “Criselia, our agreement must be comply.” Creaking sounds by the door being open, she finds Frehviesa standing the outside.        She can't stop from crying. Herself pulled by her emotions has made her lost composure. She hugs the woman, who embraces her with open arms and caresses her hair, just to settle her emotion. Just after the door closes, she hears Criselia's voice,

“You can't meet her yet, child. You need to recover your strength. Do not be hasty, I've said. She will be angry.”

Jesifer suddenly pushes the door, to only find Maritis.

“My highness,” has whispered by Maritis. “My highness, you must not meet her anymore. You should be aware of your race. Congratulation.” And she smiles.

Being delight with a little dismay, Jesifer speaks to Frehviesa, “My councilor. Forgive me to what befallen to your daughter. That was an accident. If you may please, I ask you humbly.”

“No need to be formal my queen. After all, you're like a daughter to me. It was my fault in the first place. Yaume missed you too much. What am I? — Only a mother who will favor her daughter. After all, you did everything whereas I neglected my duty as a parent... I would say thank you.” She is shaking while wiping her tears with her fingers. “I'm the one should apologize.”

And with delight, Jesifer closes her eyes. She falls as she surrenders herself to the unrest and tired body of her. She mumbles, “Viegro Diarke, how I wish I could become strong like you.”

Frehviesa rattles, and Maritis, who carries Jesifer, speaks the words, “I be taking her back to her royal chamber. See yeah, madam.”


Brief, Jesifer before she met Jaino in Deep Forest


Into the leaves of history, the day the king and queen, father and mother of Jesifer, were ruling. The first prince was born, followed by Jesifer, and next was Raume. The disappearance of the first prince had caused huge commotion to the kingdom. Door to door, everywhere and anywhere, the search was still failure.

Another threat contemporised. A challenge from an insane man with knowledge of ancient rules had been accepted by the king. Their battle turned at large and ruining a forest.

The king's defeat and death had turned over the kingdom to the hand of undesirable. The doctrine had been neglected, it resulted to crime rising, clan wars, and it even brought destruction to the peaceful days in Dandia, the known flat world. Not even one of different tribes' rebellion succeeded. No one could stand the strength and terror of the new king.

A soldier Altrass showed excellency on his veteran age. The king had taken notice and appointed Altrass as Marshal, the highest rank in the army and a right hand of the king. Many had against the new king's way of ruling. His self-centered, greed, stinginess, inhumanity were more than cancer in the society.

  Despite of disgrace, the queen had runaway. Her only ally was the shadow army. Searching for help, she kneed to the underworld. Her bidding was not easily accepted by Eladin Ka Novah, the current lord of the underworld. Among the contract was involving Eladin's bloodline to be among the royal family. She should be mate in one of Eladin's great grandchild.

Through the shyness and respectfulness of Eladin's great grandchild, the queen's fear that their royal bloodline would be tainted by evil had disappeared.

On her womb, she bore the child. Their days weren't at ease. The new king commenced their search for her. But it did not stop the days until she had born the child.

A months had passed, their happy moments ended. Their hidings had been found. She pursued the others to escape with her child.  She decided to surrender.

The roll of life was unexpected. Eladin's great grandchild bravely defended her. But that was where courage and recklessness didn't vary in principle. The might of the new king was a pillar that hard to reach. All of her tears had fallen. Miracle wouldn't side her hope. She departed the place and was escorted back to the throne.

The body of Eladin's great grandchild had been buried and honored by the shadow army.

The queen had approached by Altrass in the silent. They plotted for a way to dethrone the new king.

In a broad daylight, hesitated soldiers were announcing a public entertainment, from the new king's thought, a copulation between the young princess Jesifer and the teen noble boy.

People were angry despite of being an audience. But words couldn't be spouted or mumbled in the presence of terror. They watched both of the embarrassed children hesitatingly undressing slowly.

And then a man, with a wooden sword, walked in the surrounded area. His appearance and action caused disturbance to the crowd and the new king. He ordered Jesifer, “My highness, wear your clothes. I'll end this madness at once.” Very few people could recognized the man, among them were market vendors. He had challenged the new king. His swing could rival the strength of giants. It didn't last until the kingdom regained its doctrine, honor, and prosperity. The death of the insane new king was the joy of people surrounding the area. Soldiers and guards were trying to drive away angry people wanting an extraneous revenge.

The man was surrounded by some guards, ordered by the queen. His name had been asked, Viergo Diarke. He rejected any reward and he ordered the queen to be a good rightful ruler instead. But his pacing to depart was halted to hear the princess proposed, “If you're kindness and strength would be passed on generation. I don't mind marrying your son.” She cries. “Let it be in my family. I don't want those dreadful moments repeat. I could die in shame.”

The man replied, “My highness. You're more mature than my son. At your age he still cries. Visit us in a village to the south of Mt. Ma Eling westwards from Deep Forest. I think you will hate him. That child always look for troubles. I mean, troubles find him always.” He asked the queen permission for his departure. Then he had left the kingdom escorted by the guards.


Jesifer's preparation to visit Viergo's village was vain. The kingdom received news that the village had burnt down to ashes. It was added to the Sky's Rejection files. The case had been a mystery to the people living in Dandia. Few in the Royal Family knew the truth of this occurrence. Her intent became a wind.

The queen had met Eladin. She met her fourth child, princess Vilyarin. Despite of her early age, the child had been taught to kill. She found the child's characteristic deadly. Her dismay could not stop from embracing her daughter. And there in the underground of sharp tall tower of Jelfyr, she imprisoned the child, a test of faith, without eating or seeing the light, that will last years until her coming of age. — A forbidden ritual for the sorse to achieve healing ability; the other quality of their blood aside from dispelling. Her imprisonment was also meant to tighten her resolve, to protect the royal family.


With the use of his men, Altrass had started to build three huge ships. The ancient blue prints, as guide, had been analyze and understood by his scholars. But there in the top of the tower of Jelfy, the queen— who knew what terror lurking beyond the fog, surrounding Dandia —prepared herself as sacrifice. In exchange of her life, a huge cylindrical barrier she cast, surrounding the seas of Dandia. Her death had been a mystery for Raume, even after the burial ended. Her death had left loneliness to Jesifer who admired her teaching and care.

Jesifer had been crowned on her early age as new queen. With the help of Frehviesa, her adviser, no one would against the ceremonial coronation.

Sai Mea, daughter of Frehviesa, became a close friend of Raume, the young prince.


Through those days of learning, Jesifer had kept the words of her mother. Starting the day of her coming of age was dangerous for her mutual love one. She inherit the lineage of her father, among of  the legacy, the swint race. She must stay strong, that was her mother words she must not forget.

The day that Frehviesa born her second child, the visiting Jesifer had felt joy and envious. She offered her mother name, and the couple gladly accepted with delight. Her awareness about her race went strong but her defiance to resist was futile. She became infatuated with the child. Her brother the first prince had an appearance finally on her quarter. Being reminded about her race, she decided to leave the kingdom into the hands of her brother, Raume.

After leaving the kingdom, she went off with her disguise, slaughtering criminals and unfolding false legends, for the faith  and safety of people, in the places wherever she would go. The life outside wasn't easy from the start until she managed to adapt. And of course, with the help of the shadow army.        But her loneliness could make her think about Yaume. She could remember their moments with the child. She could miss her.


One of the royal squad reported to Jesifer that Altrass resigned as Marshal, a coincidence to an article of hidden archives that had been missing. It was a vital that shouldn't be revealed. Their long searched leaded her to the nest of her brother, the first prince. She agreed about his motive on being the keeper, in exchange of the knowledge:

Dandia's ruler wasn't the royal family of Jelfyr. But the entities above the sky that watched and decided the faith of Dandia's inhabitants.

Sky's Rejection will fall to a place where the ruler would take measure to the chosen soul.


It sudden came to her cognition, to what purpose the ruler would select the soul and reject it along with the innocents around.

And why Altrass persistently wanted to venture, beyond the barrier across the fogs.

Were there really gods around?

And why must the strongest should became the queen or king.


She continued to her own journey as an innocent civilian in disguise. In times of tired, she could think of nothing but Yaume.

Into the village of Aklaba, she found there culture amusing. A side from farming grains, fruits, and vegetables, those people were gathering silks to make clothes. Her daring attitude had made her found a tutor about knotting clothes.        A handmade present for Yaume, that would be the best she could think...





77: sp04 04 01, Apodeictic Intention, Threat to Raume
sp04 04 01, Apodeictic Intention, Threat to Raume


Apodeictic Intention, Threat to Raume



Far from the sight, beyond the ocean, into the orange sky, a lizard-like creature, with bat wings, is soaring in the air. Beyond the scenery barred by the sea is the lifeless infertile land, lurked by a huge moving mountain-like creature.

What is this place? has thought by Jaino.

Nearby, a woman smiles. She is standing on the white sand, while the waves of blue salty water repeatedly move back and forth across her feet. The sea breeze and sunset polish her smile. She speaks, “The world will come to its end if that will evolve again. Are you sure you can't slay it.”

And a voice replies that Jaino recognizes, “How many years had passed since we'd spoken again. Woman, you seek death but you're afraid by this tempest. You're afraid that your conscience will remain within its existence and you'll lost your grasp with yourself.

“I will repeat. I no longer I as it was before that I've forgotten when. I can't hurt even a tiny vile little thing.

“I halted the war between the winged one and frezar. The land and sea must join the fight. They mustn't left behind. The unity after this long battle shall cleanse the land. That is what I pursue.”

The woman speaks, “Does it mean... involving me?”

“You woman do not belong this place. Your very existence must find it.”

Twitters of birds onto this cold morning awaken this Jaino, on each move he does, he groans in pain. His eyelids are hard to lift. Added by his heavy head with a little bit move will tilt and twirl his world. Pain from his stress body and bandaged wounded limbs has made him hesitate for a forceful movements.

And his spirit of dark speaks, By the way, don't think that I am a girl. We spirits are genderless.

Oh... Shut up... has replied by Jaino. He seems familiar to the bed that he has lying in. He moves to flip himself and tries to rise his body. He wants to open his eyes. Still, his eyelids are hard to lift. His hand lands to someone's soft stomach and a woman yawns. He retorts his hand quickly and he recognizes the voice. It's Criselia. He rolls to the other side. Unfortunately he falls face down in the floor.

Seriously, why's so afraid of my previous master, has said by Jaino's spirit, a spirit of dark.

Do you even need to ask? Who the hell would want to sleep with that ancient lady?

You're rude. She's quite gorgeous, right? Oh, you're blushing.

I'm not! He hears Criselia's long yawns and she speaks,

“What was that Jaino? Huh, where are you?”

Somehow this Jaino can't reply and wants to cry. Despite of the pain, he endures the embarrassing situation and lies in the floor. He pretends asleep. He hears the nearing movement in the bed. “Huh? Hey, Jaino, why are you sleeping on the floor?” has asked by Criselia.

“Can't you— Ugh, can't you just get it?”

“My intuition was right. You're awake. Did you just fall from the bed?”

“Ah, this woman! Criselia, help me already.”

She yawns as she speaks, “Help you for what?”


“There must be a compensation.”

“I told you—“ He tries to stand, but his arms are in pain and lack of strength. He falls down again. “Argh... please, help me already.”

Criselia stands off the bed, and she grabs Jaino's arms and she wraps it on her shoulders. “You're heavy, and I'm a woman. How cruel...”

This Jaino averts his face. He could smells her fragrance, igniting the heat of his body. He thinks, You're just a monster.

“Ugh, bad breath,” has commented by Criselia.

Anger circulating through his vain, he, Jaino, wants to evaporate. The creaking sound of the door being open makes their eyes see the dismayed face of a swordswoman standing the outside. She speaks, “Lady, is that man harassing you?”

Criselia grabs Jaino's wrist and she lands his hand to her breast. With the pitied face, she replies, “Yes, he's more than clinging to me.”

“If you may please, have distance. I must dissect that person.”

Seeing her unsheathing her sword and walking going near, Jaino struggles to walk away from Criselia. He falls and he crawls fast on the floor. “Taila, stop this! We should fight no more! Criselia don't get along so easily!”

“He rubs my stomach earlier,” has added by Criselia.

The swordswoman walks with haste. And Jaino, with the feeling of fright and along by the pain of his body, he leans his back to the wall. Seeing the woman stabs the floor between his legs, Jaino speaks, “Please Taila, I didn't mean it.”

She smiles. “Hone your new skills quick. I wanna fight you without restrain.”

Seriously, this woman is real, has thought by Jaino.

“We had touch once, I'm not the fake.”

“Okay, okay. Let me rest. Please?” I've forgotten, she can read mind.

“By the way Jaino. I'll sleep here also for the meantime since Mrs. Taila allows me to do so,” has said by Criselia.

The swordswoman, Taila, helps Jaino back to the bed. She speaks as she walks back to the door, “Sister maniac, you should visit your Kilie. Meda her subordinate had told me your sister suffered some loss on her business. Also woman—“ She gestures to Criselia, “—be sure to rest. Refrain your lust.”

“Am I that indecent?” has mumbled by Criselia.

“I be off to duty now. Jaino, be sure to take your responsibilities. Some of your men need your assistance. Speak to me in the office.” And the door is creaking. And it shuts.



Settled back to the bed, Jaino, his accompany, lying beside him, behind him in the bed, is Criselia. He can smell her fragrance that he wants to resist. He hears her speaks, “Jaino, we're now alone.” Her words destruct this wounded person's mind. With the, what he knows ancient lady, having the body of seventeen, beside him, behind him, the temptation is gravitating. “You know, someone promised me the other day. He said, he would tighten our relationship. He was not kidding right?” This wounded Jaino realizes whom she has meant.

He thinks, I wanna rest, someone please, tell her. And how the hell she's here in the first place.

“Jaino, you're not sleeping right? By the way, I saved a child yesterday. I wish I have that kind of girl. She's cute.” Her words knock his dignity. “It's so hot here I need to remove my blouse.”

He flips and rises while he says, “Seriously, Criselia, this is a military building—” to only find her smiling, with cloths she actually hasn't remove.

“I'm just kidding.”

Blood circulates through his vain, he wants to evaporate. The door opens with the shocked Ritzel standing the outside. “She's not my mother. She's not ma'am Kilie. She's not even Ms. Judith. Seriously, womanizer!” She shuts the door close.

With the guilty feeling, Jaino thinks, I want to die.



Another moment again, Jaino asks Criselia, “Criselia … You had told me, you know about every race.” The woman hugs him. He endures the ache on his painful skin while he ignores the temptation.

“You're in pain with your question, emotionally,” has stated by Criselia. “Not everything I could know. Ask.”

“Do dralks die if they break their rules?”

“Jaino, it's not about breaking their rules. It's about not achieving what they want. As long as there are ways, they will not die. But if they become cornered and lost any hope they could utilize. They suffer emotional breakdown to a sudden death if they're not dealt quick.”

“Is there no other way to save them? I mean, even if they could not achieve their desire?”

“Simple. Give them a lifelong hope while not allowing them to reach their goal. Or convince them to accept the truth.” She chuckles. She leans her lips to Jaino's shoulder. “Why do you ask?”

“I already know about this. I had failed once. I just want someone to help me lighten my mind.” He closes his eyes. The realization becomes a burden to his intent. He thinks, Kilie...



From the Jelfyr Kingdom's eastern wall, to the deep of Akrosdasan Forest, home by ancient tall trees, a nude man, sitting in the huge branch, gazes down to the path where few people— size as ants since they're seen from afar— are walking.

This nude man, his body is deforming and his skin color is changing.

Black feathers are appearing while he's shrinking. Then black wings spread as the nude man has turned into a crow and it flies.

Gaile, is one of the race of norims. Some of this race can mutated to another form of species. Others became half-breed.

Above in a branch the crow lands. Far from it sights, it watches those people— three are groomed wealthy —entering into the fenced hut. The crow glides and lands into the hut's roof.

Greeting and loud welcomes are roaring the place. Inside the hut, no table or seats, the eyes-closed old man, Eladin, and his subordinates are feasting their meals, varied from different meats and fruits.

One of the wealthy groom men speaks, “Don't waste time. If you want to assassinate Raume, now is the time.”

“I am doing what is right,” has replied by Eladin, the eyes-closed old man, “The time has not yet come.”

Another one of the groom men responses, “What are you waiting for? The kingdom's security has been tauten. All over the kingdom, soldiers are roaming night and day. They're vigilant. Would you want them notice our betrayal and arrest us first? We're not safe for their hounds.”

Eladin replies, “I demand you all to settle down your temper before I'll lost patience. I can explain my side. Sit and join us.” Some of the guests sit. And some of Eladin's men reach them two bowls of fruits and two bowls of different roasted meats. While Eladin gnaws small piece of food, he speaks, “My spy reported to me that Raume is surrounded by some soldiers and colonels. It's very difficult for my men to make a move. And my location is quite far to make a move myself.

“All we need to do is confirm the location of Jesifer. Without Jesifer, Raume is vulnerable to me.”

“You will infiltrate the tower, are you insane?” has asked by one of the groomed man.

“That is the easiest I find. And it will save your worries. Ambush and infiltration with my men have a high chance of failing. You do not want to be trace down, am I right?” Somehow those groomed men find Eladin's significance agreeing. “Be at ease. You will hear everything later.” The woman I had face before was probably the best that the kingdom could provide. I can face more than fifty of her. How amusing, there would be no pity for Raume.

It was your fault Yaume for hiding me the daughter of my bloodline.



Located in Mt. Ma Eling, into the Shrine, owned by the Lightning Clan,

In the bedroom, Aminette sits on her bed and meditates. The door opens and she hears the nearing footsteps. A woman speaks, “Ma'am, you must not push yourself.”

“Oh Cally, you're much beautiful with my dress.”

“Ma'am,” has responded by Cally. She sits on the bed while she continues, “I know myself better. Please, I beg you... For the meantime though, I'll be staying here.” The central general denied my request. I guess they are busy. Then she lies in the bed.

“You're too welcome. It's not lonely here to have you around. I must do my responsibilities first, okay?” She meditates again and her vision wanders back to the northern part of Deep Forest. After her vision has reached to an empty cave chamber, she thinks, They escaped. I must hurry and inform Maritis about this.



Meanwhile in the secret hideout of Jelfyr Shadow Army...

Sai Mea has received the reports from the royal squads and those units return to their task. In her thoughts, Many nobles complain to our way of inspection and security. But the number of my men isn't enough to monitor all of them. Specially most these nobles are away already. I hope we can maintain the record of their whereabouts... as possible... Uh, I mustn't be frail and shall endure their complains... It's hard to identify those knaves.

Maritis appears and kneels. “My master, I have brought some good news and bad news. What would you like to hear first?”

“Maritis... I wonder about that. What's the matter? You have a bittersweet face... Where is the lively atmosphere? I guess... Let me here the bad news then.”

“Eladin has managed to escape. Forgive me...”

“Thi-this is bad... Do you have any speculation?”

“With these few days have passed I hadn't had any premonition. Forgive me again. There is no guarantee what he will do... He cannot be underestimated. I'd gained warning from someone... Being lord of the underworld means he can rival our queen.”

“...I want reports from Shaira then, in time to time. Sigh... how about the good news.”

“Yaume has finally regained her consciousness.”

Hearing those words, Sai Mea's feeling gradually lightens. “Who cures my sister?”

“Our queen was lucky to meet someone intimated about Yaume's illness.”

Sai Mea then smiles while her eyes are in tears. “I have failed to find cure for my lil sis. But I'm glad, someone did. I can't forgive myself to doubt on our prince's promise.



“We must do whatever we can.”

“Master... I've always follow your command.” Even if death shall be upon me.

“Good. Eladin won't succeed.”



Zahamara and the castle guards have head Sai Mea's plea. They've joined force and monitor the inside and out of Jelfyr. Into the east of southwest entrance of the kingdom, behind the guard shed is a military headquarters where Zahamara has appointed himself.

The colonel, who has retrieved his own sword from a delivery, speaks to Zahamara, “Sire, some nobles have been spotted in Akrosdasan by our men. It seems they exited from the northeast entrance and headed down to the south of the forest. Our scout, who stalked those nobles, has went back failure. His assertion that those nobles had gone in a sudden. Our scout is highly affirmed that he wasn't noticed by any means. Would you believed this sire?”

“Gone, so suddenly...” I have bad feelings about this. It seems Sai Mea is taking action against the underworld. “Colonel, we gotta best prepare.”

“Aye, sire!”

“Inform the scout to remain in the area. And inform our men if they found the same uncanny thing in the kingdom. We need assistance from the fifth exceptional general. We can't expect information from Sai Mea.”


Initiative may not secure

Resolution against ill outcomes

Experience comes from engaging



78: sp04 04 02, The Curse Black Swords
sp04 04 02, The Curse Black Swords


The Curse Black Swords


In Crewtner Village, the departure of the young prince Raume is ongoing. Surrounded by survivors, villagers, village councilors, soldiers and royal squads; the head of village council bestows gifts to Raume, the young prince of Jelfyr. Among the gifts is a fine wine made from wheat and grapes. Those gifts have been received by Shaira and she turns over them to her subordinates. “We will see you off, prince of Jelfyr,” has said by the head of village councils. “Thank you for your kind visit, specially your help in time to time. We hope your generosity shall continue. Your actions prove you are fitting in the throne.”

“I must do what must be done,” has replied by Raume, the young prince. “It's only natural that we support each other. Without the people support, the kingdom will crumble. I just did my purpose. Well then, if you would allow. We may depart now.” Accompanied by the soldiers and royal squads, the prince begins to walk, to travel back to the kingdom.

The head of village council speaks loud, “We pray that the heaven protects you with your travel!” followed by the lively people shout out their farewell. Specially children who admire the prince the most are requesting and expecting for his next visit.

Despite of being wounded, Jaino rises and walks to his office. There outside the door, few people are in the lounge. The swordsman standing near the door salutes at Jaino, and he does back. He walks inside the office and finds clients accommodated by his men on each different table.

He goes to where Taila, speaking to a soldier of Renze. And where a bearded swordsman is standing while leaning in the wall.

“Do not force yourself,” has said by Taila to Jaino.

“Don't mind. So, who needs me?”

“Right, It's me,” has responded by the bearded swordsman.

Taila follows up, “Speak to him.”

“Speak,” has demanded by Jaino to the bearded swordsman. “I had already told you. Do what's necessary. Just don't step beyond our boundary. The underworld is beyond our realm. But if that would affect me personally, it doesn't matter to me.”

“You are right... It'll affect to you, yourself and the surroundings around you,” has responded by the bearded swordsman. “We have recovered alive victims from the mansion owned by a nobleman. They are to be used for feast.”

“Seriously, imbys was supposed to be exterminated.”

Imbys, they are norims cultured cannibalism and insane in nature. They do what other norims do for their safety and also to lure their prey.

“I'm afraid. The criminal is not belong to the race. He is currently member in the council of congress. He is currently guarded by his paid security. I supposed this may cause disturbance in public. It may affect your clan.”

“That will never happen. What they're doing is completely wrong. I stay as the third for the meantime but that doesn't mean you will halt because it'll affect me.”

“That's what I'm afraid of...”

“Then do your job. Taila is behind us. My limitation is the underworld.”

“Uhm, you're not doing your job,” has said by Taila to Jaino. “You're making me in-charge. By the way, the prince has requested protection for Judith. One of our men studies your history and keeps Judith under surveillance. Aren't you stepping beyond our boundary? Notwithstanding that woman, Criselia, is so mysterious. I wonder what you're afraid with her.” Her words strike Jaino with a bash.

“Mind if I asked?” has asked by Jaino. “Is someone still need me for?”

The bearded swordsman replies, “Not much. The others can manage themselves. You're approval is enough. We're lucky to have you for the meantime.”

“I may depart now.”

After Jaino has begun to move, Taila unsheathes her sword and jumps out from her table. In the same time the bearded swordsman yells, “Watch out boy—” as he throws his sword to Jaino.

Jaino has evaded Taila's attack, a thrust of the sword. And he manages to catch the sword that has thrown by the bearded swordsman. Realizing that Taila's stance can be follow up, Jaino, with his thumbs, he lifts down the sword's lock. And he unsheathes halfway the sword to only parry the overhead slash from Taila.

Taila then praises, “Not to shabby my dear.”

“That's a quite quick gathering of strength you made their. Instead from below or right, your slash came from above. You have improved.”

She sheathes her sword. “Well, thanks. Jaino, don't wander in public in broad daylight. You're involving civilians,” has said by Taila. “Also, don't forget our fight.”

Jaino sheathes the sword and he throws it back to the bearded swordsman walking near. He then smiles to Taila and he continues his pace.

“Don't give him a hard time,” has stated by the bearded swordsman to Taila.

“No one here is able to block my attacks well. I need a spar. This office is making me rusty.”

“I'm now wondering how you managed to have a husband... My condolence.”

“No need to... I'm not that mysterious... It was an arrange marriage.”


Searching for the missy Ritzel, Jaino arrives in the wide area where recruit soldiers are trained. A group of people, his subordinates, grabs his interest and he finds Ritzel having a duel against a bulk old man.

By her wooden sword, the missy Ritzel has deflected the bulk old man's swing of the club that came from above, and she swings it down to the ground. She runs towards her opponent's left side and with the strength from her stance and feet, she goes full turn for a full swing. She suddenly notices the bulk old man attempts to slantingly swing up his club. Ritzel ducks and cocks down her head. Successfully avoided the critical strike, she runs to her opponent's right side to where her opponent can't yet follow up the attack. This is my chance, has thought by Ritzel.

The bulk old man's roar echoes aloud and his heavy foot stomp gives the area a sudden burst of wave pressure that has gradually gone, leaving Ritzel unable to execute her move. He speaks, “You still have a long way to go kid.” And he laughs aloud.

Ritzel kneels her knee and props her hand on the ground. “That's unfair.” Almost of the spectators laugh.

“Don't make a big deal about it, Ritzel,” has spoken by Jaino. “He just hates to lose.”

“Come again,” has responded by the bulk old man to Jaino. “You want a fight? I can take you on.”

“Na na na. I don't wanna open the gate to the long argument. Ritzel, come with me. We have to go somewhere.”

Ritzel thinks, What would it be? She has stood and walks to Jaino.

“How ironic. First you've been toying with Taila and now you gonna rob her child,” has commented by one of Jaino subordinates, and someone whispers to that person,

“Hey, your words surely could backfire.”

“And speaking to that person who awakes in different house after being drunk? Your wife gonna kill you if she'll hear this,” has responded by Jaino, turning that man flustered. And everybody laughs, except Ritzel who has no idea.


Awhile waiting for Ritzel, in the corner of a building, Jaino glances at Criselia, stretching on the garden. His comment inside his thoughts, What is that woman thinking, stretching in nearly noon? Now that I notice, where did she'd stolen her clothes. He sees the woman seems down in a sudden. Well, she has a taste... The thin silk looks good on her. His index finger (next to his thumb) becomes unsettled after he has glanced at her back while that woman, Criselia, bends her body backward.

Oh, she's quite gorgeous, right? has said by Jaino's spirit, a spirit of dark.

“Sigh. I admit, she's a beauty,” has replied by Jaino. “But, not adorable.” And a voice of Ritzel, he hears,

“I see. She's a beauty. I don't disagree.”

“...Ritz... Ritz— Ritzel— Th-there's no ill meaning of what I've said. Please, please. Hear me. Pay it no mind.”

“Like I care.” Then she mumbles, “My mother is good looking too, y'know.”


She replies, “I said I don't care.” She cured you for free when you were about to die. I don't have any complains. You should thank her. Unable to speak her thoughts, she asks, “So, where are we gonna go?”

Criselia yells from the garden, “Jaino, I board here for the meantime as long I have not yet received my laboratory. I'm lazy to work for money. Are you fine?”

In Jaino's thoughts, As if, I could stop you. He gazes to Criselia, who smiles back. He sighs again. I really hope you should do good things to ease my feelings.


The two Jaino and Ritzel travel across the crowd of people in the market's pathway. Rumors, news, casual chats, propaganda are always the loud noises prolonged in the air. Suspicious people can't be distinguish due to the mixed cultures of different races inhabited the kingdom.

The realization of result born from his unintentional mistake has made him guilty as he, Jaino, continues to listen on a fatso, owner of the merchandise that sells fruits and vegetables. The fatso is having a conversation with the two customers, “I believe it was the first time in the history of Dandia. That was a huge loss they suffered. Their business should be fruitful if it wasn't wiped out by the huge wave from the sea. And it happened when I became their valued customer. I feel sorry for them. I can relate such a thing. I'm nearly out of stock so it was their wish to reserve those crops for them. And I want their motivation lifted up.—I'm sorry. I can't sell you the stock. This is my way of returning a favor.”

One of the customers, a woman responses, “So, the announcement was actually true. How unfortunate.”

“Right. The kingdom's council announced also that the prince has visited those affected village for aid. I hope those rescuers retrieved many survivors.”

“I hope so,” has agreed by the woman. “Considering our kingdom's security in high alert, those who lose their love ones can't avail aid to travel back to their village. I feel sorry for them too.” Her partner slaps her back lightly, and she listens to her speak,

“Hey, we don't have time for chitchat. We should look for the rest of ingredients.”

And the fatso follow up, “Oh, I forgot to mention. Fish vendors would be gradually decreasing. The fishermen community declared ban for fishing until prior notice. So, make haste if you need fish for your ingredients.”

In Jaino's thoughts, I cannot revert everything. He finds the number of guards and soldiers deployed around the area is greater than usual. The sadness overwhelms himself. I believe, it's a faith. I don't do any mistake. It just... it's my fault. He remembers suddenly his meeting with Criselia—

“What are you plotting?” has asked by the curious Jaino.— But Criselia is silent. She has just begun swirling. —“What if, I'll choose the second?”

Criselia stops. “Here is the demonstration.” She swings her hand to an isle.

Under the sea, a sloped ground has started to separate, and some places grumble while the tremor is occurring. On that isle, birds are flying away frighten and other animals are panicking since they are gravitated, while the isle is submerging.

Sea wave has gradually increasing its towering height, as it's moving outwards.

The people are confused, since this is their first time that they experience the heavy vibration of the ground.

Jaino is clearly witnessing the wave approaching to the northwest part of the wide island.

On board in a boat, in the calm sea, a fisherman has stood, amazed by the giant tidal wave, nearing, rushing, whereas its beauty won’t escape his eyes, neither until he's buried alive by the blue salty water.

The villages on the bay just gaze at the approaching wondrous beauty, but their ignorance can’t exert fright. The wave is eating everything from the shores, crossing to many hills, and its persistence dies at the foot of the huge mountain.

Nearly one-fifth of that wide island has ravaged.

Jaino is somehow speechless. He's feeling the guilt.

“Now, choose well, I’m not kidding in every words that I spouted, if my urge where involve. I can guarantee, you’ll enjoy the first option.” Her smile is so cunning yet frightening for the man’s vision.

Not realizing he unconsciously idles in the path, a soft hand holds his hand. He glances at the curious Ritzel. He smiles. “Ritz, thank you. Let's go.”

On Ritzel's thoughts, What's with him?


Outside a boutique, Jaino waits for Ritzel. The missy is finally out the shop and she speaks, “I have ordered those belts. I will receive the improvisation tomorrow.” She gazes down to the other side and minimizes her voice, “Do I really look good with those?”

Jaino replies, “Yup. Those are where you should hang your sword.”

Hearing his words, Ritzel feels happy. She notices a pickpocket young boy has stolen a pouch of money from an unaware woman. Ritzel runs and to the back of the thief she strikes the wooden sword at once. It surprises the people around the area. She picks up the stolen pouch of money and returns it to the woman who delightedly thanks back and praises her. The guards take over the offender. And Jaino place his hand to Ritzel's shoulder.

“Well done. Come.”


After their meals, they head inside a weapon shop. Receiving a long box from a decent looking guy, a shopkeeper, Jaino hands it to Ritzel.

The curious missy opens the box, containing two black swords. She finds those black swords shrouded by black mist. She glances at Jaino.

“Don't doubt Ritzel,” has said by Jaino.

She picks one of the black swords and unsheathes it halfway. Its blade is quite sharpened perfectly and no trace of rusty. The blade is glimmering. She suddenly holds her breath to freeze her body from moving. She feels cold to see Jaino bare-handedly grasps the blade. She listens to him,

“Ritzel, there are few people who can touch both of these swords. You are the second that I meet. And of course, the first one is I myself. It means, you are suitable enough to wield these swords.”

She finds his hand no blood from bleeding and unharmed. She thinks, Is he a medou?

Medou, is a norim with a relationship to the dimension of time or/and space. Ghost, refers also to Medou. It refers also to a phenomenon when object passes through another object’s body when it supposed to be collide.

“Ritzel, you have mastered the swords' basic a necessity for my lineage's technique.”

And the messy replies, “But, I wasn't able to master all of the hand grips.”

“Mastering one of the hand grips is suffice. The sole goal of swords' basic is to expand options in the battle, either a clash of battalions, a duel, or any situation.

“You know, the author of my lineage's technique wanted justice about the imbalance of all the norims treatment. So he pursued to surpass a mere norim inability and his progressive efforts born my family's technique. But the old cruel king many centuries ago denied the author's ascension. The old king sent out assassins to silence the author of my lineage's technique. The author, he was my ancestor. That's why we preserve our treasure in the silence in hope we can be accepted by most of the norim races. And I shall bestow you what your mother wanted me to teach you.”

“Wait,” has responded by Ritzel. She sees Jaino removes off his hand from grasping the blade. Sheathing the black sword, Ritzel places it down inside the box. “I don't know that there is such history. But can I ask? Is mother really care for me?”

“You wouldn't be here, if she didn't.”

She stares at Jaino for any reason to disbelief. Her failure has made her averts her eyes. “I mean. There're still many people hate you showing off. Considering what happened yesterday, they will not think you as just a normal norim anymore.” She didn't get any response. She goes for another diversion again. “Are you fine with an outsider learning about your treasure, the technique?”

“Ritzel, please don't doubt. You will receive what I can bestow to you. You're not an outsider to me Ritzel. I've gladly accepted you as my daughter.”

“Then... Marry my mother!”


“But— why?”

“She has her own circumstances. You must know it better than anyone.”

“She has? But we have never talked anything except ways of battle.”

Jaino smiles. “How about, master my lineage's technique and impress her after you will win on a duel against her. May be she can express it with words to you.

“Anyway, these swords obey the will of its wielder. The first thing is you accepted it once. The second is you rejected it eternally. In short, you are born and died with it. These swords had ceased countless of lives. Please use it oppositely. By the honor of the Lightning Clan, use it to save anyone as possible. By the honor of my ancestry, share my lineage's technique to everyone. The seat of the Third General, I decided to reserve it for you.”

The last words the Jaino said, has made Ritzel happy. She replies, “I shall do my best.” Finally, I have gain my motivation. Mother, I will show you what I can do. I will have you recognize me. I know, you will know how credible I enough to be the next hire of the clan.

The shopkeeper asks to Jaino, “Is she the one?” He hands Jaino a book and a letter. And he receives a response,

“Yep.” To Ritzel, Jaino says, “Take them Ritzel. They're yours. We still have to visit the graveyard.” He heads to the door and then Ritzel picks the black swords from the box. And she follows Jaino.


Everybody seeks acceptance.

It always begins with oneself,

to stand firm against some outcomes.



79: sp04 04 03, The Unspoken Decision
sp04 04 03, The Unspoken Decision


The Unspoken Decision


Akrosdasan Forest, is the neighboring forest from the southeast to east of Jelfyr Kingdom. It's a famous forest known by the hunters for hunting foods, and materials like mostly poisonous-tusked wild boar, poisonous frog, and venomous snake as materials for detoxification and cure for some illness.


Inside the forest of Akrosdasan, to a branch of a tall tree, a crow lands. Its body is gradually growing bigger. Black feathers are shrinking. Its black wings are forming to human arms. And finally it becomes a man without cloth.


Gaile, is one of the race of norims. Some of this race can mutated to another form of species. Others became half-breed.


The man wears on his garments. He picks up his sword, hunting knife, bow, quiver, and other materials, like ropes, traps, etc. Then he climbs down fast on the tree.

Hiding on a tree while waiting for his target, after setting up his trap, he sees the decreased number of traitors walking back from Eladin's camp. He hears the echoing dismay, criticism, disagreement, comment, flattery, thoughtful options of plan from those he recognizes as two noblemen and their three companions.

As his targets go down to a slope, he, the man once a crow, draws his bow and releases the arrow at once.

A nobleman among the group notices the quick zooming wind. “Urg,” has moaned by his companion, a noblemen. He sees his companion has stabbed by an arrow on the neck. And his companion's body falls down, slides, and rolls in the slope ground. Despite of the shocking situation, he yells, “Hide all of you!” His words command the rest of his group. He slides to the slope and he ducks to hide. Another arrow again has been released and stabs to the eye of his other companion, who has failed to find a place to hide. “Yahh!” has cried by his other companion, who's hands are in flame. That companion of him throws those fireballs, again and again to the place where the assailant is expected hiding. Those flame burns some trees and the fire begins combustion. And the place is painted of dancing glowing gradient red, yellow, and orange. The heat surrounds the place. A moment later, his companion stops the attack and breathes from getting tired. He and his other companion, who is currently hiding, rise slowly to see and confirm if the assailant is dead. Another zoom of wind as an arrow hits to the head of his other companion, who has went out from hiding. His last companion is enraged again. He sees him throwing another set of flames to different uncertain locations. He, the last person of his group, rages seeing his last companion falls with an arrow in the left chest. He has stood to yell, “Face me cowards! Show yourselves! Fight me head on!” He can hear the consecutive sounds from gritting dried leaves and bushes. And to the right side, he sees the man, the assailant. He hears him speak,

“Of course. You are the purpose of my task,” has spoken by the man, who is a crow before. The nobleman disappears to his sight. He, who is a crow before, unsheathes the sword while he turns around, and vertically he swings up the sword. A shrill sound from the clash of metals continues and suddenly halts, when he kicks the nobleman, flying into a tree nearby. The nobleman's back lands heavily onto the tree. The nobleman groans in agony. The man, who is a crow before, approaches quickly the nobleman. He parries the nobleman attack, a desperate one but premature of strength. And he kicks the nobleman around the stomach. The nobleman spits out blood. The man, who is a crow before, asks angrily, “Where's the daughter of Brigan?”

Due to the pain of his back, the nobleman can utter a very thin sounds from his lips, “Who... knows...” His smile with blood of his lips shows his agony along with relief. “Might... might she be... dead.”

“Speak loud!” has demanded by the man, who is a crow before. Despite the strong-and-stink-smell of the smokes and heat of the fire, he points his blade to the neck of the nobleman, who loses conscious. He cries, “Answer me!” The waters rain down from above and he hears someone speaks,

“Leave him to us Mike. I already have the evidence. I'd heard what happened to my cousin.”

The man, who is a crow before, sees the person, his client, going near. His client is once among the noblemen and probably traveling back in separated group from Eladin's camp. He sees the nobleman's accompany, an emode, uses pure water element to kill the fire. “What about justice?” he has asked.

“That truth was a total cruel. But I also want justice for all. My cousin wasn't the only victim. And to achieve such a thing, I want to end the root of this cruelty. I have a new duty for you. I will send the reward to your guild later. I believe your guild master is strong, right?”

“So, what is it?”

“I want you to inform your guild master and pursue him to take action. Our good young prince is to be assassinated.”

On the peaceful ascending path where few trees and cut grasses on its each corner, Jaino and Ritzel are silent while they are walking. The cool breeze of afternoon protects them from the heat of sunlight. Twittering birds emit sounds soothing to any listener. Ritzel feels certain that somebody is following. She asks Jaino, “fa—”

“Nope Ritzel, I'm still not ready to be called like that,” has replied by Jaino.

“But, you said—” She receives a pat on the head from Jaino. She sees him smiles.

“Speak to me without any address, okay.”

The missy, Ritzel, shivers her body. “Father! I have to do.... Y'know, girls' thing. Would you kind and willing to wait for me, father?”

With his drained out of strength shoulders and unable to get angry, Jaino begs, “Please Ritzel, it's weird.”

“Father! Please! I can't hold on anymore! Father!”

“Ritz...” With the feeling of defeat, Jaino replies. “O...kay... I, I'll wait.”

“Yahoo! Yahey!” And Ritzel runs to a corner of the path. “Thanks father!”

Somehow... I feel my age plus ten years... has thought by Jaino.


After running through the grassland with few trees, Ritzel stops to see, same of her age, a boy feels relief while he's peeing. “Are you the one stalking at us!” her yell has made the boy startled, halting his activity.

The boy hides his symbol. Unable to respond due to the shock, he hears Ritzel's loud utterance again,

“Mind your manners if someone asking you a question.”

The nerve... has thought by the boy, feeling unwell about the unfinished and halted activity of him. “Speak that to yourself! You pry in 'n randomly suspecting me. Didn't you see I was discharging my burden?”

“You were doing, what?”

“Ugh, I'm gonna go.”

“Wait. I cannot let you go!” Unable to move her body, she thinks, He's a saiyk.

Saiyk, is a norim with tremendous psychic ability.

“The moment I see you in my eyes. You're under the spell of my ability. So bitch, just knock off already. My mother is waiting for me.”


With the feeling of defeat, Ritzel goes back to Jaino. While they are walking, she asks, “Can I use my medou ability now, father?”

Medou, is a norim with a relationship to the dimension of time or/and space. Ghost, refers also to Medou. It refers also to a phenomenon when object passes through another object’s body when it supposed to be collide.

Hearing the last word, Jaino is sulking again. “Nope Ritzel. I haven't bestowed you my lineage's technique yet. Endure it for the meantime.”

“He he he he. You didn't complain when I call you, father—”

Hearing her words, Jaino think, I want to cry.

“I guess I can endure it like you did.” She nods her head. “Right, father? He he he he.”

Seem like, I'm being tortured.


Inside the entrance of a graveyard, they see a wide grassy hills and few trees. Inscribed tablets are respectively arranged on the ground. The two, Jaino and Ritzel, venture deeper.

To a crossing where they see an unaware boy standing, Ritzel reacts, “You!“ her voice startles this boy at her age. “You aren't sneaking on us again, do you?”

“Oh, you again!” has responded by the boy. “You don't have manners, am I right? Stop making surprises 'n randomly accusing somebody! You're scaring me on.”

“What are you doing here then?”

“I'm waiting for my mother.” He suddenly notices Jaino and he speaks to him, “Bro Jaino, you're here.”

“Bro?” has mumbled by Ritzel. And she stares at Jaino's face.

After he has smiled, Jaino speaks, “Ritzel, he's my bro in law. Shin, this is my adopted daughter. Both of you, get along okay.”

“With this girl?” has remarked by the boy.

“I'm Ritzel, nice to meet you.” And she bows. “I'm sorry for accusing you.”

“Heh, since I'm superior of you. You should obey my chores.”

“What did you say?” Another argument of the two erupts again.


And to the other side of crossing, a veteran woman greets Jaino, “Long time no see my dear. You appear, a bit, disarray. Should I call you boss, sire? Or should I honor you...” Not hearing a reply, she just watches him coming near.

Jaino asks, “Can I be forgiven?” He grabs the woman's hand and lands the back of her hand to his forehead. After kissing the back of her hand with his lips, he asks again, “Allow me to visit her grave.”

“Don't try to put your distance on our clan, Jaino. You're a man now. Know your responsibilities, authority, and your rights.” Before Jaino could reply, she continues, “Don't tell me. Act that independency.” Tears begin pouring on her eyes while the Ritzel and Shin silence. “Don't get the wrong idea. I don't harbor hatred on you. I just want to see what my husband and daughter had been up to.”

“For now,” has replied by Jaino, diverting his view at the sky. “I be doing my personal business.” There're already tons of sinners that I slayed. And tons of norims that died because of me. I will say it. “Despite of me no inheritance, your family is among the people who respect me. Ritzel, come here.”

What would it be? has thought by the missy Ritzel.

Jaino hands her a book. “This is the record of my lineage's technique. It contains varieties of skills from each person who inherited the technique through many generations. Lend me your wooden sword.

“Have you remember the man you sparred in the military training ground.”

The missy nods back.

“That man had fought many survivals. And through natural instinct, he gained bewildering strength and skills. You can't harm him if your a norim who isn't a dralk or you are using those materials with sharped blade, sharped pointed materials, or any other weapon along with a plain strength.

“It was nice to see that you could fight on him head on.

“You can feel that a strength is gathering with your body right?” He sees the child nods again. “My father was quite brighter than me, so this example may not be stronger.” He poses his stance. His left arm is pointing at a tree in far distance. His ready to swing right hand holding the sword is behind his right waist. “I'll show you how my father killed the last king of Jelfyr.

“Ritzel, like this. Gather strength to your sword. Use your mind for that. And think clearly before you do.

“Draw it to your target. Allow me to show you.” With his right foot he steps forward, Jaino swings his sword. Onto a tree in far distance, leaves have lifted out and are falling down. Branches are gradually falling down into the ground.

Speechless, both the children, the missy Ritzel and the boy Shin feel the cold on their skin. The veteran woman wipes out her tears and scrutinizes what Jaino has been up to.

Jaino speaks again, “Now, Ritzel, your turn. Try to envelope your body with that strength of yours.”

As the missy does, she speaks, “Whoa, I can really feel—”

“Nah, you're lying,” has commented by the boy Shin.

Ritzel glares at the boy Shin.

The veteran woman speaks, “How about, try holding her with your ability, Shin. We can find out if she's lying or not.”

“Mother...” has mumbled by the boy Shin. And to Ritzel, he speaks “Alright! Let's see what can you do.” A moment later, he sees the missy seems moving freely yet confused. This can't be... “Mother my ability, isn't working.”

And the veteran woman glances at Jaino who speaks,

“Now Ritzel, your final exam is, have a duel against your mother in my behalf. You probably need to practice and train with my technique for the meantime.”

Receiving back her wooden sword from Jaino and unable to conceive something on her mind that she wants to speak, Ritzel says, “Thank you, father...”

“That's unfair bro! Teach me also!”

“You still need to learn the swords' basic, Shin,” has replied by Jaino.

And Ritzel follows up, “I'm my father's reliever. If you want to know the swords' basic, you have to do lot of my chores.”


Leaving the children having an argument again, the woman and Jaino have went to a tablet inscribed with a name Mrs. Misisa Diarke. After a long silent prayer, Jaino speaks, “I should have a child with her before the marriage. The path the I'm walking now is no guaranteed homecoming. I guess, I'll be the last one of Diarke's bloodline.”

“Jaino, had you not flirting with my daughter and other women?” has asked by the veteran woman.

“I had not done such a thing. Not until I became the third.

“I was trying to follow my father's footstep when I'm still a child. But what I'd done was carnage. I really don't know if I'd given justice to the victims of the crimes that I worked for. But, now that someone had bestowed me hope, truth, and existence. It's foolish for me to reject it or use it for my personal affairs. I don't want those new sacrifices be in vain.

“I have decided. I will reveal what behind the outside world and face whatever may come. We norims are not alone living in this world.

“I shall prove it that everyone has a right on this world.”

“Is that your confidence?” She doesn't hear any reply. “You speak firmly. You made me no reason to disagree. Try not to overdo yourselves young man. I shall see what you can do. But I won't comfort you.”


Behind the grave, a crow lands. And Jaino asks the woman, “This crow is a man, forgive me if I have no respect. But I can't let you feel disgusted if you see him back to his form. My apologizes.”

“You still won't address me anything do you,” has replied by the veteran woman. “Remember that I'm a mother of your wife. At least show me that she lives in your heart...

“Well, I guess. I shall have my leave.”


Silent as the woman has begun to depart, Jaino speaks loud, “This might be sour to my heart. I can't forget how she bravely stood to her father's order despite of her race. She could tell me that she was a dralk!


“But, that was all the past. Mom... Thank you.” He takes a look to the veteran woman who smiles.

She replies, “You're still young Jaino. Find a woman that's worth for you life. And don't ever forget, pleasure may irresistible but children have rights and must know how to live in this world. I be going now.”


After the woman has left the place, the crow's appearance is changing again. As it regains its human form, a man without clothe, he speaks to Jaino, “My apologizes for hearing about your circumstance.

“However, my Job is my job.

“And to whom would I go for? The prince assigned you as the Third General.

“To maintain our guild's relationship to our kingdom, by default, you are our Guild Master. I came in the shop, and he told me I destine to meet you here. Don't say no and I won't accept complains nor reasons. We should show respect to our departed leader, the previous third.

“But since we all only have brief and a single life, I will ask. Are you willing to bear responsibility?”

“Speak already,” has ordered by Jaino. “Just bear it to mind, my representative of my division could hear this.”


“She's a loyal to me.”

With the delighted feeling of relief, he, the man who is a crow, grins while he stares with a sharped eyes at Jaino. “I'm glad,” he has responded. “I have brought someone's urgent request. The lord of the underworld will assassinate the prince.

“I will give you the I gathered complete details of the attack...”


Brave for the citizen safety

Countrymen have their shared duties

Ending the tradition of crime



80: sp04 04 04, A Battle and The Dominant Subduer
sp04 04 04, A Battle and The Dominant Subduer


A Battle and The Dominant Subduer


Jelfyr Wide Arena, is a wide arena, located outside the northeastern exit of Jeflyr Kingdom. Founded by Queen Jesifer Rosarok, the sole purpose is for the selection of the strongest norim in Dandia.


Jelfyr Wide Arena is composed of a wide ground ring, surrounded by a two level terrace of audiences' seat. On the audiences' seat, Jesifer and Criselia along with some audiences, someone's supporters, nobles, and commoners, watch the two desperate opposing contenders inside the battle ring. — One contender materializes some swords in the air and he fires them to his opponent. His opponent evades and deflects some projectiles and the gap of his distance is decreasing.

Criselia speaks, “Hey, Jes, you're wasting these people. They fight with all they can however unfit to your expectation.”

“And what are you supposed me to do?” Realizing about the words that she has said, she closes her eyes. “Forgive me. I've been repeating this question since earlier. My purpose of this is to find another individual who seeks fame and fights for their dignity and personal matters. They can earn depending to their effort. Killing is not allowed on this bracket anyway and I won't feel any shame. Anyone can join with their own freewill. I still have nine days left. So next week, the gathering of champions from different tribes is to be expected.

“I hope your cooperation as judge on their performance. And please, let Jaino join also.”

“Oooh, you need to bribe him,” has replied by Criselia, her words made the queen idles with flushed cheeks.

Jesifer thinks, How can I face him? He had seen me naked twice. She sighs. I've forgotten. It's only matter little. In a brief moment, she replies, “After I prepare myself, bring me to him later.” She notices, someone's going near. A well-groomed man, Marshal Dogel Hanoon, attired of white military garment arrives nearby, and before he can bow, Jesifer orders, “Approach without salutation and speak without any address.”


Marshal, is the highest rank of Jelfyr Kingdom's army and a right hand of the king. The official is not granted control on the Exceptional Generals and the Shadow Army.


“...your words are my command,” has replied by the Marshal. “Then here's my report. My messenger hadn't received the full details from Zahamara but he told me, the uptight security was requested by Sai Mea. And one thing that Zahamara assured, it's for the people's safety.”

“Let's leave them with their devotion then.”

“Forgive me. However I must correct one thing. I am the highest official on your army.”

“Your task here is the peak of importance — understood?”

“...yes. By your will, I shall fulfill thy wish.”

Inside the cemetery of Jelfyr, after Jaino and Shin's mother have departed, the argument between the boy Shin and the missy Ritzel has also ended.

Cemetery of Jelfyr, is located on the center of northeastern area of Jelfyr Kingdom.

Still standing in the path, she, Ritzel, opens the book of Jaino's lineage technique. Old pages are wrinkled and many parts of many handwritten words have lost much of texture. Phrases and unknown words for her, she fines hard to relate. Flipping many times to another page, she finds the number of written words with lost pigment is decreasing. Words that she can understand have increased their number. She could notice the boy Shin goes near and holds something, behind her side, bellow her buttock. She hears him speak,

“Woah! I can't touch these black swords. My hands go through, impossible!”

Grabbing her interest, she looks to see Shin's hands go through the swords with sheaths tied on her belt. By her surprise, she asks, “Aren't you a medou?”

Medou, is a norim with a relationship to the dimension of time or/and space. Ghost, refers also to Medou. It refers also to a phenomenon when object passes through another object’s body when it supposed to be collide.

“If I would, I be blinking my way hear rather than walking.”

A moment of thinking, she remembers Jaino's words,

“Ritzel, there are few people who can touch both of these swords. You are the second that I meet. And of course, the first one is I myself. It means, you are suitable enough to wield these swords.”

She speaks to Shin, “My father bestowed this to me. If you want to touch it, you must learn first the swords' basic. Of course, until you're fit.”

“With you as my teacher?” has asked by Shin with a prideful pose. He continues, “Nah, I'm not interested.”


While glaring sharply at Shin, through a distance, Ritzel sees five men walking near.

In the middle of those men, the bald man, with a scar in the forehead, speaks, “Grab both of them.” His words startle both the children. The big man, recognizable as a lusus, hasn't move, except the rest three men who begin to act.

Lusus, they are huge and strong norims with extraordinary speed. Unlike igysn, they have two eyes.

Two of those three men have unable to move, and one of those two men speaks loudly to the man confronted by Ritzel, “Halt their Varvaran!”

Ritzel yells, “Good work Shin!” With her firm and flexible stance, Ritzel parries and evades two sharp swings of the sword from her opponent. In the midst of engaging, her opponent loudly speaks,

“This child cannot be underestimated! I need assistance!”


The same voice from those two men replies the words, “That's why, I yelled for you to wait! We can't move to help.”


As he continues his attack, the man confronted by Ritzel speaks, “I'm impressed on your talent. How can you fight with your wooden sword?”

Ritzel asks, “What is your intention? If it is evil you won't succeed!” She thinks, He's a sorse.

Sorse, is a norim born having the special blood that can deny to anything if possible

The boy Shin shivers as he recognizes the man near the lusus. “Ritzel, I prefer if we should run!”


“Shut up, Shin!” She steps back and has evaded her opponent's attack, a one-handed thrust of the sword. She strikes the hand of the man.

The man's hand has off the sword. Suddenly, he sits with one knee on the ground. His hand has bones broken. Some veins are probably stuck on those broken bones, the source of the tautening pain. “Argg!” he has cried.

With her wooden sword, Ritzel heavily strikes the man's nape.

Seeing at what Ritzel have done, Shin has his mouth wide open. He comments, “That was hurt. You could have killed him.” He watches the man, the opponent of Ritzel, loses conscious and falls to the ground.


“And are you worried for?” has asked by Ritzel to Shin.

“That people are merciless mercenaries. My father asked them before, and I heard that plenty of innocent people were involved in the death list. I heard that was the reason why the contract was cut off.”

“Then, let's hold them on until my father come back.” And on her behind, she hears the voice of a man, from the bald man with a scar in the forehead,

“Children, that won't happen. You are both my hostage.”

Ritzel turns around as she steps back. And to the man, she prepares to slash her wooden swords.

The bald man's head has recoiled by the surprise; he speaks, “You are a sorse.”

“You guess wrong,” has replied by Ritzel. She swings her attack. Before the wooden sword could land to the bald man's chest, it suddenly shatters to pieces.

“Persistent little brat, more of your stubbornness and you'll anger me,” has stated by the bald man.

With the surprise, she yells, “Shin! Help me!”

“Arg!!!” has cried by Shin. “Put me down! Put me down!” Trying to remove the giant hand on his head, he grabs the giant man's wrist.

The bald man with a scar in the forehead demands to Ritzel, “Halt there child. Obey and I will spare both of your lives.”

Ritzel finds those two men— have their body movements previously entangled by Shin's ability —help the man lying unconsciously in the ground. Hearing the continuing resistance of Shin, her teeth tightly clenches together from the lose of her choice. She unsheathes both the black swords and she swings them down on the ground.

The chest of the man, helped by his two companions, is grievously wounded with two slashes. From those wounds, too much blood is gradually flowing out. That man unconsciously groans in pain.

His two companions wonder and totally shock. They lie the man down in the ground for treatment.

Ritzel swings again the black swords.

The bald man asks, “What are you doing child? I said don't move and submit yourself to us.” From behind, he hears one of his companions speaks,

“Boss, Varvaran is dead.”

The bald man looks behind to see lying on the ground, one companion of him is beheaded. His two companions with their mournful faces have begun to stand. His fists squeeze tightly. By his anger, blood runs fast through his veins. He hears Ritzel speaks,

“Don't take me lightly.” She remembers her mother words,

“My child, now you are Jaino's adopted daughter, never reveal that you are an assassin of the Megus Clan, do you understand?”

“But why mother?”

“It can sever your communication on the people around you. Do you want those moments ended?”

“Alright mother.”

She clenches her grip on the hilts of the black swords. “I won't hesitate to kill. Now, hands-off with Shin.”


Illasi Damyor, the bald man with a scar on his forehead, his objective was triggered by, Cally Haulicrity's risistance.

In nearing shadow of the night telling the orange sunset to sleep, is the time that people confirm and check the presence of somebody; love ones, colleague, or anybody for any or various reasons.

Nearby the path leading to Crodanadal Villa home of the lightning clan, the last masked man, pitied by Cally Haulicrity the mother of Jaino, shovels the land and throws it, covering the lifeless person inside the hallow ground.

Crodanadal Villa, is located in the center of Crodonadal Forest. This villa is home of the Lightning Clan.

Crodanadal Forest, is a huge forest located to the eastward of Mt. Ma Eling and to the northwestward of Jelfyr Kingdom.

Few people from Crodanadal Villa help the man.

After the burial of his colleagues, members from the band of mercenaries, the man pitied by Cally gives his prayer to his dead colleagues. Leaving the man alone, those inhabitants of Crodanadal Villa have went home.


As he has begun to depart the place to start a new life bestowed by his colleagues' killer, he sees revealing from the shadow of a tree a bald man with a scar in the forehead speaks,

“I'm worried that your group has gone too long. Where are they?”

They have their chat until the sunset is replaced by the night's entrance. The man pitied by Cally has his explanation gives sadness to the bald man with a scar in the forehead. He hears his question,

“And your decision?”

“Consider me as a dead member of the band. I shall now live my life to feed my siblings.” From a sudden fear, he covers his face with both of his arms as he sees the bald man in rage. He hears a sudden bang from a punch and rustles of leaves from a tree. He peeks to see the bald man has punched the tree.

“Damn, cowards! Do what you want! I'll avenge them myself.”


The bald man, with the scar in the forehead, grins. He speaks, “Grandie, one arm, break it.”

Guilty feeling runs through her body, Ritzel looks at the giant man, smiling, suddenly breaks one arm of Shin.

The boy Shin is in tears and cries aloud, “Arg!!! My arm! My arm!” He cries and yells from the pain. “Mom, mom! My arm!” His scream continues as the fearful sight shakes his will.

Fear and despair, the taunting scene gives anger to her feeling, Ritzel swings her black sword to the giant man.

That giant man fades and appears to his adjacent side. Unharmed by the attack, the giant man's laugh and gesture insult the missy Ritzel.

Ritzel swings her other black sword to the giant man, who fades and appears to his adjacent side. Despite the fruitless efforts, she follows up her attack with any of her ready to swing swords.

“Don't underestimated me,” Ritzel's words imitated by the bald man, with a scar in the forehead. He laughs aloud. “Quite proud in yourself child, I lose another one of my men.”

Ritzel swings her sword to the bald man. An impact bangs from a sudden collision of unseeable matters. Followed by the wind bursts and blows outwards from the bald man with a scar in the forehead.

With an insane expression of amused face, the bald man with a scar in the forehead, speaks again, “I'm new and ignorance with your ability. And I did underestimated both of you. But there is something certain. You can't pass on my Psychic Barrier.

“Throw your swords away or the boy shall die.”

“As if I would believe you,” has replied by the missy Ritzel.

“You won't believe me? Grandie—” he sees Ritzel throws both the swords in a far ground. The bald man with a scar in the forehead laughs aloud. “Kamarenes, hold her.”

One of the men held by Shin's ability before appears to Ritzel's behind. He holds the missy's arms behind her waists. And Ritzel thinks, Shit, and this one is also a medou.

The bald man with a scar in the forehead goes near to Ritzel. With the full swing, he suddenly punches the face of Ritzel. He is surprised to find the missy unharmed. “That unknown ability of yours sure gives me the hard time.” Getting annoyed by the missy's glare, he glances at the giant man currently holding the boy Shin, who is in pain and in fear and hasn't stop crying. “I guess I should torture that child.”

“Cowards!” has yelled by Ritzel. Tears flow on her eyes. “Fine! I already get rid with my ability.”

The bald man with a scar in the forehead holds the chin of missy Ritzel. “Now, that is what we call a magnificent selflessness. If I'm not wrong of what I heard from you, you claimed Jaino is your father, right?

“You don't look alike.

“Y'know, he costed me many of my colleagues.” His fist he hits to the cheek of the missy Ritzel. The purple mark on the missy's cheek gives him a tiny easiness. And to see the child spits out some blood, he speaks, “I will ruin you child and present you to him!”

Feeling the tilting on her head, Ritzel can feel the pain on her check. And the taste of blood inside her mouth gives her fear. She receives a sudden full swing of a kick on her stomach, has made her body forcibly holds her breath. As she can inhales and exhale again, herself suddenly cries and her body uncontrollably shakes. She thinks, Father, help me. Where are you.

“That was just a first taste child,” has stated by the bald man. With his full strength, he kicks the missy again and again.

The boy Shin cries to see Ritzel suffers the torture. He mumbles. “Please, stop it.” He yells, “Please, stop it!”

The bald man with a scar in the forehead halts his last kick and he gazes at the boy Shin.

Almost going to pass out, Ritzel has her knees surrender. Still crying and with the blurry vision, her tired eyes are trying to lift for her to see the state of the boy Shin. Wanting to touch her numb stomach and wanting her tired knees to kneel on the ground, behind her the person holding her wrists offers no pity. Father where are you... mother... am I gonna die... Please, father, mother, save me. Her tears flow again however only from one of her eyes.

“You will witness her death in front of you child,” has said by the bald man to Shin, who cries aloud,


The bald man with a scar in the forehead laughs insanely. “How amusing. He sees the boy Shin persistently struggles to get off from the hand of the giant man. He speaks to the boy, “Easy, easy. Before you will witness her death, we will soothe ourselves first.”

“What do you mean?” has asked by Shin.

“I'm a male. She is a fille. You guess child? Kamarenes, unclothe the girl.”

“Damn you,” and he hums from the lose of hope. He yells aloud, “I won't allow you!”


Flame will merge to another flame

Domination is for the win

Misfortune and fortune hinder



81: sp04 04 05, Her Mother's Call
sp04 04 05, Her Mother's Call


The Mother's Call


In the round table of Altrass,

accompanied by Dakul Boyin and Boyin's men, Lladamak presents himself. After giving home welcoming greetings to Lladamak, Altrass asks, “Where are the rest of your platoons?”

Unable to open his mouth, Lladamak hears the follow up words of Altrass,

“I don't mind if they are also dead. The most important is we can return them to their families and grant them a memorial burial fitting for the brave men who fought our side.”

“Altrass...” has mumbled by Lladamak. “Please, believe to what I shall speak out.”

“Have I ever doubted your words? I believe you know, once I'll ask twice, I'm trying to check the resolve of a person.”

“Then, this is what I can tell. They are alive still. And Queen Jesifer shall return them by the time that the strongest finally ended an important duty.“

“Do you know anything about Jesifer's intention?”

Shaking sideways his head, Lladamak replies, “I claim knowing nothing. Please, believe.”

“Then, be it. Comeback to your duty. Until we find out her true intention; for the meantime, let's continue to give our assistance.

“Our previous info we'd retrieved before we attack the kingdom, had been a falsity. There's nothing in the tower that can break the barrier around the seas of Dandia.”

Lladamak asks, “How can you assured?”

“We were allowed to search every area of the tower. We had also interrogated the nobles and including those old-geezer-and-inept scholars. And my men reported these to me. So let's back gathering info. I have you handle this.”

Back somewhere inside the cemetery of Jelfyr Kingdom,

Shin has cried out loud, “I won't allow you!” All strength of his psychic, he casts in the area.

Illasi, the bald man with the scar on the forehead, and his three allies have felt the unseeable obstacle, heavily hindering their movement. Trying to resist with all his might, the giant man, holding the boy Shin, is failure to escape the suppression.

Before he could think and ask, he, Illasi, notices a bright golden yellow glowing on the giant man's body. Excluding the arm holding the boy Shin, the golden light cylindrically cloaks onto the giant man.


The boy Shin, his weary eyes—

transpiring his exhaustion from enduring the pain of his broken arm along with the stress from fending his restrainer while his body is suspended in the air and his head is held by the giant man's hand

—show his undefined wish that has been granted.

Feeling of relief and his tears implicating of his joy, the boy Shin—

who is able to witness the other two of Illasi's alive allies, enveloped by the same phenomenon

—thinks, Thank goodness, mother... You've come.


“What's happening to my body?” has asked by the person, holding the beaten-up child, the missy Ritzel. “Boss, it's getting hot around me. What's happening to me, boss?”

Unwitting with the event, Illasi falls silent. Gazing at the phenomenon, he continues to think for an answer.


Enveloping the bodies of Illasi's allies, those lights—the height of their columnar bodies rises and their physical vividness vitalizes. Moderate temperature of heat prolongs in the air. The skin of the giant man has gradually cracking and many parts are removed from the meaty muscles. The same goes on to the other two men of Illasi's allies.

Yelling from the pain and while their bloods falling into the ground, bit by bit, the bodies of Illasi's three men are each mashed by each pillar of golden light. Confused by this phenomenon, Illasi gulps while he scrutinizes the situation however the unseeable obstacle on his body restricts him from moving.


Ritzel falls down into ground as her restrainer's lower arms have fallen also. The same goes to shin, crying aloud from the pain after his broken arm has knocked on the ground.


Finally regaining his freedom to move, the bald man with scar in the forehead, Illasi, gazes at Ritzel. He thinks, No, she's not the source of this power. He observes back at the boy and he thinks, He is not the cause either. Nor.. right... It's impossible for Jaino to do such a thing. A mere no norim can't do such a thing. Feeling helpless, he bares witness until those towering pillars of lights disappear. Left in the ground, the remaining body parts of his allies are three arms, dust, and pools of blood. The overwhelming event becomes his frightening experience as he mourns from another lost of his men. How unfortunate... He kneels. He gazes at the ground. From being helpless, he cries. He punches the ground. And here I've come to avenge them myself. He punches the ground again.

He hears someone's footsteps and he gazes at the veteran woman walking in the other intersection of the path. He speaks, “Mrs. Niavera Shau.” ...dammit. Damn it!


The veteran woman goes nearby to her son, the boy Shin. She sits and she speaks, “Forgive me for taking my time. I would possibly miss if not with your effort.” Seeing her boy smiles and cries, she caresses his cheek. “I can't forgive them to what they've done to you my child.”

Noticing some blood flows out in the corner of his mother's lips, he speaks, “Mom, I'm happy. I'm at last of use.”

“Don't vocalize like your dying my dear. Your wound is far from your gut. Stay still and don't do any carelessness okay.”

The boy nods slightly his head in agreement. “Is Ritzel alright?”

The woman smiles. She stands as she gazes at Ritzel.


“Arg!!!” has screamed by Illasi, who kneels in the ground. With his both hands holding his head, he cries, “What have you done to me, woman!”

“Oh, I've forgotten to warn you. I materializes tiny tacks on the outer part of your brain. Precisely, on the stressful part if you attempt to use your psychic.

“Now, it is my turn to ask. What are your reasons? And why have you done this to my son? You have ruptured his future. Hadn't you been treated well when your band was working with my husband. You have nothing to exchange.”

Realizing that the boy is the veteran woman's son, insanely, Illasi laughs aloud. He lifts his head and gazes at the sky. He replies, “Good grief, it's not like you haven't have this inside your bright mind. There's always be a reason why we should threaten somebody. Blame this to Jaino instead as I blame myself... However... I won't back down.”

With her anger, she speaks, “You hadn't listen to our sermons before, do you? You're still involving people outside your task. You have anger me too much. I shall put end to your dirty influences before it'll sprinkle to our society.”

Feeling failure to avenge his allies, Illasi smiles. “Do it then.” The woman points her finger at his head.

She speaks, “I shall grant it.”


Suddenly surrounding the area and halting the veteran woman's action, seven armed people— five men and two women —appear. Walking into the path leading from the entrance of cemetery, a man, Hoven, accompanied by two men and a woman, speaks the words a loud with his strong voice, “Mind if we'll join the fun.”

Gazing at the man, the veteran woman asks, “And you're?”

As Hoven's group arrives in adjacent to those seven armed people, he replies, “I am Hoven, son of the Second Exceptional General. And the one responsible on this mess that these people create.”

“You have no shame! How could you soiled the name of your father?”

“If that soiling means ceasing the existence of a clan, I don't mind dirtying my hands.” Hearing Hoven's words, Illasi smirks.

“So, another corrupt was born,” has stated by the veteran woman. “If I guess correctly you are after Jaino.”

“Well, well. I guess you have spouted something that gives her a lead,” has said by Hoven to Illasi, who laughs aloud. And to the woman, Hoven speaks, “You accuse me as corrupt. Old woman, I have investigated all documents about Jaino. All rumors about him able to do incredible things are unprovable. That was why I filed my proposition against Jaino's promotion as the Third Exceptional General. And for the council to reject it due to the prince order is unforgivable. That's why I gonna rob it by force. This is our tradition anyway.”

Silent by Hoven's declaration, the veteran woman thinks, Jaino... You are giving me a headache...

Illasi speaks to the veteran woman, “What now Mrs. Shau? Seems like the tide has change to my side.” He stands up and warms up arms. Regaining his motivation, he declares, “I will have my revenge. All related to Jaino, I shall exterminate.”

“Using your psychic?” has asked by the veteran woman. “Don't make me laugh. You have known I put suppression inside your brain.”

Illasi laughs. “I might not able to use my ability. Allow me to use my bare hands.” He unsheathes his sword. “Sir Hoven, please, lend her a sword.”

Hoven replies, “Just kill her, before Jaino could come back. We have to reduce the hindrance.”

Hearing Hoven words, the boy Shin looks to her mother who replies,

“Do you even think I would allow all of you!” Surrounding the woman, a column of golden light towers from the ground and to the sky. The same goes to the missy Ritzel and the boy Shin. The veteran woman kneels and she sits on the ground. Propping her hand on the ground, her other hand she covers onto her mouth. She coughs and spits out blood. This is painful... She coughs consecutively. But... I shall hold on...


Curious about the phenomenon, some people of Hoven's allies whisper to each other.

Amazed by the event, Illasi witnesses again the phenomenon that killed his colleague. “Is she committing suicide?”

“No,” has replied by Hoven. “I believe she's a treal.

Treal, is a norim gifted of materialization, but usually cost side effect(s) into their body.

“These might be her materialized barriers.” He sights. “She's so lucky to not die quickly.”

Illasi thinks, And she think we can't access inside. “To those who are medou, go inside and bring out that woman,” has ordered by Illasi to Hoven's allies.

Medou, is a norim with a relationship to the dimension of time or/and space. Ghost, refers also to Medou. It refers also to a phenomenon when object passes through another object’s body when it supposed to be collide.

One person replies, “Sir, somehow I unable to use my ability to come in inside that barrier.” And his statement has seconded by another someone's statement and followed by the murmurs from people in the same race.

Wondering about the event, Illasi suddenly thinks, Sorse blood. “Yeah, Sorse blood,” has spouted by Illasi. “Have you brought a sorse companion?”

Sorse, is a norim born having the special blood that can deny to anything if possible.

“Don't be rattled,” has spoken by Hoven to Illasi. “I have some bottles of sorse blood.” Inside his own pocket, Hoven picks out a bottle of red liquid. “Cloak it to your sword.” He throws it to Illasi, who receives and speaks,

“This is— illegal product.”

“Don't mind. What matter is in front of us. Break the barrier and kill that woman.”


Noticing at Illasi's rubs something on his sword, the worried veteran woman thinks, Jaino... Her body suddenly struggles onto the ground. The vividness of her towering barrier intensifies as another column layers onto the surface. The same goes to the towering barriers surrounding around Shin and around Ritzel. I'm... still lucky... ugh... She coughs again. This is the limit that I can do.


Seeing his mother struggling in the ground, the boy Shin cries. He mumbles, “Mom...” He finds the bald man with a scar in the forehead goes near to his mother's barrier. His hand he points to that man. I won't allow you!

Unable to move, Illasi yells, “I need cover!”


Blaming herself, Ritzel watches the boy Shin— with his ability —trying to stop the bald man with a scar in the forehead. A voice of a woman speaks on her mind,


Mother? Feeling of relieve, she cries.

What has done, has been done already. Don't falter. I have an instruction for you instead. This comes from Jaino.

What is it, mom?

Use your remaining force to create a devastating disturbance.

But... I can't... The swords aren't on my hands.

Ritzel, Jaino had told me his technique has a limited principles the same with my psychic. Hadn't you seen me floated some objects and allowed them to come in my hands? It's the same principle.

The missy Ritzel looks at to one of the black swords. Trying to stand, her legs shake. She kneels and both her lower arms she props to the ground. Her hand she points at to one of the black swords. How could I create this disturbance mother?

Jaino has told me you can muster the strength from your surroundings to your sword. And by the time you unable to control it, strike it at once to your oppressor.

A female of Hoven's allies has noticed Ritzel trying to retrieve the black swords. She disappears and she appears to where those swords are located.

Seeing the woman covers her view, Ritzel feels hopeless. I can't fail this time. I need to think. I need to think. She hears the voice of the bald man with a scar in the forehead,

“Alright, I can move now.”

Ritzel swings her view to only witness the outside of the boy Shin's barrier—

where the boy can see and able to hinder Illasi from moving

—is surrounded by Hoven's allies. Diverting her view, she sees Illasi slashes the sword to the barrier. A surface of the barrier surrounding the veteran woman has vanished.

Illasi rubs some red liquid to his sword. He poses his stance and slashes his sword to the barrier. That last barrier has disappeared, exposing the veteran woman.

By witnessing his action, Ritzel crawls onto the ground. As she can manages to peek at the hilt of a black sword located behind the woman currently standing. Her hand she points at the hilt. Hearing Illasi's voice—

“Now, Mrs. Shau, you're now vulnerable. I believe you still have some plenty of aces in your sleeve. I'm willing to see as your ability will eat yourself.”

“Please! get away from my mother!” has cried by the boy Shin. “Get away from my mom!”

—Ritzel draws her hand.

One of the black sword flies. Without hurting the woman standing in the area however vertically cutting her dress, the black sword goes through. And it shatters the glowing barrier surrounding the missy Ritzel. Its hilt lands to the hand of Ritzel, who falls in the ground.

Struggling to stand, Ritzel gazes at Illasi standing near the veteran woman.


Illasi speaks to the boy Shin, “You shall bear witness to her death child.” His hand he invertedly holds his sword. As he has begun to stab the sword to the woman; at the same time, Shin cries a loud for pity. The tip blade of Illasi's sword has stabbed as a sudden tremor in the area occurs.


If hopes light, life shall always shine

Then efforts might spend pointlessly

But, unasked wish might be granted



82: sp04 04 06, The Spirit of Light
sp04 04 06, The Spirit of Light


The Spirit of Light


After witnessing the first three pillars of golden lights that have gradually gone not far inside the cemetery, Jaino has tasked Mike—the nude man who's a crow before— to ask for assistant.

The man, Mike, shrinks back to a crow, and it flies.

Gaile, is one of the race of norims. Some of this race can mutated to another form of species. Others became half-breed.

Left alone in front of the tablet—inscribed with a name Mrs. Misisa Diarke—; Jaino speaks, “Let your blessing and our memories that we share strengthen my resolve to move forward.

“Sisa... I still feel the cold in my heart each time I remember that I'd lose you—because of my selfish desire.

“If only I could ignore the feelings of the people involved in my work before; then, me had not cowered from those emotions and the symbol of peace between our clans had not existed.

“I will never forget you... This is a promise...

“...I must go now.”


After receiving the report from one of his spies, Second General Tiz Mig, along with his eight companions— including those spies— move again into the path heading to the cemetery. The Second General speaks, “There are times that stubbornness must have its end. Not everything can be gained by efforts alone. Specially if you're standing in the wrong place and wrong path.”

“Sire, I can't understand,” has stated by one of his man.

“Don't try to understand the words. Remember it and a situation may come. And you can witness the meaning of those words.”


Back inside the cemetery,

after gaining contact with Taila throughout Taila's telepathy, Jaino has reached to a hilly side where he can witness another three pillars of golden lights towering from the ground and to the sky.

Around the ground of those pillars, he barely counts the number of people that he has able to see.

He asks, Spirit of dark, is there any of you who can aid me right now? My body is still in pain. But, I need to save them.

He he he, so you can speak out now your feelings. I'm impressed.

What do you mean? has asked by Jaino.

Come on! Do you even need to ask? We are bound to each other now. He he he, let me switch with light. It is what you need.

Switching to light? has thought by Jaino. And he continues thinking.


Hello master, in order to use me, you must enlighten everyone. That is, you cannot lie. Oh, you can't recognize me? I'm your spirit of light.

And Jaino thinks, What the— What I wanted to ask has been answered already...

Master, enough with the confusion, and extra reactions. Build up our bonding instead. Just remember, you cannot lie once our bonding has begun.

Inside the cemetery of Jelfyr,

the missy Ritzel— After retrieving her sword, she struggles to stand while she gazes at Illasi, standing near the veteran woman—mother of the boy Shin who's arm is broken.

The missy Ritzel— her weak legs barely give her the strength to stand. And her unbearable painful stomach—suffered from Illasi's unrestrained kicks— torments herself and hinders her body to commit any possible actions. Hearing Illasi's words as the man speaks to the boy Shin—

“You shall bear witness to her death child.”

—she obeys her mother's words.

She kneels both her knees while she stabs the black sword to the ground. Despite her face she lies on her upper arm while her eyes are closed, she feels the vortex as she gathers the force onto the blade of the black sword.


Including the tablets of the dead, the surface of the land cracks, tremors slowly, and whirlpools slowly. Surrounding the boy Shin, the pillar of light has been shattered and disappearing.


Illasi's sword has landed onto the woman's elbow's...


...its nearby cracking ground.


In the area, almost of the people have been forced to sit and propped their hands to the ground. Struggling to maintain their balance, they are confused and perturbed with the phenomenon.


Looking at Ritzel, the veteran woman, mother of the boy Shin, thinks, That girl, who is she?


Being idled and struggling by the event, both Illasi's and Hoven have heard the agony of a man. However, the heavy atmosphere surrounding the area and the phenomenon—that occurs the ground surface— restrict their movement. Hoven hears another cry from another one of his companions. And from a different uncertain location, he consecutively hears the noise of agony from another two of his companions.


Four down, has thought by Jaino. His feet barely reach the land surface. As the person of Hoven's allies unconsciously lies onto the ground, he poses his stance. He closes his eyes. Despite he is feeling the agony that torments the boy Shin, the veteran woman, and the missy Ritzel, added by his painful body being stressed by his forceful movements; he fades and he lands onto the back of another man of Hoven allies.


With his hand, Jaino knocks that person's head to the whirling and cracking land surface. He punches the person's back where the man's heart resides. A heart stop makes the man lost conscious. I hope they can recover quickly to avoid complete death.

A voice of a woman, his spirit of light, speaks, Master, watch out!

I know, has responded by Jaino as he revolves himself to see,

with their hands holding their short swords on their waists; two women in the mid air have prepared to loose their attacks.

Jaino ducks. And to the left, head first, he hops down himself. Gathering the force in the air above the moving ground, his hand lands onto that gathering force and he draws himself to avoid their attacks. Followed by readying himself to spring back archly to the right—

Those women throw their swords to Jaino.

—he springs back himself as he fades quickly.

Onto the back of those women he appears and thinks, Combining the light speed and my line 'n arch technique for stopper shocks my body and nerves. Jaino swings both of his hands.

Confused by the disappearance of their target, those women suddenly lose conscious.

It's hard to restrain an attack, has thought by Jaino.

And his spirit of light speaks, But your body finds it pleasing and soothing.

What do you mean?

Striking someone, that's what I mean.

If I don't do it, I could lost conscious and start killing random people again.

It's nice to be honest, right?

Feeling dismayed after one of his secrets revealed; at the same time, he notices the land surface has stopped moving as those two women have landed lying on the ground.

Jaino's feet have landed onto the ground. He stands firm. His gaze he turns to see the scrambled cracks of land surface. And down the slope he sees the missy Ritzel with her swords moving windingly and waveringly —the missy swirls and walks spirally uncontrollably. Jaino hears her loud yells,

“Get away those who want to live! I can't control it!”

Jaino thinks, Releasing the force wasn't on my instructions.

And his spirit of light speaks, Oh? Then, it may be a revenge.

Lowering his eyelids, Jaino gazes down. “Yeah, I can feel her hatred and desire to retaliate.”


Despite of her shaking legs, each time the black sword winds spirally and sinuously in the air, she keeps the gap of her feet maintaining the balance of her stance.

She moves sideways. Her feet have been forced to walk forwards. While she has forced and struggled to walk spirally, she glances at Illasi.


Jaino fades and disappears. To the veteran woman, he kneels, and both of his hands he grabs the woman, who speaks,

“Jaino, what has taken you too long?”

Unable to speak his problem, he smiles at her. He speaks to Illasi, “You there, if you want to live, better get away.”

So, he is Jaino... has thought by Illasi. Silent as he stares at the missy Ritzel. Dismay from something that he feels a mistake.

Not able to receive a reply, Jaino walks to where the boy Shin is. However his heart pulsates fast as the hatred—from someone that he also feels—commands his blood to run fast inside his veins.


Still confused by the event, Hoven has stood and he gazes at Jaino.


With the remain of her strength and feeling the heaviness on her head, Ritzel swings her black sword to Illasi, who thinks,

I deserve such a thing. I guess this is the end of my time. Hoven, good luck to your ambition.

And to where Illasi is, a sudden burst of pressure widely digs the ground and pushes outwards the people nearby.


Feeling relieve on releasing the gathering force in the black sword, her hatred has drained out also. The missy Ritzel closes her eyes. However, she remembers Jaino's words,

“These swords had ceased countless of lives. Please use it oppositely. By the honor of the Lightning Clan, use it to save anyone as possible.”

I made a mistake. And she remembers her mother's words,

And by the time you unable to control it, strike it at once to your oppressor.

She falls in the ground. Suffering the ache of her head while her view twirling repeatedly, she forces herself to realize that something has messed up. She thinks, Mom, why? Feeling the cold on her chest, she cries.


An angry male of Hoven's allies has stood nearby the missy Ritzel. He unsheathes his sword and he prepares to stab the child.

Jaino appears behind that man. He punches the person's back where the heart resides. That man loses conscious. And he falls to the ground.


Hearing the sudden cracking and grumbling of land, Jaino bares witness to a massive piece of land floats above the ground. The piece of land hovers slowly heading to where the boy Shin and the veteran woman are lying. Searching for the manipulator, Jaino sees, one of Hoven's allies, a woman, rising her hands up high. Before he could act, he hears a strong voice from a man,

“I prepare if you refrain from your actions,” has said by Hoven. “Or this child will die.”

Jaino glances to the missy Ritzel—with both hands she is trying to remove the ice on her neck. He hears her struggling to speak,

“Urg... it pains... It's cold... urg...”


Feeling her misery, Jaino speaks to Hoven, “Sire, let's in our conflict here. We're just killing each other.”

“How dare you address me such a thing. Is that an insult?”

“You know I'd done my part. But, whatever we'll both do, it's fruitless. Considering what you have done here, you have ruptured my trust. And if you're going to use force — I will speak this once, it's futile.” What am I talking? Why am I provoking him?

And his spirit of light speaks, Master, I told you, you can't lie.

Hoven replies, “So, you can now talk big. I hope you have something that can back up your words.” And to the woman who's hands are held high, he commands, “Kill both the woman and the child.”

Fear overwhelms to the veteran's woman heart, she knocks her fist to the ground. She just gazes at her boy Shin who struggles to crawl nearing to her. Wanting to speak a loud protest, her wound inside her body inflicts her with fear to do such a thing. Silent, as her speculation she feels hopeless. She hugs her child, who speaks,

“Mom. My arm is hurt.”

Forgive me my child. I have done what I can.

Above them the massive piece of land begins to fall.


In fist, Jaino swings his hand at that massive piece of land. To Jaino, Hoven yells, “I said don't do unnecessary actions!” A deafening sound thunders from something that collides.

The boy Shin closes his eyes while he hugs her mother — who hugs back and covers him despite of her hopeless expectation.

Scattered dust rains from above, the massive piece of land bangs as it slams on the ground...


...away from where the boy Shin and the veteran woman.


Retaliating to Jaino actions, Hoven gazes at the missy Ritzel, lying in the ground. Impossible... His eyes widen to see the ice— supposed to be frozen in the neck of the child — has been shattered to tiny pieces. He hears Jaino speaks,

“Sire, let's both stop and accept the decision of the higher ups. For you to know, why? Even the kingdom doesn't have power to command the Exceptional Generals.” My mouth... please... stop... This cannot be exposed in public.

Exceptional General, is a title given to an individual, chosen by the royal family as certified assistant for community services. For the purpose that the kingdom shall bear responsible for their actions.

“And you're telling me such a thing when the prince had actually chosen you as the third.”


Realizing that she and her child are alive, the veteran woman gazes to where Jaino and Hoven talking.

One of Hoven's allies, the woman who has used all of her psychic strength to float a massive piece of land—she sits. And a man appears to her side and sits also. They chat while they listen to Jaino and Hoven's conversation.


Jaino replies, “Sire, the exam that I had passed cannot be undertaken by someone belonged to the third seat's division. Why? These divisions are just merely aid from the kingdom for the exceptional generals. The true duty of the Third Seat lies on its personal guild.”

Confused by the sudden revelation, Hoven mumbles, “No. You're just spouting nonsense... You're wrong...” He speaks, “How do you think I have been with my father. I'd been working harder than you do, you who only appeared in the division briefly. I've more knowledge than you. Your presumption is unacceptable! Guild — nonsense! Surrender your life and hand over that title to me!”

Closing his eyes, shaking his head, thinking for something to reply, Jaino states, “I'm sorry sire. But I have more people to protect than running away from our conflict. Even it means I have to fight you personally.”

“Then you shall die,” has declared by Hoven.


In every thing that we commit

In every fault that we have made

An outcome must be accepted



83: sp04 04 07, Hoven vs Jaino
sp04 04 07, Hoven vs Jaino


Hoven vs Jaino


Somewhere in Jelfyr, inside a messy living room, joyous women and children— happy and content to their attired brand new cheap clothes —are under for custody and for their protection.


Behind the door, the outside of the house, a guard of Renze is on standby. And across the path, a man parks the wooden carriage containing various blackened cooking utensils; such as cauldrons, kettles, and pan. His companion, a maid, named Tissa from the tavern before, approaches Renze, one of Jaino's man. They talk.


Wearing flowing dress, Meda, subordinate of Kilie, appears to a messy living room filled by confused women and children, who are staring back at her. She thinks, Has my ability failed? Seeing those people whispering each other while realizing she owns the living room the house; she rages and goes outside the door.


Hearing the loudly slamming of the door as it shuts closed, the guard on standby jerks for a moment.


Seeing Renze talking to a woman, a maid; Meda yells shocking the maid and the maid's companion a man, “Renze! Have you been f*cking different women! You know you're wage won't even last a week! Have you no shame!” Shocked as well, the people around stare at her as she begins walking.

Closing his eyes and hearing his sister still yelling with voice loudening, Renze thinks, Sis... Don't embarrassed me with the people around. “Sis, I can explained my situation,” he has said to Meda, halting nearby.

“Explain what? That you impregnated all these women, these women inside the house?”

Wanting to laugh aloud, the maid nearby hides and covers her face with her palm; whereas, her other lower arm she presses to her stomach. Picking their interest, some of the passersby halt for a moment meanwhile the rest continues their pace as they listen.

“Sis, you know, this is my job.”

“Job!! Oh my God! You are giving me a heart attack!”

Seeing those women inside the house peek out on the window, Renze kneels on the ground. Failing to speak first, he hears another utterance again,

“You're kneeling, for what? To seek for my aid? You won't receive anything! Face your problem, womanizer! Bullsh*t! You're providing me another problem! Goodness! My head aches!”

“Sis! these people are victims of a crime! Why won't you listen to me!” Realizing he has stepped over her older sister's superiority, he silences to maintain his respect.


“...what? Victims of crime?”

“My men found them — in the woods, in Deep Forest — no clothes and hungry. So, I'm aiding them. I need to protect them, until we finish our investigation.”

Realizing her mistake; with relief, proud, and glorious gesture, she replies, “My dear brother, keep the good work. Make your elder sister proud of you, understood?” With the sudden change of expression, happy, she begins walking in the path. She disappears.


Good grief, has thought by Renze. Hearing a loud woman's laughter, he glances at the maid, who imitates his sister,

“Your Job? My God! You're giving me a heart attack!” And she continues to laugh. Some people in the area are amused by the scene.


Back inside the cemetery ravaged by the force gathered by Ritzel,


To Jaino, Hoven declares, “Then, you shall die—” as he points his finger, “—Collar Grip!” Swords of light with blade pointing inside appear surrounding Jaino...

...who ducks. His feet he triggers to jump. He fades while those swords of light shove in.


Witnessing Jaino's disappearance and his materialized swords of light failure to hit their target, Hoven carefully searches for his opponent.


On the mid air, Jaino turns his body while his pace becomes slower. My previous master was quite helpful right? You have managed to control me in the brief time, has said by his spirit of light.

I don't have option. My colleague is in par of me in-terms of swords' basic. Also hearsay reached me, he is gifted of four races. Mastering swords' basic and combining it with the races' abilities are quite dominant. Seeing another set of swords of light heading near, he commences the gathering of force behind him and also to different places. He revolves and lands his feet to the gathering force. Calibrating his knees as he hunkers inversely, his feet trigger. — He fades and disappears. Those swords made of light continue zooming despite the missing of their target. Still in the mid air, he lands in another gathering force that he has made. Noticing the cold on his hands, he finds his hands each frozen by ice. From the distance, he hears Hoven loudly speaks,

“I have never expected, you have such secrecy. And to think you have deceived us in concealing your inherited race, I shall give you my praise. But you won't stand a chance against me!”


With his force, Jaino shatters the ices on his hands. He tumbles falling himself, evading the towering blade that has risen from the ground. His foot he kicks to the surface of the blade, pushing himself, as down on the ground, materialized spikes are lying waiting for someone to land. As he lands to the safety ground, Jaino gazes at — with unsheathed sword in hand, Hoven runs approaching. With his right foot, pushing backward his body as he's keeping his distance from Hoven, Jaino hears his spirit of light speaks, Master, behind!

I know, has replied by Jaino, who briefly landed his other foot to ground and he triggers as to the right he fades, revealing the incoming swords of light.

Witnessing his bait has failed, Hoven parries each of his materialized swords of light.


To where Jaino, Hoven gazes. To the right he spits out saliva. Then he asks, “Is that all you can do?”


“Speaks that to the person, who has failed to kill me many times,” has replied by Jaino, scrutinizing about Hoven's next movement. “Before you had a chance if you'd made the move yourself.” Not hearing a reply, he continues, “I'm now wondering why would you sent somebody if you could handle the job yourself. You'd wasted your chances.”


“Such arrogance! Annoyance!” has cried by Hoven, pointing his finger to where the veteran woman and the boy Shin are settling. “Rain!”


Jaino fades.


And to where the veteran woman and the boy Shin who's arm is broken, Jaino has stood. Gathering the force in the wide area as roof against the rainfall of swords of light, he hears his spirit of light speaks, That was your offensive chance, right?

I can't let them die.

What about the hatred inside your heart?

This is not mine. It's Hoven's hatred.

It's good to have someone you can speak to, right?

As if I can hide from you.

Heh heh heh hehm...


The boy, Shin, glances at Jaino. To his mother, he speaks, “Mum, I can't handle the pain. My arm hurts much.” His mother whispers to his ear,

“Be strong my dear, we are now safe.” And to Jaino, she speaks, “Jaino, I beg you to make haste.”

“...I shall do what I can.” If only he's not a master of Swords' Basic, then I won't hesitate to take action. He's probably dralk too.


As the raining swords of light have halted, Hoven loudly speaks, “It appears your a formidable opponent. And it seems rumors are all true probably about you.

“Alright. It officially decides. I will challenge you for a battle and claim your title with my own hands.”


While walking nearing to where Hoven, with the loud voice, Jaino replies, “Sire, if that battle will involve relative, clan, and territorial, then it's denied. I prefer a one on one between us.” As he halts some distance to where his opponent, he hears Hoven's reply,


“I still have my pride. And that is, I'm interested to only fight formidable opponents. I've never expected you are one of.”


Back to the past, to The last Sky's Rejection Part 1


As Jaino reaches his coming of age — no gift, feast or celebration. Duty calls, he's now walking into the wide grassland. This invitation, I feel something hidden of it. And why can't they write the reason? Hearing the humming of a sword swing, he's suddenly interested and walks fast to where the sound has coming.

At down of the slope nearby the river, he sees a lady, wearing arm protectors, red close-fitting trousers and fitting long white sleeves. As I expected, she is swinging this incorrectly.

Sweating due to the moderate radiant energy and her activity, she is good looking and around at Jaino's age. — She swings her sword. Her shiny black hair polishes her unsatisfied smile.

Jaino speaks, “Always stretch your elbows, ankles, wrists, and knees; including your teres. You're killing the momentum of your strength. I can determine how strong you are. Don't waste them.”

Has been startled and now feeling annoyed, she replies, “Um, I'm just warming up for a bit.”

“That's why, do stretching them. In times of battle, you might not find a chance. With the design of your boots, arm guards, knee guards, you're probably an adventurer. I detect you haven't meet terrifying monsters yet.”

She blushes and sighs. She asks, “Who are you by the way?”

“Sorry for not giving my name, I'm Jaino Lightning.”

Hearing his reply, she blushes again. “Now, it's my turn. You have been invited by some nobles, right?”

“How did you know?”

“I might not look like it, but I am an accomplished adventurer. The mansion is around there.”

“Hey, now, please don't be mad. You're driving me off.”

“Call me Sisa. I'm not mad, okay? Just don't keep them waiting. So, go now, go—“ while waving her hand for Jaino to go.


Back in the present,


Moving his arm forward, Hoven draws up his two fingers. Seeing Jaino managing to evade the spikes appearing in ground, he creates an ice wall behind his opponent. As he bares witnessed at Jaino swings his hand to the ice, that ice wall shatters. Shit, he's so persistent. I need to kill him quick before I lost patience. Five layers of swords of light he materializes surrounding Jaino. This is it. And Hoven yells, “Die worm!”


Back to the past, to The last Sky's Rejection Part 2


Present in the Shau Clan's Mansion, in the clean and shiny living room furnished with shellacked wooden tables, walls, tiles, and jars, Jaino meets his previous client, a well-groomed bulky-muscled old man, named Purunga Shau, along with a maid.


Settling each in each sofa, both persons have face to face. Obeying her master's command, the maid has left the room. Silence as they wait for another person to come.


Not long, a lady opens the door and walks in the room. Still in her attire and carrying her sword, she's sweating. — the lady from before, who has given her name Sisa smiles at Jaino, who's eyes and mouth wide open. Jaino speaks, “You're that lady from before...”


“It seems, you two know each other,” has spoken by Purunga, dragging their attention, “too late for my introduction then...” And to Jaino, he speaks, “Young man, your mother barred the hindrances in Zahamara's Council.” He takes out a folded letter and searches something in the content. “It says here, anyone who will challenge you shall have their way on her yet no one has dared to oppose. It seems, my agreement with Zahamara flows smoothly. Young man, thank you for your effort. You ended the conflict between my clan and your father's clan. Though, you hadn't received much of reward—”

“Actually Sire,” has spoken by Jaino, “I really don't mind not receiving anything. I oblige myself to do my clan's duty—”

A loud bang from the table shakes both the lady standing nearby and Jaino — as the fist of Purunga has slammed into table's top. “I don't accept denial with my kind offer—” his words has made Jaino's Adam's Apple jerks “— It is your date of birth and I heard you haven't received any gift from since you were born. And I'm lucky to hear you will be doing your clan's duty.” He finds Jaino nods in agreement. “So then be it. As the symbol of peace between my clan and the Lightning Clan hereof is your marriage with my daughter.”

Speechless, Jaino scratches his hair. “Have I heard something? Like marrying your daughter?”

“Young man, it's clearly said. I'd spoken this to my council and we came to an agreement.”

“Sire, it's too sudden for me. And what about your daughter?”

“It is my duty as a daughter of clan,” has spoken by the lady. And with eyes close she smiles at Jaino, who asks,

“Hey, somethings wrong with you? You seems sad...”

“Nope. I'm happy that I can perform my duty. Though, you're a swordsman as it was spoken to, I can probably enjoy my time with you... or do I detect... Am I not your taste?”

“Easy, easy... what the hell am I saying...”

Purunga has stood. “I guess my time here is at fleeing. Young man, there is nothing wrong with marriage. Both of you reflect with the obligation then it is a settlement.” He curls two fingers showing to Jaino. “You only need this to provide foods, shelters, and needs. I leave the two of you. Please get along quick.”


Back in the present,


Jaino requests, Spirit of Light switch with Dark.

As those five layers of swords of light surrounding Jaino shove in, Hoven witnesses another of his attack has failed. — After crossing to their target Jaino unharmed by the attack, those swords of light have disappeared.


Back to the past, to The last Sky's Rejection Part 3


Left the room, they chat, talking about their adventures, the lady, called Sisa, and Jaino have forgotten the topic of marriage.


A sudden knocking of the door disrupts their lively exchange and a man voice follows, “Is Jaino inside?”

“Yes, he is,” has replied by Sisa.

“A man is waiting for him outside the door...” — followed by the footsteps fading.


“It seems that my time here is at end,” has said by Jaino to Sisa.

“You can just come back. Tough luck, you won't allow me to visit your guild.”

“Ha ha ha... I make sure to be prepared next time. I hate that awkwardness, though.”

“We can have a stroll next time, y'know?”

“Yeah... You're right... Alright I be off now.”

“I see you off.”


Standing below the stair outside the mansion, Amono Hestia sees Jaino and a lady going out the door. He speaks, “Another woman again? Stop flirting with different girls before you'll shorten your life.”

Being startled and guilty, Jaino replies, “Amono, don't speak such a thing, specially I'm in front of the lady...”

“No. It's alright,” has replied by Sisa, unsheathing her sword. “But don't do it after our marriage, understood?”

Being frighten, Jaino gulps. Hearing the sound of sword being sheathed, to Amono Hestia he asks, “So what brought you here?”

“It's an urgent matter. Although, me and the rest of our group can't come, our leader wants you to head in JK's military headquarters.”

“Not in the guild?” Seeing Amono nods, Jaino speaks to lady, “How should I say it...”

“Just go now. Go—” while waving her hand for Jaino to go.

“Alright, come Amono, she's chasing as out.”

“What did you say?” Left alone, the lady stares at her guest, leaving. She sights.


Back in the present,


In fist, Jaino swings his hand at Hoven, who has ducked, evading his long invisible distant attack. Damn, he's really quick to be aware. He might analyze my previous actions. If only my arms and legs are at their best, I could fight him at close distance.


Masters of same activity

In fight, a chance is advantage

for a slim, landslide, or a win.



84: sp04 04 08, The GM's Choice
sp04 04 08, The GM's Choice


The GM's Choice


Inside a dim bedroom where the glowing candles' light revealing the bricked wall, one of Jaino's men, Krispen standing leaning the door replies to Doresa, an instructor of JK academy, “Woman, I'll make this clear. Don't misunderstand my boss. He only needed your cooperation about the pretended bribe. You told me you like him, so don't push yourself with me.”

Wearing only long thin sleeveless reaching her legs and showing-off her cleavage, the red-eyes beauty, Doresa, sitting on the bed, she speaks, “Don't you like me?”

“...” Taken by surprised, Krispen responses, “I-It's not like that...” Beginning to get flustered, he faces down and thinks, Curse you boss... He hears Doresa speaks,

“Speak the kind of woman you like then? I'll act as one.”

“... … …loyal.”

“I am. And of course, it's what I like for a man.” She smiles. “Any other?”

“...a ...a—“ he scratches his hair “—a v—virgin...” Feeling the embarrassment, he closes his eyes.

She smiles. “Yes, I am.”

Shocked by her reply, Krispen complains, “Hey, had you not slept with my boss?”

“Yes, we did.”

“Then, you call yourself a virgin?”

“We might had shared a room before, but in blood, he's my cousin.”

Being dumb and speechless, Krispen faces down. He sighs. “You know I respect my boss. So, I don't want to cause trouble to him. Why do you cling with the bribe? You can find a man better than me, though.”

“I shall receive what he promised to me. I've trusted him.

“And now it's me to ask, why would you followed your boss?”

“...It, It's a long story... But in the past eight years, he gave me hope. And in the past six years, he backed me into this division. I don't like to talk about my circumstances, but I hope this can enlighten yourself, I'm a son of a prostitute. And for at least now, I can take away my mother from poverty and her job...” After a long saddening silence, he follows his words, “That was embarrassing. I guess I should go now.”

“Nope. Not until you'll accept that you're mine and marry me.”

“Woman—! You have heard my side—! I'm just a commoner.”

“Do I care for statuses?”

“...” Speechless, he hears the woman requests,

“Hear me more of your story then.”

Back somewhere inside the cemetery of Jelfyr,

Desperate to take over the title of Third Exceptional General, Hoven Mig, son of second exceptional general Tiz Mig, thinks about Jaino, That's confirm me, the shattering of ice around the fille wasn't his doing then. He isn't a saiyk. Not a wind emode either. He can hide his mass in the other dimension and can disappear at a blink of an eye. He's a medou. And to dodge my attack without much of visual observation fulfills the words of the previous Third Exceptional General. To think this Jaino is a master of swords' basic, I did underestimated him. There can only be one of us, exceed of normal. He dashes forward and rises consecutively the materialized swords of light on the ground and heading to Jaino,

who's panicking while he tries to evade.

In Hoven lips, blood flows out. He holds his right chest. I wasn't able to hesitate...

While moving backwards, with one step Jaino halts his movement. He thinks, Spirit of dark, swap with light. Behind him, a spherical golden light begins to surround him. Jaino fades. Near the missy Ritzel, he has stood. He picks up the black sword. He erects himself. That's conclude, he's a dralk, an ice emode, a treal and an activ. What a nasty opponent in close combat. However this is my only choice.

Enduring the painful compensation of his ability to his body, Hoven laughs— I have missed. “Don't cower Jaino! Face me! Don't you have a pride!”

With that Jaino fades. With his stance, he has stood near Hoven's right side. And without holding back Jaino swings the black sword.

A sound of metals clenching resonances as Hoven parries Jaino's attack. Hoven points his other palm to Jaino. “Freeze!”

“That won't work!” has responded by Jaino, who hears Hoven's follow up,

“This is much bigger than before!” A barrier of golden light surrounds both opposing persons, is followed by the ice freezing allover inside except to where Hoven is. ”At last, I've finally gotten you.”

A Past, to the last Sky's Rejection Part 4


In the military headquarters and inside the Third Exceptional General's Office, Jaino reports himself to his guild master. Both persons are only on the room. Standing in front a distance away from the table, Jaino speaks, “What's up? You know I hate this kind of place.”

Wearing spectacles, the beard veteran man wearing full white attire, he speaks, “I have received a request with the most critical situation and it requires my full attention. Tell me all about the Sky's Rejection.” … after hearing Jaino's statement, he falls silent again. “So you and your mother were the survivors...”

“What's with the long face? It's not like you to be this skeptical.”

“I've heard the phenomenon only just recently. And I've feared this what happened to your village and your statement concludes my thoughts. May you tell me where did you gotten the name of this phenomenon?”

“Don't underestimated the Lightning Clan.”

“I see, the clans of assassins have access to the Kingdom's secrets... If such phenomenon will occur once again, what will you do?”

“First thing and foremost, I need the time and place. Second, my mother have told me, my father was the strongest man before. So do I believe and it brought me despair, I was just a plain norim born in this world. I'd mastered the swords' basic to acquire such strength yet I'm still far away to surpass my father. None of us neither in the underworld can surpass what I had witnessed... ...Third, the second I came to this guild was, you. You have the strength and abilities that I've needed to surpass. I have away to fight that monster... but I don't have the strength.”

“Boy, tell me. Do I stand a chance if I confront this monster you say?”

“If you can fight something that you can't see, then you have.”

“Can you fight something that you can't see?”

“Even if my eyes are closed... I can. But, I don't have the strength to beat it.”


A sudden knocking of the door disturbs both persons. And it's followed by a male strong loud voice speaks the words, “General Kires, I'll come in.” Creaking as the door being open, revealing himself and going in, Hoven goes in. He closes the door and salutes. He stands erect and speaks, “Sire, everyone's agreed to follow my command by your absent.”

“I leave the rest to you then,” has replied by the Third Exceptional General. And to Jaino, he speaks, “Alright, boy, let's depart.”


While both persons are walking into a path away from the kingdom's northeastern exit, Jaino states, “I kind of dislike the person you've entrusted with your division.”

“Don't mind,” has spoken by the guild master. “He's a hardworking for something he can't speak out. However, I can't waste their lives for something that we must do. Most in my division, the soldiers are working only for their keep.” He faces Jaino. “He's a master of swords' basic too and he's far gifted than you.”

“Please, I hate being compared to anyone. If you want, let him teach on your school. I only have one student anyway.”

The guild master smiles. “However, he lacks the experience and initiative.”


Two days have passed, into the northeastern region of the wide island, they reach to a burnt village. Outputted from a very destructive unknown disaster, blackened burnt woods remained of houses are scattered all over the place. Hopeless in finding another survivor, the soldiers of the eastern general still on their search for the dead bodies.

Remembering his place, his village on the past and along the happy memories he had on his family, Jaino speaks, “Same as what happened to my village...”

“We have two survivors also this time,” has spoken by the guild master. After a long silent, he hears Jaino's reply,

“Allow me to meet them.”


In the current time,

Witnessing Jaino caught by the ice and hearing Hoven's loud laughter, the veteran woman smiles bitterly. Caressing the hair of her son fallen asleep from the pain of his broken arm, the veteran woman prays on her mind, Jaino, do not fail me. Please live for my son. A lullaby she sings for her son to feel ease if being heard.


A male and a female of Hoven's men smile. They chat, talking and declaring their master's glory.


Halting his glorious moment, Hoven kneels one knee. His hands each he palms to his mouth and his left rib cage. He's suffering the compensation of his treal's ability. Everything must have a cost. It's all over now. I have won. He laughs.

...hearing the cracking of ice, he stands to his stance. He gulps seeing the shadow inside the ice swings up its sword. He distances himself. Cracking and shattering, the barrier of golden light shatters and disappears as well as the towering ice shatters while its debris falling down on the ground.


With a distressing face and the wet dressed cloth, Jaino speaks, “Sire, my actions react to my emotion.” These aren't mine. “The more pain I feel I rage and the more sadness I feel the stronger my technique's release.” Trying to endure the cold on his heart, he asks, “Sire, enough chasing the position of the third seat. You have proven your despicability.” Damn you spirit of light...

He he he he... Honesty is the best policy.


Feeling the anger, Hoven yells, “Arrogant!” He confronts Jaino. And he swings his sword while Jaino parries each of the incoming solid attack.


You can break his weapon, right? has asked by his spirit of light.

You now I have attempted it. And that was proven his mastery of swords' basic. I can't even do a first strike neither a counter.

Back to a past, to the last Sky's Rejection Part 5


Quarter to a whole day and night, backtracking from the burnt village Tale La Vera, to the south, both the guild master and Jaino have reached Asteron Village.

Morning comes after a night of rest in one of the eastern general's camps, they meet the two survivors, a veteran woman high priestess of a perish tribe and a suspicious weird long haired man.

Gripping by the lost of her tribesmen, most of Jaino's questions are inaccurately replied by the veteran priestess.

To the weird man, Jaino asks, “Ka'el Emtis, your diction is different to the inhabitant of the village... Including your name... State your race.”

“Race. Tch. What race, my kin? What differ us?”

“I want more specific.”

“...I'm normal yet sometimes can exceed expectations. Isn't that enough?”

Jaino sighs. “Would you provide details to how you managed your entrance in their tribe area? Including her statement that you'd kidnapped her — you'd saved her before her pursuer arrived?”

Staring at Jaino, the weird man thinks, This child is clever. I need a solid alibi for this. My heart, relax. “I'd been stranded in the village while I was on my journey due to my long nightmare. Lucky enough for her at the same time misfortune to me, I found her. An a while sneaking in their tribe's dominion, I made her rescue before the premonition actualized. Consider I made this for my sake, the nightmare become worsen and I hope your complaisance about the matter.”

Mumbling about the weird man's statement, Jaino thinks, His eyes aren't belong to a fange, proving he isn't on the race. How comes he can have premonition. “Speak your premonition.”

“Fine. Now or another day either years to come, this woman is pursued by her killer — no, killer is hardly the word. She's pursued by something that cannot be seen.” Let me see how would you response to my reply.

And to the veteran priestess, Jaino asks, “Milady, this is part of my investigation. Would you willing if I challenge you to a death match?”

“Absurd!” has replied by the veteran priestess. “You dare mocked the tradition of my tribe! Unforgivable! Sire, my strength is for our kin to save not to kill!” In tears on her eyes, she continues, “Please respect the custom of my tribe. Sire.”

Feeling guilty, Jaino replies, “Forgive me, forgive me milady. Please. I don't mean to offend you. I take back my words.” This is humiliating. It makes me scratch my hair. “Please cut off with the, sire.” And to the weird man, Jaino asks, “Give me the details of your current nightmare. I'm willing to hear.”

Unable to reply, the weird man scrutinizes Jaino's action, What was that about...

“Have you hear my words?” has followed by Jaino.

“Sire, I have already spoken my nightmare. And it has worsen my situation. It's frightening.”

“...You are a strong man.” It had taken me three years to recover on such state. Well, they are adults. That makes different, probably.

“What would you expect me to have done! Do you want me cry!? Want to see me frighten!? As long as this woman lives! That nightmare keeps hunting me in my sleep.”

Seeing the woman is startled and now is terrified, Jaino requests the weird man, “Calm man. Be calm.” Perhaps, there's a truth on his words. Should I be taking a risk? He hears the woman speak,

“Sire, I don't wanna see more bloodshed. I hadn't actually seen what happened on my village. But when I came back to my place, everything was already dissolve to ashes. If my being results the end of the many, I don't mind to rest eternally.”

“Milady, don't go to conclusion. You have us currently investigating the case. Most of the dead that we found had a wide cut on their body. I can't consider this as a wound from any sword.” Most of those wounds have an identical size. “Not from a claw either or another weapon our kin had made. Other... No... I can't probably say it now.

“The eastern general is currently raiding the entire eastern area to capture bandits.” I hope they won't confront with the underworld or meet terrifying monsters living in the area. “Still, I would like to hear more information from the both of you, tomorrow and the next day. Now, let's call it a day.”

And the weird man thinks, This boy... maybe... I need to plan something.


Three days have passed. Jaino reports himself inside the temporary office of the third exceptional general. Jaino hears the general speaks, “I have heard you handled harshly the captive bandits. Pay it to mind that they have lives not a dummy.”

“Hey, measuring their strength is part of this investigation. I'm not the evil here.”

“Speak your intention boy.”

“Alright, I'll straight to the point. It was the Sky's Rejection that struck the village. And it'll probably gonna happened again, shorter or longer than four years that will come.”

“And the support of your statement?”

“The wounds in the dead bodies of victims are identical on their size. The same kind of wound inflicted to the victims on my home village long gone. Other victims might have suffered from a different kind of attack. Considering that most of our kind can protect ourselves using our abilities, I found no trace of strong resistance in the place, unlike the other villages that had suffered this phenomenon.

“I tried to ambush the priestess and damn she's stronger than me. Her devotion with their tradition won't permit herself to kill and that spared my life. And this conclude that the other survivor is stronger. I'm talking about the man Ka'el Emtis, understood?”

Seeing Jaino's tended wounds and rashes, the third exceptional general smiles. “Don't jest, boy, continue.”

“The other survivor is haunted about this nightmare about the Sky's rejection. It's just a hunch and nonsense but we don't have a proper lead to this terrifying event. He had given me every information I needed about his nightmare though.

“We may able to bait this suspect or monster if any... However it requires five years of endurance and it's quite costly.”

The kingdom's council wants us silence about this matter, has thought by the exceptional general. Interesting... “I take the challenge. Hear me your thoughts.”


Back, to the present, Hoven yells, “I'll have that title Jaino! whatever the cost! Whatever I do, is not your problem when your dead!—” while he points his hand to Jaino. “Falling sword!”

And to the sky, Jaino lifts his head and gazes at the materialized giant towering sword falling down. I can't move my feet.


Aim by one, someone will suffer

Law can not favor everyone

Then silence will never bring peace



85: sp04 04 09, Intervention and Preparation
sp04 04 09, Intervention and Preparation


Intervention and Preparation


Near the undergoing construction of a weaponry shop near JK's Military Building, a bald muscular fat man, name Tatawo an instructor of JK academy, has been guided by the third exceptional general's personal maid.

Some workers, each moves forward each wooden pushcart to inside the shop. The bald man hears the maid,

“These are the confiscated materials and arms from the captured criminals. We really hope you can use them to provide better equipment for the soldiers.

“Might you know, the soldiers of the third seat aren't allowed by the general himself to confront the underworld. None of them had passed his examination.”

“This general you're talking about is Jaino, right?” has asked by the bald man.

“Nope, the previous one. That was why the new one came to this idea. Another test will probably held after you provide each of his soldiers suitable equipment to aid for their duty.”

“Alright, he can expect me to do the job. With a highly dedicated professional like me, my bro Jaino, shall be relieved on his worries. You provide me the necessary materials and tools I need, it's yours to lower the price not the quality, and your soldiers can go rocking like a god and do the rampage.”

“Eh—?” has reacted by the maid.

“One thing, you're not a maid, are you?”

I've been on this disguise since I'd started spying the third exceptional general's division. How comes my mask has blown out now?

“Hey, you hear me, right? Are you alright? You seem pale.”

“Ahem,” having retrieved her pacing, the maid replies, “Why would you say? Have I offended you? Do I speak so highly?” Acting so shyly, she follows, “If you say so, I, I apologize.” She bows.

“Hey, look.” Pointing his hand to the far front. The maid turns to see. His hand he spanks to her butt.

“Hmmp—!” has reacted by the maid. THIS IS SEXUALL HARASSMENT! Patient! Patient myself! Please—.

“Cheer up lady!” And he chuckles. “You look like a professional tourist guide and a beauty than a maid to me.”

“You, molester. Is that an apology?”

“Apology? — no! It's a compliment.” He laughs a loud while the maid feels great angry and walks away.

Inside the cemetery of Jelfyr; while the towering materialized sword of light created by Hoven is ongoing to fall, Jaino thinks, I can't move my body. Realizing the slacking of movement of his surrounding, he hears a familiar woman's voice,

“This isn't your first time standing in this time space,” has said by Criselia walking to the front of Jaino. “Hallo, I've brought medicine for you.” She throws up the bottle of dark green liquid to Jaino,

who replies, “Hey, I can't move my body.”

Before the bottle of green medicine could land the ground, quickly Criselia dashes and hops to retrieve the item. She rolls and then kneels. “Seriously, Jaino, I'd seen you hugged a woman in this dimension. How comes you can't move now? Why can you speak? You also breathe...” She mumbles, “I'm jealous with the woman you hugged...”

Feeling guilty about what he's heard, he alibis, “Criselia, my arms and legs are tired! I can't even fight back against my opponent well. And what's with that medicine by the way?”

“This is too nutritious. But drinking this will fall yourself to tiredness and sleepy. It has a high recovery rate for your body.” She mumbles, “In exchange, tend my jealousness aching on my heart.”

Felling weird by her request, he replies, “I can't obstruct with your intention.” He asks, “I'll drink that bottle later. Hear me out instead. You see that woman sheltering her son — and also that teenage girl lying in the ground. Evacuate and tend them — including those people that I've bashed their heart to stop unless they are impossible to survive. If you can find a book and a black sword same to what I'm holding, please retrieve them.”

“Shees, bossy...”

“You own me now and I own you. Together we should work right? — For our agreement?”

After a moment of silence, Criselia yells, “Lovely!” She swirls and swirls. She stops. “Hey, Jaino, about the hug?”

Feeling weird about her request, he replies, “You know, I can't move my limbs. Have the initiative.”

Criselia walks near and lands her fist to Jaino thorax. “You are unworthy.” She laughs.

Feeling annoyed and angry, he silences.


After a moment, he then asks, “Criselia, do you think the dead can forgive me? ...I'd destroyed much of their resting place. But it was the choice I have to save the people I care. — Despite, I'm trying not to kill anymore.”

Criselia smiles. And she speaks, “Jaino, the dead doesn't exist in the living. Their souls are already disintegrated. Only those alive have memories about them. Unless they have strong ties that bind them, they can still roam into the dead soul plain. It's just a hunch okay? This event is impossible to explain scientifically—” seeing Jaino is still sulking, she follows, “Jaino, you cause sin, not in the dead but in the living.” She smiles. “You destroyed the graves of someone's love one. Well, your choice was to save, so it was not a waste. So, it's yours if you bare responsibility. I'll do your request now.” She chuckles.

“Criselia,” his word halts the woman to listen, “Is me living worth the lives of the many?”

“Jaino, there are different answers from different perspectives to ambiguous aspects of your question. What matter is, do you value your life to a purpose that you can satisfy? — What's the lifestyle before you die?” She chuckles. “Mind it — if people you care still depending on you, what will you do?”

Seeing Criselia swings her hand upwards, Jaino feels relieved. I'm saved by her... Why do I feel warm in my chest... “Criselia, while we are in our agreement, I want you not to kill, understood?” Seeing the woman glances and smiles, he hears her reply,

“Pleasure working with you...” Forgetting Jaino's request, she asks, “What did you want me to do?”

“This woman,” has mumbled by Jaino.

After hearing Jaino's request, Criselia closes her eyes. Everything moves as normal as the woman has vanished from his sight.

Back to a past, to the last Sky's Rejection 6


By the order of Prince Raume aided by Queen Jesifer's adviser Frehviesa Amahaon— who's feared by the many nobles —; bypassing the kingdom council's protest, the request of the Third Exceptional General has been granted, commencing Jaino's plan.

After the evacuation of people living in Asteron to Pirmlinth Village, the construction of a grand shrine in Asteron has begun. Carpenters and masons are renovating each house to a new with a uniform roof, wall, and with the underground room as hiding place. Pathways are being flattened by workers.

Outside the village, in the wide plain, the veteran priestess sermons and teaches her tradition and religious matter to the volunteered soldiers, pretending as civilians. Captured bandits are under rehabilitation and education, including good values and practical ways of financial living.

In a hill, watching the project being made, Jaino speaks, “I need to tighten my resolve. But, I am not good at killing anymore. So, how would I help you with this?”

And the beard veteran man with spectacles, the guild master, replies, “Boy, the plan is set in motion. I have you as my eyes. Practice with me as support in the battle field rather than front-liner.” I can see how he's changed. He's really fallen to that girl that he becomes such a coward, can't even speak his feeling. — can't even kill. Phobia to a newly slaughtered being, this isn't like him.

“I prefer not. I can be your shield and guide to our opponent. But, rather than practicing as support, I'll hone my skills instead. Just trust me. You do the kill, I do the command. I'll bare the responsibility.”

I guess, Zahamara had thought him enough. “You amuse me, boy. I'll better my part then.”


Five months have passed while the operation has brought the bandits back to civilized state of living, still people across the wide island rudely treat the Asteron village for its law, forbidding outsiders to set foot inside unless relatively is being spoken. Previous inhabitants of the village file complaints persistently on the authorities to ask permit for dwelling back to their home. Midnight has come, sitting in the grassy plain, Jaino gazes at the stars. Is there really a castle in the sky? Hearing the consecutive sounds of grasses stomped by someone's foot, Jaino gazes at the man nearing to arrive nearby. “Krispen, what's brought you here?”

The man halts, “Boss, long time no see.”

“I'm not your boss.”

“Pardon me. But, I honor you for your deeds. I've learned this custom from the training, so allow me to do so.” I don't care if your not a noble, you are one for me. Seeing Jaino smiles, he continues, “I came here to deliver a message and take a reply to my general. He told me your whereabouts so I took the offer. Here, I've brought some grapes.” Showing Jaino a bottle of liquor and a wooden glass, he hears his reply,

“Take a seat,” he shows his palm telling Krispen to sit on the grass. There they chat and drink. Hearing about Krispen suffering the rough treatment in the military division, Jaino feels relieved. The young man— older than him from before yet had a fragile heart —has become a strong man. Worrying about Hoven's dictation to the soldiers of the division, he finds his work much better than a common soldier. Still thinking of dealing with powerful foes has made him sighing. A maid has come reminding Jaino the closing of the house. However, continuing there happy time, Krispen and Jaino decide to sleep in the open grassland.


Almost one year have passed since the beginning of the operation, still no sign of catastrophic guest that could brought destruction shows in the place.

In a lake home of freshwater shrimps, Jaino with eyes blindfolded, he soaks into the water. Concentrating in sensing the presence of every living inhabiting the water, a lot of creatures he does not recognized hasten his heartbeat. Some he feels calm, rage, excited, and some is frightened and ceased to exist. — has made himself rises from soaking the water.

After both hands settling his hair to the back and removing the blind fold, he gazes at the bright sky. He hears the voice of his guild master,

“I finally know the reason. So this is why you didn't hesitate in holding the matters about the previous disaster.”

Seeing the veteran man standing near his clothes and holding the folded papers, he replies, “That's my personal problem.”

“I care the well-being of my men, specially emotional. Many requests specially assassination you declined. It seems your not the child I know as before. You have grown yet still sulking about your past. Boy, we are nearby Pirmlinth village.

“Speak to the girl.

“Monitoring her via your man's disguise won't bring you any good.”

Feeling of defeat still wanting to resist, Jaino replies, “That's my! ...my problem alone. It's just in the other way around. You can't understand me. You're not the same as Amono and me. You think the same as the rest.”

“Boy, hadn't I listen to your nonsense and allowed you to work with it? You've mention the other way around? Speak.” After hearing Jaino statement, he remarks, “I see, you have that the rest of our kind don't have. Still, if this has brought you to lots of your success, then be with yourself. We have grown alternately. I've grown from a carefree life to a man with a lot of responsibilities. And you've grown from an earning and selfish killer to a caring young man. You've probably know there are many eyes keep chasing on you wherever you go?” Amused by Jaino confused face, he follows, “They were my spies. Listen, if you feel melancholic and think about our purpose to life it brings you no good into our work. What's natural, is we can eat everyday to live. That doesn't mean we can't protect our farmers to some evildoers. And that's where our pay comes. So make love to that girl while you can.”

“Hey!” Feeling embarrassed about what he has heard — “She's my best friend! And she's kind. I respect her for that so... no...” With face very red, his mind exploded in thinking. “I can't probably open my mouth, it's embarrassing! I think she won't forgive me...”

The important is you understood my words, has thought by the veteran man. “It seems your dealing four women at the same time.”

“What—?” Did he peeked every letter that I have?


Criselia shattering the towering sword of light has widen the eyes of Hoven. She fades and disappears. Setting foot to nearby the veteran woman sheltering her son lying on her legs, she speaks, “Hello lady, Jaino wants me to take care for you and your son.” Not hearing a reply from the surprised woman, she follows up, “Oh, your child is needed of tending.” She stands erect. Leaning her lower arm to her stomach while leaning her other elbow to her other wrist, she puts her finger to her lips. “Alright, everything is ready.”

The veteran woman eyes widen, seeing at behind of Criselia, one man of Hoven allies prepares to strike. “Gal! Behind!” She vomits blood and feels the pain from her forceful action. Realizing the sudden change of environment and the noise of soldiers yelling while marching, she scrutinizes the surrounding. Am I dreaming? This is the Jelfyr's military headquarters. Seeing at lying on the ground eight men of Hoven allies and the missy Ritzel, including one black sword and book, are there, she hears and sees the flocking of soldiers surrounding them. Some soldiers examine those people.

Criselia speaks, “You guys know your way around to save these people. I'll take care with the boy and the woman.”

“Aye ma'am,” has replied by a soldier who salutes. He asks, “You're with our general right?”

“Yes, I'm Jaino's—he he he he, come on. You don't need to ask.” Hearing her side, the soldier nods and aids the soldiers taking shelter the patients. And to the veteran woman, Criselia speaks, “Hand over me the boy, and follow me. I'll tend your wounds.”

She's much gorgeous than my daughter. In tears by the hope that has been granted, she replies, “I can't thank you enough. I'm in your care.” Who is she, Jaino?


Back to the cemetery of Jelfyr, confused to the disappearance of his target, the man, one of Hoven allies, scratches his hair while he's looking for his disappeared target.


And to Hoven, Jaino speaks, “I'm ready for the real battle, sire.” I need to think something. Something that can break the solid defense of swords' basic user. He poses his stance while he dual-handedly holds the black sword.

Tch, can you really survive on parrying each of his attack? has commented by his spirit of light..

Then it's a battle of endurance.

Surpassing the destruction of his thoughts caused by a woman shattered the towering sword of light, Hoven scrutinizes, That stance is good for parrying distant attack. Doesn't he know, I can fight at close distance?

And on Jaino's thought, Until then, I won't allow him to come closer.

Hoven moves and initiates his plan.

A past to the last Sky's Rejection 7


With her group carrying heavy luggage, her companies a man Marvin and a woman Chalise; Misisa visits Asteron Village.

A soldier escorts them to where Jaino is currently staying. A far from the grassy plain Misisa has halted. Everybody on the groups halt from walking.

Marvin speaks gallantly, “Hey, future mistress of the lightning clan. Does thy daring heart non ready to face thy fiance? If so, fear not, for Marvin is here. Me shall roll the red carpet to the path of thy romance—ouch!” receiving a spank to the head, he asks Chalise, “Why would thou do that?”

“Stop spouting nonsense exaggerating perverted words. Let Sisa speak.”

“Witch! Thou accused my innocent preach malicious? Thou should respect how me pledge to help our guv.”

Seeing at faraway, Jaino— holds a teenage female waists, pushes the girl's stomach, pulls forward the girl's knee, and lowers her other knee behind — Misisa speaks to the soldier, “I feel hungry.”

“Miss, we are nearing to his boardinghouse.”

“How far?”

“Probably a thousand steps or more.”

And Marvin speaks to the guard, “It's unmanly to not hear a woman's plea. That's no very kind of thou.”

“Very well,” has replied by the soldier. “Let's settle here for the moment. Some must gather firewood and utensils. I'll ask chicken in the ranch.


There while waiting for the different dishes to be totally roosted and totally steamed, sitting in a log, Misisa feels relieve watching at faraway Jaino teaching the teenage girl the way of the sword.

Chalise sits beside and asks, “You do love sword fight, aren't you?”

Misisa smiles. “Ask not. But, do you ever wonder marrying someone with age shorter than yours?”

“Sisa, he isn't underage right?”

“Well, no. What probably irritates me is the heir of the clan.”

“You shall be the heir of the clan, right?”

“Oh, yes. Maybe... Is this jealousy?”

“Jealous?” She has stood. “He has another girl! I'll cut of his throat!” Her words frighten both the soldier and Marvin.

“Calm down. Calm down. I'm just probably hungry.” With that Misisa gains the peace of watching at faraway Jaino blindfolds the teenage girl. Seeing at faraway the girl's strikes missed many times, Misisa smiles and thinks, Poor child...


Waiting isn't an easy task.

Either receiving or producing,

Then patience isn't just virtue.




86: sp04 04 10, Rainbow Tribe's Tournament
sp04 04 10, Rainbow Tribe's Tournament


Rainbow Tribe's Tournament


A past to the last Sky's Rejection 8


Five months have passed.


Rainbow tribe, one of the known tribes around Dandia the plat world, is commencing the opening of a tournament while the festival in Jelfyr Kingdom nearly comes.

In an open arena, surrounded by spectators including contenders' supporters and as well the visitors, the beginning of ceremony silences the noises made by the crowd. After the Kingdom's anthem, followed by the tribe's ceremonial prayer, tournament's sacred musical introduction, and finally introductory speech; the head of clear branch, always the host of event, calls the six teenage contenders from the six branches. After a long speech, including introducing the set of matches in the first round—

winner of the consolation price, a female from the water branch against a new male contender from the ice branch,

the second placer, a male from the earth branch against the new male contender from the flame branch,

and finally the tournament's champion, pride of the rainbow tribe, a female from the lightning branch against the female volunteered participant from the wind branch

—the battle of first match begins.

The teenage girl from the wind branch with named Duwyn Storm, with age not far from her master Jaino, watches the rivalry of the ice branch and water branch — a male an ice emode against the female a water emode. The beat of drums commences the battle. Thawing and freezing, the battle of two contenders has ended after the female of the water branch has used her psychic to push her opponent outside the ring. Some fans of the female water emode are yelling about her elegance.


Duwyn thinks, I don't have a chance... Are my two years of practice and two years in first-year a waste? How can I face my family about this? — specially my grandpa. Trying to resist the shaken of her body while waiting on her first match of her life that will come, she watches the second match.

Both males from the earth branch and the flame branch have begun their battle. Sending flames from above his opponent, the male from the flame branch notices the shaking of the land around him. Distracting his concentration, the surface of the land cracks and stands sending him outside the ring.

Duwyn thinks, What an easy win... Trembled from hearing her name called by the commentator, she feels cold on her skin. She stands and walks snappily. First time to stand in the ring in a tournament, she looks at to every spectators around. She remembers her conversation with Jaino,

“Look girl, every student in swords' basic has changed to another technical course. Why? They won't agreed to follow my written instructions and do the chores themselves. Also they and their parents think me as just a brat. Listen, other subjects taught you to read and understand. Here in swords' basic, your untiring effort and dedication to learn are important, physically. You don't need to seek for me.”

“B-but rumors were criticizing you, and, and mentioned that your swords' basic wasn't yet bested by, by emode race. Please, I want at least my the wind branch freed from the long losing streak.”

“(Sigh), you're so persistent, aren't you? (Seeing the girl eyes nearing to cry) Alright, listen carefully. Elemental dance, is, not, a, part, of, swords', basic. (Seeing the girl nods) It, is, a, fighting style. Now listen carefully, fighting style, is, your, choice, as, a, fighter, in, a certain, battle.”

“Fighting style... is my choice as a fighter... Elemental dance is a fighting style...”

“Write it down. I'll have your friends battle you while you're in blindfold. Just promise me, okay? (Seeing the girl nods) Forget about elemental dance, it can turmoil your growth in swords' basic. Just knowing about it will slow the pace. And it can't guaranty you winning in the tournament. Try to focus on swords' basic in your first match. About your fighting style, swords' basic has plenty of options you can use. ”

Remembering those words, her vision halts to see her grandpa along her male friend shall see her fight. She thinks, This still just first round. But I need to be praised.

The referee calls both female contenders to face to face.

Staring at her opponent wielding a pole, she poses on her stance as she dual-handedly holds tightly the hilt of her wooden sword. Don't blink my eyes. Ignoring the noise of the crowd, ignoring the noise of the beat of drums that commences the fight, she watches closely her opponent dashes to attack. With one step sending her to the right, she manages to evade the overhead smash of tip of the pole that discharges electricity and shatters the ground. To the left, her opponent sets foot and swings the other tip of the pole. With her wooden sword, Duwyn parries the tip of pole.

Every spectator astonishes from the event. Even the champion a female wielding the pole has halted for the moment.

Going near to her opponent, Duwyn slides her wooden sword on the pole. Seeing her opponent dashes back, she evades the thrust of the pole and parries the tilting attacks. Noticing her opponent is aiming on her wooden sword, she dashes forward for closing the gap on their distance. Chasing and parrying, Duwyn's action silences the crowd of audiences. As the slides of the wooden sword reaches her opponent hand, her opponent cries and lets go the pole. The audiences are now worried and expecting the champion's defeat. With one step pushes herself while she revolves to shove her opponent outside the ring field—

she only notices her opponent, overwhelmed by her attack, has fallen and sat on the ground

—she rolls outside the ring field.

The amazed spectators resist to laugh. Someone comments, “That was unexpected. But defeat is defeat,” followed by someone, “Poor girl.”

The referee calls of the winner and the first round of matches is ended.

Still sulking from the embarrassing defeat, Duwyn sits on the ground while her friends surround and praising her. Noticing her grandpa going near, she cries aloud. And hearing her grandpa speaks her name, she runs away crying.

A Past to the Last Sky's Rejection 9


Two day have passed, Duwyn and her three friends—

a previous-thief boy, a girl Duwyn's best friend, and the addition, a boy heir of the clear branch

—again visit Asteron village. — In its center, where busy people are gathering, buying, parking, strolling, entertaining and selling; they arrive. Outside of a ring surrounded by spectators watching the intense fight of two contenders, they see Jaino instructing some soldiers.

A lady, Misisa, approaches their group and speaks, “I admire your bravery of you guys. You journey from Jelfyr to come here. Good thing you weren't captured for goods.”

And the previous-thief boy replies, “We travel along with some adults of Duwyn's relatives.”

After her dubious thinking, Misisa mumbles, “I see...” and she asks to the new boy, “And the new face?”

“I'm Horrid Dhard from the clear branch of rainbow tribe. My mother finally permitted me to come along with my friends. Nice meeting you lady.”

“Nice to meet you too.” And to Duwyn, Misisa speaks, “How was the tournament?”

Wanting to cry, she replies, “...embarrassing defeat in first round.”

“I see... By the way, I'll be leaving now. My organization is waiting for my presence. So listen. The lady who's always spying at Jaino seems not visiting for a while. So be careful if she'll approach you again, understand? Don't follow if she'll ask you to come. Don't accept whatever she'll offer. If you have priority to ask her name, ask. If she'll threatened you, run and yell for adults. You get me?”

And the children reply, “Aye ma'am!” And then, they part.


Back again to their appointed place, an open grassland with wind breeze cooling the radiant heat, the two male and one female children watch at their eyes-closed friend, Duwyn, in her stance ready to initiate an attack. Duwyn opens her eyes and looks at Jaino who hasn't ask the result of her first match. To Jaino, she asks, “Miss Sisa told as to not talk with the mysterious lady.”

“...about that, this village is trustworthy. But you shall not confide. About the lady, how should I say it.” He scratches his hair. “It seems I'm not worried. But that doesn't mean you children can't doubt.”

She stands erect and places her hands each to her waists, “Who do you actually like, the mysterious lady or Miss Sisa?”

“Kid, go back to your stance! I can't accept the fact that you were defeated!”

Trying not to cry, Duwyn asks, “How did you know?”

“You're in my care of course. You amaze me. Your sword wasn't broken by the fight. You have improved. So I'll teach you elemental dance. Be good okay?”

Happy, the girl nods in response.


Four days have passed, back to Jelfyr, the beginning of second round of matches in the rainbow tribe's tournament—

In the losers bracket, only one contender shall qualified in the final round. And in the winners bracket, all are qualified in the final round — however in the final round, a contender with two loses in the winners bracket shall fight the winner of the losers bracket. — winner of this fight in the final round, shall fight the person with one win in the winners bracket. — winner of this fight in the final round, shall face the person with two wins in the winners bracket.

—in the ring surrounded by chattering spectators, Duwyn faces her first opponent, a male of the ice branch. She remembers Jaino's words, “Now, apply your wind binding to yourself. I with your friends will throw rocks on you. Parry them if possible, or shatters them if they touch your skin. If I find rashes in your skin, you'll lose points. You didn't want another year in this course? (the girl nods in response) Remember, doing elemental dance requires extreme concentration, specially your first time. Remember, don't hover yourself. Try to solidify the wind and step with it. — if it isn't possible then forget flying.” Hearing the beat of drum commences the fight, Duwyn dashes forward. Her action intimidates her opponent who keeps their distance. Feeling the cold of her skin, she cloaks herself with razor wind and shatters the crystallizing ice. She thinks, I see, the awareness and counter of swords' basic are not just limited with the sword. She stops and pushes forward her palm at her opponent. With her wind binding, she cloaks her opponent and sends him outside the ring field. She stands erect and proud. She gazes at her opponent, trying to stand on the ground. It protects me from being restrained. Grandpa, I can do it. Her three friends in the spectators area cheer her name. And her grandpa smiles and leaves the place.

Same goes to her second match against the male fire emode of the flame branch. She dominates the losers bracket.


Despite not receiving an applause, happy about her result, she and her friends hastily travel in two days back to Asteron to report to Jaino the result of her second round matches.

Into their appointed practice place, an open grassy plain, Jaino asks to Duwyn, “Hey, you have a nice attire.”

Still on her sword stance, she asks, “Really?”

“You're looking much like a noble lady than a brat now.”

“Hmmp...” After a little bit silence, she follows, “Hey—” getting the attention of Jaino, she diverts her view to the side. “The mysterious lady predicted that you would say it. She said if you did, then you're a pervert. You won't do bad thing on me right?”

“Child!” Seeing Duwyn with both lower arms covering her face, Jaino asks, “And I suspect that girl lent you the dress?”

“She gave me a pair. She said, I more attractive if I'll battle with this to amaze the crowd.”

“Well, if you want to amaze the crowd, you'll probably battle and win using only your sword.”

“I know you know about this mysterious lady, but why she detest you a lot? She cursed you whenever I spoke your name.”

“Kid, I don't know about that. The food that you handed me from her wasn't even poisonous. It was my favorite food.” And that's made me remembered all my sin. “I'll teach you the use of force, however promise me you don't do bad things okay?”

“Force, what's that, and for what?”

“So you can amaze the crowd using only swords' basic. Want them applause you?”

“Please, let me! If this can at least please my grandpa!”


And there, back in the kingdom of Jelfyr, its people celebrate the kingdom's festival, so as well the final round of the rainbow tribe's tournament begins. In the ring surrounded by the loud cries of people, contenders' sponsors, supporters, and fans, including visitors; wearing the dress gifted from the mysterious lady, Duwyn faces her first opponent a female water emode of the water branch. She remembers Jaino's words, “Listen carefully, now that you can cloak yourself with the force, cloak your sword as well. (The girl nods in responds) Now fight me.”

“With you holding the real sword?”

“I'll aim only with your wooden sword. And If I'll manage to cut it, you'll lose point. Remember saiyk and wind emode can shatter your sword. You need to improve your usage on the force. Also, don't forget to use your wind binding to cloak to yourself. At least you have another protection against mobility restriction. Still that doesn't mean you won't evade an attack.”

As the beat of drum commences the fight, she dashes forward as she evades each water prison and water attack. Her female opponent has wondered and has unable to keep their distance. Duwyn pushes her hand to her opponent's cleavage, sending her opponent outside the ring. She wins the first match. She remembers Jaino's words, “If you win, put your two fingers in your eyebrow, then lift them up high and sway your butt to the right. Then smile brightly. People will be yelling of you.” As she does, people around spectating the fight have silenced. She thinks, Did it fail?

Her grandpa thinks, You become more a lady like.

One of her friend the thief boy speaks, “I'm in love.”

And the girl to the side follows, “Just make sure you didn't flirt with another girl.” Followed by the boy of the clear branch, “You have to beat her master for that.”

Suddenly, a loud cries from the many men in the spectator area yell Duwyn's name and some of them clap their hands. Some girls and women smile.

Duwyn thinks, I'll do my best in the next match!


There, she faces her second opponent, a male earth emode of the earth branch. As the ground around her shakes, she runs forward. Reaching the pinnacle of the erected surface of land, her opponent throws boulder at her. She falls herself and land on the ground. Realizing the thawing land turning to dirt, she solidify the wind around her feet and she runs heading to her opponent. Evading the boulders until she reaches where she can apply her wind binding. — She shatters the wall of land behind her opponent and sends her opponent outside the ring. I've used the wreaking shattering. It's draining my strength. Still she does the victory pose and she receives the loud cheer and applause of the crowd.


And finally she faces the champion, wielding a pole, a female lightning emode of the lightning branch. Still fans of both sides their yelling is intensifying the crowd. As the beat of drums commences the fight, her opponent attacks first. Duwyn parries the titling attack. Realizing the discharging of electricity, she distances herself backward and dashes forward. She evades the smash of the tip of the pole that shatters the ground. She slashes her wooden sword aiming on her opponent hand. With one hand her opponent loosens on holding the pole. — Duwyn has missed her strike. Clever! She dashes forward and chases her opponent. With dual-handedly holding the sword, Duwyn slashes her sword aiming to her opponent hand. With the last hand holding the pole her opponent has let go the pole. — Duwyn has missed her strike. With one step, she dashes forward to attack, she notices the female of the lightning branch has hands up. Duwyn stops and stands erect. She thinks, What?

Her opponent speaks, “I, I surrender. You beat me in this plain battle. It impresses me.”

“And that means...”

“You win.”

Duwyn yells as well as the crowd. With her victory pose, the yelling becomes louder. She becomes the champion of the tournament. Her winning gains inspiration to the wind branch members. Gaining some fans and becoming another pride of the rainbow tribe, Duwyn has become the center of attention in her relative. After the feast commemorating her victory, she decides to visit Asteron to inform Jaino.


Two days have passed as Duwyn, her relatives, and friends reach the Asteron; all of their group turns speechless. The village is in ruined. A mysterious beautiful lady finally introduces herself as Judith and her butler approach the group. Judith greets and speaks, “Fear not, the survivors are in Pirmlinth village.”

“And... how about... what about my master...” has asked by Duwyn.

“I know you are worried. We still hasn't confirm his situation. This butler of mine is his subordinate. And the disaster that struck this village, we know nothing about. His guild mates are probably seeking for them. I propose that you all stay in my place. I might enjoy your accompany, the more people the better.”


And so, the sad news give the poor girl a mourning state. Master...


Be careful of what you will do

Synonym and antonym words

are prone to happen in our life




87: sp04 04 11, The Last Sky's Rejection
sp04 04 11, The Last Sky's Rejection


The Last Sky's Rejection


A Past to the Last Sky's Rejection 10


Rewinding to a night after the day that Duwyn and her friends departed for Jelfyr's festival. Into an open grassland where calming breeze flowing in this beautiful midnight, Jaino, lying on the grass, gazes at the sky. Hearing the rustling leaves consecutively stomped by someone footsteps, he waits for the two people, a man and a woman, that he recognizes, to arrive.

The veteran priestess sits on the grass while the weird man just stands and intently observes at Jaino. The veteran priestess speaks, “This place is quite comfortable, you should invite us your fellow survivors.” Not hearing a reply, she follows, “I guess, our age gap higher too much for such bonding.”

Jaino replies, “Tell me, what have brought you two here?”

And the priestess replies, “Sire, I feel so calm.”

“Cut off with the sire...”

“It seems my fate has been decided. Look at the stars... they are telling my destiny... Sire, I'll do what I must. Before I maybe had failed to protect my family, friends, relatives, tribe, and my village... but now, I'll protect this new Asteron that you had founded.”

“Why could you think so? Isn't me just dragging them to their end?”

“I've seen how these people had changed. Before they were just bandits. Now, they are leaving to new life they accustom and feel comfortable, such peaceful, acceptable to dignity, and united.

“I ask you a second time, Sire, please continue your deeds.”

“...you know... I really don't know if I'd done good deeds. If I did then I can't promise such a thing. I still have my personal problems. But... I do hope I can remember your words.” And to the weird man who throws something, Jaino gazes at and catches the bottle of green liquid. He hears him speak,

“This time I feel uneasy... The liquid can paralyze any living that I'd seen had made contact. Use it well. I might just runaway when time comes. Please, protect us.”

“Sire,” has followed by the veteran priestess. “Hadn't you remembered how joyous the people in the festivals we celebrated? How happy and grateful were they not just transcending life to a new but to experience greet happiness in our simple life?”

Scrutinizing her words, Jaino sits and replies, “That was because of your religious preaches. You taught them a lot of good values.”

“I myself had witness such changes. Without their cooperation, passing my tradition wouldn't be possible. Without your instruction, Asteron that it is now wouldn't be existed... Sire, if you succeed with this operation, then the custom born within this village might scatter across Dandia.”

Jaino smiles. “Don't say me. This is my guild master operation. I'm only doing my duty. And I need the cooperation from both of you.” Gazing at the weird man, he thinks, Specially you... “But, I guess. It is not a bad idea to protect the people living here...” This might atone my sins. “I'll do my best.”

“Believe yourself, Sire. I too shall do my best.”

Followed by the weird man, “Same here. Release us from this calamity.” Strangely your kind has been long confined by this selection...

At the current time inside the cemetery of Jelyr, Hoven moves and initiates his attack.

Halting Hoven's movement, Jaino has swung his black sword. Observing at Hoven who skips one step to the left, Jaino parries the attack and he slashes his sword pushing Hoven who evades back.

Still looking for an opening as his multiple attempts resolve failures, Hoven thinks, I need to break his defense. I can't waste another of my ability. If this goes longer, I'll reach my limit and my efforts would be wasted. The mist surrounds the place as he continues his attack. Temperature... So it's battle of endurance. He steps back evading another of Jaino's deceitful slash of the sword.

Continually parrying Hoven's attacks while keeping their distance, Jaino realizes the mist cooling the place. He wants to shorter this fight, be it. I won't lost until I find the way to end this clash... Speechless, he feels his legs shaking... He suddenly kneels one knee. Seeing Hoven taking the granted chance of opening, he thinks, A fake and delayed counter —no! I can't do that. There must be another way. Dual-handedly holding the sword, he poses overhead his sword to parry from the left another of Hoven's diagonal attack.

Persistent! has thought by Hoven.

A Past, The Last Sky's Rejection


A day, a peaceful cool morning, sun rises; so, in Asteron village the people awaken and do their daily chores. Flocking of bird soars in the sky. And some of them playfully chase each other.

The people, specially women, gather in the center of village to purchase food ingredients as it traditionally becomes the market hour. Carrying-animals hunters, breeders, and livestock merchants are gathering to vend their products. Night shift soldiers are relieved by their colleague. And the breadwinners off to work for their keep.

Some people are considerate to work early and quickly and some people are lazying enjoying this fresh new day.


a sudden loud bang from a collision erupts from the place. Parts of structures, houses, are colliding into the ground. So the cries from frightened people— who witness some of their villagers died with each body separated in two —are roaring the place. Terrified by this occurrence that they've witnessed each person alive try to reach a house that their eyes are focus. Another wave thunders as set of houses is colliding into the ground.


Bells consecutively toll aloud, a sign for the people of the village to evacuate quickly in the nearest house underground. To a path going to the center of the village, the third general walk and see the drill— people run going to different houses for the underground evacuation passages —has been working and so the calamity literalizes.

Cautiously walking heading to the center of destruction as the opponent assumed as unseeable by the eyes, his eyes glimpse at something and he gazes at the sky, countable fireballs are about to rain down.

An so, the third general rises his hand and calls of the dark clouds gathering in the sky.


Above the rooftop of a house, the two survivors of the previous disaster, the veteran priestess standing and the weird man hunkering, witness the fireballs burn houses followed by the rain loosen by dark clouds.

...this is you capability, has thought by the weird man. And the other one?


In the central south of Asteron village — seeing any frighten person runs in any possible nearby house, Jaino, dragging a huge sword while feeling the cold pain stinging on his heart, he smashes the huge sword to a ground. Argh... This is painful... I feel like I died a hundred times... added by the cold rain hiding his forceful tears flowing from his eyes, his chest shakes. Needing to move forward heading to the center of village, he gazes at the path and continues to walk. Again, he smashes the sword, shattering the nearby wall, just to relieved the pain. I have to move forward. I need to reach central quickly.


Debris are scattered everywhere and another set of houses collides into the ground. Disoriented dead bodies— some are severed in two and some are thrashed and enclosed by broken walls— are everywhere. Feeling the malicious aura surrounding the place, the third general pauses, observes, and investigates the source of destruction. A sudden wave from an unknown collision bursts nearby. He hears from a far, Jaino speaks,

“Sire! Be careful! At 3 o'clock far from your location! Our opponent is standing!”

The general gazes at Jaino, with legs and hands trembling, swings his huge sword. A sudden wave bursts once again. The general gazes at the stated location — he has seen nothing. He hears Jaino speaks,

“Sire! Believe me!”

And a message without voice has been realized by the minds of every living nearby, I, servant of nature, first of the norim races, voice of our races, selector to a person befit for a champion from my own flesh, I hereby announce: surpass my persisting wrath, and a path shall open for the preservation of our kinds.

The third general yells, “You talk like a god and assume yourself as our origin! Is it reliable to kill your children!”

For the champion shall fight the full authority and preservation of our world, and terminate the known two calamities that devour, fuse, kill, and collect the very living and dead they've seen; this chance is a path of your salvation either your end.

“Hey! Listen to me!”

Be victorious and pass this selection.

Hearing the consecutive rushing of footsteps, the third general bare witness at in front of him, Jaino stabs the huge sword into the ground and leans a palm into the huge blade. — The huge blade deflects the sudden burst of reddish beaming light that shimmer through the drops of rain. He hears Jaino speaks,

“Sire, don't bother to reply. This monster is repeating what I had hear before. We need to get rid of him as possible.”

After the attack, a shock wave from a far is expanding and sweeping on the horizon. Houses and buildings crumble into the ground. Not wasting the efforts done by Jaino, the third general gathers water surrounding the source of shock wave and calls forth lightning to strike in the said location, followed by a sudden wind bursting outwards, and continued by the late series of thundering. “Boy, how is it?” he has asked to Jaino.

“Sire... He's still alive.”

Their surrounding changes to darkness and the drops of rain disappear. The liquified and gaseous dark colors hover in the place. From behind, they hear the voice of the veteran priestess, “I have finished the ritual. Make haste, this place is not good for our health.”

Jaino runs. Arriving nearby the priestess, he shields the huge sword. Aloud bang thunders and Jaino grits his teeth as he preserves his endurance against the heavy strength from their invisible-foe's attack. “Sire!”

“Close your eyes! Boy! Both of you endure the deafening thunder!” From above, a flash of lightning strikes to the front of Jaino and followed by aloud bang of thunder.

The heavy strength, barred by Jaino, retreats tardily. Grabbing a bottle from his pouch, Jaino throws and shatters it to his front. Using the huge sword to shield him from splashing droplets, he scrutinizes. Moment later, he thinks, It doesn't work, as another message conceives to their mind,

Child, you're all expecting of my arrival. Means, you meet Ka'el Em'tis. Provide me details of his whereabouts.

“Shut up!” has replied by Jaino. “Is not like we all gonna silent after what you've done!” Too late to act, Jaino gazes at the third general. Forcing to move his body, he begins to run. His arm stretches and his hand wants to reach something, warn someone, either create a barrier. Jaino witness the third general's stomach has holed from a stab.

Enduring the pain, the third general grits his teeth. Both hands he holds to something near his stomach as he struggles to speak, “boi, survive...” and to someone he speaks, “God, let's die...”

Jaino has stopped and he watches, sudden lightnings fuse around the third general and the assembly detonates.


As the third general burnt body has slammed into the ground, Jaino runs and cries. The priestess just silences and gulps. Arriving nearby the third general lifeless body, Jaino swings his sword. The wave cracks the land surface and those small parts rise from the ground. He swings again. As he can hear the footsteps rush faraway, he grounds the huge sword. He sits. “Sire, wake up! Sire! Sire! A lot of people still need you, sire! Sire!” He punches the ground. “Ah! This is all my fault!” His tears river from his eyes. He punches the ground again. “What should I do.” Feeling the cold pain in his heart and enduring the heaviness of his head, his vision dims slowly. Sire, our guild still needs you. A conversation of him and the third general, he remembers, “Listen, if you feel melancholic and think about our purpose to life it brings you no good into our work. What's natural, is we can eat everyday to live. That doesn't mean we can't protect our farmers to some evildoers.”

Suddenly, he hears the flashing sound and he turns his head to see, the veteran priestess has struck by the beaming light. Two legs are left and fallen down into the ground. Losing hope, he becomes dumbfounded, yet he remembers the last night with the priestess,

“It seems my fate has been decided. Look at the stars... they are telling my destiny... Sire, I'll do what I must. Before I maybe had failed to protect my family, friends, relatives, tribe, and my village... but now, I'll protect this new Asteron that you had founded.”

“Why could you think so? Isn't me just dragging them to their end?”

“I've seen how these people had changed. Before they were just bandits. Now, they are leaving to new life they accustom and feel comfortable, such peaceful, acceptable to dignity, and united.

“I ask you a second time, Sire, please continue your deeds.”

“...you know... I really don't know if I'd done good deeds. If I did then I can't promise such a thing. I still have my personal problems. But... I do hope I can remember your words.”

“Sire,” has followed by the veteran priestess. “Hadn't you remembered how joyous the people in the festivals we celebrated? How happy and grateful were they not just transcending life to a new but to experience greet happiness in our simple life?”

Scrutinizing her words, Jaino sits and replies, “That was because of your religious preaches. You taught them a lot of good values.”

“I myself had witness such changes. Without their cooperation, passing my tradition wouldn't be possible. Without your instruction, Asteron that it is now wouldn't be existed... Sire, if you succeed with this operation, then the custom born within this village might scatter across Dandia.”

His vision grows dimmer, Jaino thinks, I guess this is the end of me. And a message conceives on his mind, Tel... Tell me... Whe-where is Ka'el... Slowly, Jaino's consciousness fades...

Yet, his body isn't falling, however...

it rises, as the heaviness of the gravity, surrounds the place. His laugh echoes with malice as he has stood. “I'm hungry.”

Y-you... child... had become a calamity... itself. Y-you aren't permitted to live.

And Jaino face gazes at the source of heartbeats, to where the weird man stabs his hand to the air and speaks, “Al'terr Del'mar, you're wide open. Ha ha ha! This is your end!” Smokes are emitting and another creature reveals, not a norim, however a humanoid with metallic scales.

Y-you... Ka'el... Traitor... Tch, don't ever think I'll die so easily.

There Jaino smiles as he sees his preys. As his feet calibrating for a long skip, the heaviness of the gravity triples its increment. Both the metal-scaled humanoid and the weird man begins to evade. So, Jaino holds the metal-scaled humanoid's face and he knocks his head to the ground.

The astounded Ka'el has witnessed Jaino rips the arm of the humanoid.

Curse... you. M-my... duty... hasn't... done yet. I-I'll... drag you... to... my... death.

Rays of light skips to the cracking body of the metal-scaled humanoid. And so Ka'el drags Jaino, and they both vanish in the place. — followed by the lights turning to dark, a loud explosion erupts while the place brighten by fluorescent light.


To a wide grassland, Ka'el punches Jaino's face twice. Noticing Jaino's hand trying to reach his face, he grabs that arm and throws Jaino into the ground. There he punches the chest, where the heart resides. Maintaining his awareness, he watches Jaino coughs and coughs and totally loses conscious. Being relieved, he breathes in and gasps. He stands erect. And gazes at the sky. “You should be grateful child. You have potential so I leave you alive.

“Also, this is the end, the long struggle of your race through generation to generation...


“By the time, the calamities, and other high races, them turn insane. I'll seek for the champion of our land myself.”


Through the long dream a nightmare— where he Jaino is criticized by his guild master, Ka'el Em'tis and the veteran priestess, his relatives, family, the lightning clans, and people he knows, and finally Misisa and Judith, —he awakens. What a dream. His eyes ogle and see the arching-land-underground ceiling and wall. He sits and notices a person he recognizes as male warrior watches at him.

“You're finally awake. Are you fine now?”

Jaino mumbles, “I'm alive...”

“Yes, you are. Continue to rest. I'll be here if you need anything.”

“...Well, can you give me another three days? I'm still confused... I'm, sane, but... It's just... I need time...”

“Feel free. I'm encharge for your recovery, though.”

“...thank you...” I'm alive... Does the god keeping me alive? Or, I was... I was saved by someone... Dammit, I... we... we didn't even stand a chance.


Sanity cures insanity

thru knowledge, attachment, practice,

relation, gains, self-will, etc...



88: 200 001 Is Sorse Useless?
200 001 Is Sorse Useless?
Warnings, the content of this scene is full of rudeness that meant for very open-minded people. 
Sorse, they are norims born having a special blood that can deny to anything if possible.
A serious guy, Amono Histia, at faraway, hears Criselia and Miera having a conversation. 
Criselia says, “You as a sorse; is kind of useless.” She laughs.
“What? I don’t care what you would say. My skin is my treasure, I want my future handsome admires my beauty,” has replied by Miera; she smiles. “I have a dream, y’know?”
“Oh, I know it!”
“Gather your period and use it when necessary!” She laughs as she runs away.
“You! of all the people that I’ve talked! Comeback here! I’m gonna kill you!”
This Amono Histia has face palmed and walks away.
89: 200 002 Just a Crewl Farmer Boy
200 002 Just a Crewl Farmer Boy
Crewl, they're norims raised by their parents on their infant days along with a new born animal except the norims. They can even control or order those kind of animals; and even gain those animals' abilities if possible.
I know how people treat us crewls as awesome creatures. But, I have grown sick to my father hearing him, “One day, you can recruit the legendary cock and become the legendary rooster rider.” Is he trying to boost my spirit? I’ve been raising this livestock in almost four years. I’m a fool in believing. He is a trader, and he’s training me as one, right? It’s cruel.
90: 200 003 The New Guy and the Hunter
200 003 The New Guy and the Hunter
Jelfyr Kingdom
-The sole kingdom of Dandia governing every person living the wide island, except those who despise, who are criminals or exiles, who have their own culture, and etc.
-This kingdom is located to south of eastern region of the wide island. Its neighboring areas are; to the eastward is Akrosdasan Forest, to the northwestward is Crodanadal Forest, across the wide plain to the southwestward is the Deep Forest.
A man, who’ve migrated from, sees his neighbor carrying his bow and arrows, net, ropes, and ankle traps. The man says, “Hey men! Where are you going?”
“I’m hunting foods in Akrosdasan. Why ask?” Has replied by the hunter.
“Wow! … Is that possible?”
“You sounds strange.” The hunter laughs. “Yes, it’s possible. They’re plenty of animals in there.”
“No… I mean… It’s too far in the eyes… How comes you can reach there?”
“Ha ha ha. It’s just behind the east wall of kingdom.” The hunter smiles. “I’m going a head, see yah.”
“What… Across the sun (zjjan) is behind the east wall… 
“Urg… My mind is aching.”
91: sp200 04 In an ongoing Christmas Party
sp200 04 In an ongoing Christmas Party


In an ongoing Christmas party, the woman Criselia approaches the young princess Vilyarin sitting in a table and alone with a fat man.

“Hello Vilyarin,” has greeted by Criselia. “It seems like your arc won't be finished this year. The author is quite busy with your savior's credibility.”

Gulping from hearing the statement, she replies, “I don't need to be saved! I can protect myself! In fact, my role is to protect my siblings! Tell him to hastily finish the next chapters! I can't wait to put in action!”

“Uh, that's kind of sad. He's still flowcharting the numbers of people who will take part in the next scenes pages. There will be plenty of people involve in the next scenes page. Not all might be named. Regardless, he's still doing the database entry for some characters in the previous scenes pages. And he's kind of busy practicing the article words to use in his speech for his interview's assessment. Ha ha ha ha. And if he will pass and be accepted in the job, night shift, there will be less time for us. Poor girl! Ha ha ha ha!”

The young princess has stood while the chair's feet screaks backwards. “Please, pray!” Her loud voice attracts the many people nearby, “Pray! Pray, that he will fail! I can't accept it! This chapter is mine!”

“That's no good. His father has newly retired. That means, someone can watch his mother and his valuable things in the house. You can't stop him from doing what he wants. Ha ha ha ha!”

“But... what about me.”

“If he has a money, he can do things limited to the value. You don't want to improve your chapters. Specially, the job he's applying is meant also to improve his speech in the language. Just pray he won't be tempted by women in the work place.”

“There will be beautiful ladies there?”

“I don't know and advance Merry Christmas. Ha ha ha ha.” And she walks away.



92: Settings, Dandia
Settings, Dandia


Dandia, is the known flat world by its inhabitants. It has a wide island and few isles, surrounded by the sea.


Deep Forest, The second well-known huge Jungle in Dandia, and it's located around the southeast part of the wide island. Its neighboring areas are; the nearby southwestward is Aklaba Village, across the wide plain to the northeastward is Jelfyr Kingdom, and to the northwestward is a huge mountain, Mount Ma eling. Although beauty is allover this place, it is also inhabited by different kinds of dangerous creatures. It's also the best place for criminals, exiles, and etc. And this Deep Forest is the best yet dangerous shortcut between Aklaba Village and Jelfyr Kingdom.


Aklaba Village, is located to the southeastern part of the wide island and to the southwestward from the Deep Forest. People living this place prioritize their culture. Their festivals they celebrate on the month of harvesting grains, crops, fruits and other cultivated plants and trees that bear foods. People living here wear traditional dress made only in the said village.


Akrosdasan Forest, is the neighboring forest from the southeast to east of Jelfyr Kingdom. It's a famous forest known by the hunters for hunting foods, and materials like mostly poisonous-tusked wild boar, poisonous frog, and venomous snake as materials for detoxification and cure forsome illness.


Cemetery of Jelfyr, is located on the center of northeastern area of Jelfyr Kingdom.


Crodanadal Forest, is a huge forest located to the eastward of Mt. Ma Eling and to the northwestward of Jelfyr Kingdom.


Crodanadal Villa, is located in the center of Crodonadal Forest. This villa is home of the Lightning Clan.


Jelfyr Wide Arena, is a wide arena, located outside the northeastern exit of Jeflyr Kingdom. Founded by Queen Jesifer Rosarok, the sole purpose is for the selection of the strongest norim in Dandia.

93: Skills, Activ Materialization
Skills, Activ Materialization


Activ, they are norims who can imbue spirits, attributes, and abilities to inanimate and animate materials. Some of them can materialize objects and others can perform metamorphosis to the inanimate materials. Also puppeteers are belonged to this race.


Activ Materialization


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Adjectives of Size





Extra Large,



Common Adjectives for Ways of Departing






Further Information

Chanting, Chanting isn't a compulsory and necessary for the race. It might differ to what output has been released. However, the practice helps their memory for them to remember the principles and components for their certain materialization output. It can also signify their mind about what output has been released.

Common Skills

Bite, Pointed Materialized Object/s

Chasing Stakes, Pointed Materialized Object/s

Collar Grip, Pointed Materialized Object/s

Smash, Cylindrical Materialized Object/s

Stakes Fall, Pointed Materialized Object/s

Upwards Impale, Pointed Materialized Object/s

*Object's Name,

Activ's Abilities

Materialization, can drained their mental strength, resulting for the race to get tired and/or hungry. It allows them to materialize an object, along with a limited instructions. They can only materialize one certain output in the whole two days.

Multiple Materialization

Resizable Weapon Swing, Weapon Materialization

Weapon Materialization



94: Skills, Dralk
Skills, Dralk


Dralk, is a norim gifted with abilities and strength, but they have few desires that they so fixate and/or obsess.


Skill Trees, Dralk


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Ability Boost, it boosts their physical fitness, strength, their other race's/s' ability/ies, and talent/s.

However, they are so fixated and obsessed to their desire/s and/or objective/s. Losing hope to their desire/s and/or objective/s shall cause their death.



95: Skills, Earth Emode
Skills, Earth Emode


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.

Earth Emode – a unique Emode with a psychic power focus on the Earth. The norim with the race is miraculously born from the lineage with a saiyk and an emode.

Unique Emode, is refers to an emode having an elemental ability, however disabled and impossible to be used, unless that emode has inherited the required other race.


Skill Trees, Earth Emode


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Earth Control, controls the part/s of any earth element.

Earth Transform, transforms an earth element to a new one.

Elemental Immunity, only the norim born having an elemental body is unaffected, neutral, and/or risky to some elements.



96: Skills, Fighting Style
Skills, Fighting Style


Fighting Style


This is a collection of Styles and Skills.


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Elemental Dance

Fighter/etc., combines element/s and/or /ability/ies to their physical action. Available: Fire, Wind, Ice, Water, Earth, Lightning, Line 'n Arc, Treal, Activ, and... so on...



This requires communication skills, strategy, self control, etc...



No need to explain...


Swords' Basic

Poles' Basic



97: Skills, Fire Emode
Skills, Fire Emode


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.


Skill Trees, Fire Emode


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Fireball — it can be consecutively or simultaneously thrown. It is sizable. It's an controllable after it's release.


Firewall — it can be maintained through concentration.

Jesifer's Skills

Ashes — It burns and incinerates the target(s) in a brief moment.



98: Skills, Gaile
Skills, Gaile


Gaile, is one of the race of norims. Some of this race can mutated to another form of species. Others became half-breed.


Skill Trees, Gaile


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Transformation, is a natural ability, art, and practice of gaile race to have their body mutated to another form of species. Despite of, the gaile race is prone to a psychological disorder, stated as “afraid to transform, transform to, or transform back”.

99: Skills, Ice Emode
Skills, Ice Emode


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.


Skill Trees, Ice Emode


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Ice Manacles — Each target has either his/her hands or feet locked by manacles made of ice.

Ice Prison — Each target is frozen by ice.

Ice Wall

Elemental Immunity, only the norim born having an elemental body is unaffected, neutral, and/or risky to some elements.

Jesifer's Skills

Temporal Frozen Prison — It is made by using spirit and created by an emode. It is a live ice that will chase its acknowledge target(s). If the current owner has died or has forgotten to retrieve the soul, the imprisonment can be eternal, so long as the soul is not stopped.



100: Skills, Lightning Emode
Skills, Lightning Emode


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.

Lightning Emode, their element may not strong as an actual lightning but capable to paralyze themselves or the living on their surrounding. — Prodigy of the race, can turn themselves or their surrounding infertile, that's why knowledgeable people educate the norim with the race.


Skill Trees, Lightning Emode



Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Stun, delivers a nonlethal high-voltage shock. May cause either the user, the target, or both of them be disabled temporarily.

Jolt, may shock both the target and/or the user. This is not strong to disable or kill.

Elemental Immunity, only the norim born having an elemental body is unaffected, neutral, and/or risky to some elements.



101: Skills, Line 'n Arc
Skills, Line 'n Arc


Norim, is term refers for a normal human or a norim without any ability. They can have one or multiple abilities depending from their inherited races.


Skill Trees, Line 'n Arc


Line 'n Arc, is a linage technique of Diarke Family. The learner must feel the force first in the body.


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Manipulation Skills

Muster Force — It is away of concentration to gather force in certain invisible form.


Break — It makes the force goes out of control.


Through — The force cuts any matter as it's being drawn.


Draw — Draw the gathering of force to the target location.

102: Skills, Poles' Basic
Skills, Poles' Basic


Norim, is term refers for a normal human or a norim without any ability. They can have one or multiple abilities depending from their inherited races.


Skill Trees, Poles' Basic


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Basic Skills

Thrust, shove the pole in any direction.


Smash, smash the pole in any direction.

Advance Skills


Unarm Opponents, an attack that disarms opponent.


Tilting, while attacking, pole user can tilt the pole to his/her opponent (any body-part) or opponent's weapon to cancel his/her opponent's attack or movement. It also uses to deflect any incoming attack.

Movement Skills

Step, move one step, into a selected direction.


Dash, with one foot allows the users to quickly reach up-to two meters in distance.

Mastery Skills

Chain Action, allows to chained another action.


In Poles' Basic Attacks and Smash, while chaining in the same attack, the other end of the pole is swung or thrust instead.


In Step and Dash, the other foot is used instead.


Repeat Action, allows to repeat the previous action.

Weapon Mastery

Long Stick

Long Rod

Long Staff




103: Skills, Saiyk
Skills, Saiyk


Saiyk, is a norim with tremendous psychic ability.


Skill Trees, Saiyk Emode


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills


Psychic Binding, uses psychic to hold or envelop the target(s), to have them under control.

It has two categories of control skills, Shattering skills and Hover skills.

Painful Shattering, can be used/chained after Psychic Binding or other Psychic Binding relative skills. It's often used in attempting to dislocate someone's arm(s) in times of interrogation or forceful request.

Crippling Shattering, can be used/chained after Psychic Binding or other Psychic Binding relative skills. It's often used in dislocating target.

Wreaking Shattering, can be used/chained after Psychic Binding or other Psychic Binding relative skills. It instantly and completely severs or ruins the target(s)

Hover, can be used/chained after Psychic Binding or other Psychic Binding relative skills. Hover skill elevates the target(s).


Psychic Barrier, control using psychic to surrounds the target/s to repel outside object/s. Psychic Binding and Psychic Binding relative skills can be applied. Users must learned first the Psychic Binding.

Common to Gifted Saiyk


Mind Reading




104: Skills, Swords Basic
Skills, Swords Basic


Norim, is term refers for a normal human or a norim without any ability. They can have one or multiple abilities depending from their inherited races.


Skill Trees, Swords' Basic


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Basic Skills

The basic skills are the basis of attacks and the parry. The basis of attacks, is as follow

Slash — refers as an instant swing of the sword.

Stab — stabs the sword while the wielder is holding its hilt with hand in reversed position.

Swing — Heavy or full swing the sword after it was positioned in a nice stance and distance.

Thrust — shoves the sword while holding its hilt with hand in not reversed position.

In the basis of attacks, the offensive effectiveness is affected by the mastery of Giant Hand Grip, Left Hand Grip, Right Hand Grip, Dual Hands Grip, Dual Wield.


Parry — Able to block/deflect attacks that are possible to block/deflect. In parry, the defensive effectiveness is affected by the mastery of Giant Hand Grip, Left Hand Grip, Right Hand Grip, Dual Hands Grip, Dual Wield.

Advance Skills

First Strike — Attack first the opponent before they could have. The skill's offensive effectiveness is affected by the basic attacks; slash, stab, swing, and thrust.


Counter — All basic Attacks; slash, stab, swing, and thrust, can be chained after a parry. The skill's offensive effectiveness is affected by the basic attacks; slash, stab, swing, and thrust.

Different Hand Grips

Giant Hand Grip, allows them to equip the medium and-to giant swords or relative forms with ease.


Right Hand Grip, allows them to adopt on holding the sword in the right hand with ease. The skill's offensive effectiveness and defensive effectiveness is affected by Giant Hand Grip(Only if the user is wielding giant sword).


Left Hand Grip, allows them to adopt on holding the sword in the left hand. The skill's offensive effectiveness and defensive effectiveness is affected by Giant Hand Grip(Only if the user is wielding giant sword).


Dual Hands Grip, holds the sword in both hands. The skill's offensive effectiveness and defensive effectiveness are affected by skills Right Hand Grip, Left Hand Grip, and Giant Hand Grip(Only if the user is wielding giant sword).


Dual Wield, able to equip two swords each on each hand with ease. The attack has a quick variation from Left-to-Right Hand Grip and Right-to-Left Hand Grip. The skill's offensive effectiveness and defensive effectiveness are affected by skills Right Hand Grip, Left Hand Grip, and Giant Hand Grip(Only if the user is wielding giant sword).

Battle Mode

There are two kinds of battle mode, the Option and the State. There can only be one Option at the time; but of course it can change to another Option while in preceding battle. States can all be used at once.


Rush, do approach and attack the opponent.


Speak, This skill is used for interrogation while in preceding battle. While in this mode, accurate parry is greatly increase however reducing the user's effectiveness of his own each attack.


Evacuate, This skill is used for escape. There is no solid origin about this Battle Mode. But it has been adopted by every user of Swords' Basics. It can sometimes taunt, annoy, confuse, intimidate, or no effect to every opponent.


**Note: Only one of these Rush, Speak, Evacuate can be used at the time.


Switch Hand Grips, allows to switch Hand Grips while in battle


Vigilance, quickly chained Parry either First strike to the detected incoming attack. Each incoming attack is able to sense.

Additional Skills


Heavy Slash — Dual Hands Grip and Giant Hand Grip's, Swords' Basics Attack.


Aerial Slash, Jump and do Heavy Slash.

Weapon Mastery

Broadsword Mastery

Falchion Mastery

Giant Blade Mastery

Short Sword Mastery

Smith's Sword Mastery

Stick Mastery

Wooden Sword Mastery

Dagger Mastery

Knife Mastery

Blade Mastery



105: Skills, Treal
Skills, Treal


Treal, is a norim gifted of materialization, but usually cost side effect(s) into their body.


Skill Trees, Treal


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Inanimate Existence, materializing certain thought exceeding to what can and cannot be materialized by other race. However, using this skill will casually cost them breakdown, in any meaning, to a random part of their body. Despite the species continually searching for method to avoid the cost rather than expecting through luck, this skill has been a situational final option to their daily lives.



106: Skills, Water Emode
Skills, Water Emode


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.

Water Emode – a unique Emode with a psychic power focus on the water. The norim with the race is miraculously born from the lineage with a saiyk and an emode.

Unique Emode, is refers to an emode having an elemental ability, however disabled and impossible to be used, unless that emode has inherited the required other race.


Skill Trees, Water Emode


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Rain Call — call forth rain in a certain location.

Water Prison — cover any target with water.

Water Wall — call water to become a wall.

Water Control – able to control certain amount of water.

Elemental Immunity, only the norim born having an elemental body is unaffected, neutral, and/or risky to some elements.



107: Skills, Wind Emode
Skills, Wind Emode


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.


Skill Trees, Wind Emode


Two types of skill are Mastery and Natural.


Mastery Type has rated level from Unlearned < Novice < Adept < Expert < Beyond. Any skill must be learned intently to hastily increased its mastery level.


Natural Type has rated from Normal < Prodigy < Ultimate. The skill is either a natural to certain species, or a nature gift to the certain individual, or due to the talent of the individual to acquire it easily. A natural skill has their rate either fixed, has a cost, can be possibly improved fast or tardily, could be weaken as the individual grows, and has a random rate when acquire.

Common Skills

Wind Binding, uses wind to hold or envelop the target(s), to have them under control.

It has two categories of control skills, Shattering skills and Hover skills.

Painful Shattering, can be used/chained after Wind Binding or other Wind Binding relative skills. It's often used in attempting to dislocate someone's arm(s) in times of interrogation or forceful request.

Crippling Shattering, can be used/chained after Wind Binding or other Wind Binding relative skills. It's often used in dislocating target.

Wreaking Shattering, can be used/chained after Wind Binding or other Wind Binding relative skills. It instantly and completely severs or ruins the target(s)

Hover, can be used/chained after Wind Binding or other Wind Binding relative skills. Hover skill elevates the target(s).


Wind Barrier, control the wind to surrounds the target/s to repel outside object/s. When it disappears, the wind bursts in rotation and it expands outwards until it disappears. Wind Binding and Wind Binding skills can be applied. Users must learned first the Wind Binding.


Elemental Immunity, only the norim born having an elemental body is unaffected, neutral, and/or risky to some elements.



108: Species, Norim
Species, Norim


Species, Norim


Norim, is term refers for a normal human or a norim without any ability. They can have one or multiple abilities depending from their inherited races.


Swint, is a norim with one or more souls.


Emode, is a norim able to control one or more elements, or a norim born in an elemental physical body, in which case they can't reproduce or be mated. Degree in emode corresponds to the number of elements they control or born with. The emode must be a swint for them to have more than one element they have or control.


Fange, is a norim with eyes, having a clear adoptable and high-ranged eyesight, with easily controlled adjustment of visual range.


Igysn, is a giant norim, having an inborn one eye. Most of them are playful and gifted with some abilities. And they instinctively assist and protect their dearest norim(s).


Sorse, is a norim born having the special blood that can deny to anything if possible.


Saiyk, is a norim with tremendous psychic ability.


Medou, is a norim with a relationship to the dimension of time or/and space. Ghost, refers also to Medou. It refers also to a phenomenon when object passes through another object’s body when it supposed to be collide.


Gaile, is one of the race of norims. Some of this race can mutated to another form of species. Others became half-breed.


Unique Emode, is refers to an emode having an elemental ability, however disabled and impossible to be used, unless that emode has inherited the required other race.


Water Emode – a unique Emode with a psychic power focus on the water. The norim with the race is miraculously born from the lineage with a saiyk and an emode.


Imbys, they are norims cultured cannibalism and insane in nature. They do what other norims do for their safety and also to lure their prey.


Lusus, they are huge and strong norims with extraordinary speed. Unlike Igysn, they have two eyes.


Dralk, is a norim gifted with abilities and strength, but they have few desires that they so fixate and/or obsess.


Crewl, they are norims being rise by their parents on their infant days along with a new born animal except the Norim. They can even control or order those kind of animals; and even gain those animals' abilities if possible.


Treal, is a norim gifted of materialization, but usually cost side effect(s) into their body.


Activ, they are norims who can imbue spirits, attributes, and abilities to inanimate and animate materials. Some of them can materialize objects and others can perform metamorphosis to the inanimate materials. Also puppeteers are belonged to this race.



109: Species, Spirit
Species, Spirit


Species, Spirit



Spirit, There is no any explanation and their definitions can't be explained.






Current Identities might fit to certain attributes


Be truthful

Can't Lie

Lustful Maintenance

Dark ??? Spaces


Bio Soul Space

Dead Soul Space

Non-Bio Soul Space

Image Space

Time Space

Light ??? Light ???


Light Speed

Void ??? ??? and/or/to ???